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0628 Chapter Blood Case Aftermath: Empty and Silent Lady

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Two hours later, Littlefinger's reward ended.

All were happy!

Of course, in addition to the Magic Mountain, there were also nobles who looked on coldly - Count Leonor Kobry, whose brother died, and whose brother was the famous swordsman of the Vale, Sir Lynn Kobry, who owned the famous sword of the Empty and Silent Lady. Also the heir of Count Leonor Kobry.

A family, the most important person one is the patriarch, one is the heir.

Littlefinger is the guardian of the canyon, similar to the Hand of the King within the Red Keep of King's Landing. Apart from the lord, Duke Robert Ayling, the person with the most power is Littlefinger Petyr Baelish.

Leonor Cobry was over forty years old, childless at the knees, and his wife was dead. He courted Lysa Tully with his brother Lynn Kobry before Lysa Tully was married.

"Lord Duke Petyr, my brother Lynn Kobry died at the hands of the blacksmith of Iron Oak City, this matter is very strange, please do justice, Lord. The whereabouts of the Cobry family's famous sword, Lady Empty Silence, is also unknown, and this has to be returned to the Waywood family of Iron Oak. The Empty Silence has been in the Kobri family for more than a thousand years, 600 years earlier than the history of Lord Gregor Clegane's Cold Ice Sword. Lady Empty Silence is my family's famous sword, and Lady Waywood of Iron Oak City must return it, otherwise, the Cobry family will certainly not be able to rest in peace."

Countess Waywood had submitted since her 'long talk' with Magic Mountain and followed Magic Mountain to Moon Gate Castle with the bannermen of the Waywood family and her own regiment of guards. After being opened up by the Magic Mountain 'long talk', Mrs. Wellwood has been actively preparing in secret for the future chaos after the arrival of the Mother of Dragons, and she does not want to fight with the Kobrit family now.

She hopes to nurture her strength and preserve it, so that when the time comes, she can see the wind and cannot let the Waywood family be exterminated for being on the wrong side in the chaotic world.

"Earl Kobry, Sir Lynn Kobry trampled on guest power in Runestone City, he killed Earl Bronze Jon Royce of Runestone City and angered the Seven Gods. The man who trampled on the guest power met with misfortune, but it was the will of the Seven Gods that descended." Countess Waywood's eloquence was also first-class, and in just a few words, she dumped the pot on the Seven Gods.

The Seven Gods is also the favorite pot of the Magic Mountain, whether it is murder and arson, or forced purchase, or prophecy of the future, it is easy to dump the pot on the Seven Gods.

"Was it Bronze Jon Royce who trampled on guest power? Or did Lynn Kobry trample on guest power? My family retainers have returned to the City of the Heart Host, and they have told me the truth of the matter." Count Leonor Kobry turned to Magic Mountain, "Lord Gregor Clegane was a witness to the bloodshed of Count Yorn in Runestone City, and in the party that went to Runestone City to negotiate, there was one person who was the absolute authority and leader, and that was Count Yorn Royce, who, regardless of the firm opposition of Lynn and Michel, decided to raid Lord Gregor at the banquet hosted by Lord Gregor. The purpose was to kill him. And in order to stop Bronze Jorn's madness, Lynn Kobry asked Lord Gregor Clegane for bread and salt at the first opportunity after entering the parlor."

Littlefinger's face was solemn and serious, and his eyes became cold: "Lord Lord Gregor Clegane, are Count Kobry's words credible?"

Devil Mountain face expressionless, began to intersperse the real thing with his own private goods, disguised as shapeless: "Lord Petyr, Count Kobry's words are consistent with the truth, Sir Lynn did ask me for bread and salt at first, I originally thought Sir Lynn was afraid that I would harm them, and then when Count Bronze Jon Royce drew his sword and came out to assassinate me, I realized Sir Lynn's good intention was to stop Earl Jorn Royce's assassination of me at the feast. Lynn asked me for guest power, but it was clear to all that guest power is not only to protect the visitor, but also to protect the host from the visitor. "

Littlefinger Petyr Baelish nodded in a pretentious manner, for these games Littlefinger was light and comfortable, he looked to Lady Wellwood: "Countess Wellwood, Sir Lynn is not at fault, why did your blacksmith kill Earl Lynn Cobray, and in his drinking and sleeping."


