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Chapter 699 - Robb's joint stain - Arya lends her face

The next day, early in the morning, in a flurry of white snow, a fast horse ran into the winter shelter town.

Outside of Winterfell, there is a village, which is called Winterfell.

At the onset of winter, the North is icy and snowy, there are no more crops in the ground, and the people of the North need to solve two problems: the first is to eat; the second is to get warm.

The winter town is the place to accommodate the poor people of the North who come to live in groups in the bitter winter.

The houses here are uniformly built of heavy, thick granite, tall and sturdy, with rooms filled with wood, fireplaces in each room, and basements dug for storing grain and for keeping warm by fire.

In the North, the people in the winter basically sleep underground at night to keep warm, the only exception is the Stark family built on a hot spring in Winterfell.

Winterfell also has a cellar, to be exact, that is the granary, the role is naturally only used to store food, and not used to live and rest at night. Winterfell's main fortress walls have hot springs of water flowing through the various walls, making Winterfell a very comfortable and warm place in the winter like no other.

There are rumors that there are a large number of dragon bones buried under Winterfell, these bones come from the bones of the giant dragons that died in the battle between the human race and the foreign devils during the Heroic Era, and it is rumored that this is the origin of the hot spring water under the ground. In the entire North, there is only one hot spring underneath Winterfell, unique.

This year, winter has not yet arrived, but the winter market town outside Winterfell is already crowded with people from the north of the North.

When the foreign ghosts attacked, all the people who could come from the northern part of the North gathered in the winter shelter town to take refuge.

Several trenches were dug outside the town, filled with kerosene, and a long antler formation was set up. In the event of an attack, there was a wall of sword and shield soldiers outside the antler formation to protect them. These initiatives gave the people of the North the greatest sense of security. King Robb Stark of the North told his people that House Stark would do its utmost to safeguard their lives.


"Are there any sons and daughters who can build walls? " a loud voice shouted in the early morning light snow on the streets of the winter sheltered market town, "His Majesty the King enlists workers to build the wall and supplies hot fresh bread and carrot soup with ham every day."

The King Robb's chamberlain made no mention of wages.

Although the Starks were a ducal family, the family was not considered wealthy compared to the dukes of the south. In this very period of turmoil and darkness, His Majesty needed the united devotion of his subjects.

A door and window were opened, people poured out of the rooms, many voices saying - I can build walls, I can mine stones, I have strength, I can do any work ......

"If you have stonemason tools, bring them and report to the south gate of Winterfell, there is a maester at the gate to register people's information, and there is a king's affairs officer who will arrange your specific work. The king has ordered that the walls of Winterfell need to be raised." The officer of affairs who came to recruit people shouted from his horse.

In the turbulent situation, it was not easy to find a job with fresh bread and soup with grains of meat, not to mention the wages.

The men scrambled toward the south gate of Winterfell.

"Sir, I can dig." A dirty little girl said timidly as she came to the officer's horse.

This childish voice caused the old man and the women to laugh good-naturedly.

"What is your name, little girl?" The clerk did not laugh, a serious face.

"My name is Wheat."

"Wheat, do you have a tool for digging?"

"I have a shovel at home."

"Have you ever dug a cellar?"

"Yes, my lord. I helped my parents dig the cellar, and I dug it fast and well."

"Little girl, you are hired, go back and take your shovel and go to the north gate of Winterfell, where there is an officer of affairs who is looking for workers who can dig cellars."

"Yes, my lord." The little girl with the dirt on her face was full of excitement and her eyes were glowing with excitement.

"Sons and daughters!" The officer shouted, "Men, women and children, those who know how to dig a cellar, those who have dug a cellar before, and those who do not want to be killed in the winter town when the demons come, all go to the north gate to register and wait for the unified arrangement of the officers. His Majesty has a new order that all the people of the North will hide in the underground of Winterfell before the coming of the demons, and that Winterfell will be abandoned as a guard. Repeat, Winterfell will be abandoned."

The news spread, the winter shelter town is a clamor, women old men and children's voices are ringing everywhere.


The day after Magic Mountain came to Winterfell, the whole Winterfell was in full swing, and almost all the people of Winterfell were conscripted as workers to build the city walls and dig the cellars.

