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Chapter 697 - Negotiation in Magic Mountain is no negotiation

Her Majesty the Empress Catelyn Tully is dignified and noble, while Queen Roselyn Frey is elegant and charming, King Robb Stark is young and heroic, and the northern generals and guards are all imposing and majestic, all true warriors.

However, these people in front of the dragon, all seem too small, fragile.

Under the dragon's wings, in the huge shadow cast by the dragon, the northerners on the schoolyard were like a group of small ants.

When the dragon fell, the air currents brought up by its wings were a tumbling wind, blowing up the dust and snow on the ground, causing people to turn sideways and duck their heads.

Magic Mountain grabbed the dragon's horns and leapt off the dragon's back.

I'm afraid this is the only way to get on and off the back of a dragon in the ancient times. The guy riding on the back of the dragon, surprisingly, is not a real dragon rider, he is a pseudo-dragon rider.

This is a miracle not known to outsiders!

The way Magic Mountain got off the dragon was something Robb Stark had never read about in the book.

But such a way is powerful and domineering, in line with the fierce and evil name of the Magic Mountain.

The King of the North stepped forward and extended his hands to the Devil Mountain that landed with a bang: "Welcome to Winterfell, Lord Duke Gregor Clegane. "

"Your Majesty, call me Magic Mountain."

"Good, Magic Mountain, welcome to Winterfell."

Magic Mountain and Robb grabbed each other's small arms hard, which was a symbol of equality and friendship. In front of Magic Mountain, Robb was a half-grown child, while in front of the dragon, Robb was as small as a newborn baby.

Robb is not the king of the Magic Mountain.

The dragon stood proudly behind the magic mountain, like a small mountain, the dragon's eyes closed between, there is a golden red light like fragments splashed out. The generals were in awe. Caitlin and Roselyn both tried to maintain their composure, but the corners of their eyes betrayed them, and there was a slight tremor in their bodies, perhaps exhilaration, perhaps awe, or both.

The gargoyles brought warmth, warming the air in the schoolyard.

The captain of the guards, Harris Moran, ordered the guards to immediately drive in a dozen goats.

"Dragon flames! " said Magic Mountain. He spoke the High Valyrian language.

The people of the North could not understand this language, but the dragon could.

The goat thief's long neck suddenly glowed bright red, as if there was a sun birthing within the skin under his neck. The glow was too strong for the skin and the scale armor on the skin to block, and the golden-red glow came out through the skin and scale armor, causing the dragon's throat to brighten.

The dragon's mouth opened, revealing a mouth full of fangs, looking in through the mouth, the tongue was covered with golden-red barbs, dense, deep in the throat, golden-red light blinding, a ball of fire spurted out, with a hot air flow ......


Dragon flame hit the lead goat, flames like hitting the rocks of the tide scattered, flowing, surging, the dozen or so goats behind at once to wrap, the goat's miserable cry is still floating in the sky, the meat has been roasted, the aroma of roasted meat wafting.

The light of the dragon flame was so bright that it stung the eyes of the people in the North; the flame of the dragon flame was so intense that it made the whole schoolyard feel like a warm breeze, the cold was dispelled, and everyone felt the heat pounding in their faces.

"Feed!" Devil Mountain said. This is still the high language of Valyria.

When the sheep thief came to the North, the temperature of the extremely cold land would make him uncomfortable. In order for the goat thief to adapt to the North's climate as much as possible, the Magic Mountain in a letter to the King of the North mentioned a small request, that is, once the dragon arrived in Winterfell, need to eat goats.

Once you come to eat can let the goat thief to keep better energy, drive away fatigue, soothe a bit of the northern cold on his intrusion.

Dragons do not like the cold.

It takes time to adapt to the strange cold of the North. Magic Mountain believes that in addition to allowing the sheep thief to automatically adapt to the cold of the North, some initiative is needed to reduce the intense discomfort that the strange cold brings to him at first.

This is to eat immediately.

The cold of the Northern Realm is completely different from the cold of the Bright Moon Mountain Range.

There is snow at the top of the cloudy mountains of the Bright Moon Range, but the dragon lives below the snow line, at the foot of the mountains, where it is as warm as spring.

The goat thief swallowed a dozen goats in one bite. It was as if people effortlessly swallowed a few small bird eggs.

Only a short time, the goat thief swallowed clean goats, when the belly has the goods, that strange cold to him really feel much better.

Devil Mountain patted the goat thief's head: "Goat thief, go to meet the legions going north to see the Melisandre priestess."

The sheep-stealing thief let out a low dragon's cry, gently rubbed against the body of Magic Mountain, then took off into the air, and between the vibration of his wings, a gale swept up on the flat ground, blowing the hair of the Empress Dowager, the Queen and the noble women of the Northern Realm, and rolling up their cloaks.

