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Chapter 0463 - Withdrawal of the Army

Jun Lin City, Ragged Gate Military Camp. Morning.

The banners of the four teams of the Bright Moon Mountain Range fluttered in the wind.

The king's stag lion flag, the red smoke beast cold ice sword flag of the Kregon army, the blazing fire flag of the one-eyed Timmy of the Scorchers division, the black ear flag of the little beauty Zira of the Black Ears division, the heavy axe flag of the Stone Crow division, and the stone hammer flag of the Moon People division ......

Army Chief Gavin Westerling blew his army whistle and the four tribal legions raised their swords together and shouted to Lady Janie on the high platform: Ho!

A roar like thunder!

King's Landing had just awakened to the first rays of morning sunlight when the Rotten Mud Gate clicked open and the sons and daughters who entered and left began to bustle about.

There was a fish market not far from the Ragged Gate, and the fishermen who fished in the Blackwater River last night came to the city gate early in the morning to wait for the door to open.

One thousand two hundred warriors of the Bright Moon Mountain Range roared out their military might.

They were already completely different from before when they were fooled by the imp to come down from the mountain. Back then, even the chiefs didn't have a decent set of armor, but now, ordinary soldiers had a full set of valuable armor, sword belts, long swords and short knives.

Every single thing, taken back home, is a 'treasure' that would sacrifice several lives to grab.

"Warriors of the Bright Moon Mountain Range, set out." Janine said.

Then, the commander roared out the military order, and the chiefs saluted Janine together, then the four teams formed into four columns, with the chiefs walking in the front, and headed for the Ragged Gate.

Yesterday, Janine promised to obey the Prime Minister's order to withdraw the Clegane army from King's Landing, and to withdraw all the troops in five days.

The first corps to be withdrawn was the Mountain Tribe Corps in the Bright Moon Mountains.

The chiefs' dwarf horses suitable for the narrow sections of the mountains were given to the soldiers, and all of them were replaced with tall horses.

The chiefs, captains, junior captains, and brave retainers all had horses, and about two hundred men had horses. The rest of the thousand warriors were infantrymen.

This was a legion of infantry.

The generals of the garrison at the Ragged Gate watched this group leave King's Landing with a relaxed smile on their faces.

This was a very headache-inducing army in King's Landing, and the rightmost chief of the Shagga of the Stone Crow division cut off the casino owner's hand in the casino, just because he lost all his money thinking the owner had cheated.

Next to him, Conn not only likes to gamble, but also likes to provoke, and several gambling sticks of the guard have clashed with him. At that time, these two guys were still with the imp's side, they had already become a ruthless character in the underground casino in King's Landing that no one dared to mess with.

The head of the Scorchers Division, Timmy, was feared with his one eye; the little beauty Zilla, who made a necklace out of one human ear and hung it around her neck, revealed an evil aura ......

The brothers of the garrison were in a good mood when they saw this fierce army leaving King's Landing.

Janie took Zelie, Brienne, Count Gavin, Dougherty wizard and other line of people personally send this team out of the rotten gate.

On the left side of the road to the southeast of the Ragged Gate, by the Blackwater River, is the port of the Royal Navy fleet in King's Landing. This party would go out and turn left if they were to follow the Prime Minister's order to return to Lord Magic Mountain's fiefdom: Dragonstone Island.

However, with a word of command, the procession turned to the right and took the riverfront avenue, direction: north!

Many brothers of the garrison stood on the walls of the Ragged Gate, and they watched with joy the departure of this barbaric army, and there was much talk and heckling, and then some began to notice that something was wrong: if the procession was going back to the fiefdom of Dragonstone Island, why was it not going east to the royal warship port by the Blackwater River?

Shagga, Conn, Timmy, Zillah, Gonzo and other chiefs rode ahead of them, opening the way first, following the riverfront avenue under the city walls all the way north on Rosby Road.

These people are going to the Crabapple Peninsula?

No way!

