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Chapter 201 - Those who know me, explain my arrogance

At the top of Mirror Mountain, countless gazes looked at Ye Futian, looking at his arm that he raised once again.

The nine war drums have been beaten together, the heaven and earth shake, now he raised his hand again to beat, what can he do?

The terrifying power of the war drums swept through the body, the will of force, and the terrifying potential.

With this war drum, you can cultivate.

The rest of his life is here, the will of the king marquis metamorphosis, the birth of medium king marquis qi.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

Under the gaze of all the people, Ye Futian's arm went towards the war drum.

The war drum, struck.


A sound of thunder exploded, and in this instant, the sound of the battle drum and the will became one.

Above the vault of the sky, the dragon roars, thunder and lightning dance wildly, it actually turns into a terrifying thunder storm, sweeping the vast space.

In the void, it turned into a world of thunder, with a thunder dragon dancing.

Under this terrifying vision, there was incomparably terrifying light of thunder rushing into Ye Futian's body, cleansing his body, and he was bathed in thunder, just like a thunder god.

The drums sounded, ten blasts.

Thunder appeared and thunder dragons danced.

Above the steps of Mirror Mountain, the people who were going down stopped in their steps and looked up to the sky, a terrifying thunder shone overhead.

Tang Ye footsteps stopped once again, looking at the vision above, his expression finally no longer calm, unable to do the clouds lightly.

Who is it that makes the drums sound ten times?

Not only Tang Ye, on the stairs, many people stopped in their tracks, and ripples arose inside.

Even Xiao Wuji, looking at the scene in the void, his eyes also showed a strange color.

This tenth sound, louder than the first nine.

The thunder above the sky gradually dispersed, the sound of drums still echoed between heaven and earth.

At the top of Mirror Mountain, the gazes of all the people now became grave, looking in the direction of the battle drums, gazing at the white-clothed figure, who was washed by the thunder, as if under unparalleled pressure, as if his body was about to explode, his will collapsed.

However, he still stands steadily, as if he will never fall down.

The drums will rest, once the drums dissipate, everything will start again.

At that moment, in the field of view of all people, they saw Ye Futian's arm, once again raised.

For the eleventh time, the arm was raised.

At this moment, many people's hearts trembled.

Above Ye Futian's arm, it was no longer the power of thunder, but, an incomparable golden glow, faintly transformed into a golden-winged roc bird, and the power of a terrifying will was incorporated into it, and then, towards the war drum, it struck.

"Bang ......"

Nine war drums sounded together, as if the waves beat the shore, the golden light shot straight to the clouds, the sky above, regenerated a vision, as if the figure of the golden-winged roc bird, hovering in the void.

The sound of this drum, but also fiercely hit the hearts of the people.

The eleventh sound.

Liu Shen Yu, Princess of the Liu Kingdom, and Gu Bi Yue, the demoness of the Dao Demon Sect, all gazed at the proudly standing figure, and at this moment he seemed to have transformed into another person, like the one who played the zither before, like an emperor, unbeatable.

At this moment, he and the previous cynical him, who is the real him?

At this moment, Liu Shen Yu remembered Ye Wuchen's words before, and a strange feeling arose.

Could it be ......

But she still couldn't believe it, yet that beating of the war drum was really happening in front of her eyes.

Lin Yueyao's beautiful eyes looked at Ye Futian, this guy, did he finally start?

Sure enough, those who ignore him will eventually know what kind of a bastard this guy really is.

In the direction of the Floating Cloud Sword Sect, Li Daoyun's eyes suddenly became incomparably sharp, Ye Futian, what is he doing? He is following Xiao Wuji's example and wants to enter the top power of the Eastern Desert Realm?

Above the stairs, Tang Ye gazed at Xiao Wuji beside him, and the other party also looked at him.

"Go take a look?" Tang Ye said.

"Mm." Xiao Wuji nodded, and the two of them turned around, striding upward with great speed.

Not only them, but above the steps, many people went and returned, walking towards the top of the mountain again.

When they arrived at the top of the stairs and stood at the edge of the Mirror Mountain summit, they could see the figure in the distance.

He was bathed in endless golden light, and his body looked like it was going to be torn apart by that terrifying storm, and his whole body was submerged.

However, they still saw who he was.

That was Ye Futian, the guy that Hua Qingchi had given a chance to, but didn't know how to cherish it.

He was still the fanatic, foolish person without self-awareness that Tang Ye had described.

Hua Qingchi and Tang Ye's eyes both showed a few odd colors, how could it be him?

The people of Qin Dynasty and Hanging King Hall, on the other hand, had sharp eyes and a strange glint in their eyes.

This person, it seems, is the one who came to hear about, taking the Qi of the strongest person of the Floating Cloud Sword Sect, sounding victory over the Dao Demon Sect demoness Gu Biyue, and taking the demoness as his maid.

His talent, it seems, is stronger than imagined.

Could it be that on this trip, there could be an unexpected harvest?

Just then, they saw Ye Futian raise his arm once again, and he had to beat the drum.

