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Chapter 415 - Changing your mind

Wang Yurou gazed at the battlefield ahead and bit her lips lightly. www.shuyaya.cc

Ye Futian glanced at the side of Wang Yurou's face and weakly said, "I have a girlfriend."

Wang Yurou's fists were clenched, and she had the urge to beat up Ye Futian violently.

"Are you going to mention your conditions or not?" Wang Yurou coldly said.

"Haven't thought about it yet, you owe it for now." Ye Futian casually said, before in the cloud moon battle stage two people is only gambling words, he has nothing to ask, after all, the Wang family has promised to let Yang Ting and Yang Yi into the Wang family.

Wang Yurou did not say anything else, beautiful eyes still looking forward, a time also quiet.

Ye Futian raised his head to look at the battlefield, the rules of the battle are still the same as before, but the realm of the people fighting have become the middle heaven realm, in addition, the distribution of interests decided by this battle is no longer the mine veins, but the ownership of some resources in Yun Yue City.

This battle Ye Futian only knew people from the Cloud Moon Merchant Union, the Witch Mage and the Devil Swordsman, the Fire Lady Liu Lan and the Black Mage Xi Mu, all of whom he had seen at the White Jade Building.

Moreover, the main fighter was none other than Shang Hai himself, apparently his talent was also extremely powerful in the Cloud Moon Merchant Alliance, and he was among the best in the Middle Heavenly Realm, specially inviting the Witch Mage and Devil Swordsman to help him in the battle.

"Where are you guys from?" Wang Yurou, who was beside Ye Futian, was silent for a moment and suddenly asked again.

"A small place very far away, you've never been there." Ye Futian said softly.

Wang Yurou was slightly surprised that Ye Futian's three people who showed such strong strength were from a very far away small place?

At this moment, Black Wind Eagle and Lou Lan Xue also came to this side, Black Wind Eagle stood next to it, while Lou Lan Xue sat down.

Wang Yurou glanced at Lou Lanxue and asked, "Girlfriend?"

"No." Ye Futian shook his head and said, "A friend."

"It seems that you are not a good person either." Wang Yurou laughed sarcastically, since Ye Futian claimed to have a girlfriend, bringing a beautiful woman around, or a friend, what is this.

Lou Lan Xue glanced at Wang Yurou and spoke, "Maid."


Wang Yurou was speechless, gazed at the battlefield and spoke, "The magic swordsman is on the field, I heard what you guys said before, it seems that it's because of him and the witch mage that Shang Hai let you out of the White Jade House?"

"Mm." Ye Futian nodded his head.

"You see how strong he is." Wang Yurou added, at this time the devil swordsman had already drawn his sword, his sword was very fast, a sword was born, like there were thousands of sword gas blooming at the same time, dazzling, in the midst of the endless sword gas there was a divine and unpredictable sword, a sword sealed his throat, directly cut his opponent's neck, and immediately blood flowed like water.

The one who loses the battle, dies.


Wang Yurou's tone instantly went cold, the person the Devil Swordsman killed was her Wang Family's battle-aiding heavenly pride figure.

The devil swordsman, Duan Miss, after killing his opponent his gaze glanced in the direction of the Wang family stands, seemingly intentionally or unintentionally, just happened to land on the direction where Ye Wuchen was.

Then he turned around and walked back to where he was.

There, Shang Hai looked indifferent, and also looked towards the Wang family's direction, landing on Wang Yuyu and Ye Futian, obviously, he was targeting the Wang family.

"It seems that the battle has come out with real fire." Countless eyes looked towards the cloud moon battle stage, but it was not a surprise, every year the battle is like this, the first game will be relatively calm, but as the battle goes on, it will become more and more combustible, and the killing will gradually become unusual.

The first round of the battle between the Wang family and the Cloud Moon Business Alliance tit-for-tat, the Cloud Moon Business Alliance lost face, naturally want to get back, and thus in this one, the magic swordsman Duan lack, came out early, a sword to seal the throat to kill the opponent.

As expected, the next battle became more and more intense, several strong people fell or seriously injured, every time to the Wang family and the Yunyue Commercial Union showdown, the battle will be very tragic.

The unlucky ones, naturally, are the helpers of both sides, especially those who are not powerful enough to fight.

The witch mage also took the field, he is good at spells, covered in a cloak, but his strength is extremely strong, his eye pupils look like they have dark magic fire, a glance will be able to make the opponent's body burn up, his flame spells, like magic fire is extremely terrifying, raw to burn the opponent to death, the magic fire can not be extinguished.

"This game, it seems to be a miserable defeat." Wang Yurou opened her mouth and said, the people of the Wang family were no longer relaxed as before, and looked at the battlefield with a gloomy expression.

Wizard Mage and Demon Swordsman were extremely famous, thus causing quite a shock when the Cloud Moon Merchant Alliance invited the two of them, and the four major sects had invited powerful demonic figures to help in the battle.

But for the real combat power of the two of them, the top brass of the four factions were not so relaxed, after all, they were not the proud figures of their own faction, and they were also the later generations, so naturally they would not know too much.

At this moment to really see the strength of the two, the Wang family people feel to bad, especially in the case of being targeted, the Wang family's helpers, it is very likely that all of them will be picked by the two of them, so that the Wang family lost all the helpers.

The Yunyue Business Alliance, the business owner and many others look better, this battle, the business sea did not let them down, is considered to have saved some face.

If this battle can take the first, it is also considered to redeem the merits.

