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0439 Chapter Late Night Raid (Request for Subscription Support)

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Late night.

The hound came to Sansa's hut.

It was a small hut in the village borrowed from the village. The hut was next to the vegetable garden, a place where the vegetable farmers worked and rested.

All around it were marching tents, housing the hundreds of miscellaneous workers who accompanied the army.

The woods were quiet, with the occasional chirp of a night bird making the silence seem even more profound.

He reached out and pushed the door, but it did not move.

Sansa was cautious.

It was a good thing, no matter how disciplined Magic Mountain was, the beasts in the army were unabated, which led to an increasingly promising career as a camp prostitute in the Clegane army.

The hound sheathed his long sword, the point of which pierced through the doorway and slid down from above to find the latch. The tip of the sword rested against the latch, pivoted to the left, and the latch did not move; to the right, and the latch moved.

Once, twice, three times, the tip of the sword plucked the latch, reach out and push, the door opened silently.

The hound entered the cabin, which was darker than outside, but the hound's eyes had adjusted to the darkness, and he walked over, reached over and wrapped the man on the board with the quilt, stuffed the long-prepared rotten cloth into Sansa's whimpering mouth, rolled the man with the quilt into a tube, carried it on his shoulders, and went out.

The sound of a patrol of soldiers came, and the hound was busy retreating to the house and falsely covering the door.

"Hey." One of the soldiers said, "Have you heard, a new laundry maid from the horse workers who keep horses, a young maiden, date red hair, blue eyes pupils, people very beautiful, looks like a noble lady."

"Yes, it's Queen Cersei." A soldier silver laugh.

"No joke, today the Boswell Eli centurion and the hound got into a conflict, it was about that woman."

"What do you mean?" Another soldier said.

The logistics soldiers had several centurions, and when necessary, the logistics soldiers were responsible for escorting provisions, which required the establishment of a professional corps. The duty patrol during the day and the duty patrol at night were two different hundreds of soldiers.

"I also heard that Boswell Eli forced the hounds to release the man, who was later ripped off his horse and knocked out with a kick. The woman was washing by the creek and was spotted by a passing hound, who immediately couldn't stand it and his beastly heart pressed on and wanted to take her back as a maid ...... Hey, you understand ......" said the other soldier.

"Just take her away? Did not find the affairs officer transfer? The hound is so stupid that Lord Magic Mountain will kill him when he finds out." The junior captain said.

"How beautiful that woman really is, among the women of the seven kingdoms, I only want to bang the Queen Mother Cersei."

"Hey, I know that the new laundry woman is staying here in the hut. Shall we light the torches and lift the covers to check it out, heh heh! "

"There can't be any gold under her, and besides, my head wants to grow on my neck for two more years."

"You guys go ahead so I can go report to the affairs officer to collect the bounty. "

"Forget it, fuck you, it's just a joke."

The patrol soldiers walked past the Hound's door.

The Hound then learned that Sansa had not always been a laundry worker, before that, she had also worked in the horse workers to raise horses.

Magic Mountain is also really bull-nosed, throwing Sansa Stark into the logistics of the handyman team, if some son of a bitch took away the virginity, he wants the Stark family to hand over the ransom will be greatly reduced, not only can not enhance the friendship between the Clegane family and the Stark family, will become enemies.

The Hound opened the door, dodged out, and then closed the door. He took the dark shadowed ground, avoiding tents and patrolling soldiers, and stalked all the way to the northeast. Although he was carrying a quilt rolled into a cylinder on his shoulders and a man wrapped in it, Hound leapt high and low, avoiding the night patrols with the ease of a walk in the woods.

He finally got out of the logistics management area and into a denser woods, not far inside, a small stream, a tree next to the stream, tethered to a tall war horse, the horse's tail tied to the hound's marching bag, which contains a change of clothes and small tents and other sundries.

The hound threw Sansa to the ground and said, "Don't you shout, little birdie, and I'll take out what's in your mouth."

Sansa sat up from the scattered covers and nodded vigorously.

