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Chapter 700: A Wolf from the North

Suddenly, the still calm Oswald Kettleblack felt a deep fear, chills flooded out from the depths of his heart, uncontrollable.

"Lady Arya, please have mercy, I am not Cersei's beloved." Oswell heard himself incoherent, his voice filled with horror. What's wrong with me, why can't I control my fear of this little girl?!

"Then whose beloved are you?" Arya said lightly.

"I am ......" Oswald's mind turned. Whose mind is he? He is the beloved of Littlefinger Petyr Baelish, Littlefinger Petyr and the Stark family have a private and friendly relationship? Oswell did not know. But he knew that Littlefinger was the current husband of Lysa Tully, who was Arya's aunt.

"My lady, I am Lord Petyr Baelish's beloved. I have been ordered to tell Lord Petyr Baelish all the secrets of Her Majesty the Empress. For the sake of Lord Petyr Baelish being your aunt ...... please have mercy on me, my lady."

Oswell did not know that Arya was the Faceless One, he only knew that when Arya drew the small toy sword at her waist, extreme fear seized him deep in his heart. An invisible threat of death loomed over the room, and Oswell Kettleblack had never felt this aura of death so real.

But Oswell did not win extra points by bringing up Lysa Tully's connection, who was not helping in the duel to the death between the Northerners and the Westlanders. Originally, wolves, fish and eagles are a family, the same advance and retreat. But Lysa Tully's eagle broke away from the wolf and the fish. She behaved like even an outsider.

"Lord Oswell, perhaps you can answer one question for me, and then I will let you die in silence without feeling pain, how did Sansa Stark die? Who did the killing of her?"

"Lady Arya, Lady Sansa is not dead, at the King's wedding, the Red Viper Oberyn Martell poisoned and killed many people, the King, Sansa, Lady Redwine, Queen of Thorns, etc. But the Sansa Stark that Tyrion married was not real, the real Sansa Stark had been rescued in the virgin dwelling, and in her place was her lady-in-waiting, Jenny Poole. "

"Are you telling me the truth?"

"A thousand times true, Lady Arya, I swear to you."

Arya's heart stirred, her father, Eddard Stark, was also rescued by the mysterious man in the underground black prison. Most likely, the person who saved Sansa Stark and the person who saved Eddard Stark are the same person."

Arya looked into Oswell's eyes, there were no lies in the old man's eyes, only fear, fear of death.

Thank goodness Sansa Stark wasn't dead! Nor had she been forced to marry the imp ...... She had been rescued, and who had rescued him? And who rescued Eddard Stark? Who was the mystery man?

"Oswell, all mortals have a death." Arya said indifferently.

"Lady Arya, I can serve Lord Petyr Baelish, and I can serve you wholeheartedly." Oswell Kettleblack slowly knelt down on one knee, he drew a dagger and held it in both hands, "Please leave me alive, I would like to serve House Stark." This is the sound of begging, the voice is full of helpless humility.

The fear of death truly coming, only those who face it can know that profound fear.

Arya's body moved, like a swimming fish in the flowing water, like a moving cloud in the wind, the sewing needle cold light flashed ......

"Miss Arya, please leave me alive." Oswell Kettleblack before losing consciousness heard his own begging voice distant and hollow ...... he sincerely - do not want to die ah!


The next day, Megal House, the Queen Mother's parlor.

"Oswell, you're a little late." Cersei's face was unhappy, "You need to catch up on what you were entrusted with yesterday. Mace? Tyrell is by no means trustworthy, you need to supervise him and remind him to deliver the munitions to Winterfell as late as possible. "

"Yes, Your Majesty the Empress."

"Early this morning, I received the news that Magic Mountain has sent a letter urging Mace Tyrell to deliver the first batch of supplies to Winterfell as soon as possible. Magic Mountain said that the legions going north are passing through Neckze, and Winterfell is already overcrowded, and the legions going north need to be supplied with food as soon as possible."

"Your Majesty the Empress." The supervisor's eyes flickered, "Now is an extraordinary time, we have to be careful, Daenerys maybe three months later, maybe a month later will come across the Narrow Sea, her goal is the Iron Throne, we let the Tyrell family's food delivery at this time to slow down the speed, this will not anger the Magic Mountain."

"Anger the Magic Mountain? Sir Oswald, you think too much. If Mace's grain arrives later and then later, it is the Tyrells who will be angry with the Devil Mountain, not us. Secondly, the northern legion to help the Stark stationed in Winterfell, to fight the ghosts, the northern legion's pay and military supplies, should have been paid by the Stark family. Devil Mountain is very good at fighting, but in this regard, he is a fool. Once the northern legion is short of food, House Stark will naturally find a way to make the bannermen offer their stocks of food."

