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0042 Chapter Adopted Daughter

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Craggy Rock City, located on the west coastline at the northern end of the Western Realm, is the castle of the Vesterling family. Because of the lack of money, the castle has not been repaired for many years, and from the outside it looks like a ruin on the crag.

Early morning. The main castle of the city. The study.

Earl Gavin sat withered at a desk.

He spent last night in the study, which had a crib, but he had insomnia and did not sleep all night.

Earl frowning, full of hair, large black beard is also a mess has not had time to comb, the long beard under the jaw are hit with small curls.

The desk in front of him has peeling paint, and on the desk there is an ancestral map of the territory of Craggy City painted.

There are three colors on the map: red for the outermost area, blue for the middle area, and black for the innermost area near Craggy City.

The dozen or so small red tofu blocks on the map are the marks of Earl Gavin and his deceased father who sold their ancestral territory.

Every time a piece of land was sold to supplement the family, Earl Gavin and his father, who had not yet passed away, used a red pen to scribble out the location on the ancestral map.

Looking at a dozen red blocks of varying sizes, Earl Gavin hopes that one day he will be able to revive his family's spirit and buy back the land he sold at a high price.

There were nine blue squares behind the red tofu blocks, which were marked for lack of money with mortgages to nearby nobles. If you do not take the money to redeem the nine places within the specified time, then these nine places of blue will soon turn into red marks.

Gavin is not very old, in the prime of life around thirty years old, but the corners of the eyes already have crow's feet, forehead also has a head line. Although the family's burden is very heavy, money is more difficult to earn every day, but in order to maintain the family row and the honor of the ancient nobility, his family's servants are not a reduction. As long as the family goes out, the things they wear are still very high-class and sophisticated ornaments.

The Count looked at the map in front of him, holding a quill in his hand, with a red vial of paint water in front of him. His quill hovered over the map and slowly moved around.

The family was in desperate need of money, and Earl Gavin was ready to sell a small piece of land again to the Malbran family in Branded City, about a hundred miles to the south.

The Earl of Malbran's own sister married Tywin Lannister's second brother, Tigert Lannister, who was a famous warrior of the Seven Kingdoms and the best of the four Duke Tywin brothers in martial arts, but he unfortunately died of smallpox a few years ago. He and the imp Tyrion's relationship is very good.

Count Gavin looked at the ancestral map with a deep sigh and decided to sell a piece of land cheaply again, his pen was about to scribble down, but, Coco! There was a very polite knock on the door outside.

The Westerling family was very particular about etiquette, and the servants were trained to be very cultured.

"Wait a moment!" Earl Gavin said.

"Yes, my lord!" A very soft woman's voice came from the door.

After a while, he finished changing his clothes and fixed his hair and beard, making him look as different from his sighing and soulless appearance just now.

"Come in!" Earl Gavin resumed his seat in front of the desk, the map had been rolled up and gently put into the desk drawer.

A cleanly dressed and dignified maid entered with small steps, landing silently and with an elegant voice: "My Lord, a letter from Lord Duke Tywin Lannister of Casterly Rock."

"Give me the letter!" Earl Gavin said with a smile.

Even to the servant of his own house, Earl Gavin showed that well-bred side of a true nobleman.

"Yes, my lord." The maid handed a parchment scroll to Earl Gawain's hand.

Earl Gavin did not unfold the letter, he saw the maid leave the study and watched the maid gently close the door before slowly unfolding the letter from Duke Tywin.

His eyes fell on the letter and was stunned, a little bit in disbelief. He closed his eyes slightly and slowly opened them again, reading the letter again slowly, as his gaze moved, Earl Gavin's face slowly bloomed into a smile, a long-lost bright smile.


After breakfast, eight guards and two servants riding horses embraced a carriage with a curtain of noble silk fabric and drove away from Craggy City.

The carriage is spacious and high-class, with four good horses pulling it, and two well-dressed horsemen sitting in the carriage's driving position.

In the carriage sat two people, one was Earl Gavin, and the other was the bright-eyed beauty Janie Westerling, who was dressed to the nines.

Janie slim, standard s-shaped, take crossing Grego in the heart of her evaluation, Janie beauty, hidden under the dress body sexy and provocative, in line with the definition of beauty in this world, but also in line with the standards of beauty in Grego's heart.

She has long, naturally curly chestnut hair, a very pretty heart-shaped face, and a pair of amber eyes. What the nobles in this world appreciate even more is that Janine has a fat buttocks, which is a sign of a good birth for the next generation and a feature that young unmarried women in this world want to have, which can help them win in competition with the opposite sex. But in Gregor's eyes, it's called a hindquarters, and has little to do with good breeding, but is mainly sexy.

Janine wears knitted silk dresses from the other side of the Narrow Sea elegant and beautiful, charming style. But men can always see through a woman's flowing dress and see the more valuable physical beauty under the cover of a woman's dress.

"Father, I always feel a little uneasy in my heart." Janine said softly, her eyebrows slightly wrinkled.

"Don't worry, there are many girls in the Seven Kingdoms who would love to be Tywin Lannister's adopted daughter." Earl Gavin was glowing. Climbing up to the Lannister family relatives is one of Earl Gavin's dream wishes.

"...... father, why does Duke Tywin suddenly want to take me as his righteous daughter? In this, is there something else that we are not aware of ......"

Earl Gavin looked lovingly at his radiant daughter: "Child, even if Duke Tywin has something, you became his daughter, what are you afraid of? The Duke is willing to accept you as his righteous daughter, which is a beautiful thing that we can't wait for. Moreover, the adoption ceremony will be held inside the Seven Holy Halls of Casterly Rock, where the priests of the Holy Halls, the nuns, the Grand Maester of Porter, and the knights and knights of Casterly Rock will all come to observe the ceremony. This is an honor for our family, and a sign that our family will rise."

"Father, I don't understand!"

"Haha, my good daughter, think about it, after the ceremony, you will be Duke Tywin's youngest daughter. Who is Duke Tywin, the richest big man in the seven kingdoms, even the royal treasury of King's Landing City owes him millions of gold dragons in debt. And you as his daughter, in the future your marriage, not the Duke such a large noble family, who can match you? Who would have the guts to propose marriage to an ordinary noble? Since you are his daughter now, he will not see you married out. Haha, hahaha, my dear daughter, in the future, our family depends on you to prosper."