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Chapter 698 - Devil Mountain Tactics: Fire Attack on Ghoul Armies

"Devil Mountain, just as you said, you will be the commander-in-chief of the allied forces." Robb Stark said slowly, "I'll be your deputy. Of the seven kingdoms, no one can come to support the North, but you came and brought the gargoyles with you, just for that, we should listen to you."

Her Majesty the Queen Mother Caitlin Tully, Queen Roselyn Frey, and the nobles of the North were all silent.

Robb was telling the truth.

But fighting in the North, how could Magic Mountain be more suitable than Robb?!

The ice field wolf Grey Wind jumped down from the table and sat beside his master Robb in a dog-like crouch. His wolf head was higher than the table, and his wolf eyes stared at Magic Mountain, dragging out his tongue like a dog, revealing his small dagger-like wolf teeth, and a threatening low gulp sounded from his throat.

Grey Wind's reaction was a reaction to Robb Stark's inner activity.

Devil Mountain knew that Robb and his siblings all had the potential of wolf spirits, only Jon Snow was stimulated to become a true wolf spirit without a teacher in the battle with the wildlings and the fey.

Robb Stark, who has not yet become a wolf spirit because of some kind of opportunity, and his own ice wolf Grey Wind still have long had a very deep understanding.

Magic Mountain understands to glimpse Robb Stark's inner emotions, look at Robb's gray wind's reaction can be understood. Robb teenager hot-blooded, his surface calm, his heart is churning with rolling waves.

Robb said let the magic mountain do the words of the commander-in-chief of the allied forces looks easy, but in fact this will have a huge negative impact in the North's generals. The Northern generals and people loved Robb Stark and trusted him, they generally hated the character of Magic Mountain and doubted his ability.

Although the Magic Mountain signaled Eddard Stark in the bloody wedding of the Freys and saved the lives of the entire Northern Legion generals, the people and ordinary generals did not know this secret and could not have known it.

After Robb said the words agreed to let Magic Mountain to be the commander-in-chief of the allied forces, the meeting hall again quiet, this time the silence, with a suffocating heavy, as if there is an invisible iron plate pressed on top of the heads of the people.

The gaze of Devil Mountain slowly swept over the Queen Mother, the Queen, the King, many courtiers and guards, and he said: "Since King Robb supports me to be the commander-in-chief of the allied forces, when the Southern Army arrives, we need to hold a ceremony to worship the general in front of the old and new gods, in the presence of the old and new gods, I want everyone to swear to obey my military orders, in order to defeat the foreign devils and preserve the North and the people of the North, the army Generals must be ordered to do what they are told and obey completely ......"

The last sentence of the order violator beheaded words, the devil mountain did not say, this sentence is too exciting, now say it, the northern realm of the humongous generals will sound very uncomfortable, will be counterproductive, the fear of change. When the Southern Legion arrives and says it at the worship ceremony, it will be logical and irrefutable.

"Lord Magic Mountain, I would like to hear your tactics for a sure victory. " said the Empress Dowager Caitlin Tully in a sibilant voice. Robb was forced to surrender the command of the army, which increased her uneasiness. Fighting in the North, how could Magic Mountain know everything about the North better than Robb. This was in the North, and it needed someone who knew the North well to lead the army, and Magic Mountain came from the West.

"Your Majesty the Empress, the sure win tactics cannot be said now." Devil Mountain said solemnly, "My tactics, need to be kept absolutely secret. The Night King is the divine son of the Cold God and has certain predictive abilities. "

Caitlin Tully's throat choked!

Queen Roslin reached out and held Robb's hand, fortunately under the table, no one could see the queen's thoughtfulness.

Roselyn could feel Robb's hand was cold. It showed that the king was worried ...... that the Magic Mountain was too strong, and the king knew nothing about the Magic Mountain's tactics, which gave him great psychological pressure.

Roselyn Frey knew that her husband's psychology is very difficult, said difficult in fact is not enough to express the many complex emotions in Robb's heart. Grey Wind was no longer sitting, he stood up, wolf eyes were terrifyingly staring at Magic Mountain, the cold light of wolf eyes like sword light.

"Lord Devil Mountain, you can't tell us the tactics, how do you want our northern generals and people to trust you?" Queen Roselyn Frey said with a smile.

These words sounded normal, but they were actually very powerful, and the gentle words contained a sharp counterattack - if the generals and people of the Northern Realm could not trust Magic Mountain, then they naturally could not hold Magic Mountain as the commander-in-chief of the allied forces.

"Your Majesty, after the Southern Legion arrives and pays homage to the general in front of the old and new gods, I will naturally convene a supreme military council and state my specific tactics."

"So, Magic Mountain, what should we do now for the preparation of Winterfell?" Robb Stark said faintly.

"Robb." Magic Mountain called his name, which is not considered rude, only to say that the Magic Mountain is too self-imposed, the King of the North is not the King of the Magic Mountain, in this world, if the status is equivalent or special, directly addressing the king's name is not taboo, which instead has a sense of mutual intimacy, "all your military plans as usual, I just have to add one now: under the city of Winterfell, digging deep tunnels ."