"Yes, I understand, Your Majesty the Empress."

Daenerys? The Iron Throne? Winterfell? Supplies? The Magic Mountain?

Arya Stark had been in King's Landing for several days, and in those days she had heard a lot of information, each of which seemed to her to be a stone-cold shock - the first information that shocked her was that a large number of foreign ghosts and ghouls had appeared in the north, that the Great Wall of the Jedi had been lost, and that the whole northern realm was in danger.

The second piece of information that shook her was that the Devil Mountain had tamed a giant dragon in the Bright Moon Mountains, which was the mount of the Royal Dragon Rider Castor one hundred and seventy years ago. While she was crossing the Narrow Sea, Magic Mountain rode the dragon and set fire to the city of Eagle's Nest, burning down the six-thousand-year-old city along with the top of the Giant's Gun, the tip of which broke and tipped over. Subsequently, the Devil Mountain gathered the three great armies of the West, the Riverlands and the Vale, said to have 100,000 elites, and swept north to help the Stark family defend Winterfell and duel with the foreign ghosts.

At the time of hearing these two news, Arya Stark was completely shocked, she was to immediately go north to Winterfell, the military situation is the fire, can not be delayed. But she finally decided to enter the Red Keep first through the secret underground passages to meet Cersei Lannister for a while.

Cersei is concerned about the Tyrells' military supplies delivered to Winterfell too soon. She asked the Dowager Head Oswell to go to the Prime Minister's Tower and tell Mace Tyrell to try to deliver the food needed for the legions going north to Winterfell a little later.

This caused the old governor's eyes to flicker. There was no doubt that Cersei was still the same Cersei as before!

She would dare to do anything as long as it could cause something bad to House Stark!

"I will go to the Prime Tower now, Your Grace the Queen Mother." The Lord in charge bowed his head and spoke, his gaze and tone humble.

"Good, you go to the Prime Minister's Tower and tell Mace Tyrell not to let me be among the first to go on the road for now, and that it is best to transport by land rather than by sea. Delivery by land will be twice as slow as by water. Tell Mace Tyrell that the military supplies for the legions going north, especially food, should have been fully covered by the North. "

"I remember, Your Majesty the Empress."

"Mace is a gutless yet cunning old thing, don't let him fool you."

"I will convey Her Majesty the Empress Dowager's meaning to Lord Mace, I believe Lord Mace will understand once he hears it."

"Magic Mountain is really too arrogant, he thinks that with a giant dragon, he can dictate to the royal family?" Cersei's eyes narrowed for a moment, and her tone revealed her bitter hatred for the Devil Mountain.

"Yes, Your Majesty the Empress. No matter how powerful Devil Mountain is, he is still a dog of the Lannister family, Your Majesty the Empress Dowager has no need to accommodate him."

Cersei stared at Oswald, this old thing's words just hit home. The Devil's Mountain was indeed too odious, relying on the fact that he had a giant dragon, he forced Jaime Lannister to go north and be his assistant. In order to cater to the Devil's Mountain, Cersei had to send Jaime north to be the Devil's Mountain's second-in-command.

This caused her heart to ache! Not only because Jaime left her, but more because she thought the Magic Mountain's strength overpowered the dignity of the royal family.

But Jaime told her there were at least two advantages to being the Magic Mountain's second-in-command: one was to keep an eye on the Magic Mountain; the second was that it was easiest to establish a close monarchical relationship with the Magic Mountain in battle.

But in public and private, Cersei is not willing to Jaime leave King's Landing. Both Jaime and the Mountain promised her that they would return in time for Daenerys' attack on King's Landing, but once Jaime and the Mountain were on the battlefield in the North, fighting the dreaded Fey, they could not even control their own lives, so how could they be sure of their timely return?

Oswell bowed to the Empress Dowager and left. Her Majesty called out to him who had gone to the door: "Oswell, tell Mace to take as slow as he can, military supplies, living food, the North will not treat Magic Mountain poorly. Tell Mace to rest assured that House Stark will not dare to let Magic Mountain's northward legion starve."

"As ordered, Your Majesty the Empress."


Prime Minister's Tower. Study Room.

Mace Tyrell sat in the same seat where Prime Minister Eddard Stark had sat before.

Oswell, the Queen Mother's supervisor, stood in front of the Prime Minister with a table between them. The Head was familiar with everything about the Prime Minister's Tower, the house was furnished with the same view as before, only the former family was missing, but she showed no nostalgia.

