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Chapter 113 - Night Banquet (10 more)

Bai Qiu now is already a Dharma phase realm qin mage, Ye Futian now only seven-star glory realm, a year or two if you can catch up with today's Bai Qiu, it is very rare. www.shuyaya.cc

The most important thing is that you should be able to get into the zither sect to practice.

Ye Futian looked at Bai Qiu with a somewhat odd expression, this is the second time he issued an invitation to himself, the first time is to let himself do his piano child, the second time although more optimistic about him, but the tone of voice in fact still have a sense of superiority, another year or two, not necessarily weaker than the current him?

Need a year or two? Moreover, you must enter the qin sect to do so?

He just wanted to refuse, but heard a rough voice come out, "Can you shut up?"

The eyes of the people turned, then looked at the black wind eagle in the void on the back of Yu Sheng, his gaze across the air coldly looking at Bai Qiu, last time let Ye Futian to be his qin child, Yu Sheng is very upset, now unexpectedly once again show that superiority, simply can not bear.

In other people's eyes perhaps this is Bai Qiu's recognition of Ye Futian, that is based on the psychology that they all think Bai Qiu is superior to Ye Futian, but Yu Sheng is the opposite of them, for Yu Sheng, Bai Qiu's words are simply an insult to Ye Futian, and this is undoubtedly something that he cares about extremely much.

Many people looked at Yu Sheng with some surprise, and the people of the Qin Clan looked slightly unattractive, Bai Qiu is now the representative figure of their descendants in the Qin Clan, and when the disciples of the Qin Clan walk outside, Bai Qiu represents the face of the Qin Clan.

In their opinion, Bai Qiu was admiring Ye Futian and took the initiative to invite him into the Qin Clan, yet he was rebuked by Yu Sheng like this.

"Although your talent is not weak and your power is very strong, but to talk like that is a bit unaware of what is right and wrong." Bai Qiu did not reply, and a disciple of the Qin Sect beside him spoke coldly.

"Get lost." Yu Sheng spat out one word, coldly opened his mouth, not bothering to say more nonsense.

"You ......" The Qin Sect disciple's eyes narrowed as he stared at Yu Sheng, surprisingly so arrogant and rude.

"This guy, speaks as wildly as he does when he fights." All of them looked at Yu Sheng one by one, that is the people of the Qin Sect, as well as the genius disciple of the Qin Sect's Dharma Phase Realm, Bai Qiu, Yu Sheng can really be said to not give any face.

Bai Qiu also looked at Yu Sheng, then smiled and looked at Ye Futian and said, "I asked myself some good intentions, if you are not interested then so be it, but however, the wind and the feast, before the eyes of the son of heaven, your friend is not a bit ignorant of etiquette."

Ye Futian's pupils were slightly closed, this Bai Qiu's words concealed heart, actually pointed to Yu Sheng disrespect the Son of Heaven.

The first time I looked up at Bai Qiu, Ye Futian smiled and said, "Can you shut up?"

The words were the same as Yu Sheng's.

Not to mention that Yu Sheng is angry because of him, even if Yu Sheng really has any fault, when facing outsiders, his position is simply not in doubt, not to mention that he himself also looks at Bai Qiu some displeasure.

Vast space, many people are looking at Ye Futian, these few people, really interesting ah.

Bai Qiu and the qin clan disciples were actually blocked speechless by Ye Futian's sentence, although Bai Qiu's face still contains a smile, but all people can see the smile awkward.

"See you at the Feng Hua banquet." Bai Qiu spoke coldly, without saying anything more.

Ye Futian did not care, he and Hua Jieyu had the wind on them, the two bodies flew up in the air, then landed on the black wind eagle, Ye Futian glared at Yu Sheng, this guy, know how to keep a low profile?

Yu Sheng full of care grin, some naive, which has just the rage.

The battle continues, there are constantly people fighting, emerged many talented people, as time passes a little, the seven-star glory realm people fighting the end, followed by the battle of the stronger realm, eight-star glory realm, nine-star glory realm, the battle is more and more intense, emerged more and more heavenly figures.

Regardless of talent, it is obvious that if you have a high realm, you are more likely to be noticed by the Son of Heaven at the Feng Hua Banquet.

Ye Futian, who had been watching the battle quietly on the back of the Black Wind Eagle, said secretly that the Feng Hua Banquet was worthy of being a feast where the geniuses of the Cang Ye Kingdom gathered, and some of them were indeed very dazzling.

He noticed an eight-star glory realm person, a woman, beautiful, pure and moving, even compared to Lin Yueyao, who has the reputation of the first beauty of the Cang Ye country, her face is not much inferior.

The reason why Ye Futian noticed her was because the woman's profession was a summoner and an engraver, and both talents were displayed in the painting at the same time when fighting.

Her name was Painting Zhixin, and she seemed to be very famous when she appeared with all eyes and many people talking about it.

Of course, the appearance of Lin Yueyao, the number one beauty of the Cang Ye country, received more attention than her because of her higher face value.

In addition to the two of them, there were also some Glory Realm figures emerging, but they were not as attention-grabbing as the two supreme beauties.

When the battle of the Glory Realm level people was over, it was almost dusk, and after that, it was the battle of the Dharma Realm people.

