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Chapter 433 - New Master of Immortal Pavilion

The night was like ink, Long Ling'er was already sleeping peacefully under Ye Futian's zither music. www.shuyaya.cc

When the zither music stopped, Ye Futian stood up, said goodbye to the two maids, and then left this side.

After he left, the two maids looked at each other and one of them said, "Miss has been in a much better mood these few days."

"Well, although the young lady fights with him every day, but in fact enjoys the process, after that incident a few years ago, there is no one to accompany the young lady so nonsense, the master and lady become strict, the young lady's temper becomes bigger, no one else in the family is so unrestrained in front of the young lady, either jealous or in awe, although the eldest young master dotes on the young lady, but the eldest young master's character ......"

Another person gently shook his head, they watched Long Ling'er grow up, know that since the former family head fell back then, many things have changed, they have not seen the young lady like this for a long time.

"But this guy is also bold, does he not know the identity of the young lady, how dare he fool around like this?" The maid just now smiled and said, "Moreover, his looks and talent, both seem to be outstanding."

Ye Futian did not know that the two maids were talking about him again, although he did not know the identity of the little girl, but more or less he could guess a little, a 13 or 14 year old girl easily dared to say that she bought the Immortal Pavilion, how could such a family's family be simple, but for things like family status he always looked at it lightly, only knew that this girl was seriously lacking in love, so he accompanied her to fool around for a few days.

But for many things, his heart is as clear as a mirror.

For example, at this moment, in front of the pavilion where he lived, an old man figure appeared, Ye Futian was not surprised and walked up and bowed: "Ye Futian has met senior."

"You are also an imperial dragon mage?" The visitor opened his mouth and asked, it turned out that this person was the old man who taught Long Ling'er zither music.

"No." Ye Futian did not hide to teach Long Ling'er, then did not want to hide, after all, he learned it from the old man's side stealing the teacher, simply frank performance, if later found out what, but more offensive, besides, he just can teach that girl.

"Then how were you able to learn my zither music?" The old man asked curiously, the non-Old Dragon Mage without strange talent, according to common sense is impossible to learn, even through the zither sound, but also can not really communicate with the demon dragon.

"The late generation is a zither mage, or a beast master, so I was able to emulate, but not the true imperial dragon mage ability, nor did I intend to steal the teacher, I hope senior forgive me." Ye Futian opened his mouth, the ability he displayed was a little different from the imperial dragon mage, he was using communication control to create a connection with the demon dragon, the imperial dragon mage was a little more pure, it was resonance.

"Understood." The old man nodded gently, and then with a flash of his body, he simply disappeared.

"So fast." Ye Futian said in his heart, and didn't think too much, with the old man's realm, he wouldn't be able to do anything to himself for this matter, not to mention that he admitted it openly by himself.

After the old man left and returned to the waterfall mountain, several guards who came with Long Ling'er before were waiting here, and when they saw the old man arrive they bowed and said, "Senior."

"How is it?" The old man asked.

"There should be no problem, that encounter was a coincidence, his companions were all outsiders." The man responded.

"Well, there wouldn't have been any problem, but when it comes to Ling'er girl, some caution is still needed, since there's nothing, then it's business as usual, no need to interfere with anything, Ling'er girl seems to like him quite a lot, it's good to have someone to accompany Ling'er in her cultivation." The old man waved his hand and said, "Go ahead."

"Good." The man nodded: "Should we find a way to get him into Star Academy to accompany the young lady in her cultivation as well?"

"Let's talk about this matter, we don't know other people's own opinions yet, maybe he came to Sacred Sky City itself is also for the three academies, learn zither music within a few days, talent is no problem, also, the lady knows this matter will be fine, don't have to spread too many people know." The old man said.

"Understood, then we will leave first." Several people bowed and left.

The next day Long Ling'er got up and shouted at Ye Futian to go to the waterfall mountain together to practice and learn the qin, and as usual, the old man waited there and then taught Long Ling'er, nothing special.

Ye Futian understood that the old man was tacitly allowing him to follow along.

So, although Ye Futian was a qin child, he was also considered to be learning the imperial dragon qin sound.

After learning, he would teach Long Ling'er, and the happiest person in the following days was naturally Long Ling'er, with two people teaching at the same time, Grandpa Feng mainly, and Ye Futian teaching details and correcting mistakes, and she learned quickly.

The days in the West Court were calm and simple, Long Ling'er's attitude towards Ye Futian could not change a lot, but the two would still occasionally fight.

While outside, a rather sensational thing happened near the Star Academy.

The Immortal Pavilion, one of the three most famous inns in Sacred Sky City, has actually changed ownership and was bought and is being handed over.

As the top inn in Sacred Sky City, the background of the Immortal Pavilion is also very deep, the people behind it are not lacking in financial resources at all, the people who go to the Immortal Pavilion to stay or drink are of unusual status, there is some special significance in this, in such a background, the Immortal Pavilion was unexpectedly bought by someone, which naturally caused a small shock.

But then news came out that the one who bought the Immortal Pavilion was the one from the West Mountain, so many people were not so surprised.