Crab Claw Peninsula tribe simply can not accommodate any other tribal legions, and, Crab Claw Peninsula is very poor, as long as the young people inside out of the Crab Claw Peninsula, basically do not want to go back.

Could it be that the Bright Moon Range tribe is ready to go home - back to the Valley - the Bright Moon Range tribe can be far more than these four tribes, many.

The formation of their clan tribes originated during the invasion of the Andals into the Valley. The ancestors who did not want to submit to the Andals disappeared into the Bright Moon Mountains and multiplied in the mountains and forests, forming one clan tribe after another. As a result, they retained many of their ancestral traditions, believed in the same old gods as the Northlanders, and had similar customs to the wildlings of the Seaside - raiding and disobedience.

This is an army that has never recognized the rule of the House of Erin in the Eagle's Nest, and is independent of the Seven Kingdoms and their economic and political systems. They have no concept of gender distinction, and many of the women in the legion are capable combatants.

Zira, the leader of the Black Ears, was a middle-aged woman, followed by seven fierce sons and seven rock-like teenagers.

Janine stopped her horse and watched the group walk with their banners across the River Road, past the Steel Gate and up the Rossby Road.

Such a battle-hardened party did not board a ship for Dragonstone, but went north!

The news soon reached the Prime Minister's Tower, the small stone house of the Minister of Intelligence, the stone fortress of the Dornish, the virgin dwelling where the Tyrells live ......

The imp's one black and one green eye rolled, a glass of wine in his hand, this is a new situation, at the moment when all the devil mountains received the Prime Minister's order to return to King's Landing from the north, but this mountain tribe under his banner went north, what for?

Riverlands is Randall Tully's war, he won one after another, and the Tyrells will not allow the Kerrigan Legion to get involved to get a piece of the action ......

Magic Mountain also can not be the demobilization of this legion.

Devil Mountain in order to increase the strength of the army, on the eve of the attack on Dragonstone Island, the imp hands of the Stone Crow Department to 'trick' to get away ......

And the Dornishmen of Stone Fort are even more confused, Minister of Intelligence Kevon also do not understand Janine's intentions, allies of the Tyrell family is equally puzzled ......


Then came the second legion leaving the Ragged Gate barracks: the Crabapple Peninsula Warriors, led by Lady Dougherty Quintina, surrounded by eight centurions, leading eight regiments of 100 men, each of which, belonged to a different peninsula tribe.

This same group exited the Ragged Gate and turned right, still heading north.

The legion of mountain tribes from the Bright Moon Mountains went north: one thousand two hundred men; the eight hundred warriors from the Crab Claw Peninsula went north; the two legions combined two thousand men, meeting the decree of the Lord Prime Minister that two thousand men must be withdrawn each day.


The next day, three thousand two hundred warriors evacuated from King's Landing, this time the entire Crab Claw Peninsula warriors two thousand two hundred and one thousand Vesterling infantry, the leader chief was Earl Gavin Vesterling, the procession did not go north again, but turned left out of the Ragged Gate, went to the Royal Navy fleet to board a ship, out of the port, crossed the Watergate Pass of the Blackwater River, and went straight to Dragonstone Island.

On the third day, the procession stopped moving; on the fourth day, there was still no movement either. The several warships that had gone to sea were not returned either, and Wagner-Gal, the Minister of Maritime Affairs, did not ask about it, but continued to intensify the recruitment of naval troops and the construction of warships.

The imperial forest across the Blackwater River - hundreds of miles deep of virgin forest - had no shortage of timber.


Night. Ragged Gate barracks. Janine's midshipmen's tent.

Prime Minister Tyrion arrives with Prince Oberyn Martell and Minister of Intelligence Kevon Lannister.

Since the Devil's Mountain left King's Landing, Janine had not entered the stone house of the Red Keep to live there; she lived in the barracks, escorted by the general's tent to the left and right.

The imp had come to urge Janine to withdraw her troops. According to the Prime Minister's order, Janine should have withdrawn at least eight thousand men, but she had only withdrawn five thousand warriors: the Bright Moon Mountains tribe, the Crab Claw Peninsula tribe, and one thousand Vesterling infantry.

