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Chapter 221 - The Sky at Eighteen

Time passes day by day, these days the palace of the king of Cang Ye has been very lively, from time to time there are hundred countries of the land of the son of heaven figures come to visit. www.shuyaya.cc

The six countries announced their submission, the dynasty has become a momentum, and no one dares to unite against the Cang Ye country, Ye Futian, Yu Sheng four people are now the top power disciples in the Eastern Desert realm, under the general trend, the rise of the Cang Ye country has been unstoppable, the only way to comply with the general trend.

Unknowingly, the end of the year of 10,000 years in the divine calendar is coming to an end.

On the last night of this year, the palace of the King of Cang Ye was brilliantly lit up, and in the palace of the Son of Heaven, the annual banquet was arranged.

Ye Tianzi, the Queen and the princes and princesses were all there, Ye Futian and the others were there, as well as Liu Feiyang and Liu Shengyu, making it extra lively.

"Come, all of you, have a drink together." At this moment, Ye Tianzi raised his cup, and all of them smiled and raised their cups to drink wine together.

"Somehow, it always feels as if a lot has happened this year, like many years have passed, it's very long." Ye Tianzi smiled and spoke, "I don't know if it's because I'm old and sentimental."

"I feel the same way." Hua Fengliu nodded and said, "Although I haven't done much this year, it's like I've experienced a lot."

"Teacher, you recovered from your injuries and married Aunt Tang, how can you say you didn't do anything." Ye Futian interjected with a smile.

"That's also true, mainly because I watched you kid go through too much." Hua Fengliu sighed.

"Seems like it." Ye Futian smiled, indeed he had this feeling.

Many great things had happened to him this year.

Escaping from East Sea City to Cang Ye Kingdom, attending the Feng Hua Banquet, then going to the Hearing Wind Banquet to observe the ceremony, then Luo Jun Lin entering the Hanging King Hall, the opening of the Draconic Realm, breaking into the Draconic Realm and returning.

Everything happened in just one year, it feels like too much has been experienced.

"The things in the world are really fickle." Yi Xiang also lamented: "Two days before the end of last year I was planning to wait until after the New Year to send Ye Futian and Yu Sheng and the others to the South Dou King City to attend the listening banquet, but then everything changed, but the good thing is that now it's all over, this boy Fu Tian is also quite competitive."

Hua Fengliu nodded his head, the end of last year was met with a disaster, close to the end of the world.

"It's rare to get a compliment from your old man." Ye Futian said with a smile, it's not easy to hear a compliment from Yi Xiang.

"Don't be complacent, Luo Tianzi is still alive, Luo Junlin will continue to cultivate in the Hanging King Hall, everything is not over yet, don't forget what Elder Qin has done for you, this revenge, in the future you have to personally go to revenge." Yi Xiang suddenly spoke again, the tone is somewhat serious, there is a need to combat Ye Futian, young and easy to be proud, Ye Futian's talent he naturally knows, unparalleled, but because of such talent, the heart must not be impetuous.

Ye Futian, need to always have a strong motivation to do so.

"I know." Ye Futian nodded seriously, thinking of the master grandfather, the playful demeanor seemed to disappear.

The people who forced Master Gong to die, Luo Tianzi, Hua Xiang, Nan Dou Family, and the East Sea School Palace all had a part to play, this account has not yet been settled, all remembered.

The news of the Cang Ye Kingdom should reach the East Sea City, I wonder how the 'big shots' of the Southern Dou Family and the East Sea Palace feel today? Will they still be as high and mighty as before?

"Father, let's not mention these things today." Yi Qingxuan spoke.

"Okay, don't mention it." Yi Xiang nodded: "Let's talk about you and Yu Shengxing."

"What are you talking about." Yi Qingxuan pretty face slightly red, suddenly Yi Xiang laughed.

"Time passes so quickly, in a flash, are eighteen years old." Hua Fengliu smiled at the young people in front of him, the events of the Qingzhou School Palace back then were still fresh in my mind, I didn't expect that so soon, they would have grown up.

Eighteen years old, they are no longer teenagers, they will also open a new life.

"Eighteen years old, father-in-law, when will you let Xieyu marry me?" Ye Futian said with a smile.

All the people's eyes looked at him with a smile, Nandu Wenyin said softly: "When I was in the Nandu family I made the decision to marry you, it's all yours, what's the hurry."

"Ah ......" Ye Futian blinked, then smiled and looked at Hua Jieyu and nodded seriously: "Senior Mother is right."

"Mother." Hua Xieyue saw Ye Futian's thieving smile and couldn't help but look at her mother, which would sell her daughter like this.

The people at the banquet looked at Ye Futian and Hua Xieyue, eighteen-year-old Ye Futian is already handsome, suave posture, Hua Xieyue is even more pavilion, compared to the Qingzhou City 15 or 16-year-old youthful her, eighteen-year-old Hua Xieyue, is already a real scourge-class beauty, the perfect inheritance of the face of Hua Fengliu and Nandu Wenyin in one, the body overflowing with the pure beauty of youth.

Such two people sitting together, it is like a picture scroll in front of the eyes of the people, they all silently bless them, only hope that they can do so in this life.

In a warm and cordial, the annual banquet ended, Ye Futian and his group of young people were ready to go out for a stroll.

