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Chapter 429 - Never seen a beautiful woman?

The avenue outside the Star Academy was extremely wide and crowded with people. Yaya eBook

Ye Futian they walked to the street, only to see a line of figures in front of them coming in a vast manner, among them there are two people with great poise, the stars are holding the moon, they stride towards the direction where the Star Academy is located, the surrounding passers-by also talk in awe over it, Ye Futian heard some voices vaguely understand that it is the two extremely prestigious genius figures of the Star Academy.

The well-known genius figures of the three great academies are naturally highly regarded.

Wherever they passed, the crowd surged and walked past Ye Futian and the others.

"It's really majestic." Ye Futian whispered, were these the genius figures of the three great houses.

"Where are we going?" Lou Lan Xue asked in a soft voice.

"Find someone to ask where the best inn is nearby, let's settle down and stay first." Ye Futian opened his mouth and said.

"The best?" Lou Lan Xue said softly.

"Mm." Ye Futian nodded, he got a gem ring in the Dragon Mansion, there were a lot of things in it, nowadays, it was also considered some wealth, naturally, he couldn't commit himself, of course there was a more important reason, cultivation needed a better environment, besides that, a good inn could get in touch with more news.

"Good." Lou Lan Xue nodded, then left to go ahead and inquire, and returned a few moments later and said to Ye Futian: "The best inn nearby is named Immortal Pavilion, the living environment is extremely good, but it is said that the price is also not expensive."

"Not bad for spirit stones, let's go." Ye Vu Tian said boldly, Lou Lan Xue beautiful eyes glanced at the step out of Ye Vu Tian, this guy ...... really low profile, just arrived in the Holy Heaven City to live in the best inn, see how long he can squander.

The best inn in the area near the Star Academy, even in the entire Holy Heaven City can also be ranked in the top three, the environment is still better than Ye Vu Tian's imagination, Ye Vu Tian took a look inside, all are single courtyard, built in the lake, clean and elegant, the environment is excellent, spiritual energy is also extremely abundant, the whole place above the immortal pavilion, are shrouded in a dense spiritual energy, apparently covered with spiritual energy spell formation.

Moreover, the immortal pavilion does not charge spirit stones, but rather assesses the price of staying with magic weapons and treasures, which is worthy of being the best inn in the vicinity.

However, Ye Futian finally chose to settle at the Lin Xian Inn not far from the Immortal Pavilion, after all, cultivators can not crave pleasure, or to suffer.

Lin Xian Inn, the word Lin Xian is extremely well obtained.

At this time, in the Lin Xian Inn, Ye Futian and his group, who had already settled in, were drinking and chatting in the inn's pavilion, which had many pavilions next to them.

"The environment here is also extremely good." Ye Futian said in a low voice.

"The gap with the Immortal Pavilion is still not small." Lou Lan Xue whispered.

"Cultivators cultivate their hearts and nourish their natures, don't be in accidental pomp and circumstance." Ye Futian said in a serious voice.

Lou Lan Xue's beautiful eyes froze, looking at Ye Futian's serious look, then nodded seriously and said, "Good."

Ye Futian saw Lou Lan Xue's eyes again remembered the contemptuous eyes of that pretty little girl when she moved into the Immortal Pavilion, his heart ached, and he thought to himself if he had the opportunity to buy the Immortal Pavilion in the future.

"Desolate Heaven Ranking, White Cloud City Young City Master has gone further and is now in the top ten of the Desolate Heaven Ranking." At this time, a voice came from the pavilion next to him, Ye Futian's thoughts pulled back, his gaze flashed, White Cloud City Young City Lord, this name seems to be very close to himself, I can't believe I heard him again.

Also, what is this Desolate Sky List again?

The map of Desolate State shows that White Cloud City is in the land of the western region of Desolate State, and the eastern region is extremely far apart from each other, needing to cross the Central State City area, here's surprisingly talking about White Cloud City Young City Lord?

"Yes, at the age of 20, he entered the Sacred Dao Palace to cultivate, and now he has been cultivating for less than 50 years, he has already entered the sage, such talent is absolutely astounding, wait for some more years, his ranking may continue to move forward, and he may have a chance to challenge the top three seats of the Desolate Heaven Ranking." Some people nodded and agreed, that is the Desolate Sky List, ah, at a young age into the top ten, this is too scary.

"mentioned white cloud city young city lord, I remembered a person, rumor has it that the top family Zhuge family in the desert state city region of the thousand daughter found, she actually wandered away to avoid the family, but also to learn the art of the teacher, now was picked up back to the family, there is news that the white cloud city lord and Zhuge family head has been good relations, may wish the two families to marry, I am afraid that is another celebrated marriage. " Another person opened his mouth and said, "Rumor has it that this daughter of the Zhuge family is extremely beautiful, and also has a strange talent, I wonder if she can match the young city master of Baiyun City."

Ye Futian heard someone mention the second sister listened more seriously, however at this moment actually heard the other party said that the second sister is not worthy of others, can not help but frown, some displeasure.

In his opinion, that White Cloud City Young City Lord naturally can't match the second senior sister's, how beautiful and kind the second senior sister is, and so good to him.

"Your Excellency, may I ask what the Desolate Heaven List is?" Ye Futian asked as he gazed at the person next to him.