The murder in Iron Oak City and the bloodshed in Runestone City Littlefinger both knew the details in the first place, and Lynn Kobry's death would not have been taken without a nod from the Magic Mountain.

The person who secretly planned to do it, is from the three bannermen under the Runestone City, and these three bannermen, and by the Countess of Runestone City, Jacqueline Royce's secret order, and Jacqueline Royce dare to issue a secret order, is after the nod of the Magic Mountain. After the nod of Magic Mountain, through the raven and Littlefinger to get in touch, the two sides ventilation reached an agreement, although Linn is Littlefinger with gold, boys and promises bought a dog, but the dog has completed his mission, the so-called birds of prey, Magic Mountain allowed Yassina to do, which can also save him a huge amount of expenditure.

Doing the math, Littlefinger is the beneficiary!

So, the Valley's best swordsman Lynn and the most heroic young swordsman Michel, so played by the magic mountain and Littlefinger to death.

And meaningfully, the follow-up of the blood case, back into the hands of Littlefinger, the victims and perpetrators are counting on the guardians of the canyon to do justice for their side.

This is the irony of the game of power in this world as understood by Magic Mountain: people who do not have enough brains, the sword is no longer sharp, will die, and dying, still do not know exactly how they died, when they were born bold and heroic, when they died in confusion.

Magic Mountain is now in this game of power is a sophisticated and cruel and ruthless veteran. War and death, darkness and power, are the best things that can make a man grow up quickly.


The Countess of Wellwood said slowly, without panic, "Sir Lynn likes little boys, and the blacksmith has a little son who is loved by the whole town, smart and handsome and loved by all. Count Leonor, need I say anything more?" The Countess of Wellwood let out a cold laugh, "A blacksmith's father acted excessively for his own child, and I don't think the blacksmith was at fault. But he is bound to death because he killed a noble knight. I will sentence him to death, after he has finished building the last sword that has been ordered for me. The blacksmith now has shackles locked on his feet even when he is working. "

It is an open secret that everyone knows that Lynn Kobry likes little boys. The so-called open secret, is everyone knows but does not say in public the mysterious things. Otherwise, it would not be called a secret.

Leonor Kobry actually does not really care about the death of his brother, the two brothers have long been at odds with each other, and the cause is also because of the empty silent lady that only the family patriarch is entitled to have.

In 283 Aegon, during the Battle of the Trident River, after Count Kobry Sr. was wounded, Leonor escorted his father to the rear to heal, while his brother Lynn Kobry took over his father's sword, the Lady of Silence, and defeated the Dornish army and killed Prince Leven Martell, the Kingsguard, becoming famous in the battle. On his deathbed, the old Count Kobry left his fief, his title, his castle and all his money to Leonor Kobry, but passed his clan sword, the Lady of the Empty Silence, to Linn.

But this is against the ancestral tradition, because from ancient times to the present, only the patriarch is entitled to have the Lady of Empty Silence. According to tradition, it could only be lent to the strongest knight in the family, but the ownership always belonged to the patriarch, but Linn broke the ancestral tradition, he obtained the ownership and use of the Lady of Silence, which was a thorn in Leonor's heart.

Leonor Kobry always felt that his rights had been compromised. The two brothers' dislike for each other arose, and from then on, for eighteen years, the two brothers were at odds with each other.

Eventually, the two brothers became strangers with blood ties but no real brotherly affection.

According to the ballad relayed by Maester Yadar, the Kobri family already possessed the Lady of Empty Silence when the Andals invaded the valley. During this time the sword also fell into the hands of Robert Royce, King of the First Men, and was later recovered by House Kobri. The Empty Silence Lady is much older than any other known Valyrian steel sword, the Stark's cold sword carried by the Magic Mountain is only four hundred years old. But this sword has at least a thousand years, so early a sharp and incomparable narrow sword, according to the reason is not later in the history of Valyrian steel, but this sword and Valyrian steel sword many fights also no less, so when the name of Valyrian steel is dominant in the world, the empty silence of the lady also to Valyrian steel.

Although this sword is a narrow sword, its value is incalculable. It is perhaps the only one with the longest history of the ancient famous sword.