The King Cang Ye City at the end of the year was bustling, more lively than when they were in Qing Zhou City.

"Dan Chen, Ling Shi, where are we going to wander around?" Walking in the busy streets of Cang Ye City, Ye Futian opened his mouth to Ye Dan Chen and the others and asked.

"Do you guys want to go swimming in the lake?" Ye Lingshi asked with a smile.

"Mm." Ye Futian nodded his head.

"I'll take you guys to Cang Ye Lake." Ye Lingshi smiled and then led the way, and after some moments, they arrived in front of the Cang Ye Lake.

At night, the lights were brilliant, the fireworks were splendid, and the lake was beautiful with boats and boats flowing incessantly.

"I'll go find the pleasure boats?" Ye Danchen spoke.

"You find it for them, I want to see the lake view with Xieyu right here." Ye Futian said with a smile.

"This is going to be a world for two." Liu Feiyang laughed, "It seems I'm a bit redundant, Wudu, you look after the sinking fish for me, I'll go back first."

After saying that, he really turned around and left.

"Then you guys play by yourselves, Ling Shi and I will wander around." Ye Dan Chen smiled and looked at Ye Futian and Hua Xieyu, then the two of them left this way together.

"Let's go swim in the lake and play." Yi Qingxuan pulled Yu Sheng away.

Ye Futian's gaze smiled at Ye Wuchen and Liu Shengyu both and just watched you guys quietly.

"A casual walk?" Liu Shengyu's beautiful eyes glared at Ye Futian, then said to Ye Wuchen.

"Good." Ye Wuchen nodded his head, and then the two of them left as well.

At the edge of the Cang Ye Lake, only Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu were left, but of course there were many tourists around, and some eyes would look at Ye Futian and the two of them, their temperament and face were too outstanding.

Some people also recognized Ye Futian and trembled in their hearts, this is the person who caused the situation in the land of 100 countries to change and made the top forces in the Eastern Wasteland gather together.

"Why does it feel like you have some kind of conspiracy?" Hua Jieyu's beautiful eyes looked at Ye Futian.

"Does it feel like déjà vu." Ye Futian smiled and said.

"Mm." Hua Xieyue nodded, back in Qingzhou City, it was this kind of scene, except that the Cang Ye country was even more lively.

Ye Futian stretched out his hand, took Hua Xieyu's hand, gazed at the scenery ahead, and smiled brightly, "So nostalgic, do you want to confess your love to me again?"

The beautiful eyes of Hua Xieyue blinked, then her pretty face reddened slightly, and her jade hand wanted to pull back from Ye Futian.

Ye Futian did not let her struggle away, tightly pulling her hand, head turned, gaze looked at the stunning face in front of him.

I saw Hua Xieyue glared at him, skipped his head, hummed lightly, but there was a shyness on his face, a touch of scarlet, moving the heart.

This guy, deliberately flirting with her.

When she was at Qingzhou Lake, she was the one who took the initiative to take Ye Futian's hand and establish a romantic relationship with him.

"Why is my family's demon spirit always so charming, I can't help but have my heart beat faster when I see you." Ye Futian said in a soft voice, Hua Xieyue's beautiful eyes looked at him for an instant, her pretty face got even redder, what's wrong with this guy today?

"Did you do something bad?" Hua Jieyu's beautiful eyes flashed and asked suspiciously.

Ye Futian's face darkened and said, "What bad thing can I do?"

"When you arrive at the Eastern Desert Realm and I'm not by your side, are you planning to do something bad?" Hua Jieyu said with a smile.

"I only have you in my eyes." Ye Futian said in a serious manner.

"Humph." Hua Xieyue gave a delicate hum and skipped her head, but her beautiful eyes showed a shallow brilliant smile, her heart was sweet, even if this guy was flowery, she was still willing to be cheated.

"You close your eyes." Ye Futian said again, Hua Xieyu's beautiful eyes looked at him, shyly said: "What do you want?"

Ye Futian stretched out his hands, tenderly encircled her slender waist, and his head moved a little closer.

The most important thing is that you can get a good idea of what you want to do.

Ye Futian's heart pounded, embracing Hua Xieyue's body, kissing his red lips, time was like standing still at this moment.

At this moment, Cang Ye Lake, countless fireworks soared into the air, blooming in the air.

Countless eyes looked up to the sky, looking at the blooming gorgeous fireworks, the sky is full of beauty.

"It's beautiful." Countless people marveled at why the fireworks bloomed so neatly and so gloriously.

On the path by the lake shore, Liu Shen Yu and Ye Wuchen were strolling and suddenly looked up to the sky, their footsteps involuntarily stopped.

"It's beautiful." Liu Shen Yu murmured, inwardly trembled.

Ye Wuchen looked at the fireworks, and then looked down at Liu Shen-yu, under the fireworks, at this time Liu Shen-yu is so charming.

Like feeling something like, Liu Shen Yu retracted his gaze, then saw Ye Wuchen looking at himself, could not help but feel his heart slightly jumped.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

The beautiful eyes of Hua Xieyue quietly opened, Ye Futian still kissed her, the sky fireworks gorgeous, as if for her and blooming.

This scene, she actually closed her eyes again, face, floating an incomparably moving brilliant smile.

Time, as if standing still.

The scroll, in this moment eternal!

ps: the end of this volume, the next chapter to open the eastern wilderness journey!