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Chapter Two Hundred and Seventy-Three - The Might of Ten Formations


The violent spiritual power, like a wave, waves from the area over the diffusion, ten huge third-level spiritual formation has been all the way, from afar, as if ten rounds of dazzling sun, surrounded the demon gate headquarters.

The Chen Hou and others looked at this scene with a little blue face, if it is a three-level spiritual formation, they are naturally not afraid, but now it is a whole ten, that power superimposed, not simply one plus one ...

However, at this time, they also have no way back, look at the crane demon that gloomy face, obviously will not have any soft, so they must also unite, will be the ten third level spirit formation to block down.

And once they were able to block it, then Mu Chen would lose his powerful bottom card, and then, they would be able to turn around.

"Everyone gather together, let's do it together, I don't believe we can't solve the ten third level spirit formations!" Chen Hou gritted his teeth and shouted.

The other members of the Demon Sect heard this and hurriedly flocked over, at this time, if they were scattered, I'm afraid they would have to eat their words.

The Yang Hong is also clenched teeth, eyes resentful and scornful stare at the distant that the thin figure sitting on the tower, did not expect this only a few months, the latter's strength, but has already reached such an amazing degree.

On the tower, Mu Chen eyes indifferently looked at the square where the aura rose to the sky, then the seal method changed, only to see the sky around the ten tertiary spirit formation violently trembled, the frenzied spiritual power convergence and come.



The next moment, ten pillars of light burst out as if they were beams of light tearing through the sky, carrying an astonishing sound and unceremoniously blasting down on the many people of the Demon Sect above that square.

"Strike together!"

That Chen Hou and other people's faces changed dramatically as they looked at the ten huge pillars of light that came shooting out. With a stern cry, the spiritual power in their bodies also burst out at this time, and above them, it turned into a spiritual power light curtain.


The other people of the demon clan also hurriedly activated their spiritual power, only to see the spiritual power of different colors spread out, a gorgeous light curtain appeared one after another, looking extremely spectacular.

In the sky around that square, countless eyes nervously watching that gorgeous square, wondering this fierce and matchless clash. Who will actually be the better one?


In that many nervous gaze, ten beams of light, finally in a brave posture impact down.

The tower, Mu Chen eyes cold, his palm fiercely clenched. The ten beams of light were suddenly intertwined in the stunned gaze, spinning madly as if they had turned into a spiral beam of light.


The huge spiral beam of light swept by, as if even the air was emitting an unbearable sound.

"What an exquisite control!"

Someone secretly cried out in shock, who would have thought that this Mu Chen would not only be able to manipulate ten third level spirit formations, but also be able to forcibly coalesce their attacks together.

In this way. That already fierce even more, would not it be even more terrifying.


As these thoughts swept through their minds, the spiral beams of light that were like ten angry dragons had already swept down and then ruthlessly impacted on top of that curtain of spirit power light.

Bang! Bang!

The moment of contact. The crowd was able to clearly see that the light curtain was almost instantly broken, the ten twisted together pillar of light, with a momentum like a broken momentum, sweeping through. The ground of the square, are under the sweep of that spiritual power. A huge crack cracked out.


When Chen Hou and the others at the back saw how fierce those ten pillars of light were, their faces also changed greatly.


The ten pillars of light that came sweeping across the sky once again impacted on the spiritual light curtain formed in front of them, and immediately the light curtain shook, with waves of ripples that spread rapidly.

"Can't hold it!" Beside Chen Hou, a man who also had the strength of the early stage of the Heaven Transformation Realm shouted violently with a red face.

"Retreat quickly!"

Chen Hou's eyes were also swept with a flash of fear, these ten beams of light were almost twisted into one, that kind of impact, terrifying, although they combined their strength, but after all, it was impossible to really bring all their strength together, so they could not stop this terrifying impact at all.

The remaining members of the demon clan heard Chen Hou's drink and could only grit their teeth, and then retreated violently at the same time.


As they retreated, the spiritual light curtain burst into pieces instantly, and the huge beam of light roared like an angry dragon, passing between them, and anyone who was caught by the impact was shot backwards in a mess, spraying blood furiously.


The beam of light whistled past, the earth was torn apart, and then directly rushed across the square, fiercely blasted on top of the Demon Gate headquarters.

The earth seemed to be trembling violently at this moment, the demon clan headquarters was directly shattered by the impact, the huge pavilion, instantly turned into a ruin.

The beam of light in the reckless rush to kill some, is also finally gradually exhausted, and then a little bit fade, until completely dissipated.

Smoke and dust filled the entire square, a wreck.

Everyone's eyes, are with some astonishment looking at the scene in front of them, that vast square, a about ten feet huge deep gully, sweeping across the square, through the square, until blasted that demon door headquarters.

On the square, there are many wailing members of the demon clan, only a few strong people such as Chen Hou still able to stand, but the face is still covered with the color of shock, obviously, the previous ten spirit formation together with the terrifying attack, so that they have some fear.