After the tragic death of Lynn Kobry in Iron Oak City and the family knight fled back to the Heart Host City, Leonor Kobry was not sad, and his only point of concern was the whereabouts of the family's famous sword, Lady Empty Silence.

There are many doubts that Lynn was killed by a blacksmith, the family knight who escaped back to Hearthost City has detailed the multiple sword wounds on Lynn's body, which indicates that it was not the blacksmith alone who killed Lynn Kobry, not to mention the fact that there was a young and brave Sir like Michel Redford who guarded Lynn's room. Michel was recognized as one of the best young swordsmen in the Vale, and was too brave to be approached by a blacksmith and the blacksmith's civilian cohorts.

The blacksmith had helpers who knew martial arts and were not bad at it, and he had people standing behind him. Who could hold a deep hatred must kill Lynn, Leonor after careful consideration, he thought that the mastermind behind the person is likely to have a father's murderous revenge Jacqueline Royce.

Lynn killed Jorn Royce, and his daughter Jasina Royce may not stop there. But this is only Leonor's speculation, and there is no evidence. What scares Leonor is that Jasina Royce has recognized Magic Mountain as her father, so when faced with the matter of Lynn's bloodshed, Count Leonor Cobry is not stupid and chooses to question Countess Waywood of Iron Oak instead of raising speculations and emotional inferences about Jasina Royce's revenge.

The heraldic design on the second flag at the top right is a black broken wheel on a green background. This is the flag of the Waywood family, one of the eight great families of the Vale. Lady Anya Waywood, who is in charge of the Waywood family, like Countess Jasina, did not go to war herself, and it was her eldest son and heir, Sir Morton Waywood, who led the army. Lady Anya's second son, Sir Donal Waywood, was stationed at Bloodgate, and her younger son, Willis Waywood, stayed at Iron Oak.

The Waywood family sent a regiment of two thousand men, including fifteen hundred elites and five hundred common soldiers. As Lady Anya, who had been told some prophetic secrets by the Magic Mountain, was the first great noble of the Valley to take the initiative to send a squad of one hundred men after the Magic Mountain.

At the end of the last conquest war of the Magic Mountain when the Magic Mountain left the Valley to return to the West, Lady Anya sent her family knights and soldiers to follow the Magic Mountain. This released a bold and special signal close to the magic mountain.

Lady Anya is also the first to learn that the magic mountain tamed a dragon in the first time after the mobilization of the family generals ready to follow the magic mountain to the battle. She is a very shrewd lady, is the first noble of the valley noble to take the initiative to embrace the thigh of the magic mountain.

The second banner at the top left features three flying crows on a white background, each clutching a blood-red heart under its claws. --This is the flag of the Kobri family of Hearthost City. Since the family's most powerful and the Valley's most powerful swordsman, Lynn Kobry, was assassinated in Iron Oak City by an unknown person in a night raid, the family's patriarch, Leonor Kobry, was not sad, he only cared about the whereabouts of the family's clan sword, Valyrian Steel Sword Lady Empty Silence, it's just a pity that the sword has never been heard from, no one has ever seen it again, and no one has ever sold it on the black market at a high price. Valyrian sword Lady Empty Silence has mysteriously disappeared since then, never to be heard from again.

This time, the head of the Kobry family, Count Leonor Kobry himself led the army, leading a thousand of the family's best generals to join the army, and the city of Heart's Sleep was given to his third brother, Lucas Kobry, to manage. As a precaution, Earl Lynn had designated Lucas Kobry as his successor in line of succession.

In addition to the eight major families of the Valley in place one by one, there were also legions of over a hundred from all the minor and medium nobles of the Valley.

There were more than a hundred major nobles, medium nobles, and minor nobles from the Valley, and they gathered a legion of close to 30,000 people from the Valley. There is no lack of real warriors and warlike generals inside these clans. Mention must be made of the Campadon family of Nine Star City - this family sent out only five hundred men, but it was a remarkable five hundred men, each of whom was an absolutely valiant and warlike cavalryman.

The Campadon family is a knight family and is very strong.

The army also has a mixed family of cavalry and infantry, as well as professional lancers and sword and shield soldiers.

