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Chapter 701 - Arya's Wonderful Hands - Cersei Opens Up to a Life of Terror

Cersei, like a wooden statue carved in stone, stood frozen, unable to move.

Arya Stark?

It was clearly Oswald Kettleblack, her Lord Chief.

Even if Arya could wear a human skin mask, but her body, voice, speech and behavior, how can she be exactly the same as Oswell?

Did Arya learn dark magic?!

Cersei couldn't believe it, she was struck by shock, and the person was completely stunned!

"Cersei, soon it will be 301 years in the Aegon calendar, four years, I remember every scene of your massacre of the Stark family very clearly, now it's time for you to pay the price." As she spoke, a short knife appeared out of thin air in Arya's hand.

"No? Arya." Cersei found herself backing up, constantly backing up, as if there was an endless dark abyss behind her, and there was no end to the path of backing up, "It was I who appointed Magic Mountain as the Commander-in-Chief of the Northbound Legion, it was I who appointed Magic Mountain as the Guardian of the East and the Guardian of the West, and it was because of my authorization that Magic Mountain had the power to move the Vale Legion, and it was because of me that House Tyrell agreed to pay for food and support Magic Mountain north to help Stark guarding Winterfell, you can not be beneficent to repay, the North Stark, is to regard honor higher than life ......"

Suddenly, the words have not yet finished, the short knife to Cersei's throat, the blade cut into the skin, blood flowing, cold as ice, instantly straight to Cersei's heart.

"No......" Cersei was scared out of her mind, her liver and guts split, she didn't want to die, she didn't want to die, she couldn't die, she choked and couldn't speak anymore because Arya's sharp short knife kept slicing at her throat, with just a little force, it would easily cut Her throat.

Cersei was frozen, unable to speak, but her frightened eyes spoke, begged, and pleaded "...... Arya ...... please let me go... ...please ...... spare my life ......" her eyes full of panic and pleading ......

Arya stared into Cersei's eyes, her sharp short blade slightly withdrawn.

Cersei's throat hissed, as if her throat had been cut, it was a hiss caused by too much panic that made her unable to breathe, as if she were trying to suck a river dry with a reed ...... After a while, Cersei's hissing stopped, her breathing gradually eased, and she came back from the dead, stunned and in disbelief:" Arya, I did not kill any Stark, Sansa is not dead, she has escaped; Lord Eddard is fine, he has returned to the North ...... please, spare my life ......" she found herself reaching out and grabbing Arya's arms, she found herself on one knee, she found herself incoherent ...... Her panicked eyes looked to the door, to the window, but unfortunately, she saw no sign of anyone ......

Arya looked down at Cersei, who was kneeling on one knee: "Cersei, don't be delusional, your imperial iron guards have been transferred away by me in your name. The guards of the House of Maegor are on the walls of the House of Maegor, and the maids have been detached by me in the name of the Chief Steward. Here, only you and I, Her Majesty the Empress and her Chief Steward have something to conspire about, and all unrelated people have been temporarily evacuated."

The fear of death gripped Cersei's heart, causing her body to tremble slightly and uncontrollably.

"I want you to see your son and daughter killed with your own eyes, the dynasty you got with Jaime's incest overturned. I can take your life at any time, Cersei. Although you ordered to block the underground passages, but you do not know the real secret of the underground passages, there are still many paths leading to many rooms in the Red Keep, unless you abandon the Red Keep to build a new palace, you will always be under the surveillance and the sword of those who know the secret of the Red Keep underground. Even the underground black prison of the Red Keep, there are many secret dark passages leading straight to the underground labyrinth, and those who know the secrets can enter and leave at will."

"...... Arya, please calm down ...... please listen to me ...... the world has changed... ...it's become too fast, too soon ...... We need to join forces to fight the Walkers ...... Stark needs the Iron Throne's support ...... "Cersei heard her voice tremble so badly that the wound caused by Arya's short blade kept bleeding, blood staining her neck and bodice.

"Really, Cersei, we will win the duel with the Fey, but before that happens, I will personally send you to the real hell." Arya Stark's voice was as cold as the ice of the land of eternal winter, "I can change my face and I can change my face, but whether it's a face change or a face alteration, generally speaking, in order to be exactly the same, we would want a mold of the original face. There are two ways to make a mold, one is to peel off the whole face to make a mold, and one is to make a mold right on the original face, which one do you choose? Cersei!"

Cersei's fear was extreme, Arya did not have a ferocious expression, but Cersei could feel the desperate cruelty and ruthlessness, the breath of death was real and intense, as substantial, suffocating her and imprisoning her body, making her immobile.