"My Lady, tomorrow is the last day of the deadline, the Kregon army must all evacuate King's Landing."

"As ordered, Lord Prime Minister." Janine said.

In one sentence, Janine had finished talking all the words.

To talk about the level of talking words to death, Janine was simply a genius.


Oberon's heart was in a state of shock, it had been four days, and Janine surprisingly did not show any signs of discomfort at all.

Oberon is confident that he made the poison, he used a chronic poisoning, the fourth day should be weak and sweating plus fever and pain, eat some dream wine or poppy milk can get good relief, of course that is only an illusion to alleviate the condition.

It's impossible for a noblewoman to use a glass of wine he's tampered with and not be poisoned!

But looking at Janine without any discomfort, like a normal healthy person, Oberon felt a cold sweat emerge from his wet palms.

Oberon's vision, surprisingly, could not see any discomfort in Janine at all.

Was there something wrong with Maester Coburn? Or was there something wrong with Janine?

Generally speaking, Maesters do not study dark magic and poisons, but they understand poisons. To study medicine is to study poison, and if you don't know about poison, you don't know about medicine. The more advanced the medicine, the greater the skill of making poison. Just a little adjustment of the dosage and proportion of the medicine used, the medicine that saves lives becomes the medicine that kills: poison!

If it was Coburn who saw his little move and wiped the glass clean is possible, or simply change the glass is also possible, is it possible that Coburn is a person from the Magic Mountain?


"Lord Prime Minister, a drink?" Janine said.

"Thank you, ma'am." The imp laughed.

After a word of political affairs chatted to death, the imp felt that he could not immediately pull out and leave, since things had been settled, it was good to have a drink and chill out.

Zeli brought glasses and wine, Brienne pressed the sword to stand beside Janine.

Janine poured four glasses of wine, three for the imp, Oberon, Kevon, and one for himself.

Oberon kept his eyes on Janine's hand.

Since he was drinking with the Prime Minister, the wine must be fine, and any problems would be on the glass, or, on Janine's hand.

Oberon's poison failed to poison Janine, and his heart's guard was suddenly erected, as if a shield.

Is the noble lady in front of him a proficient poisoner - a wizard?

Oberon asked the imp and determined that Janine was not a wizard.

Although Oberon had dealt with many wizards, he himself was not a wizard, and compared with real wizards, he still had a certain gap. Compared with ordinary people, he is naturally crushed. But even a wizard, unprepared without prior knowledge, can be poisoned.

Janine divided the four cups of wine and raised her glass: "The Clegane army will leave King's Landing first thing in the morning, so I'll take this glass of wine to

After the initiator of the 'League of the Public Righteous', the most powerful and most determined resistance in the Valley, Bronze Jon Royce, was killed, and after the second strong and powerful call of the incomparable Mrs. Waywood 'shook hands and made peace' with the Magic Mountain in Iron Oak, the whole The 'Alliance of the Righteous' exists in name only and no longer speaks out. In fact, the 'Alliance of the Righteous' basically disintegrated the moment Mrs. Verwood admitted her submission, and everything that happened next was a matter of course.

A group of people greeted Magic Mountain and his officers into the Moon Gate Fortress. The Moon Gate Fortress could not accommodate more than 10,000 troops, but the Valley Basin was warm as spring, and the army was stationed outside the moat of the Moon Gate Fortress.

The nobles of the valley also sent their own escorts, more than 500 people, less than one hundred people team, these teams are camped outside the moat, and the army of the Devil Mountain camped opposite.

Welcome banquet since needless to say, the next day, Petyr Baelish to the identity of the guardian of the canyon presided over the first Valley political affairs, Magic Mountain sat at the head of the right, Lady Lysa Tully holding her son Robert Duke of Erin sat in the center, Littlefinger sat at the head of the left.

The center is the lord, while the head of the right is the honor of the guests, which is the respect for the magic mountain, which represents the king's power.