Magic Mountain returned directly to King's Landing after burning the Eagle's Nest City, and did not ride a dragon to go over the castles of the nobles of the Vale. The news of the burning and collapse of the Eagle's Nest City was faster than the wind, and blew through every corner of the Vale within an hour, and also reached the town of Seagull and the Riverlands outside the Vale.

On the same day that Lady Lysa Tully and Duke Robert Erin were executed by the Magic Mountain, the nobles of the entire Valley began to assemble their troops as quickly as possible without receiving orders from the Magic Mountain, and began their march three days later, and they all arrived at the crossing of the Trident River and camped at a rapid pace, waiting for the Magic Mountain to come from King's Landing to receive them.

After the fall of the Eagle's Nest, which symbolizes the highest authority in the Vale, Duke Robert and Lady Lysa Tully were burned to ashes by the Magic Mountain, the people of the Vale showed a rare consistency for the first time, and the nobles who had conflicts with each other put aside their prejudices and coordinated their marching plans with each other, and the soldiers' usual well-trained military qualities were reflected in the rush march. The minor nobles also thundered, responding to the Magic Mountain order, led the army out of the valley, camped at the Trident River crossing, although the group of dragons without a leader, but orderly. The various types of soldiers and families are camped in different places, soldiers and knights inevitably clash and friction, but all can be dealt with friendly consultation. The living supplies accompanying the army are piled up like mountains, wagons and cattle carts, but tens of thousands of people are not in the least bit chaotic.

In fact, the Valley people in the heart of more than close to the Stark in the North, in addition to the Erin family is a close relative of the Stark family, the Royce family, Campadon family, Redford family, Lindley family, etc. have such and such a relative relationship with the Stark family in the North. Some of the bloodlines are still very close. In the Aegon calendar 298 years when the civil war broke out, the Vale nobles more than to send troops to fight to help the Stark fight the Lannisters in the West, of which the Royce family is the head of the main war faction, but ultimately the Vale did not send a single soldier, is because the lord's wife Lysa Tully's firm opposition.

The main war faction under Lysa? Tully's leadership has been living a very stifling life.


A resounding metallic sound seemed to penetrate everything, the sound of the rolling river of the Trident River and the cacophony of tens of thousands of people were all silenced, and at that moment, the sound of the river also seemed to disappear, tens of thousands of people silenced together, and the war horses were terrified. And the soldiers looked up in the air, only to see a golden-red cloud like a big bird flying over. --Demon Mountain came riding on a sheep thief. He arrived after the first, before Littlefinger and Melisandre to the east bank of the Trident River crossing.

Looking down from the sky, on the eastern bank of the Green Fork River, a dense, patchwork of marching tents, stretching for miles and miles as far as the eye could see. Thousands of wagons and cattle carts were lined up in a long black line. In front of the large tents of the central army, the flags of the nobles of the valley were inserted together clustered around the king's flag and the Kerrigan flag, dozens of floral and green flags waving in the wind ...... snapped loudly ......

Devil Mountain face cold, but the heart is very helpful. The effect of burning the Eagle's Nest City is remarkable, which makes his not-so-solid heart finally completely put down. Is this a good indication that Lysa Tully does not have prestige and real respect in the hearts of the nobles of the Valley?

However, Magic Mountain thinks more reason is the catalytic effect of the dragon's might, of course, he exterminated the cruelty of the whole castle people of the Eagle's Nest City is also credited.

Whether you are a beautiful jade or a vulgar stone, good or bad, all burned and killed!

Slaughter the city!

Lysa? Tully according to the danger and proud of the six relatives of the career finally came to a perfect end.

In front of the central tent, stood almost all the generals of the valley nobility. This tent is usually empty and uninhabited, only the maids are here to take care of. When the noble generals have something to communicate, they come here to meet. Build this huge tent, they are actually prepared for the Lord of Magic Mountain.

The sheep thief lowered his height and his huge wings fanned out in a whirlwind. Those who are familiar with the sheep thief will notice that the dragon's scales are even more dazzling than before. This is related to the dragon returned to the sky and released the combat nature, the sheep thief's magic-like life force officially revived. And the sheep thief who revived his power and combat talent, his scale armor was rapidly becoming smoother and brighter in color.

