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Chapter 131 - Hearing Wind Banquet Convened (Four Times)

Ye Futian and his group were approaching the direction of the high platform, at this moment, only to hear a cold voice: "Ye Futian."

At this time, the surrounding crowd is extremely chaotic, so Ye Futian did not notice the people of the Nandu family until this cold cry, he turned his gaze, and saw the people of the Nandu family, Nandu Kui was in the crowd, his expression was incomparably cold, full of killing thoughts.

The people of the Nandu family did not have any nonsense, and their spells came out directly towards Ye Futian.

This small area of space is like frozen, the South Dou family people look at the figure that appeared in front of Ye Futian, the gaze reveals a shock, Ye Futian beside the protection of such a strong person, could not be when the East Sea City South Dou family strong people missing and this person related?

Before Ye Futian suddenly appeared in view, they did not think much at all, their first thought was to take down Ye Futian, but at this moment, seeing such a powerful figure appear, they seemed to have sobered up a bit, Ye Futian, why did he dare to appear at the listening banquet?

"You guys don't rush, sooner or later I will go to the South Dou Family in East Sea City." Ye Futian lightly swept a glance at the people of the Nan Dou family, then continued to step forward, did not entangle, Jing Yu naturally could not kill people in the place where the listening banquet was held.

The people of the Southern Dou family stood motionless, looking at the handsome figure that left, no one chased, they could naturally feel Jing Yu's power.

"What is going on?" Ye Futian's appearance was really a bit bizarre, but they really couldn't figure out, the Son of Heaven held a listening banquet, why did Ye Futian dare to come? Even if Jing Yu was strong, but no matter how strong he was, he couldn't possibly resist the Son of Heaven of the Southern Dou Kingdom, which was a king and marquis realm existence, and there was only this one person in the entire Southern Dou Kingdom.

In fact, only the Luo clan would pay attention to the neighboring countries, so it was impossible for the Nandu clan to know that Ye Futian was coming with another emperor.

Many royal palace guards appeared to maintain order and stood around the nine battle platforms. In front of them, a vast number of powerful people descended, with palace guards opening the way and princes and nobles standing on both sides to welcome them.

In the direction of the royal palace, a vast line of figures striding towards this side, led by four people standing together seemingly chatting first, like good friends, these four people are unparalleled in popularity, the noisy space became quiet for a while, everyone's eyes all look towards the figure that appeared.

They knew that Luo Tianzi was there, but the other three, who are they?

Four figures came to the front bleachers, each according to a side to sit down, seemingly of equal status, more than many people were shocked.

"Today, the Southern Dou Country Hearing Wind Banquet is held, and we have specially invited the sons of Cang Ye Country, Yun Chu Country, and Great Yan Country to come and watch the ceremony, so that we can enjoy the elegance of our Southern Dou Country's descendants' heavenly pride. Luo Tianzi opened his mouth with a smile and introduced the visitors.

At once the vast crowd was in an uproar, the South Dou country except for one side of the sea, the other three bordering countries of the heavenly sons arrived, came to listen to the wind banquet to observe the ceremony.

This time, there were four sons of heaven and four kings of the realm of existence.

At this time, the four sons of heaven below, one after another to go to the seat, the South Dou country Luo Tianzi left and right, Prince Luo Junlin and other princes and princesses arrived, but only Luo Junlin can sit next to Luo Tianzi, the status can be seen.

The direction of the next head, is the left and right phase of the country, the left phase of the eyes now seems to be no longer the brightness of the past, as if all things have ceased to care, Huaxiang is radiant, although the East China Sea City matter is not done, but the left phase fell, for him is the greatest joy.

Jing Yu and Ye Futian and their group walked towards the direction where Ye Tianzi was, as people from the Cang Ye Kingdom, they naturally followed the Cang Ye Kingdom's Tianzi.

The people from the Nandu Family had been paying attention to Ye Futian, and when they saw that Ye Futian not only did not avoid the sight of Luo Tianzi, but instead walked towards that side, some people vaguely guessed something and trembled slightly inside.

"Isn't that Ye Futian and Yu Sheng?" Among the vast crowd, there were some great powers from East Sea City who froze at the sight of Ye Futian's figure.

The people from the East Sea Academy naturally also noticed it, Yan Shao frowned, what was going on?

His eyes looked at Luo Tianzi as well as Hua Xiang, Luo Tianzi and Hua Xiang looked like they didn't care at all, as if they already knew about it.

Zhuo Qing and other disciples of the East Sea Academy Palace had different eyes after seeing Ye Futian, Lin Xiyue of course also saw it, her beautiful eyes were frozen in place, how could she have never thought that she would be able to see Ye Futian at the listening banquet.

Ye Futian and others walked step by step to the forefront until they came below Ye Tianzi, the hearts of the people of the Nandu family thumped and trembled fiercely, as if they had understood something.