"What a strong force of ten spiritual formations..."

The crowd looked at the members of the Demon Sect who were routed, they were all a bit shaken, the power of the spirit formation, it was really powerful, if it was a normal fight, it would not be an easy thing to crush so many opponents at once.

In the sky, the ten spirit formations in the release of the terrifying attack, but also began to gradually fade, and finally completely dissipated and gone.

And with the dissipation of those spirit formations, the oppression that enveloped the place, is also gone, that Chen Hou and other members of the demon clan still have the ability to fight. The eyes are fierce to look at Mu Chen.

The latter's face had become extraordinarily gloomy as the Demon Sect's headquarters was shattered.

"How dare you destroy my demon sect headquarters!" The Crane Demon's body was trembling, obviously already in a fury, as he stared grimly at Mu Chen, his eyes filled with a fierce hostility.

"Feeling bad about being treated like this, are you?"

Mu Chen looked at him indifferently. His eyes were like blades, equally cold: "Did you think of this when you were bullying my Luo Shen Association members? The hall demon sect, but dozens of people wheel to fight a girl, since you all do not want to face. Then why should I leave you with such useless things?"

The crane demon's eyes were cold, Chen Hou and the others would do this kind of thing, naturally, they have his instructions, and this is just to express the anger of the pastor dust not to give him face, but how could he expect that this pastor dust. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

"Boss, let's arrest your boy! Let's see what he's still proud of!" Chen Hou shouted fiercely, and then he and his other two companions at the early stage of the Heaven Transformation Realm swept out abruptly. They headed straight for Mu Chen.

"Back off!"

However, just as their bodies moved, Luo Li's silhouette appeared in front of them, the young girl's jade hand gripped on the black long sword. The glazed eyes were as cold as ice at this time. The harsh and matchless sword qi swept out, the ground tore, and cut angrily against Chen Hou's three without mercy.


The three Chen Hou's faces changed, they had tried Luo Li's greatness, naturally they did not dare to be slow, the three of them shot at the same time, three spiritual power coils collided with the sword qi.


The ground was shattered, and Chen Hou's three bodies were also shaken, they were directly shaken back.

"How dare you!" The Crane Demon's eyes were cold, the spiritual energy in his body rushed, and he wanted to strike at Luo Li.

"You also dare!" The huge spiritual formation above his head was slowly operating.

The huge spiritual formation emitted violent spiritual power fluctuations, the Crane Demon eyes more and more gloomy, he stared at Mu Chen, said: "You really think that this spiritual formation alone, can not deal with me?

"Then you should try it!"

Mu Chen didn't let go, his eyes were coldly staring at the Crane Demon.

"Good, then I want to see how great you really are today!" The Crane Demon laughed in anger and took a step out, and his spiritual energy rolled like a huge wave.

However, just as the Crane Demon was about to strike, a silhouette swept in and appeared in front of Mu Chen, she smiled warmly and said, "Crane Demon, this incident is because of you, why do you need to be aggressive."

"Su Xuan!"

When the Crane Demon saw the gentle girl who appeared in front of Mu Chen, his eyes instantly sank: "Are you trying to help him?"

"I just don't want to see you guys fighting with each other and making a mess." Su Xuan said with a light smile.

The corners of his eyes twitched as he listened to the crane demon, all have become such a mess, and still talk about what pleasant or unpleasant? Su Xuan's words sounded good, but it was clear that she was going to help Mu Chen.

"What if I don't agree?" The crane demon's eyes were gloomy as he said.

"Mu Chen sort of saved our sisters' lives, so I can't watch him being bullied, sorry." Su Xuan said softly, but the words had been made clear, if the Crane Demon wanted to move Mak Chan, she would definitely take action.

The crane demon's eyes were stern, his eyes were filled with flames of rage, his palms slowly clenched, it was the first time he saw Su Xuan would come out to protect a man, which made his heart's cynicism, almost to burn up general.

The crane demon's palms creaked, but he finally did not make a move, now, it is not the time for him to really make a move.

He took a deep breath, the fury in his eyes slowly calmed down, but the eyes are like a poisonous snake staring at Mu Chen, said: "Mu Chen, do not think you won this time, but I have not yet treated you as an opponent, but rest assured, the hunting war, I will book you as my prey, when the time comes, I will make you do today, all to taste back to me! Back!"

"And when the time comes..."

His eyes gloomy glance at Su Xuan: "No one can save you!"

Mak Chan smiled faintly when he heard that, and with a grip of his palm, the spirit formation sub was dulled and turned into a rusty metal ball of iron once again, and then was put away by him.

"Senior Crane Demon, no matter what you want to do..."

He stood up from the tower, glanced at the Crane Demon, then waved his hand at Luo Li and the others below, turned around and left, with only the voice that didn't fluctuate much, spreading out in this wretched square.

"I, Mu Chen, are accompanied to the end is."