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0694 Chapter Hexagonal Man Valamir

Night. The North. The last fireplace city.

Westeros continental kingdom, the most northern castle is this fireplace city.

The fireplace city is called - the last fireplace city - because it is the last border castle in the northernmost part of the kingdom.

The northern side of the fireplace city, dozens of miles outside the city walls, is independent of the kingdom of the Night's Watch 500 miles of land. At the end of the five hundred miles of land, is one of the nine wonders of the world, the Great Wall of Despair.

The Great Wall of Despair was finally lost, and the main forces of the Night's Watch and the Northern Alliance withdrew into the last fireplace city.

Now that the foreign devils have cleared the obstacles to their advance, all the military strongholds of the Wall have been captured by them, and their way forward is no longer blocked by the danger of the sky.

On the wall, bonfires were blazing, and several mixed duty brothers from different legions were drinking muddy wine around a bonfire.

"Hey, did you hear? I heard the news today that Devil Mountain will lead an army to come to our aid." A Fireplace City soldier who was taller than all the other soldiers said.

The soldiers of Fireplace City were the tallest in stature among the Northlanders. The city lord, Count Grand Jon Amber, was over two meters tall, and it was rumored that the Amber family had a giant bloodline. The men of House Amber and his subjects were known for their large and majestic stature. They were the tallest of the Northlanders.

"Magic Mountain?" A soldier with an obvious southern accent snorted, dressed in black lockets and an earthy cloak, from the Stormlands, a soldier under Her Grace Shireen, "Eddard Stark trusted Jaime Lannister to bring men, only to have Jaime take off and never return. And now you've heard that the Magic Mountain will come? Oh! No one will come to our rescue, brother, this respite is rare, or first more sips of wine."

"Hey, southerner, it's not just rumors from Lord Eddard's side." A soldier of the Night's Watch said, "We got word on our side too, a dodo sent over a message that Magic Mountain had tamed a dragon in the Bright Moon Mountains ......"

"Magic Mountain?!" The words of the night watchman brother were rudely interrupted by the southern soldier, "Brother, I would rather believe in the foreign ghosts than the magic mountain."

The night watchman brother is a young man, he is a stonemason by birth, honest, and their commander-in-chief Jon Snow the same batch of recruits, he confirmed that the information is accurate, he believes their commander-in-chief Jon, this solid-eyed teenager was interrupted words immediately rose red face ", you fucking." The Night's Watch roughed up, "The Magic Mountain killed your bullshit King Stannis Baratheon and raided Dragonstone in the dead of night, forcing you to flee like dogs to the north and live the good life with us eating snow and drinking wind, I've heard that no one can mention the Magic Mountain in front of you. But I'm just going to say, Magic Mountain Magic Mountain Magic Mountain Magic Mountain ......"

The southern soldiers glared at each other angrily, and although the Night Watch youth was not tall, he was very sturdy, as if his body was made of stone. He pressed his hand on the hilt of his sword and was simply fearless. In the end, the confrontation ended in the laughter of the Winterfell soldiers "No, not anyone." The soldiers from Winterfell laughed and said, "If it were the words of the Great Master Melisandre, they and their Queen Mother would all be convinced, ah, the long night is long, everywhere is dangerous, only the Red God is the only true God, Rahlo, the Lord of Light, please accept our praise and answer our prayers!" The soldiers of Winterfell made a prayer, full of seriousness, which caused several of their fellow Northerners to laugh.

"Southerners, where is your great master of state, where did he go? Escaped like Jaime?" Another Winterfell soldier laughed.

Melisandre had secretly gone down south to do her work, and none of the ordinary soldiers knew the mysterious one's true intentions.

"Brother, don't laugh at their Queen Mother and the Red God, and the charming and flirtatious Grand Master." The Fireplace City soldiers laughed heatedly, "We heard that Empress Dowager Cerys is now often trapped in a state of madness, and the group of people who follow the Empress Dowager's belief in the Red God are now looking at us with a straight gaze, heck, yesterday Her Majesty the Empress Dowager had to sacrifice three of your soldiers to the Red God, and was stopped by our Duke Eddard. She was