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Chapter 195 - Daoist Heart Planting Demon Song (Second Shift)

The sound symbols turned into xiao, Gu Biyue put it on top of her red lips and slowly blew it, at once, there was a wonderful xiao sound coming out, just for a moment, this xiao sound was going to substitute people into the wonderful mood. www.shuyaya.cc

"So beautiful."

Although Gu Biyue has the title of devil girl, but that is because of her acting style, in fact, at this time, her red lips blowing, elegant beyond compare, the sound of the xiao is wonderful, long hair flying, white skirt fluttering, just like an earthly fairy, body permeated with a charming intent, let people intoxicated.

Many people are also the first time to see the devil woman Gu Biyue, see her at this moment, eyes like to fall into, unable to extricate themselves, as if their eyes, only in front of the woman alone.

"It really is the devil woman." Ji Zi Mo eyes flashed a blazing intent, Liu Shen Yu and Gu Bi Yue, two different styles of beauty, both heartwarming, plus their identity, if you can get one, is indeed a wonderful thing.

Especially at this moment, the devil girl blowing, the charm is even greater, however Ji Zimo understands that this is because the people are affected by the mood of the xiao sound.

The Daoist Heart Seeding Demon Song is derived from the Daoist Heart Seeding Demon Technique, which is extremely powerful with a thousand variations.

Only the most core disciples can practice it, and the demoness has an extraordinary status in the Dao Demon Sect, so she can practice it.

On top of the mountain, except for the sound of the xiao, it is as if there is no other sound, countless gazes towards this side, this moment I do not know how many people are fascinated by the charm of the magical girl.

The person is beautiful and so is the sound of the blowjob.

The people at the top of the mountain were all plagued by the sound of the xiao, not to mention Ye Futian.

At this moment he stood opposite Gubi Yue, the endless notes kept drifting into his mind, containing the power of his will, however, unlike what he thought, this power of his will did not attack him, but burned a picture in his mind, it was the figure of the demoness Gubi Yue, she was like an earthly immortal, to be planted in his mind, planted inside his will.

The beautiful sound of the xiao was intoxicating, and the fairy-like figure was even more intoxicating. At this moment, it was as if his mind was completely occupied by the figure of Gu Biyue, the fairy-like person, as if she was going to turn into an imprint, branded into his mind, making him unable to extricate himself.

He couldn't help but feel admiration, not about love and lust, but purely, treating that figure as the most important part of his life.

"Dao heart seeding devil song." Ye Futian's heart secretly said, so clever means, than some good charm seducer means too powerful, Gu Biyue said, as long as he can hold on, then count her loss, it seems that this so-called hold on, also and he understood a little different.

He is likely, in a song will sink.

This tactic is even somewhat similar to the ability to harness the beast's life-soul that Emperor Ye Qing has bestowed upon him, with similarities and differences.

This devil woman, indeed, was digging a pit for him to jump into.

Unfortunately, the person he met was him.

On the level of will, no one in the Desolate Ancient Realm could beat him, and it was naturally impossible for him to be affected by the demoness Gu Biyue.

The sound of the xiao became more and more beautiful, many people heard for the first time that someone could play the xiao sound so beautifully, even though the magical girl was only targeting Ye Futian, many people around still had some signs of falling faintly from those who were not strong-willed, looking at the magical girl with endless admiration, as if that was the fairy they needed to watch over.

With the sound of xiao constantly into the ears, Ye Futian seems to be obsessed with Gu Bi Yue, however, he is strong-willed, but at the moment in his mind appears another figure, it has been a long time since I saw the goblin.

Thinking of his beloved one, his face hung with a light smile, constantly expelling the imprint branded by Gubi Yue.

The beautiful eyes of Gu Biyue, who was blowing, gazed at Ye Futian, only to see the bright smile that was hanging on that handsome face, like seeing her most beloved woman, sunshine and beautiful.

But she was not smug, it was not because of the sound of her xiao, Ye Futian did not see her to reveal such a smile.

Under the beautiful sound of his own blowjob, what he remembered, surprisingly, was other women.

Were they the two beautiful women standing not far behind him?

Thinking of this, the will of the demoness Gu Biyue frantically merged into the notes, and the xiao sound seemed to become more beautiful, yet Ye Futian remained unmoved.

Gradually, the sound of the xiao changed, no longer beautiful, but became incomparably domineering.

This transformation was like invisible, the throbbing domineering notes rushed directly into Ye Futian's will, forcibly interrupting his fantasy images, and the figure of Hua Jieyu, too, seemed to keep disappearing in Ye Futian's mind, being forcibly erased.

At this moment, the figure of the demoness Gu Biyue was no longer a fairy figure, but like a majestic and domineering goddess, radiant and unbeatable, she forcibly descended into Ye Futian's mind, to plant her mark, so that Ye Futian could not erase her figure and submit to her feet.

In the illusory image, Ye Futian looked up at Gu Biyue in the void, who was as unbeatable as a supreme goddess, blowing a xiao sound, wanting to make him submit.

The figure of Hua Jieyu in his mind, gradually dispersed, was forcibly erased, allowing only the figure of her Gu Biyue.

Outside, the feeling of the people also changed, also affected by the sound of xiao.