Nonetheless, the magic mountain still can't harness the sheep thief with the dragon command of 'vu low', the dragon language of 'vu low', which only belongs to the master of the sheep thief, the ricebearer. Vu low, is the meaning of subservience, is to recognize the humility of the master, but the sheep thief to the magic mountain is not subservient, nor humble, the dragon is the dragon, he did not recognize the master of the magic mountain, he is only and the magic mountain is a comrade in arms.

But look in the eyes of people outside, the dragon is the magic mountain mount, the magic mountain is the dragon master. This gives the devil mountain the greatest aura, so that everywhere he goes, everyone is in awe.

The dragon fell, the frightened war horse can break free has broken free to flee, failed to break free through the 'low', lying on the ground, eyes reveal the overflow of humility and fear.

Devil Mountain grabbed the dragon horns and jumped down from the dragon's back, his heavy body 'smashed' on the ground with a loud bang.

There is no way, the dragon that can't 'crouch down' is a small mountain, but the good thing is that Magic Mountain arm strength and martial arts are still good, he grabbed the dragon horn to get on and off the dragon's back, creating a way to get on and off the dragon's back that no one has ever seen before.

The dragon was close at hand and the threat of death was breathtaking. Everyone in the valley was awe-struck, intimidated, and exhilarated.

More than ten earls, dozens of barons and hundreds of knights of the Vale lined up to greet Magic Mountain. They did not feel uncomfortable with the move of grabbing the dragon's horns and jumping off. On the contrary, they thought that the "wild" action of jumping off the dragon's back perfectly matched the fierce temperament and cruel character of the magic mountain.

The fearsome dragon is beside the magic mountain, the dragon flame pupils are dazzling golden red, such as two huge rare stones. The dragon's scaled armor reflected a golden-red glow, and the snorting breath made the noble generals could visibly feel the heat rolling in.

Magic Mountain gaze sweeping, majestic as a god, the valley generals that a pair of eyes can not help but flow of awe.

Magic Mountain saw a thin guy wearing the Ayrin family crest, this guy whose name he didn't know was a close bloodline branch of the Ayrin family, and technically speaking, this guy had the right of succession to the Valley. He dared to go north with the army, was he not afraid that Magic Mountain would kill him?

Devil Mountain knows that his notoriety is out there, and it is estimated that this Ayrin family's next in line heir is compelled to come after himself in the war, because if this side branch refuses to come, he is more afraid that Devil Mountain will go ahead and exterminate the family.

The Devil's Mountain kills without any reason. The name Devil Mountain is already the biggest reason, and he now kills the nobles in his jurisdiction in the name of the East Realm Guardian, and there will be no taboo.

In the ranks of more than a hundred noble generals, Magic Mountain saw Earl Shett of Seagull Town, saw Earl Kobry of Hearthost City, saw Earl Redford of Red Base ...... in addition to Earl Tollert, Earl Waywood ...... as for Iron Oak City and Runestone City Generals, the patriarch of the Royce family of Moon Gate Castle and so on ...... are already old friends' faces for Magic Mountain.

Magic Mountain gaze swept these valley nobles, among them his secret allies, he knew the big picture was in hand, he saw the noble generals humble themselves and saw the reverence in everyone's eyes for themselves.

Magic Mountain strides towards the middle of this group of nobles of the valley to go ...... in the crowd of nobles, he is too much taller than all of them, like a crane standing in the crowd. Magic Mountain walked into the middle army tent.

Outside, in the crowd of generals from afar, the sheep thief suddenly took off into the air, his body and a hundred meters long wings unfolded rolled up the air currents, forming a blistering wind, he swept over the heads of the fear-faced crowd, the generals felt that the near dragon claws as if the next moment will fall on their heads. In the shocked gaze of the generals, the low-flying sheep thief suddenly pulled up high as he quickly flew into the Bright Moon Mountain Range.

The Trident River crossing is just outside the Bright Moon Mountain Range, the army is camped on the left side of the Green Fork River on the right side of the Bright Moon Mountain Range, there is a woods and shallows between the mountain range and the river, a king's avenue separates the woods from the shallows.

The sheep thief flew into the vast bright moon mountain range on his own, it is possible that he went for food, it is possible that he went back to see his nest.

Magic Mountain sat down in the middle tent and held the first military meeting of the Valley Legion.

His guard battalion cavalry, though one step ahead, had only just arrived at the crossing of the Trident River.

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