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Chapter 367 - Satire

The people of the Hope Moon Sect raised their heads and gazed at the arriving figure in the void, their faces all slightly changed. www.shuyaya.cc

Qin Yu did not have a briefing, so he directly entered by dragon, standing proudly in the air, which is a very rude behavior.

And the people who arrived were not only Qin Yu, there was also a head of Jiao dragon, many strong people were present, and immediately the people of the Hope Moon Sect in the lower air felt a pressure.

The Qin Dynasty has always wanted to enlist the forces of the Eastern Wasteland to jointly crush the Grass Hall, command the Eastern Wasteland as the king of the Eastern Wasteland, a few months ago the Qin Dynasty event, if not for the descent of the Blade Saint, the alliance has become.

Now, it is said that the Floating Cloud Sword Sect and the Hanging King Hall have completely leaned on the Qin Dynasty.

In such a situation, the Moon Watching Sect naturally wants to be neutral, but now it seems that it is difficult to be neutral.

"Since Prince Qin has arrived, please take your seat." The three major powers in the central region of the Eastern Desolate Realm are at the top of the pile. Now that the two major powers have joined forces and the Qin Dynasty's ancestor's tomb has been excavated, there will be no suspense if the Qin Dynasty wants to deal with the Moonlight Sect.

"There is no need to come and disturb the fairy today, I will only say a few words." Qin Yu opened his mouth indifferently and refused straightforwardly, still standing in the void, overlooking the people of the Hope Moon Sect.

Many disciples of the Hope Moon Sect are upset in their hearts, beautiful eyes slightly cold, yet no one dares to take offense, the situation is not as good as others.

If it is the grass hall, the Qin Dynasty would dare to do so, when Qin Ge rate Qin Dynasty strong people to go to the grass hall to ask for people, Gu Dongliu all beheaded in the book mountain outside, this is what kind of courage.

Sometimes many people will envy the kind of unbridled dash of the grass hall, fast and furious, even those opponents, I'm afraid the people of the grass hall is also respect and hate it.

"Prince Qin, please speak." Immortal Wang Yue said indifferently.

"Chu Yuyao." Qin Yu gazed at Chu Yao Yao who still remained on the battle stage with a cold expression and said, "On top of Heaven Mountain, Ye Futian put my son Qin Li to death, you are my son's future wife, why are you standing there watching?"

Chu Yuyao's face instantly became pale, what came was still coming, when Qin Li died in front of her many people saw it, she was there, Qin Yu's questioning, she could not explain.

The gazes of all the people of the Hope Moon Clan looked at Chu Yuyao, and suddenly all the pressure, all fell on Chu Yuyao's body.

"What do you mean by not speaking?" On Qin Yu's body, an invisible oppressive force fell down.

"I have no way to explain." Chu Yuyao looked up at Qin Yu and said.

Qin Yu's expression is extremely cold, one sentence has no way to explain, is that enough?

"I don't want to see the death of Qin Wongsun, I can understand the Prince's feelings, however, the matter of Qin Wongsun was done by Ye Futian, Prince Qin can go to find him, it's not right to take out anger on a woman of the younger generation." Immortal Hope Moon opened her mouth and said.

"If it is an unrelated person, I naturally will not be angry, however, she is my son's fiancée, but stood by and watched, even Ye Futian has lost his fighting ability but did not kill, I have to be suspicious." Qin Yu opened his mouth and said, "Although my son died, but the marriage contract still exists, Chu Yuyao is still my daughter-in-law of Qin Dynasty, I want to take her to Qin Dynasty, fairy will not have a problem with it, right?"

The faces of the people of the Hope Moon Sect changed, Qin Li had died, the marriage contract was naturally dissolved, but Qin Yu wanted to take Chu Yoyao away? This clearly does not want to let Chu Yoyao go, if really go to the Qin Dynasty, still do not know what Chu Yoyao will experience, so let Qin Yu disposal.

Immortal Hope Moon said, the person has died, the marriage contract is still in place?

"Fairy means that my son is dead, he is dead, there is no need to investigate the cause, what his fiancée has done, and cannot be investigated?" The true dragon under Qin Yu's seat exhaled, he stood on the head of the dragon, his voice grew colder and colder, an invisible pressure vaguely blossomed from him, as if as long as the Hope Moon Clan displeased him today, he would directly strike.

The faces of the people of the Hope Moon Clan were extremely unattractive, Chu Yoyo's beautiful eyes looked around, she knew that the Hope Moon Clan could not save her.

Since Qin Yu led his men to come, then the end is already predetermined. In the Eastern Wasteland today, who can resist the Qin Dynasty except the Academy of Grass Hall?

"I'll go." Chu Yoyo suddenly opened her mouth, her beautiful eyes at this moment have a bit of resolute color, when she said these words, but a lot more relieved.

This road is her own choice, since it is the wrong road, then she naturally also have to pay the price for it.

She accepted Qin Li's pursuit, naturally she has her selfishness, now, she will have to bear the consequences of this.

Hearing Chu Yoyo's words many people's eyes fell on her body, only to see Chu Yoyo's face with a faint smile, as if she did not care so much, she looked up at Qin Yu: "I would like to go back to the Qin Dynasty with you, Qin Li's death has nothing to do with me, at that time I also could not kill Ye Futian, of course all this is no longer meaningful, I will go with you."

After saying that, her body took off into the air, her beautiful eyes glanced towards Hua Jieyu below, with some envy in her eyes.

A jiao dragon moved forward and brought Chu Yuyao up with that jiao dragon.

However, Qin Yu did not have the intention to leave, and Immortal Moon Watcher looked at him and said, "Prince Qin still has something else?"