"Big brother, Shang Hai is young and proud, naturally inevitably make mistakes, but it seems that he is indeed for the Yunyue merchant alliance, in the circumstances, pulling together the witch mage and the magic swordsman such a proud person, naturally ignore others." At this moment, cloud moon merchant alliance direction, an old man beside the merchant alliance master spoke, he is the grandfather of Shang Hai, just now Shang Hai made a mistake, he has no reason to speak for him.

But at this moment, is can help him say a few words.

"That's right, Shang Hai's vision is still good, those few people from the Wang family who are helping in the war are a little too arrogant, and obviously intend to retaliate against my Cloud Moon Merchant Alliance." Another person spoke up and said, the merchant alliance master nodded slightly and said, "If Shang Hai can take the first place in this battle, this matter will be just."

All of them nodded their heads and continued to look at the battlefield.

As the battle continued, the Wang family and the Cloud Moon Business Alliance still tit-for-tat, still no one could help the witch mage and Duan lack, until, the Wang family finally gave up the challenge qualification, the Cloud Moon Business Alliance still did not give up, witch mage and Duan lack two people, one swept one out.

The Wang family's helpers in the battle, all eliminated out of the game.

"What are the stakes of this battle?" Ye Futian opened his mouth and asked.

"The right to run many of Cloud Moon City's industries next year." Wang Yurou responded, the four major powers of Cloud Moon City being the strongest four factions, firmly controlling the best resources within the confines of Cloud Moon City, it was the four major factions themselves that could really compete.

"What will happen to the last place?" Ye Futian asked again.

"Only able to operate some of the least profitable industries." Wang Yurou said.

Ye Futian didn't say anything, looking at the situation of the Cloud Moon Battle Stage, this last place, I'm afraid it's the Wang family.

The cloud moon merchant alliance is deadly targeted, and the other two forces also intentionally or unintentionally let go, just as a bystander, the first battle Wang family seized the greatest benefit, this game, naturally, can no longer let the Wang family ranked in front, otherwise it is easy to cause the imbalance of the four major forces.

However, after letting the Wang family out, the Cloud Moon Merchant Alliance did not give up and continued to challenge the Wind Family and Thunder Sect's helpers, again defeating them all, and in the end, only the Cloud Moon Merchant Alliance had two helpers left.

"The situation seems to be the same as the last game."

The people inwardly trembled slightly, last battle, it was Ye Futian and their strong and invincible, this battle, it was the witch mage and the magic swordsman, two people with an absolutely strong posture, helpers of the merchant sea into the duel, and, even if the opposite three families together they are not afraid, three against three.

Obviously, this is also to one's own strength, challenge the three families.

After the duel began, the people of the Wind Family and Thunder Sect looked at Shang Hai, but heard Shang Hai speak: "In this battle, the Wang Family is at the end, you decide yourselves second and third."

His words were not much different from Ye Futian's before, like a tit-for-tat.

The wizard mage and the devil swordsman stepped out and went towards one of the Wang family's full-blooded heavenly pride, the strong men from the wind family and the thunder clan were a little hesitant, but in the end they didn't make a move to intercept, three against three, they weren't sure, the wizard mage and the devil swordsman were too strong in the previous battle.

"Admit defeat." Wang family family head saw two people walking towards his Wang family descendants opened his mouth and said, if he didn't admit defeat, the other side would definitely strike hard.

"I concede defeat." The face of that heavenly figure of the Wang family was extremely unattractive, how prestigious was the previous game of Wang Yurou's battle, yet now, this game of his, was such a humiliating defeat.

The Devil's Swordsman Duan lacked a sarcastic smile, then turned to look at the other two, the Thunder Clan and the Wind Family's strongest person directly erupted into battle, in the end, the Thunder Clan strongest person won.

The strong man in front of the battle drum announced the ending, and the old man from the Cloud Moon Merchant Union shouted, "This battle, the Cloud Moon Merchant Union is first."

"Thunder Clan is second."

"Wind Family third."

"Wang Family, last place."

Four voices sounded in succession, and in the direction of the Cloud Moon Merchant Alliance, the Merchant Alliance Master and the others looked better.

The Devil Swordsman Duan Miss raised his head and swept a glance in the direction where Ye Futian and the others were and smiled, "It seems, there is nothing special, the opponents are too weak."

What Ye Futian and the others had done, he and the two Witch Mages, had done the same.

Turning back, he walked in the direction of the Cloud Moon Merchant Alliance and looked at the merchant alliance master and said, "I don't think the merchant sea has any fault, what does the alliance master think?"

Shang Hai, because of him and the witch mage, only expelled Ye Futian and the others, before that, was questioned by many people, although it seemed to have nothing to do with him, but in reality, his face was a bit unsightly.

The business alliance master looked at Duan lack, really an arrogant descendant, of course, has the capital of arrogance.

He laughed brightly, "Yes, it seems that I was a bit misunderstood before, what Shang Hai did in the White Jade House, there is no problem."

"Many thanks to Great Grandfather." Shang Hai bowed, his gaze revealed a smile, and with those words, it meant that he would not pursue that matter anymore.

"How can he do this?" Yang Yi's face was not too good, she had said this matter in public before, just to voice out her injustice for big brother Ye, and now, the merchant alliance master had changed his mind as much as possible, did this not mean that Shang Hai had done the right thing by humiliating them?

"Xiao Yi, what's strange when interests make it so." Ye Futian smiled, he was looking at it lightly, he was on the Wang family's side, but Duan Miss and the others were helping the Yun Yue Merchant Alliance, which side would the merchant alliance master stand on? This does not even need to think about, even if it will make him unhappy, but what can be done?