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0043 Chapter Vicious Dogs in Power

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"Father, I want to go back, can I?" The carefully trained noble lady Janine faced her father will not say 'I want to go back' such words full of certainty, but a soft tone of 'I want to go back'. Her intention is to go back, not to go back.

In order for the family to revive and prosper, Earl Gavin has carefully cultivated Janine for more than ten years, and now it is the time to ask his daughter to return the favor. Hearing his daughter say 'I want to go back', the smile on Gavin's face gradually stiffened, and finally, his face became very ugly.

Daughter Janine was originally Gavin's hope to revive the family's masculinity.


Janie is not only beautiful and knows manners

Logistics soldiers are not so easy to mess with, who refused to suffer this nest egg. All the soldiers, no want to do logistics, are trying to do the first line of soldiers, the front, show off; either die in battle, or win the battle back to drink and brag, military awards, wear medals, gambling camp prostitutes, wanton pleasure, no matter how, are more powerful than doing logistics.

The highest logistical officer, notepad, deeply hated to do affairs officer, his emotions also affect the subordinates, logistics soldiers more and more resentment, there is in the battle of King's Landing to break the city, notepad and law enforcement team Rohrjer, sharp teeth led the law enforcement team and logistics soldiers first line of attack treatment: robbing the attack on the top of the dragon's lair of Renesse mound, set up the first class military achievements.

Just after the battle of King's Landing to break the city shortly after the military achievements of the logistics generals, have not been able to calmly walk away from the glory of the glorious military achievements, from the chief to the soldiers, after the war has been very bull-nosed!

But their bull-nose, in front of the hounds is really nothing.

Sansa was stopped and held, kicking and punching the hound hard, the hound's body is cast of rock and steel, Sansa's small fist on the hound's body, not painful, unconscious, except for the memory of pain to Sansa's own hands and feet, there is no other harm effect on the hound.

The hound reached out and pushed a soldier down, pinning Sansa and walking away.


Another soldier sheathed his longsword and pointed it at the back of the Hound: "My lord, put her down."

In the distance, the military whistle sounded. A junior captain saw the fight over here and was furious, but he didn't dare to come alone to challenge the hound, so he blew the military whistle.

The military whistle alerted the centurion, who rode over with an aggressive group of Kerrigan logisticians. Although these soldiers were logistic soldiers, all of them had a bandit air. This is the traditional temperament of the Kerrigan army, martial arts and fighting for courage are their basic qualities.

Oblivious to the situation around him, Hound turned and looked at the tip of his sword against his chest: "Soldier, put away your sword." His half flame-scarred face, his eyes, his tone and demeanor. None of it was intimidating.

The soldier chickened out, but he heard his fellow soldiers running over to him.

"My lord, you put down Sansa first. It's not in the rules."

"Screw the rules." The hound turned and walked away, and the soldier hesitated, should the sword be thrust or not?

He remembered what the supreme officer's notepad said: "The logistician is the most bull-nosed soldier, no general will be given any supplies without approval. Who dares to use force, fight first, must win, and if something happens, the old man bears the burden."

The soldier's long sword then stabbed over!

The hound's clothes had lockets inside, he was the same as Magic Mountain, he would wear armor for the battlefield charge, plate armor, and usually lockets. Plate armor that thing is too heavy, usually do not bother to wear it.

The force on the tip of the sword just touched the lockets armor, the hound moved, sideways, the long sword stabbed through, hissed, sliced the hound's coat, obviously can not wear.

Hound left hand clamped Sansa, right hand empty, sideways progress, reached out and grabbed the helmet off the soldier's head, knocked hard on the soldier's head, bang, the soldier's eyes went gold, legs went weak, the whole world shook, and fell with a bang, as if a broken log.

Another soldier who was pushed down by the hound long ago got up and his long sword was drawn, but he just didn't dare to stop the murderous hound. The hound's push, he felt like a small mountain hit his chest, even after getting up, breathing has not been very smooth, as if there is still something collapsing in the chest.

Hound Dog threw his helmet on the ground, looked at his jacket, which was almost cut into two pieces by the sharp edge, and spat: "Fuck you! Bastard!"