Winterfell had two walls, and between them was a deep moat. Hundreds of craftsmen appeared on the two walls, and they began to build the walls, making the already high two walls even higher.

Winterfell has three gates in and out, a northwest gate that goes directly into and out of the wolf forest for the convenience of hunting, a south gate facing the direction of King's Landing and a north gate facing the Great Wall of the Jedi.

Outside these three gates, on both sides of the city gates, early in the morning, craftsmen came to build tall acropolis towers.

Wooden acropolis tower facing the foreign ghosts and no real combat role, up and down is extremely inconvenient, once the foreign ghosts attacked to close, the soldiers on the tower can only be a dead end. Wooden high acropolis tower can only be used for lookout, but these buildings are useless for actual combat, but Winterfell is determined to defend a gesture.

This is a deliberate gesture by the Devil Mountain to the wise demons and the Night King!

Outside the first wall, the soldiers digging trenches continued to dig them deep. Behind the trenches, thousands of Northern soldiers were driving down dense wooden stakes with spikes facing outward, laying a large deerstalker formation, leaving only a very narrow road in the middle to enter and exit the city gates.

The first was the sound of the walls being raised and the guard tower being built; the second was the thousands of sons and daughters with tools digging deep under Winterfell in the form of large wine-bag cellars.

In one corner of the schoolyard, carpenters were crackling and nailing large wooden frames, half a man high and one meter wide. Outside of Winterfell is a thousand miles of wolf forest, and there is no shortage of all kinds of wood.

The soil dug out from the ground was continuously picked up to the city wall, and the nailed wooden frames were also transported to the city wall in a flowing manner, and the wooden frames were arranged neatly according to the general arrangement of soldiers, then the soil was poured into the wooden frames and tamped with stone hammers, and some gravel and water were added continuously. The wall was built up.

Only a few days, the wall is visible to the naked eye in the speed of pulling up. This is a miracle, if it is to go to a distant stone quarry to mine the stone, and then pulled back to hang on the wall, there is no months, the wall can not be in just a few days to pull up quickly.


King Robb Stark of the North, Her Majesty the Queen Mother Catelyn Tully, Queen Roselyn Frey, the Commander-in-Chief of the Allied Forces Magic Mountain, Count Rickard Carstark, Count Gebert Glover, Countess Lysanne Flint and a group of others walked on the newly built up section of the wall at the South Gate. They walked slowly, checking out the military defense works of the soldiers and people inside and outside the city.

The gaze of the nobles in the North changed, and the most critical and wary Lady Caitlin Tully also became respectful to Magic Mountain, and looked at him with a kind and polite gaze and a free smile of respect from Her Majesty the Empress.

The miracle that the walls could be built so quickly, with the four walls getting taller at a speed visible to the naked eye, all came from the method proposed by Magic Mountain.

Use the wooden frame to fill the soil dug out of the ground, add water and stone blocks for tamping, this is not the construction workers come up with a way, this is the magic mountain come up with a way. This method to raise the height of the wall is amazingly fast, but also a good solution to the problem of thousands of people digging out of the underground soil pile, the soldiers only need to pour the soil into a wooden frame laid out in advance, the rest will be left to the city builders to tamp.

This is a mature assembly line mode of operation: the people of the ground digging soil, the tall horse pickers pick the soil to the walls, carpenters nail wooden frames and transported to the walls like bricks arranged, the city builders just ramming the soil in the baskets ...... everything like a machine runs smoothly and in an orderly manner, and, without the clumsiness of boulders The city's construction workers just rammed the baskets of dirt and rammed the boulders.

The morale of the soldiers in the North was soaring, everyone was witnessing the walls getting higher rapidly, and their confidence was soaring like the walls, the devil mountain brought his dragon, and also brought a good solution and hope for life.

The city's military and people were united, and every day the military works were done with fervor. The North's soldiers and civilians, nobles and commoners, were talking to each other during the breaks in their work about one man - the Magic Mountain of the West and his dragon, and his method of building the city walls using clay. The new initiative of hollowing out Winterfell to hide the people of the North underground instead of the Winterfell City also came from the Magic Mountain's suggestion.