The Northlanders watched in amazement as the sheep thief hovered for a moment over the head of the Magic Mountain, then whirled and spread his wings and flew high into the clouds, finally turning into a small black dot until he disappeared completely.

"He can understand the words of Lord Devil Mountain?" King Robb of the Northern Realm sounded overwhelmed with emotion.

"I'm not sure, but he's very spiritual. Every time I said something to him, it feels like he understands."

"Lord Duke Gregor, the book says that dragons are the highest magical creatures with intelligence. According to the royal dragon history, the sheep thief is the dragon of the ricebearer, and a dragon with an intimate relationship with a human can quickly pick up on the instructions of its master's words and actions. "Queen Roselyn Frey said in a paragraph.

"Your Majesty, the sheep thief has lived with people for more than one hundred and seventy years, and I believe he has long been no stranger to the language of the people. Once he allowed me to harness him, I felt as if he could understand everything I said." Devil Mountain said.

"Dragons are advanced intelligent creatures that cannot speak human language, and he is no dumber than us. "Queen Roslin smiled.

"Yes, Your Majesty the Queen." Magic Mountain was courteous and polite, not at all the savage and rude that people had rumored.

Devil Mountain looked at Roselyn, this Frey's body did not look good and weak, but her beauty was exactly what men liked.

First of all, Roselyn's skin is extremely white, as white as milk, smooth as silk, which is tempting. Secondly, she has a clear face, a petite chin, a delicate nose, large brown eyes as beautiful as a dream, and long dark chestnut hair tied in loose curls down to her waist. She smiled even more charmingly, with a small gap in the center of her front teeth that was particularly impressive.

Her mother, Paysanne Rosby, was deceased, and was the sister of Gaius Rosby, Earl of Coughing in the king's domain. With this connection, if Earl Gaius did not know better, Magic Mountain could have Sir Bernie Clegane frame Gaius for treason for fornicating with King Robb of the North.

Magic Mountain's gaze was not rude and rested on the Queen's face for just the right amount of time, much to the relief of Empress Caitlin Tully, who had been worried about his public disrespect. The Devil Mountain's rudeness is not considered rude, no one would ridicule him for it, whereas the Starks are a stereotypical family who regard honor as their life, and in Eddard Stark's creed, honor is above life!

If Magic Mountain had been rude, it would have been House Stark that was mocked.

"Lord Duke Gregor, it is cold outside, we'd better go in first, my hall has long been burning the fireplace for your lordship." Robb Stark made a gesture of invitation.

So, a group of people walked into the main castle of the Stark family. Magic Mountain's heart was full of admiration for the Stark family, and the Stark family sword was on his back, whether it was Catelyn, or Robb, they all seemed to turn a blind eye.

They all know that Magic Mountain not only saved Eddard Stark's life, but also saved the entire North because of the warning of Frey's Scarlet Wedding.

At the time when the Magic Mountain led the army to aid the Northlanders against the foreign ghosts, the people of this family have kept their mouths shut about the clan sword Cold Ice, and from top to bottom, that look to the cold giant sword did not show the concern that it should have.

This can only mean one thing, the King of the North must have opened a family meeting beforehand to discuss this clan sword.

The owner of the sword does not mention, the magic mountain is also happy to pretend to be completely unknown.

Everyone avoided this topic without a trace is best, although the magic mountain has prepared a generous speech, and will be justified to promise that the sword is borrowed, the future will be returned. Just this return of the specific date can not be determined. Maybe a year later, maybe a hundred years later, who knows!


"Lord Gregor." In the meeting room, the Empress Caitlin Tully spoke first, which shows that her status within the family is really not low, but perhaps Robb deliberately arranged for her mother to say the not-so-good words, that is, as the saying goes, one sings the red face, one sings the black face, "We are the people of the North, we are familiar with the weather, geography, the people, and the generals of the North, and know it like the back of our hand, and the foreign ghosts and ghouls mastery, we also have more than Your Excellency, and I propose that the Commander-in-Chief of the Allied Forces be His Majesty Robb Stark, with Your Excellency as his second-in-command."

The Northern generals stood on two sides, where almost all the nobles of the North were gathered. The King of the North had placed heavy troops in Winterfell and decided to fight a deadly battle with the fey here and would not retreat.

This is a life-and-death battle between family and nation!

Her Majesty the Queen Mother's words were reasonable and won the nods, concurrence and applause of the generals of the North.

Robb? Stark looked at Magic Mountain with a serene expression, Magic Mountain made sure that Her Majesty's words were Robb's words, the king did not say, so that his mother helped him to say it, if Magic Mountain disagreed, he was good to make a response in and out according to the words of Magic Mountain.