But the hound sensed that something was wrong, he struck the flint and lit the torch, in front of him was a young young woman, average looking, slightly dark skinned, he knew the woman, the maid who oiled, sharpened and mended the armor and longswords of the Magic Mountain, her name was Anna, her husband was the personal attendant of the Magic Mountain, called Norris, Anna and Norris had a young daughter, named Belle.

"Fuck you!" Hound cursed.

He stood up, front and back, a dozen torches lit, and Magic Mountain stood in the woods, looking like it had been waiting for him.

"I should have expected you to send someone to keep an eye on Sansa's every move." The Hound cursed viciously in his tone.

"Sansa, no one can move or take away." Devil Mountain came over, holding a bag of gold dragons, he raised his hand, the gold dragons flew over, Hound reached out and grabbed them, weighing them, estimating that there were fifty, "If it was anyone else, I would have already slaughtered him."

"Why not slaughter me?"

"You're my brother, the only blood relative."

Hound stared at Devil Mountain, tempted to draw his short knife and stab Devil Mountain in the mouth, this guy is a beast, he said coldly: "What about father and little sister?"

Magic Mountain silent, the two brothers four eyes facing each other: "I know I can not explain, I can only say that I was in sick, that is not the current me. "

The hound stared at the magic mountain: "Then who are you now? Don't think that being rich, having someone, becoming more cunning will cleanse you of your sins, you will always be a kinslayer, more sinful than regicide, betrayal, slaughter and **. "The hound swept a glance at the guards of Magic Mountain with angry faces and hands pressed to the hilt of their swords, and said contemptuously, "What, you want these sissies under your command to slaughter me?"

The devil mountain waved his hand.

The guards glared angrily and moved out of the way.

The hound weighed the golden dragon in his hand, raised his hand, and with a clatter, the golden dragon fell into the stream: "Your money, I won't take it!"

"Not for nothing to you."

"Oh, what do you want to beg me to do?"

"If you're going to the north, by the way, go tell Stark a word, just say Sansa Stark is with me, it's safe."

"Oh?! Should I tell Stark that Sansa first worked as a horse worker and then as a laundry worker?"

"Actually, the first thing Sansa learned was to cook." Magic Mountain said, "My army does not keep nobles or idle people, she has to labor if she wants to eat. She needs to learn the most basic skills in life, and I'm helping her."

"If I go to the north and tell Stark about Sansa, the bag of gold dragons is mine?"

"Yes! It's fair to pay you for bringing the letter."

This old guy is very proud and hard-boned, with a good strong personality to the point of no return. The first time Magic Mountain met Seven String Tom at the Cross Inn, this guy's pride was unbeatable and kept repeating in front of Magic Mountain that he was a member of the Brotherhood Without Banners. The Flagless Brotherhood is this old guy's badge of honor. Just, why didn't this old guy follow the north?!

"Old man, we will go north to hunt down your leader, can your almost broken body survive the wind chill?"

"I can't!"

Magic Mountain heart understand, seven-stringed Tom southerners, not young, not adapt to the cold climate of the north, so he is the most determined no-banner brothers, but did not go north with Berry, Hound, Soros.

"Can you ride a horse?"

"Can't fall to death yet!"

"Erin, give him a horse."

"Yes, my lord!"

Magic Mountain looked at the two Redwine brothers, two straw generals human and harmless. Redwine family, out of a Queen of Thorns, may have used up all the luck of shrewd and tactful.

"Two lords, you said this old bandit can play the lyre, where is the lyre?"

"Bring it over right away, my lord wait a moment." A Redwine was busy saying.

Soon, the seven-stringed tom's seven-stringed lyre returned to his hands.

"March!" Magic Mountain bellowed.

The Krygon cavalry roared together, "Ho!" The military might was solemn and murderous!

The sound of horses' hooves sounded intensely, and a group of cavalry, with the wind at their backs, swooped into the night and soon disappeared as if they had never come.

The two Redwine generals stood in the night for a long time, feeling as if they had had an illusory dream.