When the demons attacked, Winterfell had no walls to stop them, which in itself was very dangerous. It is true that hiding underground in Winterfell is not as safe as relying on a few fire oil ditches and the sword and shield formation of the northern generals. And to let all the people into Winterfell, it would be impossible to accommodate so many people without digging underground. The northern nobles had already occupied all the houses in Winterfell.

As the four walls became higher, the reputation and honor of the Magic Mountain also rose as high as the walls. Among the tens of thousands of generals in the North, only one person was not happy in his heart, and he was Robb Stark, the King of the North.

Everyone was longing for the strong defense of the walls and the safety of the underground tunnels, but only Robb knew that all this was a deliberate illusion designed by the Devil Mountain, his purpose was to deceive the Night King, the King of Ghosts, so that he could drive the army of ghouls to attack Winterfell and eventually occupy it completely, and then, the big Devil Mountain would A fire will burn Winterfell into a white field.

The Night King, a ghoul burned to ashes, will never be resurrected. Devil Mountain first except the Night King's army of ghouls, and then the Night King. Robb Stark knows very well that this plan is very good, just, just, Winterfell is the Stark family!

Robb Stark depressed, his eyes again high walls, and finally just a in the splendor of the wildfire and dragon flame into the wreckage of the ruins.

Robb also has a trace of unease, the Magic Mountain to Winterfell in exchange for the Armageddon victory of the military plan, he represented the Northern forces, became the only co-conspirator of the Magic Mountain, and also to keep it secret for the Magic Mountain.

Robb this is the first time and the magic mountain meet and personally deal with, he is to appreciate the taste of the magic mountain, look at the magic mountain very enjoy his northern courtiers compliments, and mother and wife to the magic mountain respect, Robb Stark looked up at the foggy sky of the North, want to yell hard ...... he --? -- of --!


Nearly 30,000 people from the legions of the Vale, 15,000 from the legions of the Westlands, and 5,000 from the legions of the Riverlands, a total of more than 50,000 people from the three legions, called a large army of 100,000 people, the three armies joined together to take the Qi, gathered on the territory of the Frey family in the Twin River City, as they prepared to cross the 100-mile neck swamp in the North, a large merchant ship from Braavos arrived at the port of the Blackwater River in King's Landing, the merchant ship brought cloth, spices, nuts, silk and flour, also brought a messenger of vengeance: Arya Stark the Faceless.

In 298 Aegon, Cersei ordered the Kingsguard, Marin Tran, to lead the gold-robed soldiers and kill the entire party of the Prime Minister, who was then trying to let her go with compassion, and cast Eddard Stark into an underground black prison and put Sansa Stark under house arrest to command the North, when all but twenty of the North's guards, including Erin, who had been ordered to kill the Demon Mountain in the West - -Teaching Arya the dance of the water dance teacher Celio Freer, nuns in charge, horsemen cooks, guards servants, and even cattle and sheep in the livestock pen, were all killed, leaving no one alive.

Arya Stark, who witnessed the bloodshed, escaped through the underground tunnels of the Red Keep, and now, she has returned. Standing on the prow of the ship looking up at the high red rock walls of the Red Keep in King's Landing, Arya Stark, with her narrow sword 'sewing needle' at her waist, her face as quiet as water.

All mortals have to die! She was single-handed and fearless!


A few days later. Late at night. Mergle House.

Oswald Kettleblack, the Dowager Head, returned to his housing and walked into his bedroom, candle raised, to see a sharp-tongued girl sitting on a soft couch in his bedroom.

"Who are you? I have never seen you in the palace." Oswald Kettleblack asked amiably. In his heart, however, he was very wary.

The girl was young and thin, and although there was a sword at her waist, it was a child's toy sword. This caused Oswell no alarm.

"I am Arya Stark, the wolf from the North." Arya stood up and said from a calm manner. She was calm as water.

"Arya Stark? How did you get in here? "

"How I escaped back then, now I am how I came in. "

"What do you want?"

"I want to ask you to borrow something."

"What is it?"

"Your face, I want to borrow your face."

As she spoke, Arya Stark pulled out the sewing needle at her waist.