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Chapter 490 - Watching the Door

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The cultivation platform, at this time Ye Futian they are here to cultivate, what happened in the Star Picking House has been spread in the three courtyards, many people feel that Ye Futian indeed has the potential to surpass Long Yitian, Star Academy many disciples are still vaguely jealous of Ye Futian.

The dean is too good to Ye Votian, not only for Ye Votian held a sensational Holy Heaven City inauguration ceremony, and now for Ye Votian personally went to the Star Picking House, only to help him get the Star Picking House's town treasure magic weapon extinguish the dome.

It is rumored that Ye Futian originally got the saint dao inheritance in the martial battlefield, and now that the Dome of Extinction is back in place, collecting the star saint dao inheritance in one, his strength is bound to be even more terrifying, which makes other disciples below the king marquis of Star Academy feel a bit desperate, and have no chance at all to fight against Ye Futian.

Even the dazzling people like Long Mu and Jin Yunxiao will not be able to look at their backs and will be left farther and farther behind.

Perhaps from the day the saints were crowned, it was destined that the Star Academy would henceforth be Ye Futian's era, just as it was when Long Yitian.

However, Ye Futian is not in the outsider's thoughts, cultivation platform, he held the magic weapon extinguish the dome, a stick stick swing, slightly a little strained, not so smooth and natural.

The magic weapon extinguish the dome, weighing 90,000 pounds, is the nine heavens above the star meteorite forged and born, a thousand-meter magic weapon, even now into two meters, its weight will not be reduced in the slightest, waving a magic weapon weighing 90,000 pounds, you can imagine what kind of a feeling that is.

That day in the star picking house and Mu Zhi Fan fighting with the magic weapon, is he urged the sage intent and the magic weapon resonance, and released the Dharma phase to increase the power, only to blast a stunning stick, but at this moment just use their own strength to dance the dome of extinction, is a torment, not long, he felt arm muscle soreness, depressed he stopped, holding the dome of extinction stand on the ground, the moment the dome of extinction landed with a loud bang, cultivation platform cracks.

"This ......" Ye Futian looked at the cracked cultivation table for a while speechless, and looked at the magic weapon held in his hand, look a little strange.

Next to Yu Sheng and Ye Wuchen saw this scene is also a burst of speechless, Lou Lan Xue softly said: "This weight as if a pure mage to hold, I'm afraid are unable to hold."

Ye Futian nodded, he mage and martial arts in the same realm, are middle heaven level, physical body flesh are extremely powerful, are a little strained, of course, there will not be any mage will take this kind of divine weapons, purely for their own added.

"Yu Sheng, you try." Ye Futian opened his mouth and said.

Yu Sheng nodded, stepped forward and took the magic weapon Exterminating Vault in Ye Futian's hand, then waved it, he danced with a stick, no rules and regulations, but saw the wind and clouds of heaven and earth whistling, an incomparably terrifying pressure enveloped the space.

"Stop, stop." Ye Futian shouted, Yu Sheng looked back at him suspiciously, only to see Ye Futian said, "It's okay, in fact, I'm okay with it."

Saying that, he retook the Dome of Extinction magic weapon, urged the gong method emperor skill, swung the long stick, he moved slowly, but each stick seemed to contain an unbeatable aura, gradually, an invisible airflow flowed between heaven and earth, like an extremely terrifying gravity.

The most important thing is that you have to be able to get a good idea of what you're doing.

Now she follows Ye Futian also long time, naturally clear these people's characteristics, Ye Futian and Yu Sheng are practicing a very powerful martial arts techniques, Ye Futian is to roc, true dragon, divine ape refining body, and a set of powerful martial arts techniques, when urged to give a person the illusion of the emperor after, she did not know that the name of the technique is the emperor's technique, if the emperor's will to urge, it is like a real emperor in the world.

Ye Wuchen is a pure sword cultivator, with a strong and pure sword heart.

Ye Futian has the best talent, specializing in all attributes and cultivating barging, Yu Sheng is simple and rough, Ye Wuchen is pure, all three are distinctive.

It can be said that she has also been watching the growth of the three, back in the ancient city of Loulan in the Desolate Ancient Realm, they all just stepped into the Dharma phase realm only.

At this time, only to see Ye Futian also gradually into the state, long stick dance, the movement gradually become smooth, like flowing water.

But still very strenuous, every once in a while, Ye Futian will stop to rest, sense the three holy light, strength little by little, the strength is also getting stronger.

Has been to weigh 90,000 pounds of extinction dome cultivation, the power to improve naturally fast.

Half a month later, Ye Futian martial and mage broke the realm one after another, stepping into the sixth realm of heavenly position, the top of the middle heavenly position.

After a few more days, Yu Sheng also broke the realm and likewise stepped into the top of the Middle Heavenly Position.

After that, Ye Wuchen broke through the realm, entered with his sword, and stepped into the upper celestial level.

The group of people in the martial luck battlefield have a lot of gains, and even received the eighth level of the sage martial luck guarded on the divine bridge, now gradually digested, used in their own ability, breaking the realm is also natural.


