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0457 Chapter Red Viper (4 thousand words chapter, request for subscription)

Night. Red Fort. Mergle House.

The Empress Dowager's ballroom.

One wall was fitted with a whole row of silver narrow mirrors that could expand the sense of space.

It is said to be a ballroom, but it is never used for dancing.

It was a private meeting place and a place to discuss secret matters.

Now there are only three people inside the ballroom.

Three Lannisters.

Queen Mother Cersei, Prime Minister Imp, and Intelligence Minister Kevon.

"The news from the Dodo of Magic Mountain, father was killed, the murderer is the Brotherhood without Banners, the leaders are the Hound, Berry Dowdryn, and the red-robed monk Soros." Cersei said. Her face was slack, cold and hard.

"I've also received word from Randall Tully, who has confirmed with Brother Redwine that a Brotherhood Without Banners Bayer has told the truth about what happened, and that the Brotherhood Without Banners stole the Duke during the night." Said Kevon, who was sitting in the shadow of the wine cooler. The voice was low, steady, and gruff.

The imp's heart had already decided that Lord Father was in a bad way, the news was verified, and he found that his heart had no feeling of grief at all, the wind was calm.

"Where is father's body?"

"It was thrown into the inlet of the Trident River." Cersei walked over to the wine cooler, poured herself a glass of wine, and then took an elegant sip. The sweet wine echoed in her mouth as she raised her swan-like neck and looked at the imp's calm expression.

"Why do you have to go to so much trouble?" The imp's eyes rolled, "The Trident River is rising, just throw the father into the big river, why throw it so far downstream into the sea. Don't they mind the trouble? High tide rising water, and dangerous to travel the boat. If it were me, I would not do that. "

"Exterminate the trace! Letting out the hatred! Not let us find the body of our father." Cersei's indifferent tone.

"Exterminate the trail? Then there would be no hanging the body of the Knight of Hort-Lannes in the woods and writing the words of judgment, and no riding the warhorse of Father and the Squire's Order, wearing the armor of the Squire's and carrying the Squire's longsword. To let off steam? If you want to vent your hatred, you should hang your father and the guards like the knights of Holt and write the words of judgment."

"Tyrion, what did you think of?" Kevon's voice came out from the darkness.

"Unless there is something on the bodies of father and the attendants that cannot be shown to others." The imp made his judgment.

"Humph!" Cersei snorted, "People are dead, what is there that we can't see? There's no reason other than to let off hate and extinguish the trail."

"If they dumped the bodies at the crossing, the Trident River is bursting at the seams, but there is backwater in many places, and if the bodies were washed into the backwater, they would be lingering on the shore, and the scouts on the shore would easily find them. If we salvage it, we may find something that others don't want us to see."

"What else could there be but a body damaged by a messy sword cut?" Cersei drained the red wine in one gulp.

The imp shrugged his shoulders, "Well, it's a place that feels fishy anyway. Doesn't make sense, unless there are wounds on the body that remind us of something just by looking at it?"

"Remind you of what?" Cersei sneered, scornfully, "Tyrion, don't forget that you promised me you could get Jaime back, and what happened? You always think you're smarter than everyone else in everything, think more than everyone else, see further than everyone else, but you actually overestimate your own intelligence."

Tyrion was originally a drinker, but now there is no desire to drink at all: "Well, I admit that I think too much."

Anyway, the body was thrown into the sea, so long ago, even if it could be salvaged, it was already completely disfigured.

"The Cross Inn is worth a trip." Kevon said slowly, "Lord Duke was lodged at the Cross Inn and was attacked in the night, and the owner of the Cross Inn is a knowledgeable person."

"It's no use." Imp said, "Either the original boss has been replaced, or, he has been killed to silence."

"There are still witnesses, ah, there is still one in the hands of the Devil Mountain, Tom the Seventh String." Cersei poured herself another glass of wine, "Tell Magic Mountain to bring Seven String Tom back to King's Landing and have Maester Coburn interrogate him, and I guarantee he'll tell the whole truth about what he knows."

"Seven-String Tom?" The imp looked at his sister.

"An old singer who talks about seven-stringed toms. He was taken away by the Devil Mountain, who supposedly liked to take him to sing to relieve his boredom. -- When did Devil Mountain like to listen to songs?!"