There are obviously not as many people at the Dharma phase realm level as there are at the Glory realm, there are only hundreds of them, and more of them are at the first-order Dharma phase realm.

The Dharma phase level battle is far more violent than the glory level, many Dharma phase bloom, the people only feel some dazzling, especially the chaotic battle, the scene is simply thrilling, each battle is a blood boiling.

Ye Futian also paid more attention to the Dharma phase realm battles, and he also paid attention to Bai Qiu's battles.

The reason why Bai Qiu is so proud, indeed has the capital of pride, when fighting on the side of playing the zither, no one can even come close to it, until it became the most dazzling existence in the battle he was involved in.

In addition to Bai Qiu, the Cang Ye Academy has several strong disciples of the Dharma Realm, and a talented young man known as the Little King, whose mastery of swordplay was an eye-opener, Ye Futian remembered the other party's name, Ye Wuchen, the same surname as him.

Finally, when all the battles fell out of favor, the over ten thousand people who participated in today's Feng Hua Banquet, only two hundred or so eventually passed and were able to continue to participate in the subsequent battles.

At this time, night fell, without realizing it, it was already dark, but the lights outside the royal palace still illuminated this space of the Fenghua Terrace to.

I saw the Son of Heaven stand up from his throne, at once all the people got up, only to see a figure beside the Son of Heaven stepping out, smiling and saying: "His Majesty is hosting a banquet in the King's Palace today, all those who pass please follow His Majesty into the Palace."

The people nodded gently, since it was called the Feng Hua Banquet, naturally there was a banquet, apart from the battle, those geniuses who really performed outstandingly were able to enjoy the dinner together with His Majesty, which was equivalent to being summoned by the Son of Heaven.

Thus in this round, only screening geniuses, one in a hundred, more than ten thousand people only two hundred people left.

Ye Futian and the others moved backwards and came to Hua Fengliu and the others and spoke, "Teacher, let's go to the king's palace first and then go back to the inn after the banquet."

"Go ahead." Hua Fengliu smiled and nodded, not worrying about anything, the emperor of Cangye Kingdom was enlightened and held the Feng Hua banquet just to tap talents, he naturally didn't worry about Ye Futian and the others in the king's palace.

The three of them went towards the royal palace, the son of the gods went first in a whisked car, and someone else took the others there.

After passing the Fenghua Terrace, there was the Fenghua Gate of the royal palace, followed by a straight avenue of the royal palace.

The buildings in the palace were in their own style, and the people were taken to a king's garden with beautiful surroundings, and the atmosphere was elegant.

The Queen and the Son of Heaven were already waiting here, and all of them came forward to salute.

"No need to be formal, just treat it as a family banquet, feel free to sit down." The Son of Heaven smiled and said, then he and the Queen sat down by themselves, and only then did the people find their own seats to sit down, each seat is independent, Ye Futian, Hua Jieyu and Yu Sheng sat alone in front of a seat.

"Today's banquet is held, everyone present is the future of my Cang Ye country, that is, the future of my Cang Ye country, the Queen and I toast you all." The Son of Heaven raised his glass, and all of them raised their glasses to drink together.

"When the banquet is over, I know that you may not all be satisfied with the results, but being able to come this far has already proved your excellence, even if you can't go on tomorrow, don't be discouraged." The Son of Heaven continued to speak, all the people present were young juniors, naturally it was not convenient to chat with the Son of Heaven, they could only listen to what the Son of Heaven had to say.

The Son of Heaven said a few more words, then smiled and said, "I know I am here you also can not be painful, or let a few young ones to accompany you to chat, I will first leave, today no one is too early to leave, otherwise it is not to give me face."

After saying that, he left with the queen laughing, but left the two princes and two princesses here.

All the people present today may indeed be the future great figures of the Cang Ye Kingdom, and it is also the purpose of this banquet for the princes and princesses to get to know each other in advance.

"Well, the father is gone, you can let go." A prince said with a smile, all of them smiled, the atmosphere also changed a little, the two princes and princesses are similar to their age, are young generation, naturally no need to restrain, after all, they are also originally all talented demon characters, not as reverent to the king's power as ordinary people.

"This is the first time I've seen Fairy Yueyao so close, she really doesn't look like she's possessed on earth." That prince gave a praise to Lin Yueyao.

"The number one beauty of my Cang Ye country is especially a waste of time." Someone laughed and echoed.

"It's just what others call it haphazardly, Your Highness is overly praised." Lin Yueyao responded with a light smile.

"How can this scene be without the sound of the zither to cheer you up." A gentle voice came out, it was a princess who spoke, her beautiful eyes looked at Bai Qiu and Ye Futian, both of these two zither masters were very handsome, fluttering males with jade trees.

"Qin clan zither music, not good at this atmosphere, to let the princess down." Bai Qiu smiled and said, "However, today at the Feng Hua banquet, Ye Futian played and Hua Jieyu danced, complementing each other like a divine couple, today take this opportunity, why not let all of you have a glimpse of the beauty?"

At the banquet, many people looked at Ye Futian and Hua Xieyue with smiles on their faces, today at the banquet, these three rose to the top, and were indeed extremely dazzling.

Moreover, Ye Futian and Hua Xieyue are obviously a pair of lovers, the cooperation at the banquet is pleasing to the eye!

PS: I saw several friends on the alliance today, and a very large number of brothers rewarded, thanks!