Mr. Littlefinger pulled a lot of glossy nonsense, and then it was the identity of the guardian of the canyon to perform the reward. Magic Mountain cold eyes to watch Littlefinger's art of power, as the saying goes, the new official took office three fires, Littlefinger married Mrs. Lysa Tully, after successfully becoming the guardian of the canyon, the first fire burned, but sealing the reward!

This tactic is not at all lofty, but it works.

Although everyone sees himself as a nobleman and a knight's glory, but the reward is like gold coins, which is indeed the hard currency that everyone likes.

The first person Littlefinger rewarded was Sir Nestor Royce, a knight with a low status and no knighthood, but an important position, the first defensive castle of the Eagle's Nest: Moon Gate Castle.

Littlefinger in the future to enter and leave the Eagle's Nest City, any other noble to enter and leave the Eagle's Nest City, any foreign power minister the only first place to land, is here.

This location is important!

After Littlefinger entered the valley, the first guy to buy, is the Moon Gate Fort Nester father and son. Nester father and son is a branch of the Royce family, bronze Jon Royce set up the 'League of the Righteous' to oppose Littlefinger, and the first person who betrayed Jon Royce was Sir Nester Royce.

Such a scum of the Royce family who forget righteousness, Littlefinger is the favorite. Now is the time to give this goon a bone with meat on it.

Unfortunately, the bronze Jon Royce to death, but also do not know that he was betrayed by his own family of Nester Royce.

Sir Nester Royce was declared by Littlefinger to be promoted to Viscount, and his son was also given a knighthood by the Captain of the Squire of the Eagle's Nest City.

Magic Mountain heart a little surprised, Nestor Royce father and son is also cheap enough, just a knight a viscount can buy these two father and son, to know Nestor betrayed but the patriarch of this family bronze Jon.

Just when the devil mountain heart slander, Lysa Tully lady to Erin family acting lord identity, announced that the moon gate fort from today, belong to the Neste Royce family's territory. The three miles of land outside the Moon Gate Castle was given to the Nester Royce family as private territory.

Nester Royce's father and son could not stop their joy and hurriedly knelt down to thank for the reward.

The nobles of the valley joined in congratulations!

"Viscount Nestor, your family has worked hard to guard the Erin family for hundreds of years, and this is the reward you deserve for the Royce family of Moon Gate Castle." Littlefinger Petyr Baelish said solemnly.

Magic Mountain secretly nodded, Littlefinger's level of this sentence is very high!

He took the Erin family's territory rewarded to its bannermen, for himself to raise a watchdog, Littlefinger naturally is not at all heartbroken, but the reason he gave crowned to touching - this is the moon gate Fort Royce family hard work for hundreds of years to get the reward.

The thing that doesn't make sense at all, just by Littlefinger's words, becomes reasonable.

Words are like swords, words are also more wisdom.

Devil Mountain sitting like a mountain, very quietly watching Littlefinger's continued performance: Littlefinger to the supreme identity of the canyon guardian, take the money of the Erin family, running wild on the road of the reward, a ride to build their own jurisdictional roots.

The main event after the completion of the bounty, is the magic mountain to the kingdom of the valley for taxation. Of the seven kingdoms of Westeros, only Dorne does not have to pay taxes to the kingdom! All other places, all have to pay taxes.

Magic Mountain watched Littlefinger's clever and clever tongue, coaxing the nobles to melt with joy, surprise and laughter, which reminded Magic Mountain of his previous life in the civilization of Earth happy to grab the red envelope of pleasure!

Littlefinger's first fire to buy the hearts of the people, in the eyes of the magic mountain, this is he and Lysa Tully couple, the two are giving out the newlywed red envelope rain to its bannermen!

Watching Littlefinger swim with ease, Magic Mountain is not worried at all about his tax income next.

Littlefinger made his fortune precisely by his ability to collect taxes!

Looking at the laughter of the nobles of the valley, Magic Mountain was very impressed with Littlefinger's tactics in his heart, but he knew he was the popular king of this rain of red envelopes!