"I will immediately send a prime ministerial order to Randall Tully to get the seven-stringed tom back from the Devil Mountain, and then immediately send someone to bring the seven-stringed tom back to King's Landing." Imp said.

"Can't you just order Magic Mountain to bring it back?"

"Demon Mountain and Father have long since ceased to be the feudal vassal relationship they used to be? Ever since our father ordered the extermination of Kerrigan Village, the Devil Mountain has disrespected our Lord Father, and if Seven-String Tom falls into the hands of the Devil Mountain, it will be fatal."

Cersei woke up: "If the Devil Mountain refuses to hand over the Seven-String Tom, it is useless to order Randall Tully."

"If Magic Mountain refuses to hand over the man, then he has a problem." Tyrion said.

Kevon's voice came out from the dark shadows: "Tyrion, you suspect that the Magic Mountain has something to do with father's death?"

"Father offended the Devil Mountain, I guess the Devil Mountain has the motive of wanting to kill father, but people can not be killed by him, he is in the direction of the West, thousands of miles away from the Trident River, however, do not rule out his collusion with the Brotherhood without Banners . "

"You mean, the devil mountain father to pass through the Trident River crossing of the road plan revealed to the Brotherhood of the Flagless, and then the Brotherhood of the Flagless got the information and sniped and killed father? "

"The Hound was originally following the Devil Mountain, why would he suddenly join the Brotherhood Without Banners?" Imp a black and green eyes flashing, "the devil mountain and the hound has always been at odds, this is an open secret, the hound left the devil mountain I am not surprised, the strange thing is that the devil mountain deliberately came to the dodo to tell us that the hound left him, the hound did everything in the future, has nothing to do with him? Why? You guys do not think this particular note from Magic Mountain is very suspicious? "

"Magic Mountain is behind the father's bloodshed? He's taking revenge!" Cersei's voice changed.

"Don't rule out that possibility." The imp shrugged his shoulders and said, "But I'm just guessing, and maybe it's all wrong."

"Cersei, Tyrion, if it was Lord Duke Tywin here, what would he do?" Kevon said slowly.

Cersei's chest rose and fell, and her breath caught: "Kill the magic mountain."

"Then send someone to invite Oberyn Martell to Megatron." Kevon said, "We need to talk to him."

"Oberyn's knight killed two Tyrell family soldiers this afternoon, just because the two soldiers discussed who had more men in the Red Viper's entourage of two illegitimate daughters. "Imp very helpless tone, "the Queen of Thorns brought people to surround Oberon's residence building at night, to Oberon to hand over the murderer, but Oberon himself is not there."

The imp laughed bitterly, "I took the position of prime minister to persuade the Queen of Thorns to return, she can bring Oberon's bannermen and Oberon's mistresses and illegitimate daughters scolded a dog, the whole stone house castle, no one dare to provoke her."

"I know where Oberyn is." Kevon said, "It's not too late, we have to go to Oberon, make our attitude clear to him, and tell him to kill the magic mountain. "

"Where is he, I'll go find him." Imp said. Although it is not safe to go out at night, and the imp is surrounded by a limited protection force, but now the Lannisters need to deal with the magic mountain with all their might, Cersei and Kayvon will not make a move against him for the time being, the imp is very sure of this.

"Raines Hills, Old City, Shataya's brothel."


Prince Oberyn Martell, tall and lanky, fiercely sexual, with a debauched private life, is quick-witted and venomous.

As a teenager, Oberon did a great thing that made him famous.

When he was sixteen, he was caught cheating on his wife with the mistress of Lord Ormond Irunwood, and the earl offered to fight Oberyn for his dignity.

To accommodate Prince Oberyn's birth and his age of sixteen, the Earl and Oberyn agreed to stop the duel at the sight of blood.

Both were wounded in the duel, and a few days later Count Ormond's wound festered and turned septic and died, a death very similar, almost identical, to being poisoned by a 'red viper'.

People therefore believe that Oberon in the duel with the sword coated with 'red viper' poison, since then, both his opponents and friends are called "red viper".

This incident caused two sequelae, the first is the brother Prince Dauang had to step in to settle the feud with the Irunwood family, accepting the Irunwood children as adopted sons; the second thing, Prince Dauang sent Auberon to the old town school to study forcibly.