Sansa was still struggling desperately, and Hound scolded, "Stop it, miss, do you want to go home?"

The horses' hooves sounded, and the centurion arrived, a lance in his hand. Behind him, there were wolf-like logisticians, each looking at the hound as if he were an enemy.

The woman who washed the tents and cloaks for the knights in a logistics was not important, but the hound's behavior of not putting the logistics soldiers in the eyes was important.

He trampled on the dignity of a logistician with impunity!

"My lord, put her down." The centurion barked.

"Get lost!" The hound spat again with disdain.

The centurion was a teenager, but obviously a ruthless character: "My lord, I don't care what your relationship with Lord Devil Mountain is, you have violated military orders, and I now have the right to demand that you put down this woman."

"She is my maid of honor."

"Let me see your waist plate, my lord."

"The waist plate is not there."

"Brothers, form up." The centurion yelled.

"Ho!" The hundred soldiers immediately formed up, their lances leveled and their tips pointed at the hounds.

"Hound!" The centurion no longer addressed him as lord, "You must not put her down, and I will have the right to order the killing."

Hound really did not expect a district logistics centurion so hardened, he was in the royal palace, what a centurion knight Sir, all want to step on. King Joffrey would also be restrained in front of him and would not order him to do something that would undermine the glory of warriors: such as bullying women and the elderly.

The Hound slowly put down Sansa.

He was not afraid of the centurion's threat, he was afraid of hurting Sansa.

These soldiers naturally will not know that Sansa's last name is Stark.

The Hound has no intention of following the Magic Mountain, every time he sees the Magic Mountain, he can't help but think of his father and sister's death, but now he has to do it to kill the Magic Mountain, he finds himself changed, he can't do it.

The Hound decided to leave the Magic Mountain and the Kerrigan Army so that he would never have to see the face of the Magic Mountain again. There was no going back to the palace, and there was no point in going back to the West. The world was so big that Hound didn't know where he should really go, but he knew one thing: he needed money!

No matter where he is going, what he wants to do, the hound needs money. But he doesn't have any money, and that's a problem.

Magic Mountain had money, as if he would turn it out. No one knew where Magic Mountain's money came from, there were always yellow golden dragons coming out of his military office.

Hound just ask, Magic Mountain will give him money, but he, will never ask. Every time Magic Mountain instructed the military affairs officer to send more military pay to the Hound, but he didn't ask for more than a penny.

Deciding to leave the Mountain and the Clegane army, the Hound found Sansa Stark mixed in the army logistics, he decided to take Sansa and go to the North for a large sum of money.

He needed the money!

The Hound put down Sansa, and the centurion sighed in secret relief: "Thank you, my lord." The title changed back from hound to lord, "Woman, don't get lost."

Sansa hurriedly ran away!

"Put away the gun!" The centurion barked.

The soldiers swiftly put away their lances, the military authority neatly.

The hound had to admire the Magic Mountain in his heart, even the logistics army was governed so well, it would not be worse than the regular army of Lannister, no wonder the battle of the broken city made the Lannister army a scattered mess, and in the end, 16,000 men were left with less than 10,000. After the war was over, the Westland soldiers were deserting every day and there was no stopping them.

The hound stared at the centurion, not bothering to ask his name, as he took a big step and rushed over to him. The centurion's lance pointed at him with a swish: "My lord, just now I acted under military orders, please allow me to apologize to my lord. "

The hound did not listen to such nonsense, reached out and clawed the lance, pulled hard, pulled the centurion off his horse, the centurion planted on the ground, fell dizzy, before he could get up, the hound had come, a foot, kicked the centurion in the head, the centurion fainted.


The tip of the lance grazed the centurion's head and plunged deep into the mud, the hound swept a glance at the soldiers who were all pale: "You, next time you see me, stay away from me!"

The lances in the hands of the soldiers stood erect, the tips of the guns pointed to the sky, no one moved. Centurion brave, no less than those first-line generals, but in front of the hounds, but is so unbearable!

Soldiers look at each other, their hearts surprised!

They watched as the hounds marched away!


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