"...... Arya ...... please let me go ......" Cersei heard her own voice begging. No, she couldn't beg, much less beg a Stark, but why she continued to beg, it filled her with sharp contradictions and despair, "Arya, I didn't kill any Stark, Sansa is not dead, she was rescued; Lord Eddard is fine, he has returned to the North ...... "Cersei panicked to the point of repeating what had already been said, and she, herself, had lost her head so much that she didn't realize that these begging reasons had already been said once.

"You killed Sister Maltain, who was my and Sansa's teacher; you killed my dance teacher, Syrio Frell, who had only a wooden training sword in his hand at the time; you killed Mikey, who was my best friend; you killed Janie Poole, who was our best sister; you killed our head stablemaster, Julen, who had worked for House Stark for thirty years and who had been our family; you killed the treasurer, Vijan Poole, you killed all the guards and servants in the Prime Tower, and the cattle and sheep in the livestock pens, Cersei, now it's your turn to pay your debt."

Arya moved, Cersei felt Arya's arms suddenly become as hard as steel, unmatched strength easily fell away her hands that grabbed Arya's arms, Arya's hand short knife stabbed towards her, a cold light flew in her eyes, enlarging, enlarging, instantly swelling her entire eye sockets ......

"No ......" Cersei shouted, only unfortunately, the sound smothered in her throat, did not come out half ......


Cersei felt the shaking so bad that her head ached, she opened her eyes, surrounded by a misty, dim darkness, she sat up with her hands propped up and found herself in a shaking carriage, a voice giggling outside, it was her maid of honor, Memmie, laughing.

Along with Memmie's laughter, there was the sound of the horses' hooves.

Where was this, it seemed to be in a procession, and where was this procession heading? Did Arya not kill her? Am I still alive? So, I was saved by someone from the court?

"Memmie-" Cersei cried, startled by her own voice, which was hoarse, low, and distorted, as if she had been slashed in the throat. She felt her neck in horror, and sure enough, there was a bandage around her throat. Suddenly, she was creeped out, and she found that her face was also wrapped in bandages, hard bandages to the touch, without a trace of warmth; and then, to her horror, she realized that she was wearing the dress of a lady-in-waiting, not the dress of the Queen Mother.

What was going on?

"Mei Mi-" the Empress Dowager cried out in horror, her hoarse voice strange and frightening to herself, and her throat ached as if her wounds were being torn by the shouting.

The thick curtain of the carriage was lifted, and the glare of light from outside came in so violently that Cersei's eyes could not adjust, and she closed them, and it was some moments before she opened them, and Memmie's face appeared before her, without a smile, her face cold as ice: "Connie, awake?"

"Connie?" Cersei said subconsciously. Connie was her other maid of honor.

"How is the injury? Does it still hurt? Do you want some water?" Memmie's face was cold and icy, as if Cersei owed her money and hadn't paid her back.

"Bitch, I'm ......"


A loud slap on Cersei's bandaged face, Mei Mei struck out and slapped Cersei so hard that it hurt and Cersei almost fainted, she felt her face full of burning and hot pain. The face beneath the bandage, as if pulpy with something, the place where the hit issued a painful tearing on all sides.

"Don't you dare call me a bitch, Connie, now that the Queen Mother has appointed me Head Maid, if you dare to be reckless, I will love you well." A smile suddenly spread across Memmie's cold face, only it was a smile that was even more sinister.

Cersei was shocked and angry, her throat choked and suffocated, her chest rose and fell sharply, and the face of Mei Mei in front of her turned into two, shaking and superimposing, shifting between vapour and solid. Was she dreaming?

Connie? The Queen Mother, Memmie was the new head of the maid of honor?

A sudden bright light flashed through her mind, and Cersei regained her senses in a confused trance, her eyes snapping round, frozen like a wooden chicken - had her own face been stripped off by Arya and replaced with Connie's?

How long had she been unconscious after being knocked down by Arya? Cersei doesn't know! What was she done by Arya after she passed out? Cersei doesn't feel anything at all either.

Cersei's heart and guts split and fear overwhelmed her ...... Was she no longer the Queen Mother Cersei, she had become Connie the Maid ...... Nor did she know how long she had been frozen, perhaps a heartbeat of time, perhaps a hundred years, as memories flashed through Cersei's mind: in her unconscious swoon Before she lost consciousness, Arya said to her a paragraph that she could not understand at that time - "I will change my face, and I will also change my face, but no matter whether I change my face or change my face, I will want an original face to make a mold. There are two ways to make a mold, one is to peel off the whole face to make a mold, and one is to make a mold right on the original face, which one do you choose? Cersei!"

"No!" Cersei heard herself let out a sharp, high-pitched cry of surprise! But the so-called shrill and high-pitched sound still sounded hoarse and muffled to Mame's ears.

"No what? Bitch, the Empress Dowager has said that she will marry you to Mav Doyle once you have recovered from your wounds. This is your reward for disrespecting Her Majesty the Empress Dowager."