It must be said that Oberon was a talent, and it did not take him much time to build a bachelor's necklace, but he liked to move rather than quietly, he soon dropped out of school. Shortly after dropping out of school, Oberon returned to the city of Yangji and was banished to the other side of the Narrow Sea by his brother Dauro.

The talented Oberon soon established a mercenary regiment of his own across the Narrow Sea in the disputed lands of the Ris, Telosi, and Myr Free Federation. He brought a group of ruthless men from around the world to be hired by any city-state governor who offered a high price to kill and pillage for these people.

During this period of exile, Oberon refined his martial arts skills and took a liking to applying snake venom to his weapons.

Oberon grew up with his sister, Princess Elia Martell, and grew up inseparable and close to each other. After Ilya was raped and killed by Magic Mountain, Oberon vowed to avenge his sister Ilya's death.


Oberon went to Shataya's brothel for fun after dinner, bringing with him his fourth mistress, Ellaria Shade, two illegitimate daughters.

The eldest daughter, Obaya Shad, born to him and a prostitute from the old town, is 27 years old and unmarried.

Obaya Shade inherited Oberon's character - irascible and irritable, she sees herself as a warrior and focuses on martial arts, using a spear as her weapon. She was cold, agile, strong, tall, with long legs, long gray-brown hair, and plain looks, but as deadly as a viper.

The other daughter accompanying her is named Namelia Shade, the second daughter of the Red Viper, whose mother is a noblewoman from Volantis.

Namelia is twenty-four years old, slim, with straight black hair braided into a long braid and tied up with red and gold rope. She has dark eyes, high cheekbones, plump lips, and milky white skin. She has the beauty that her sister Obaya lacks, but is just as deadly as a viper.

Namelia's best weapon: a long whip!

Oberon was such a good father and such a good lover that even when he visited the best brothels in King's Landing, he brought his mistress and his two accompanying daughters along.

Shataya and her daughter Barbara personally received Prince Oberon and his party.

"Who's in there?" Oberon asked his boss Shataya in the bustling hall.

Someone inside was talking very loudly, berating some prostitute, who came out with a pleading voice and accompanied by a slight cry.

This disgusted Auberon in his heart, come here people are looking for fun, why can't they treat the beautiful girls properly.

"My lord, inside are two Lannisters." Shataya's face was helpless and her expression was tinged with hopelessness.

"Oh, Lannisters!" Oberyn immediately came to interest.

Ellaria was busy blocking Oberyn: "Don't go in, my dear, I beg you. "

Auberon he smiled, reached out and wrapped his hand around Ellaria's small waist, and led Ellaria to barge into a very luxurious and comfortable large private room.

Inside were two Lannisters, standing, one of them with a naked whore kneeling in front of her, with a very visible slap mark on her face.

"Hey, Lannister, this girl, I'll take it."

The two Lannisters were none other than the Queen Mother Cersei's knights in waiting, and recognized Oberyn when they saw him enter; the two knights were present when Caerphon Lannister went to pick up Oberyn and his party at the Blackwater River crossing the other day.

"Prince, this is none of your business." A knight said proudly.

Oberyn's face had the faint wrinkles and thin eyebrows left by age, and the eyes of a viper as dark as eternal night, and his nose and forehead were pointed. His dark hair was lustrous, interspersed with a few silver strands, which made him look attractive.

"I said it's none of my business." Oberon said, "I also have this room wrapped up, you guys, get out!"

The two knights' faces changed dramatically.

Oberon looked at the two Lannisters with a smile, "Roll a little slower and I'll break your wrists."

The two knights could no longer hold back and rushed to the wall to fetch the longsword hanging on the wall.

Out to enjoy themselves, the longsword sword belt were untied and hung on the wall.


A crunching sound, Namelia's long whip out, rolled a knight's wrist, followed by a pull, dragged the knight to the ground, Oberon let go of Ellaria, stepped forward, did not know when there was already a dagger in his hand, a stab down, nailed the knight's palm to the floor.

The knight screamed loudly and miserably!