"Indeed, there is another important matter, and it is also the main purpose of my trip." Qin Yu spoke, "I have heard of Immortal Prince's name for a long time, Qin Yu has always admired it, this time I have come to the Wang Yue Clan, not only because of my own opinion, but also with the wishes of my father and several patriarchs of the Dong Hua Clan and the Floating Cloud Sword Clan, inviting Immortal Prince to work together for the great cause of the Eastern Wasteland."

He personally led strong people to come, the matter of Chu Yoyo naturally to solve, but will not just for a Chu Yoyo and out of such a battle.

The person he really wanted to kill was Ye Futian, and the one he wanted to destroy was the Grass Hall.

"I did not have such ambition, Prince Qin can report back to King Qin and several patriarchs, let them down." Immortal Hope Moon's voice was soft.

"The grass hall is unethical, killing innocents, my Qin Dynasty several princes died in the hands of the grass hall people, the Eastern Wasteland common vengeance, fairy is the Eastern Wasteland realm a top power of the Lord, can stay out of the matter and sit idly by." Qin Yu spoke eloquently and continued, "The fairy can rest assured that in order to show the sincerity of my Qin Dynasty, I am willing to marry with the Hope Moon Clan, although my son Qin Li died, but there are still many excellent descendants, it so happens that the Hope Moon Clan has now elected a new Saint Maiden, just in time to marry into my Qin Dynasty, what does the fairy think?"

The women of the Hope Moon Clan's eyes were frozen, this, is Qin Yu's real purpose, right?

To force the Hope Moon Clan to choose, as for the marriage, is a joke, they do not believe Qin Yu will not know who the new saint daughter is, want to take away Hua Xieyue, naturally only one purpose, in order to deal with Ye Futian.

The disaster is not as bad as the relatives, let alone just girlfriend, and also the top power Wang Yue Sect disciple, Qin Yu's words are rude to the extreme, even humiliating too, he is clearly oppressing the Wang Yue Sect, want to lay hands on the Wang Yue Sect, and, now the oppression on the head of the Wang Yue Sect is no longer just the Qin Dynasty, but the alliance of the four top powers.

Obedience, life.

Against, death.

The Moon Sect is facing the same situation as the Willow Kingdom. Last time the Qin Dynasty made an excuse to strike at the Willow Kingdom, but now it is even more direct, the Qin Dynasty is even more powerful than before.

The Qin Dynasty is really ruthless when it comes to destroying two top powers in a row.

The most important thing is that you can't be sure that you're going to be able to get the most out of your life.

The Fairy of the Moon was silent for a moment, then looked at Qin Yu in the void and said, "The feud between the Qin Dynasty and the Grass Hall, the Moon Sect does not want to get involved in it, Hua Xieyue is the Holy Maiden of the Moon Sect, I will ask her opinion on whether to join in marriage, if Prince Qin has no other business, then please go back."

This was, a refusal.

In the vastness of space, the disciples of the Moon Watching Sect held their breath as an invisible pressure enveloped the entire Moon Watching Sect.

They naturally understood what Fairy Moonwatcher's refusal meant, and the price, most likely, was unbearable.

"The fairy sits on one side, but disregards the great justice?" Qin Yu asked coldly, then swept his gaze to the others and asked, "I believe that not all the people of the Hope Moon Clan are as ignorant as Fairy Hope Moon, is there anyone who would like to follow the Qin Dynasty and work together for a great cause?"

Many people's hearts trembled, before the Qin Dynasty destroyed the Willow Kingdom, they separated many princes and ministers of the Willow Kingdom, and it is said that today the Willow Kingdom is still being governed by those who were traitors to the Willow Kingdom.

Now, Qin Yu is clearly going to make a move on the Hope Moon Sect, asking if anyone is willing to follow the Qin Dynasty, which is trying to divide the Hope Moon Sect.

"Senior sister, Prince Qin's words are not unreasonable."

At this moment, someone opened his mouth and said, it was the pavilion master of Thousand Moon Pavilion, Yan Feihong, who was also Chu Yuyao's senior, she was of high seniority and was the senior sister of the Hope Moon Fairy.

The fairy of the moon looked at Yan Feihong, beautiful eyes with a few cold intent.

Yan Feihong's gaze flickered, not daring to look her in the eye, although she is the senior sister, but she is extremely outstanding, far superior to her, is extremely decisive character.

However, in the face of the Qin Dynasty's oppression, now the Hope Moon Sect simply has no other path to choose, she must think for herself.

"Senior Yan understands the great righteousness is rare and valuable, the Hope Moon Sect should have such a person as senior as the patriarch, is there anyone else?" Qin Yu continued to speak.

"Shut up."

The moon fairy swept a glance at the void of Qin Yu indifferently said, her words fell, the entire void is like a few chills.

The smile on Qin Yu's face was stagnant, his eyes gazing at the fairy of the moon below, the dragon spear in his hand, gulping true dragon shadow, surrounded by the tip of the spear.

The fairy of the moon stood up, clothes windless, although she is not young, but looks only about thirty, all over the body with a sense of cold, she was originally the Eastern Desert realm of the most beautiful, and still alone.

"Qin Yu, at the foot of the Heavenly Mountain, in front of Zhuge Hui, the second disciple of the Grass Hall, like a dog in mourning, how does it feel to have a long whip lashed on your body?" Hope Moon Fairy cold sarcastic laugh: "The person who killed your son Qin Li is Grass Hall Ye Futian, do not dare to go to ask for people, come to my Hope Moon Sect to flaunt, such a rat, also want to become the king of the Eastern Wasteland, do not you feel shame?"

If you want to go to war, there is no need to be polite, as the fairy of the moon, she is as clear and pure as a fairy, but it does not mean that there is no temper!