The fact is that Ye Futian has become a saint of the Star Academy, there is no shortage of resources for cultivation, and the dean personally went to the Star House for him to get a treasure in hand a month ago.

The identity of the immortal pavilion's pavilion master thus seemed irrelevant to Ye Futian.

But for Shen Yu is different, she is full of energy these days, Ye Futian gave the Immortal Pavilion to her to take care of, and with the assistance of people from the Long family, no one dares to make trouble, Shen Yu, who was only a receptionist of the Immortal Pavilion before, has now become half master of the Immortal Pavilion, and the trajectory of her life has changed qualitatively.

At this time, Shen Yu walked in the immortal pavilion, suddenly stopped and looked towards a woman, the woman looks very beautiful, temperament hidden some cold and noble intention, but now it seems to have put down the face, is receiving the visitors to the immortal pavilion, just as she did at the beginning.

This person is somewhat familiar, she seems to have seen it before, this woman had spoken with Ye Futian, now how come she came to do something at the Immortal Pavilion?

Just at this time, two figures stepped into the Immortal Pavilion and walked towards the woman, one of them was equally beautiful in appearance, the two of them actually had some similarities.

"Yurou, what are you doing?" Wang Yucheng gazed at her sister, she actually came to the Immortal Pavilion to do maid-like chores.

"No need for you to care."

Wang Yurou opened her mouth and said.

"Come with me." Wang Yuzheng looked at Wang Yurou, she also heard Jiang Nan tell her before she knew that her sister was even here, these days her relationship with Jiang Nan was very stiff, Jiang Nan kept pestering her, however, she no longer wanted to pay attention to it, before to her, Jiang Nan was a senior brother with outstanding talent, but then because of those things of Ye Futian, she felt that Jiang Nan this person was narrow-minded, of course, she also had some problems herself, so she didn't want to continue to be with Jiang Nan .

But just a little while ago, Jiang Nan told her that her sister was working here as a maidservant.

"I have work to do, so go away." Wang Yurou's voice was cold.

"What can the Immortal Pavilion give you?" Jiang Nan looked at Wang Yurou and opened her mouth indifferently, Wang Yurou swept her eyes coldly at him, she disliked this person very much, when Jiang Nan received her at the Immortal Pavilion, he had been sarcastic about Ye Futian, I'm afraid that a big reason why her sister and Ye Futian's relationship was so stiff was because of this person.

"It has nothing to do with you." Wang Yurou's tone was cold.

"I can give you double, why don't you become my maid and serve me in the future." Jiang Nan's eyes stared at Wang Yurou, Ye Futian's matter was also a great stimulus to him, now, he is the magnificent saint son figure, all the glory in one, and what is he, Jiang Nan? Because the day of the test had said in public to insult Ye Futian, let him lose face, and to this day, some people use this to make fun of him, Star Academy fellow disciples to respect him far away.

The woman he was almost about to get, Wang Yuzheng, now also avoided him, just because of Ye Futian's existence, he lost a lot and became notorious.

Now, this Wang Yurou, who had come to Ye Futian's Immortal Pavilion as a maidservant, was extremely upset in his heart.

"Get lost."

Wang Yurou ice-coldly swept Jiang Nan, hearing her words Jiang Nan's face was extremely gloomy and embarrassed, then sneered, "Wang Yurou Qing, your sister would rather be a handmaid here than go with you, it seems to stay here to serve someone else."


At this moment, Shen Yu lifted her footsteps towards this side and looked at Jiang Nan and Wang Yucheng and said, "If there is nothing to do, please make yourself comfortable and do not disturb the people of my Immortal Pavilion."

Jiang Nan's gaze fell on Shen Yu, youthful, beautiful, mannish figure through a few pure beauty, and now has a few dry breath.

"If I remember correctly, at the beginning, you were also working here, right, what is your status now, talking to me like this?" Jiang Nan looked at Shen Yu and said.

"I am now the manager of the Immortal Pavilion, you are not welcome here, please leave." Shen Yu's tone was cold.

"Leaping from a maidservant to a person of management?" Jiang Nan sneered, "What did you pay for?"

His tone was slightly evil, his gaze swept up and down Shen Yu's delicate figure, his intention was self-evident, Shen Yu's face changed instantly, but he saw Jiang Nan looking at Wang Yurou and said, "No wonder you also want to come here as a servant girl, it seems that you also have such thoughts."

"Someone, blow him out." Shen Yu spoke icily.

"I am a disciple of Star Academy, how dare you?" Jiang Nan said icily.

"Shen Yu." At this moment, a voice came, and when Shen Yu's gaze turned, he saw a line of figures coming from outside and could not help but reveal a surprised look.

"Pavilion master." Shen Yu shouted, the others also bowed and shouted, the people coming were none other than Ye Futian and the others.

Jiang Nan's face changed, how did he return to the Immortal Pavilion?

"Be polite to the Star Academy disciples." Ye Futian opened his mouth and said, Shen Yu looked flabbergasted, while Jiang Nan laughed coldly in his heart.

"Since others don't want to go out, don't let people go out and keep the door open." Ye Futian spoke indifferently, Shen Yu immediately revealed a bright smile and nodded, "Yes, Pavilion Master."