Even though he was under such a terrible attack of will, he still didn't give up.

At this moment, Ye Futian clearly felt the terror of the will pouring in, and at the same time, also experienced how terrifying its quenching of the will power was.

Nine war drums, the drums can sound nine times, however, after the nine sounds, is the true meaning of the war drums.

But the top of the mirror mountain, the battle drum relics, people who can sound nine are few and far between, are rare demons, after the ninth sound, even extremely demonic characters, are subjected to incomparably terrifying will oppressive force, including the previous Yu Sheng, and everyone believes that nine sounds, is the completion.

Under such circumstances and misunderstandings, who will continue to ring the tenth sound? Who can ring the tenth sound?

Even as strong as his will, he clearly felt the horrible tearing sensation, the tenth sound, he was under unparalleled pressure, the eleventh sound, his will seemed to collapse to destruction.

However, he still did not give up, did not want to give up, he felt the great benefit, felt the baptism of the will, metamorphosis.

After the ninth sound, each sound, it was a monstrous qi.

Thus, he struck the twelfth sound.

Another thunderclap, heaven and earth trembled in unison, and the hearts of all people shook along with the battle drum, as if infected by it.

This time, it was the will of flame.

"Thunder, gold, and fire." The hearts of the people trembled, Ye Futian, had already displayed multiple attribute talents, each time he beat the drum, it was the blossoming of one attribute talent.

Before, Xiao Wuji was all attributes.

Now, Ye Futian, is he too?

The monstrous flame will rushed into Ye Futian's body, wanting to burn his will out, at this time Ye Futian used the emperor's will to protect his will from extinction, but still suffered unparalleled pain.

However, his body still stands steadily.

Not just for cultivation.

What did he set foot in the Desolate Ancient Realm with the Realm of Glory for?

Because of his low realm and weakness, Luo Tianzi deceived him, and an edict made him despair.

He went to the Cang Ye country, the first in the Feng Hua ranking, and then showed his sharpness at the listening banquet, Luo Tian Zi still wanted to kill him strongly, Luo Jun Lin entered the Hall of Hanging Kings, and was unbeatable.

At the right time, the Desolate Ancient Realm opened.

So, he came, he could not afford to wait.

He set foot in the Desolate Ancient Realm and traveled all the way, and finally, came to Desolate City, to the top of Mirror Mountain.

He wanted to prove himself here, and he wanted to choose the top clan power in the Eastern Desolate Realm to join here.

The only way, Luo Tianzi in front of him, there is no arrogance qualification, Luo Junlin in front of him, no longer can be unrestrained.

Mirror Mountain Peak, he has absolute confidence in himself, only waiting for the time to mature.

At this time, the forces gathered at the top of Mirror Mountain, it is the right time.

However, Hua Qingchi said to him that if he missed the opportunity, he would never have it again.

Tang Ye of the academy called him stupid and without self-awareness.

In contrast, Xiao Wuji, with all eyes on him, all the people of the top powers were waiting for him to pick his clan.

Eastern Wasteland Realm, all the top powers, at his choice.

Since this is the case, then, he will tell all people who he is, he will let the people of the top forces in the Eastern Wasteland Realm see, his style.

Xiao Wuji broke the record that no one can match?

Then, he will break it.

He knew that at this moment, at the top of Mirror Mountain, everyone was looking at him.

This moment, his body white robe fluttering, flying long hair, as if reflecting his openness.

Arms, once again raised.

Out of his mouth, a voice slowly exhaled.

"He who knows me, unravels my arrogance!"

The voice fell, the drums sounded, heaven and earth trembled together, the sound wave swept the sky.

Those who know me, understand my arrogance!

The sound wave swept through the sky and shook the eardrums of all the people, along with the sound of the drums, which lasted for a long time, as if to be burned into their minds.

However, this is still not the end.

Ye Futian's arm, which was beating the war drum, was raised once again.

"Those who don't know me, what's the harm in abandoning them!"


The vault of the sky shook, and the blowing of the terrifying storm hit the bodies of the people, as if there was an incomparably domineering wind.

At the top of the mountain, the people's clothes were hunting, yet inside, they were trembling wildly.

That a voice, too shocking.

Those who know me, understand my arrogance.

Those who do not know me, why not abandon it.

What arrogance, what verve.

This is him, Ye Futian.

Is it over?

Still not, the arm raised and knocked down, the sound of the drums shook the sky, the heaven and earth trembled madly, but the two figures, as if eternal.

Finally, along with the sixteenth drum trembling, an unparalleled storm of will madly rushed towards Ye Futian, nine battle drums trembled together, the terrifying will in them, pouring into Ye Futian's mind.

"Boom." With a loud sound, the first battle drum exploded.

"Boom, boom, boom ......"

The nine battle drums, under the shocked eyes of all people, exploded and shattered continuously, each time, it was that thrilling.

Finally, the nine war drums exploded and shattered together, turning into dust.

Only the absolute figure, still standing there steadily, the light enveloped his body, this moment of Ye Futian, his back seems to become incomparably great.

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