Horseman Doyle, the horseman of the Empress Dowager's stables, a sturdy mute, a slave from the southern Centurion Islands, a bald man covered in black as night. His only hobby was a pair of shorts made of woven feathers.

Cersei's open mouth choked up, unable to make a sound, like a fish dying of thirst on the shore.

"Mamie, is Connie awake?" A voice came from the front, it was Cersei's own voice, the voice of the supreme Empress Dowager, full of majesty and inviolability.

Just a moment ago, Mei Mei, who was still smug in front of Cersei, immediately became cautious, and her cold-as-ice face to Cersei was immediately replaced with a brilliant smile, and her vicious voice was sweet and clear: "Your Majesty the Empress Dowager, Connie is awake."

"How does she feel?"

"Very well, Your Majesty the Empress Dowager. Connie says she is fine."

"The wounds on her face and throat, Maester Coburn said they would be removed when they itch. Memmie, ask Connie if her face feels itchy yet?"

"Your Majesty, Connie says it's feeling itchy."

"That's a sign that the wound is getting better, tell her to bear it, and if the itching is really unbearable, remove the bandage."

"Yes, Your Majesty the Queen Mother."

Cersei listened to her voice, fortunately the bandage wrapped around her whole face, and Memmie could only see her eyes ...... which were horrified and scared to the extreme, a look that Memmie received very well. Damn Connie, this is the downfall of disobeying the will of Her Majesty the Queen Mother, called you usually bullying sisters, you also have today, deserved!

May honey looked at Connie's frightened eyes, the heart really feel very pleasant, as if the summer ate ice, bitter winter baked fireplace.


Arya Stark returned from her studies in the Black and White House of the Isle of the Gods in Braavos, aiming to kill all of Cersei's family, guards, maids, cats, dogs, cattle and sheep. She returned to King's Landing and was changed by the great momentum of the royal-backed united fight against the Fae by the Seven Kingdoms except Dorne, led by the Magic Mountain.

The magic mountain borrowed the banner of the royal family to gather up the military strength of the three places into Winterfell, but also because of the royal majesty of the royal family, the magic mountain rightly coerced the Tyrell family to do their best to support military supplies.

On the other hand, the three armies of the Riverlands, the Stormlands and the King's Domain gathered in King's Landing to defend against the impending Daenerys Targaryen. If she kills Cersei now, the royal family is bound to be in turmoil, rumors will spread in King's Landing, whether it's the allied forces fighting the foreign ghosts or the defending army against the foreign enemy will be in turmoil because the Queen Mother was assassinated, the royal family turmoil caused by the sudden killing of Cersei will benefit most from the foreign ghosts and the foreign enemy Daenerys Targaryen ......

The sudden appearance of the ghosts, Daenerys's overseas threat, the unexpected enemy on both sides of the continent tension, which made Arya change the initial plan to kill Cersei directly ...... Once the news of Cersei's assassination spread, the Magic Mountain structure to support the Stark alliance of the North is inevitably unrest within the military, which is bound to greatly kill The morale of the allied forces in Winterfell before the big battle with the demons ......


Cersei escaped the death penalty, but the living penalty has just begun.

When the caravan came to a halt, Cersei peeked up the corner of the curtain and she saw a man riding towards her, a man Cersei knew all too well, none other than her trusted Grand Maester Cobain.

Cersei's heart was pounding, she quietly lowered the curtain and listened to the voice outside, the voice came to her carriage, stopped, the curtain was slowly lifted and the kind and affable face of Grand Maester Coburn was in front of Cersei: "Connie, Her Majesty the Empress sent me to ask you how you are feeling?"

"I'm fine, Grand Master Korben." Cersei's voice was excited and her whole body was hot, Grand Master Coburn was the one who knew her well and understood her, and only needed to tell the secret between them ......

"Connie." Cobain interrupted Cersei's 'rhapsody', "If you are not willing to marry Mavdoyle, I need someone like you in my underground medical research laboratory, for the mercy of the Seven Gods, I hope you will agree to be my medical researcher, I promise to give your parents a large sum of money and promise to put your name in the glorious annals of royal medicine. I swear to you in the name of the old and new gods." Cobain was as kind as the old grandfather next door.

But his words sent chills down Cersei's spine! What is Cobain's underground medical research lab? Cersei knew in her heart that it was a real hell on earth that existed in the world.

"Cobain, it's Cersei." Cersei's hoarse, low voice was urgent and small, full of caution and hope, "I'm not Connie, I'm Cersei Lannister. The Master of State save me."

The cordial smile on Cobain's face froze and disappeared, his eyes suspicious as a cat's, wary as a viper that cranes its neck: "You are Cersei?"

"I am Cersei, and the Cersei in the front ranks is Arya Stark."