"Tunnels?" Robb asked, his eyes flashing. His family's underground vaults were wide and deep underneath, already serving as a temporary place of refuge for some of his people.

"Yes, new tunnels wide and deep enough, the entrance to the tunnels must be small and easy to defend, but the interior of the tunnels must be wide and deep enough, like a wine bag with an extra large belly, but an extra small opening."

"Magic Mountain, if the foreign devils attack Winterfell, even if we hide in the tunnels, it is not a long-term solution. No one can hide in the tunnels in the bitter winter to wear out the foreign ghosts." Count Karstark said.

House Karstark is a branch of the Stark family in the North.

A thousand years ago, the youngest son of Winterfell, Calon Stark, was given a domain for his work in defeating rebellious lords. He named his castle the City of Calon, and a few hundred years later, the City of Calon became the City of Kaho. The Stark in the city became Karstark.

Kahoe City is located in the northeast of Winterfell, in the heart of a wooded area by the Mord River, close to the Shivering Sea. The Karstarks are tall and fierce, with long hair and beards, and like to wear clothes made of seal, bear and wolf skins. Their coat of arms is a white heliacal star on a black background, and the clan language is "winter sun".

The current lord of Kaho is named Rickard Karstark, a sturdy old man with white hair, loyal and brave, and a fiery nature. His second and youngest sons were killed by Jaime Lannister in the forest of ravings, he has a deep hatred for the Lannisters. At his side, the eldest son Halion Karstark a mouthful of thick big black beard, appearance is very fierce, such as a human beast.

The words of Rickard Karstark taunting Magic Mountain's 'tunnel plan' aroused laughter from the nobles of the North.

Magic Mountain was not amused, as if the ridicule was a nice compliment to him. He smiled and said: ", Lord Rickard, if the ground of Winterfell is lost, it is true that we can not hide in the tunnel for life, but can hide for a while. This time, my second plan will slaughter most of the ghouls, and there will be very few left, enough for you to come out of the tunnels again and kill them all and burn them to ashes. The Night King can only revive corpses, but not ashes. The Night King and the ghouls who have lost their strength will be led by me and my dragons to destroy them all with obsidian weapons. Even the Night King cannot withstand the stabbing of an obsidian dagger or the precise attack of an obsidian arrow, so what is so frightening about the seemingly powerful Night King, who is actually too fragile to be hit in my opinion."

Devil Mountain said easily and calmly, with a smile on his face: "My lords, fire is the ghoul's nemesis, obsidian weapons are the alien ghost's nemesis, nemesis in hand, what is there to fear?"

The anxious Northerners needed this kind of sure confidence and belief in victory, a tactical cheer that was vital to boosting the Northerners' military spirit, there was no doubt about that.

The jeers in the conference hall gradually stopped and eventually disappeared, the crowd all vaguely felt that Magic Mountain does seem to have a very good plan, perhaps, is that their bad impression of Magic Mountain has affected the trust in Magic Mountain, and thus there is a natural resistance to Magic Mountain.

Robb Stark heart a movement, he suddenly sensitive to a very serious problem, this problem may be the Magic Mountain refused to reveal the root cause of the military plan, the Magic Mountain taboo to say whether the military plan as he guessed, this he needs to figure out.

For the sake of Winterfell, for the sake of the North, for the sake of the people of the North, Robb Stark needs to know all the military plans of the Magic Mountain beforehand.

"Magic Mountain, I fully support you as the Commander-in-Chief of the Coalition, and I hope you will allow me to be your second-in-command." Robb spoke with such humility as the King of the North, which caused the Northern courtiers and the Queen Mother to be stunned.

Magic Mountain was instantly sensitive, is this teenage Robb starting to dig a hole?! Like this kind of teenage old guy, once the posture put very low, are definitely not good.

"Robb, I am the commander-in-chief of the allied forces, you are the deputy commander of the allied forces." Devil Mountain looked brash but was actually careful to answer Robb's words just now.

Robb nodded and looked at the Empress Dowager, the Queens, the courtiers and the generals and said, "Do you believe me?"

All the people with different hearts nodded their heads and said with one voice that they trusted His Majesty the King. Devil Mountain sensed a hint of discomfort, but he was unchanged on the surface.

"Since you trust me, then please go out first, Commander-in-Chief Devil Mountain and I want to study the new military deployment plan of Winterfell in detail."

The crowd was stunned after all of them were clear in their hearts, His Majesty the King is powerful, the excuse that Magic Mountain pretends not to tell the military plan first is afraid of information leakage, but only limited to two people, the Commander-in-Chief of the Allied Forces and the Vice Commander, this will not involve the issue of military secrets leakage, then, what other pretense is there if Magic Mountain wants not to tell the military plan?

Unless the devil mountain does not trust his deputy, think the king of the north will leak the military top secret to the foreign devil. But this deputy, is the King of the North. He comes from the Stark family who regards faith and honor above life. No one can doubt the Stark family's faith and honor.