The reason why Ye Futian dared to appear in the Southern Dou Kingdom was because, with the backing of a princely figure, the Son of Heaven of the Cang Ye Kingdom.

The eyes of the people of the East Sea Academy became extremely wonderful, dumbfounded, looking at the figure of Ye Futian slowly sitting down.

Ye Futian, went to the Cang Ye country?

Only a month or so, Ye Futian fled the South Dou country directly to the enemy country Cang Ye country, and was rewarded by the emperor, and now actually returned on the day of the hearing banquet, but not to attend the hearing banquet, but came to observe the ceremony.

Zhuo Qing's heart instantly a little cold, he came to attend the listening banquet, I do not know if he can release the light, and Ye Futian, has sat beside the Son of Heaven, although not Luo Tianzi.

Yan Shao glanced at Zhuo Qing beside him, then looked at another person and spoke, "Tianhao, that person is the person you've been wanting to meet, Fate Soul Twin, full attribute genius Ye Futian, can you beat him?"

Yun Tianhao gazed at Ye Futian's figure, in fact he had long noticed Ye Futian, because they knew each other, but they knew each other when they were still teenagers, in Qingzhou School Palace, the two fought, as the top genius of Black Amazing School Palace, he actually lost to Ye Futian, then he went out to train for school, and stepped into the East Sea School Palace earlier this year, once he entered the school palace, he caused the school palace to shake.

Then he heard about another name, Ye Futian's name, a name he always kept in his heart.

"I will defeat him." Yun Tianhao slowly spoke, Fate Soul Dual Birth, full attribute? So this was his entire talent.

Zuo Xiang, who was sitting below Luo Tianzi, looked over to Ye Futian's side, and then glanced at Ye Tianzi, with a feeling of despondency in his heart.

After the trip to Qingzhou City, he appreciated Ye Futian not only for himself, but also for the future of the Luo royal family, however, the king's heart is hard to predict, they actually guessed that they had a rebellious intention, that Ye Futian had a king's destiny and would threaten the Luo royal family, after that, a decree arrived in the East China Sea, everything was irreversible, and he was no longer trusted after he returned because he forced himself to go to the East China Sea City.

If he is Luo Tianzi, will certainly kill Ye Futian at all costs, even if Ye Tianzi's anger will be a lot of people die, but better than the future of the royal family overthrow strong, only Luo Tianzi is unlikely to do so.

The fact is that although Luo Tianzi will believe in destiny, trust him, but the truth is not all believe, he is headstrong, think that as the son of heaven, the king of the realm of the strong, change the destiny and what is considered.

The left minister naturally will not persuade Luo Tianzi, even if he can persuade him, he will never again offer a plan for Luo Tianzi, of course, he also understands that he never want to leave, Luo Tianzi do not use him, but will not let him go, the reason for not killing him, but also just because there is no crime, Luo Tianzi many ministers are his excavation and promotion, if there is no reason to kill him this left minister, will let many people's hearts chill.

"I heard that not long ago, the Cang Ye country wind and China banquet ended, they are the heavenly pride on the wind and China list, right?" Chu Tianzi of the Yun Chu Kingdom smiled as he gazed at Ye Futian and the others.

"The top ten people on the Feng Hua Ranking, my righteous daughter had something that prevented her from coming." Ye Tianzi smiled and said.

"In my Great Yan country, people with outstanding talent and strong cultivation have the opportunity to be appreciated, and even become marquis and minister, from generation to generation, this system has long been deeply rooted in people's hearts, people all over the world trust my Great Yan royal family, to this day, as long as good children will emerge on their own, there is no need to hold those boring banquets, I have been curious, your once every few years banquet, can really select great I've always been curious. The emperor of Great Yan also said, his gaze lightly swept a glance at the people below Ye Tianzi.

The words even included Luo Tianzi, who was holding a banquet to listen to the wind, but Luo Tianzi did not seem to care, but only smiled lightly and said: "Different countries have different methods, but the same purpose, and today invited several people to come here to observe the ceremony, whether there is a top of the heavenly pride emerge, you can watch."

"Moreover, several of you have also brought their descendants here, if you are interested, you can also let them go up to try, I do not mind." Luo Tianzi continued.

The people brought by the sons of Yun Chu and Great Yan were indeed young descendants, the most outstanding and proud figures from Yun Chu and Great Yan, and they were brought here to observe the wind banquet to see how the dazzling genius figures of other countries were like.

Now, the Hearing Wind Banquet had not been officially held yet, and there was no telling what dazzling figures would appear, but Ye Futian and the others went to attract the attention of the geniuses of the two countries, and from time to time there would be gazes towards Ye Futian and the others.

Just at this time, Luo Tianzi stood up and said to the endless figures in the distance, "Today the Hearing Wind Banquet is held, the four great sons of heaven are watching this event, everything that follows is in your hands, I look forward to watching you show your supreme style!"

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