"You actually don't even know the Desolate Heaven Ranking?" Someone revealed an odd expression and said, "Could it be that, from outside?"

"It's true that he came from outside to Holy Heaven City to practice." Ye Futian nodded his head.

"No wonder." That person smiled and said, "The Desolate Sky List is a prestigious and authoritative list in the Desolate State, ranking those who are famous in the Desolate State, not just according to strength, but according to strength, talent, age and other comprehensive considerations. Even the last person in the list is also one of the most outstanding figures in the Desolate State."

"So, it seems that the Desolate Sky List is not necessarily very authoritative." Ye Futian spoke indifferently, according to the other party's words, the Desolate Sky List is equivalent to the ranking of the most dazzling characters in the Desolate State, if only relying on the realm, I'm afraid that it is impossible for a sage to be in the top ten, which is enough to prove how outstanding the talent of the young city master of White Cloud City is.

"The Desolate Heaven Ranking is extremely strict, and every time it is issued, there is an extremely strict audit, how dare you question the authority of the Desolate Heaven Ranking?" The man laughed.

"The Desolate State is vast and endless, there must be many hermit figures and some low-profile people who are not revealed, so naturally it is not authoritative enough." Ye Futian said.

"What you said is also right, but this is relative in itself, how can you get on the list if you don't let people know?" The other party laughed and said.

"The Desolate Heaven List is too far away, why not talk about the dazzling figures of our Holy Heaven City, now that the three great houses' examination will start, I wonder how many demonic genius disciples will emerge from the three great houses again." Another person said from the pavilion next to him.

"I know one person who is going to make a name for himself in the Three Great Houses."

"Who is it?"

"The young dragon from the West Mountain." That person looked sharp and spoke, "He stepped into the Star Academy cultivation earlier this year, it's time for him to come into prominence."

Many people nodded approvingly, thinking back to how magnificent that true dragon from West Mountain was, unfortunately, now, his son and heir will naturally inherit his mantle, not to mention that, excluding his fallen father, he has an equally terrifying uncle.

"I'm more concerned about the return of those thousands of gold than the young dragon in the western mountains." Someone laughed and said.

"That then is not something you can presume."

A group of people chatted casually, Ye Futian didn't really understand what he was listening to, quite a few people should have been involved in their chat, but he was still relatively new to Holy Heaven City nowadays and knew almost nothing about it except for the three great houses.

"Lou Lan, later on we will go out for a walk, you are responsible for collecting news, the situation of some top power families, as well as the important places in Sacred Sky City, try to collect as much as possible." Ye Futian said to Lou Lan Xue, unknowingly he had gotten used to letting Lou Lan Xue do these things, and Lou Lan Xue had been doing it silently and accomplishing it brilliantly, not letting him worry about the trivial things.

"Good." Lou Lan Xue nodded her head quietly.

After the meal, Ye Futian and the others walked out of the inn and walked casually in the streets, while Lou Lan Xue was busy spying on the news.

At this moment, a sound of a dragon's roar came from the distance, and many people avoided it.

Ye Futian's gaze turned, only to see a chaos ahead, in that direction, there is a terrifying ice and snow dragon rushing towards this side, on both sides of the dragon and behind it are strong people following, a terrifying formation.

"Are all the people of Sacred Sky City so flamboyant?"

Ye Futian was speechless for a while, only to see that next to the ice and snow dragon's horns, a 13 or 14 year old girl was standing on it, the long whip in her hand lashed the dragon, causing it to let out a low roar.

"This loli is a big battle."

Ye Futian gazed at the young girl standing above and secretly said, the ice dragon galloped past, the loli swept her gaze at Ye Futian's side and opened her mouth, "What are you looking at, haven't you ever seen a beautiful girl?"


Ye Futian was stunned for a while, looking at the young girl's hands folded in a mighty manner, he could not help but laugh out loud, a 13 or 14 year old loli, shouting have not seen a beautiful woman, this picture!

"You dare to laugh." Lori saw Ye Futian actually laughed, could not help but order the ice dragon to stop, the long whip in her hand pointed at Ye Futian and said, "Someone, give me away."

"E ......"

Ye Futian was dumbfounded, and the strong man beside the dragon said to the young girl, "Miss, this is not good."

"Didn't you hear my words?" Lori was furious, those strong people showed a difficult look, then one of them walked towards Ye Futian and spoke, "Can I bother your Excellency to make a trip?"

"I didn't do anything, right?" Ye Futian frowned when he heard the other person's words, can this still happen?

"I know, but my lady is in a bad mood, can you please excuse us, we promise not to hurt your safety." The other party said.

Ye Futian was a little speechless, although the other party's attitude was good, but this was also ......

After taking a look at the formation in front of him, Ye Futian said, "This is something that cannot be refused?"

"I'm offended." The man at the head of the group smiled bitterly and arched his hand, helpless at his lady's temper, the lady was not here, no one could calm her down.

Yu Sheng and Ye Wuchen and their expressions also cooled down, but they saw Ye Futian turn back to them and said, "You guys mind your own business, I'll go with them."

"Thanks a lot for your cooperation." The other party nodded to Ye Futian, then Ye Futian went over with them, Lori's gaze smiled at Ye Futian, seemingly very satisfied, the long whip in her palm waved, and the ice and snow dragon continued onward!