The other knight sheathed his longsword and turned around, and before him stood a tall woman with a spear in her hand. -- the eldest daughter, Obaia Shade, the spear never left her body, as if Oberon was beside

"The first option, as proposed by the Prime Minister, is to pay 50 gold dragons for a dead soldier, 100 gold dragons for a knight, 10 gold dragons for the wounded, and 20 gold dragons for the disabled, which I can only temporarily borrow from the treasury. ."

Kevon's face was expressionless, and Lord Mace laughed loudly as he listened.

After all is said and done, this money is actually going to come from the treasury, that is, the royal family.

The smile on Littlefinger's face stiffened, and he couldn't laugh anymore: "Madam, the treasury has been empty since the late King Robert, and because of the generosity of Lord Mace it is only now barely maintaining expenses, there is really no extra money."

Janine looked at the imp.

The imp forced himself to hem and haw: "What is the second option, my lady?"

"I'll squeeze a gold dragon out of the Clegane military payroll and give it to the Prime Minister." Janine said, "Or a silver deer."

The whole room was silent!

This was a deliberate attempt to humiliate the Dornishman at ......!

Oberon had been disrespectful to Janine ever since she entered the door. The wantonly obscene gaze, the impudence of staring at people, was now finally met with a sharp retort from Janie.

Don't mess with Janie!

"The money is very little, no one is short of a gold dragon or a silver deer, but it is an attitude of reconciliation and sincerity." Janine said, "Grand Master, can I ask you to write a note for me to borrow from the treasury?"

"It would be a great honor to serve your ladyship."

"Then please write it now, Grand Master, it doesn't look like giving a gold dragon or a silver deer to Lord Prime Minister would be satisfactory, so we will have to borrow from the treasury."

"Yes, My Lady." Maester Koben said.

He was only responsible for writing the IOU, it was none of his business whether the Prime Minister approved it or not, and whether the Finance Minister took the money or not.

"I accept, Lord Prime Minister!" Oberon smiled elegantly and decided not to bother with a woman who was about to die a tragic death, so as not to intensify the conflict with this elusive woman for no reason, in case she refused to withdraw her troops ...... to the Magic Mountain would not be good to do ......

Thinking of the devil mountain and the beautiful lady in front of you will soon die a tragic death, this little embarrassment in front of you transformed into a happy smile on Oberon's face.

The imp was stunned, and the other ministers who were ready to see the drama were also stunned.

Auberon is also a character who does not play by the rules, ah.

The Red Viper has an eccentric personality and lives up to its name!

But, the matter is successfully resolved and all are happy!


Janine was sincere, solemn, and her eyes were sincere: "Lord Prime Minister, could you do me a very small favor."

"Your Ladyship, please." The imp sensed something unpleasant.

"I don't have any money with me, let's borrow a gold dragon from Lord Prime Minister first, if not, a silver deer will do, I promise I will pay double the interest to Lord when I have money in the future, I swear on the name of the Seven Gods, I will never fail to pay back!" Janine looked at the imp and said.

The imp shrugged his shoulders and looked ...... embarrassed: "As you wish, madam." He took out a golden dragon and handed it to Janine at his side.

Janine took it: "Thank you, Lord Prime Minister." She handed the golden dragon back to Little Devil, "Lord Prime Minister, this is a sincere compensation from our Kregonians to the casualties of the Dornishmen's generals, please accept it as a witness, Lord Prime Minister."

Littlefinger's 'ha' laugh came out harshly.

This was an attack that trampled on people's dignity and humiliated their intelligence in a barefaced manner.

Janine was belligerent, and would not be spared even if she was justified.

Lord Mace also laughed and laughed.

Loras Tyrell smiled faintly.

Kevon's face was expressionless.

Wagner Gal grinned broadly.

Maester Korben smiled benevolently.

Janie smiled back, faintly.


The imp glanced at Oberyn, who handed him this golden dragon hesitantly. The elegant smile on Oberon's face disappeared, his face was cold and hard, he did not accept the golden dragon, suddenly rose long, pushed away the stool, and strode towards the hall door ......

The heavy minister's laughter chased after him, like an invisible whip ......

Oberon pulled the door open with force ......

Janine said lightly: "Lord Prime Minister, heavy ministers, I recently heard a joke about how many ...... people it takes to hoof a horse? No more, no less, exactly nine. One person works and eight people carry the horse."

The ministers laughed!