Since it is that family, buying the Immortal Pavilion is naturally just a small thing, but many people are curious, the family in the West Mountain to buy the Immortal Pavilion for what?

Rumor has it that early next year that person will also enter the Star Academy to practice, is it bought for her to live?

However, there is a West Court near Star Academy, which is also the private residence of that family, and there is a very scary person living inside, what is the significance of buying the Immortal Court?

Many people finally could not understand this point, but the people who discussed it finally laughed and sighed that the big brother acted so capriciously, where need any reason?

I'm afraid they would not think of buying the fairy pavilion because of a certain little loli and a certain black guy's nonsense, the initial origin is because someone can not afford to live in the fairy pavilion was despised by the pretty little girl, so it has been nagging.

In addition to the matter of the fairy pavilion, the Star Academy's end-of-year assessment has also caused a lot of turmoil, especially within the Star Academy, which is one of the biggest things in the academy every year.


In the West Court, Long Ling'er had learned another zither song and looked extremely excited at the moment.

She looked at Ye Futian and smiled, "Brother Futian, am I great?"

"Average, mainly because of the two good teachers." Ye Futian said lazily.

"Humph, can't you encourage?" Long Ling'er glared at Ye Futian viciously.

"Then why don't you fly into the sky?" Ye Futian gave the little girl a contemptuous look.

Long Ling'er crossed her arms, then took out an ancient decree from her bosom and handed it to Ye Futian with a beak, "Here."

Ye Futian took the ancient decree and glanced at the inscription engraved on it, Immortal Pavilion.

Although already guessed that this is not difficult for Long Ling'er, but also did not expect it would be so simple, the two fooling around when Long Ling'er said that as long as the church she will buy the Immortal Pavilion to him, only a few days later, Long Ling'er really will buy the Immortal Pavilion ......

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing.

Faced with such a small loli, Ye Futian only wanted to say: "When there is such a good thing, remember to find me again."

"............" the little girl looked at Ye Futian blinked, froze for a few seconds, and then spoke: "No more? "

"Good boy." Ye Futian rubbed the little girl's head.

The little loli's face went black and angrily said, "Shouldn't you pretend to be modest and refuse, and then finally push back and accept it, and then praise and compliment me?"

"Little kids don't think too much." Ye Futian gently patted the back of the little girl's head.

"I didn't expect you to be this kind of person." Long Ling'er was about to cry.

"You found out."

"Whoops ......" Long Ling'er turned around, walked to the two maids behind her and spoke, "I want to go out and play."

Ye Futian froze, he thought this girl was struck, really still too young to be so underestimated loli ......

"Miss, we can't make a decision on this." The maid said.

"Uncle Yang." Little Lori shouted, and soon the middle-aged man from before appeared over here and spoke, "Miss is looking for me."

"I want to go out." Long Ling'er said seriously.

"Miss, madam said, come to the West Court to cultivate mainly until you enter the Star Academy." Yang Xing spoke.

"I have learned so fast, and now I want to thank Brother Fu Tian, can't I go to the Immortal Pavilion to celebrate? And I promised to give the Immortal Pavilion to Brother Fotian, so naturally I have to go and see it." Long Ling'er opened her mouth, Ye Futian inexplicably took the blame.

"This ......" Yang Xing was a little hesitant.

Long Ling'er ran to Ye Futian's side, holding Ye Futian's arm and said, "Uncle Yang, don't worry, with brother Futian around, I definitely won't fool around anymore."

Ye Futian said he had a headache, the pot was impossible to refuse.

Yang Xing looked at Ye Futian, then gently nodded his head and said, "Okay."

"Thanks a lot Uncle Yang." The little loli smiled brightly and finally got her way.


Immortal Pavilion, these two days were extraordinarily lively, one because the Immortal Pavilion changed hands and was bought by that family in the West Mountain, attracting a lot of attention.

The second is because the nearby Star Academy end of the year assessment, many assessment of outstanding performance of the disciples come here to celebrate.

At this moment, there were many Star disciples coming outside the Immortal Pavilion.

Jiang Nan and Wang Yucheng were standing outside at this time. Wang Yucheng raised her head and looked at the magnificent Immortal Pavilion gate in front of her, and felt slightly emotional in her heart.

Although she is a disciple of the four major sects in Yunyue City, the absolute core, is considered quite rich, but even so, to come to the Immortal Pavilion such a place to spend, is still a very extravagant thing, here both food and accommodation, are in the unit of magic weapons, do not charge spirit stones, come to the Immortal Pavilion, is a symbol of status.

Wang Yucheng never came before, such a luxury thing for her is not too necessary, even if really met in the immortal pavilion some big shot, the difference in status, as will not have any intercourse.

Today, however, because Jiang Nan had achieved very bright results in the end-of-year examination, that's why he came here to celebrate.

"Come on, let's take you guys to feel the atmosphere of the Lower Immortal Pavilion today." Jiang Nan said with a smile at this moment, stepping out forward: "I heard that the Immortal Pavilion has now changed ownership and was bought by that family in the West Mountain, now many people come to join the fun, I wonder if I can have the opportunity to meet some celebrities."