Robb is not easy to deal with, the devil mountain knows it well.

But he was not a good person to deal with either.

"Your Majesty the Empress, Your Majesty the King, Your Majesty the Queen, Your Lordships, if I cannot fully control the life and death of more than 100,000 men of the Southern Army and cannot be responsible for them, I will withdraw from the army. I will not participate in the duel at Winterfell." Magic Mountain is Magic Mountain, one sentence, smashing all the reasoning to smithereens, is the typical Magic Mountain barbaric style: you need me, then, I say so. As for everything else, it's all bullshit. Do not agree, I will leave and quit.

Robb and his bannermen were stunned. What the hell kind of negotiation is this? Child's play in general, the movement of the Southern Army of 100,000 people, is not a matter of words, food logistics, the coordination of legions around the world, all such, labor, people and money, said not to fight, the king's power and military might are a joke!

In the school yard courteous magic mountain disappeared, brutal unreasonable magic mountain is back, and unconcealed.

"Lord Devil Mountain." Caitlin's smile disappeared, not to address Lord Duke Grego, her expression serious, "my proposal, in line with the interests of the Lord, in line with the interests of the Southern Legion and the Northerners, is the most conducive to the specifics of the situation on the battlefield, not to compete for military power, if the Lord's word to withdraw the army, Winterfell lost the support of the Lord and defeated, by then the legions of foreign ghosts grow several times If the winter festival comes, your south will also be taken by the demons, and we will all perish together. Lord Devil Mountain, if you make peace, you will benefit both sides, if you fight, you will hurt both sides."

"I will be the commander-in-chief, my dragons and legions will enter Winterfell to fight the foreigners, if not me, I and the southern legions will retreat to Neckze and watch the Winterfell battle between the northern army and the foreigners, if you win, we retreat, if the foreigners win, we will choke Neckze so that the foreigners cannot go south."

If the continent of Westeros is compared to a man, then the Neck Swamp is the neck of this giant. This neck area is covered by wetlands and unfathomable flowing swamps. It is the dividing line between the north and the south of the continent. To the north is the northern border, while to the south is the Riverlands.

On either side of the neck swamp, there is the sea, the Narrow Sea to the east and the Sea of Setting Sun to the west.

The Neck Zephyr, the necessary route for the foreign devils to go south, is feasible only by a narrow causeway that four people can pass through. In addition, if you are foolish enough to try to leave the causeway, there are flowing swamps all around waiting to swallow you up at any time. And in the swamps, poisonous snakes and lizards are all over the place.

Magic Mountain's words caused the meeting room to sink into mute silence, no one knew that Magic Mountain was coming to negotiate so forcefully, without the slightest respect for each other's manners and deliberative attitude, this is simply a kind of condescending and imposing bullying, this is not a friendly negotiation negotiation at all.

"No one can break the neck zephyr from the land, I think, the foreign ghosts can not do it. Swords can't kill the fey ghosts no matter how many there are, the unfathomable hundreds of miles wide swamp can swallow them all up."

Caitlin, whose face turned white, looked at Robb, who had a sullen face, while the ice field wolf Grey Wind at his feet became restless and stood up, his wolf eyes sharp as a knife, staring at the magic mountain, as if he would pounce on it in the next second and tear it apart by the throat.

But Magic Mountain's face was expressionless. Having tamed the highest magic creature, the dragon, he was not afraid of the ice field wolf Grey Wind, he was stable as a mountain!

Roselyn Frey looked to her husband, Robb Stark's sullen eyes gradually eased, and the ice plains wolf Grey Wind also slowly sat down, only a pair of beastly eyes still stared at the magic mountain, gaze like a sword.

"Magic Mountain, I leave all of Winterfell and the people of the North to you, are you sure you can win this war?"

"I do!"

"Can I listen to your tactics first?"

"No." Magic Mountain said indifferently, "Robb, I not only want the command of the whole army, I also want all the soldiers of the allied army to swear to follow the command of all actions, including Lord Aide and Your Majesty, anyone who does not follow my orders will be dealt with by military law!"

Robb's face changed slightly, and the Ice Plains Wolf Grey Wind jumped onto the table with a whirr, baring its teeth and growling at the magic mountain. The Ice Plains Wolf's two rows of sharp teeth were exposed, with a slight bend, like daggers of steel spikes.

"Magic Mountain ......," said Caitlin Tully. But Devil Mountain immediately interrupted her: "Your Majesty, I want absolute military command, there is no room for negotiation in this matter, if you agree, I will tell my military plan to wipe out the Fae and kill the Fae King. If you don't agree, then bring out the wine and food, let me get drunk to my heart's content, and then go away. "