"Lord Prime Minister, Her Majesty the Queen Mother asked me to find out if the supplies from the Tyrell family to support the legions up north have made their way? Is it by sea or land?"

Mace Tyrell glanced at Oswald with a faint anger and faint contempt on his face: "Oswald, go back and tell Her Majesty the Empress that the supplies that the Magic Mountain wants, we have been on our way as fast as possible, and in order to deliver them to Winterfell earlier, of course we can only choose the sea route. "

"The sea route? Take the old town, cross the Dornish Sea, make a big circle north to Whitehaven, or take the West, across the Iron Islands? To reach the docks of the coastal fishing villages of Torrhenfon City?"

"Of course, we will take the Sunset Sea in the West, cross the Iron Islands, and arrive at the coastal fishing village of Torrhenfon City. Then abandon ship and land, wagon on the road and go straight to Winterfell, there is no closer route than this one." Mace Tyrell's tone was somewhat unkind.

He was disgusted that Her Majesty the Empress had sent the Lord Chief Steward to inquire about the delivery of supplies to support the legions going north, which was questioning his and House Tyrell's ability!

"Lord Mace, you have done well, I will convey what you said to Her Majesty the Empress, Her Majesty the Empress precisely wants you to deliver the food supplies to Winterfell in the North at once, without delay. At this time, the military situation is like fire, and the duel for life and death with the foreign devils is a major event for the entire human race, and cannot be separated from the full support of the royal family. The Devil Mountain has gathered the troops of the three places, the military might is like a mountain, and there is a huge dragon, Your Majesty hopes that you must not anger the Devil Mountain because the delivery of living supplies is too slow."

"Humph!" Mace Tyrell snorted coldly, "Oswald, you go back and tell the Empress Dowager that I will do my best to increase the speed of delivery of supplies. I am responsible for things that also do not need the Empress Dowager's concern at all, or let the Empress Dowager pray more to the Seven Gods so that they can protect Jaime can return safely." Mace Tyrell brought a sharp iron barb to the end of his words.

"Lord Prime Minister, I will truthfully report to Her Majesty the Empress Dowager about Your Excellency's dutifulness. Thank you, my lord, for your generosity and full support of the northern legions."

Mace Tyrell glared at Oswald, who was not willingly transporting supplies to Lindon, but was really frightened hard by Devil Mountain's means of burning down the Eagle's Nest City. If the devil mountain in a fit of anger, riding a dragon to fly to high court, burn high court into a white field, how he will resist, he found himself unable to think.

Then don't anger the Devil Mountain like Lysa Tully did!

Like to make plans but indecisive, like the military GoT but gutless, this is the characteristic of Mace Tyrell, and the source of the nickname of inflatable fish.


Oswell Kettleblack returned to the House of Mergue and reported to the Empress Cersei in the Empress Dowager's ballroom about Mace Tyrell's situation.

"Your Majesty the Empress, Lord Mace does not agree with you, he believes that military intelligence is fire intelligence, and that in a decisive battle where the Fae are coming in force, there can be no internal infighting, and that if Magic Mountain and House Stark join forces to defeat the Fae, Magic Mountain will surely ride a dragon to Highgarden to find Velas Tyrell and ask why the supplies cannot be in place. Lysa Tully disobeyed Magic Mountain's orders and was slaughtered by Magic Mountain's dragon. Food supplies, it is better to arrive early than late."

Cersei's eyes slowly rounded: "I knew that old thing Mace wasn't reliable." Cersei said with gritted teeth, "I will personally go to the Prime Minister's Tower to see him. He's worried about Magic Mountain coming after him after the war? He's really cowardly. The legions of the Devil's Mountain will not be short of food and clothing just because supplies from the south have not arrived, the Stark granaries are stocked with food for the winter, I'm just asking the Stark family to pay the price they deserve."

"Your Majesty, Lord Mace said that the grain stocked in the granaries of House Stark is for the bitter winter. How long the long summer will be, how long the bitter winter will be, ten years of long summer will usher in ten years of bitter winter, in these ten years, the North is frozen and snowy, unable to grow food, the granary stock in Winterfell is a guarantee of their lives. Do you want to starve the Stark family and the poor people of the North by doing this? You are not worthy to be a regent, you are too evil-minded and should be sentenced to be hanged."

The Queen Cersei was stunned as if she had been slapped violently, she stared at Oswell in disbelief, unable to believe her ears.

Oswell let out a cold laugh as he reached out and grabbed his own face skin, tearing it hard from the base of his ear, the entire face skin was torn off, revealing a small girl's face: "Cersei, I am Arya Stark, the wolf from the North."