Neither the old nor the new gods can.

The people have got up and left, looking at the magic mountain with more than a hint of playfulness and teasing, the big man does not have great wisdom, the King of the North, although young, has long since proved invincible in battle. In the civil war, the King of the North Robb Stark commanded the battle, without a single defeat. Of course, the battle commanded by Magic Mountain is also never defeated, but the Northland generals, they naturally trust the King of the North more.

Magic Mountain's military plan if perfect, it is best, even if not perfect, with the participation of King Robb of the North to develop, will also become perfect.

The hearts of the people were greatly settled!

As if in an instant, the crowd was cleanly gone, and in the large conference hall, only the two people left were Devil Mountain and Robb.

Magic Mountain shrugged his shoulders and said, "Robb Stark, you do have something to offer."

"Magic Mountain, the Stark family has immense respect for you, and once again you have come to our rescue and saved my people. Your saving grace to my father, your saving grace at the Scarlet Wedding, is something that neither House Stark nor the people of the North can ever repay, so please accept my humble tribute."

Robb stood up, looked solemn, faced the Devil Mountain, right fist on the left chest heart, bowed deeply!

Devil Mountain accepted Robb's tribute!

He deserved it, and he definitely would not be pretentious.

The two sat down again and Robb said, "Devil Mountain, I need to know your entire military plan in order to cooperate with your transfer and make the best arrangements. The Northern Army will all follow your orders, and if any Northerners disobey the commander's orders, including me, you have the right to deal with them by military law."

While offering to know the full military plan, Robb also gave Magic Mountain the highest military authority in the Northland Army: military justice to dispose of any Northland general who disobeyed the command, even including himself. Robb mentioned himself, which of course was merely an attitude. When the commander-in-chief and deputy commander disagree, the two hostages can negotiate a compromise, the magic mountain can not understand Robb, as long as the move, that is an ally into an enemy, benefactor into an enemy.

But this attitude of Robb is also very helpful to the military prestige of Magic Mountain, he needs to have this attitude.

Robb Stark's words, the Magic Mountain retreat again blocked, so to speak, completely blocked. Magic Mountain no longer say their military plans, he is not humane, unreasonable, and, unfavorable alliance, the two sides can not be trusted.

Devil Mountain looked at Robb, who looked frank. Devil Mountain said, "Well, Robb, have you approximately guessed my military plan."

"I have guessed, but I'm not necessarily right."

"Then let's say it together and see if we think the same thing about each other."


Magic Mountain made a gesture, and the two spoke in unison, saying at the same time, "Fire!"

Robb paused for a moment, and there was still a reluctant surprise in his voice: "Magic Mountain, you really want to burn down Winterfell?"

Magic Mountain pondered for a moment and said, "How many years has Winterfell been built? "

"Brandon Stark, the city builder, built the Great Wall of Despair eight thousand years ago, and that was in the Heroic Age, and Winterfell was built before Brandon Stark." Robb said in a sibilant voice.

"At least eight thousand years of Winterfell was burned to ashes by fire is indeed a pity, but has been eight thousand years of the castle, it is better to push down and re-build a new castle. A new castle, a new era, a new Stark, a new dynasty." Magic Mountain said in a deep voice.

Robb Stark silent for a long time, said softly: "Magic Mountain, is there no better way? "

No wonder the big man did not dare to divulge half of the plan beforehand, no wonder he wanted absolute military command power, he was going to sacrifice Winterfell to win the showdown.

"Bringing the entire army of ghouls into Winterfell and then setting fire to the city is the best military plan to weaken the power of the Night King's legion. The foreign ghosts that lost their legions would not exceed a hundred. At that time, ten thousand arrows will be fired, and the foreign ghosts and the Night King will shatter into ice chips as long as they are hit by an obsidian arrow."

Robb Stark stared at the Magic Mountain, stared for a long time, said: "Magic Mountain, Winterfell is not yours, it is the Stark family. After a great fire, the newly built Winterfell, can never find the ancient traces of eight thousand years."

"First there were people, then there was the city. Robb, this is a war of life and death for the people of the North, and war is destruction."

"My mother and father would never approve of this crazy military plan of yours."

"That's why I want you to keep it a secret. "Magic Mountain stared at Robb Stark, "Queen Cersei has appointed me as the guardian of the North, after the duel at Winterfell, I will not lead the army to collect the North, if you support my military plan to burn Winterfell, after the war, I will support your independence of the North. "

Robb turned and walked to the hall window, he looked out of the window and saw the highest remnant tower of Winterfell, the remnant tower is the old watchtower, because of lightning strikes and the top of the tower collapsed and became a remnant tower. Bran Stark fell from the crumbling tower and broke both legs. He looked to the ancient sacred wood forest, the glass garden, the bachelor tower, the kennel ...... sacred wood forest has three 10,000 year old trees: fish beam wood, precious.

Fish beam wood.