As for Ye Futian's body, his clothes were hunting, his black hair was flying, as if he was suffering from an extremely terrifying oppression of will.

Ye Futian's eyes became extremely sharp, want him to submit? Erase the figure of Xieyue?

His will became even stronger, took a step forward, came to a zither made of musical notes, and spoke: "It is not a gift to come, I will send a song to you too."

Ye Futian stroked the zither with both hands, his will merged into the musical note, his hands plucked the strings, and the sound of the zither suddenly came out along with the sound of the xiao.

In just a moment, one could feel a sense of atmosphere.

The two will notes collided in the void, and an invisible storm converged and was born.

The xiao sound was domineering, wanting to erase everything in Ye Futian's mind and plant the figure of the demoness Gu Biyue.

The zither sound is atmospheric, like an emperor, guarding the figure in his mind, the rivers and mountains are like paintings, how can it beat the little vermilion between her eyebrows.

This terrifying zither sound, gradually seeped into the eardrums of the devil woman, the domineering figure of the goddess will be obliterated, want to make her submit to the feet.

The zither song is under the world, and with his own perception and understanding of the zither sound, Ye Futian perfected this song, making it even more perfect and born to fit the mood.

"Surprisingly, it's fighting back." The people were somewhat shocked looking at the scene in front of them, the demoness Gu Biyue's dao heart seeding demon song, surprisingly slow to take Ye Futian down, whether it was fairy-like gentleness, or goddess-like dominance, like they were not able to break Ye Futian's will, and now, he was fighting back with the zither sound.

This instant Ye Futian's aura seems to have changed as well, an invisible imperial aura pervades his body, as if he was born a king, a magnificent man.

The collision of zither and xiao sounds, the clash of emperor and goddess, for a moment, that area of sound endless notes are frantically storming, the aura on both of them is getting stronger and stronger.

Dao heart seeding devil song, this moment the goddess became incomparably strong, Ye Futian's mind appeared endless her figure.

The zither song of the world, equally domineering, at this moment Ye Futian is like a real emperor, the will of the zither song descends into the mind of the demoness Gu Biyue, to make her submissive.

"What a strong force of will." The people looked at the terrifying storm of musical notes, and the two people actually fought against each other, neither one refused to give up half a step, and they were evenly divided.

Could it be that this duel would be a draw?

However, Gu Biyue had said that as long as Ye Futian could hold out during her xiao song, she would be considered to have lost.

And the bet between the two, as long as the magical girl loses, she will be the maid of honor.

Although she does not fulfill Ye Futian also can not take her, however, in front of so many people, is ultimately a very humiliating thing.

Just at this moment, the xiao in Gu Biyue's mouth turned into endless musical notes and went towards Ye Futian's mind, she communicated the musical notes directly with her will and spat out a voice from her mouth, "Who is occupying your mind?"

With her posture and temperament, and with the Dao Heart Seeding Demon Song, even a person with a strong will would fall, not to mention Ye Futian was only a person of the lower Dharma Realm, whose figure he seemed to be guarding all the time.

Ye Futian looked at Gu Biyue with a smile and said, "Admit defeat?"

"Admit defeat?" Gu Biyue smiled lightly and said, "There's just no way to beat you in terms of will."

She said, Ye Futian held on, even if she lost.

"Like that?" Ye Futian smiled, "What if I told you that I haven't really started to play yet?"

Ye Futian's words caused Demoness Gu Biyue to reveal a strange look, and then laughed and said, "You're so arrogant yet."

With that, the xiao sound remained the same, and the Dao heart seeding demon song attacked again.

Ye Futian also smiled and continued to play, his aura seemed to change again, transforming into an absolute emperor, this instant, the figure of Gu Biyue in his mind frantically exploded and disappeared, at the same time, a will that was difficult to resist descended into Gu Biyue's mind, forcibly interrupting her Dao Heart Seeding Demon Song.

The powerful spiritual power of Gu Biyue erupted, which avoided the will to be suppressed, the xiao sound stopped, her beautiful eyes looked at Ye Futian, the emperor-like figure slowly stopped with ten fingers, smiling, as if it was the only one in the world.

The eyes of all people are frozen there, shocked at the two figures.

Not a tie.

Demoness Gu Biyue, defeated.

The battle of wills, the dao heart devil song, defeated by the opponent's zither sound.

Liu Shen Yu's beautiful eyes gazed at Ye Futian's figure, she remembered what Ye Wuchen said to her before, now it seems that Ye Futian and Yu Sheng's talent, is definitely also top notch, really not under Ye Wuchen, each specializing in different areas.

He actually faced Gu Biyue's Dao Heart Seeding Demon Song head-on and defeated the other side.

And what is really alarming is that he is only at the second stage Dharma realm and already has such a strong will, as well as the aura he had when he played the zither song just now, as if he was an emperor on earth.

Such a person, naturally, will not be willing to follow others.

The fact that Gu Biyue and Ji Zimo wanted Ye Futian to follow them and become their subordinates, it is no wonder that Ye Futian would fight back and make Gu Biyue his maid of honor.

Ye Futian looked at the lost demoness Gu Biyue and said with a smile, "From now on you are my person."

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