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Chapter 88 Results

"Northern Cang Spiritual Academy?"

Mr. Hao looked at Mu Chen with a smile and some inexplicable meaning in his eyes, then he nodded and said, "Well, that's up to you."

The reason why Mu Chen went to the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy seemed to have some relationship with Luo Li, but this was no longer within his consideration, with Luo Li's strength and talent, even if she entered the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy, she would definitely dazzle.

But Mr. Hao knew that this gap would be made up by the young man in front of him sooner or later, because he was clear that if not for those changes, Mu Chen's final rating in the Spiritual Path would probably have reached the "King" level as well, which speaks volumes about his talent.

"What about you two?" Mr. Hao looked at Mo Ling, who hadn't chosen the Spirit Academy yet, and a student from the West Academy who had won a spot.

"I'll go to the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy as well." Mo Ling piggybacked on his head and said somewhat embarrassed, these five great academies were all mysterious and unpredictable behemoths in his eyes, and out of a sense of trust in Mu Chen, he felt it might be better to follow Mu Chen.

"I'll go to the Martial Spirit Academy." That student from the Western Academy also hurriedly returned.

Mr. Hao nodded, in this way, the quota for the Northern Spirit Academy was completely clear, including two from the Northern Cang Spirit Academy, two from the Green Sky Spirit Academy, two from the Wan Huang Spirit Academy, one from the Martial Spirit Academy, and one from the Holy Spirit Academy.

"You still have two months of preparation time, after two months, you come back to the Northern Spiritual Academy, I will send you to the front of the five courtyards, where you will meet the new students from the four directions, where there is a test waiting for you, if you perform poorly there, do not rule out the risk of being deprived of a place, so. This two months time. All good cultivation." Mr. Hao said indifferently.

Chen Fan and the others smiled, and then secretly cried out in pain, this five courtyards really is not so easy to enter, ah, this various tests, also too harsh.

The first thing that happened to him was that he had to go to the hospital. I think I'll be able to meet Luo Li, right?

"Well, today's battle for places, so this is the end, after the time, as you arrange, even if you want to temporarily leave the Northern Spiritual Academy can be. But just remember the time in two months." Mr. Hao waved his hand, then he slowly turned around and left.

With Mr. Hao's departure, Chen Fan and the others also breathed a sigh of relief. Liu Mubai's eyes glanced grimly at Mu Chen, then directly waved his sleeves and left, the anger that even Chen Fan and the others could clearly feel.

"Cut, can't even afford to lose." Chen Fan brushed his mouth at Liu Mubai's back. Said.

"Muchen. Looks like we're going to be separated from now on, haha. But we will cultivate well at the Green Sky Spiritual Academy, I remember that the five great academies are very competitive, you have to be careful, maybe the next time we meet, I will have already surpassed you." Chen Fan said with a big smile.

The five great courtyards are not like a small place like the Northern Spirit Academy, where there are all kinds of geniuses and demons from all directions, and it's not easy to stand out there.

Chen Fan and the others were obviously very excited about getting a spot, and after talking to Mu Chen for a few minutes, they called their friends, and then there were only two pretty girls beside Mu Chen to keep an eye on him.

"Congratulations." The latter is obviously the most talked about person here today, who can't imagine that strong as Liu Mubai, was defeated in his hands.

The unusual little boy in the memory of that year, is becoming dazzling and radiant.

"Congratulations to senior sister Hong Aya as well." Mu Chen smiled at Red Aya, then he saw the slightly sulky little face of Tang Qian'er on the side, and couldn't help but laugh: "Sister Qian'er, this is a happy event, why this expression?"

"Separating from me, are you that happy?" Tang Qian'er pouted her little mouth and said.

Mu Chen smiled helplessly, at this time it seemed wise to shut up was the best.

"Do you and that Luo Li know each other well?" Tang Qian'er asked, her tone was a bit sour, she naturally could see the kind of different look Mak Chan had when he said the name earlier.

"A friend in the Spirit Road, as beautiful as Sister Qian'er." Mu Chen said with a smile.

Tang Qian'er's pretty face reddened slightly as she angrily said, "Slick talk, humph, when I go to the Wan Huang Spiritual Academy, I will definitely work hard to cultivate, and in case we meet then, I will definitely represent the Wan Huang Spiritual Academy to defeat you, a person from the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy."

"Then when the time comes, I'll ask Sister Qian'er to be lighter on account of past love." Mu Chen nodded and said with a serious smile.


Tang Qian'er saw Mu Chen's appearance, also can't help but lightly laugh, the girl's silver bell-like laughter, so that Mu Chen's tired body, also became soothed

The gloomy Liu Mubai, after rejoining Liu Qingtian, did not stay much and left with an iron face, but in the departure, they all stared at Mu Feng and Mu Chen with a cold gaze.

"Father, what do we do now?" After leaving the North Spirit Field, Liu Mu Bai finally could not help but say, he was really a bit resigned, he prepared so well for the seed quota, but in the end he still failed!

Liu Qingtian's eyes were grim and cold as he said, "That Mu Chen has obtained the seed quota, once he enters the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy, he will definitely be able to gain some attention, and with his talent, I'm afraid that his achievements will not be low in the future, this is a potentially big threat to us."

"That," Liu Mu Bai also had to admit that Mu Chen, indeed, was very dangerous.

"What are you afraid of? Even if he has a seed quota, but if he can't go to the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy, isn't that still useless?"

A scowl swept across Liu Qingtian's face, "As long as the Mu domain is destroyed, this Mu Feng and Mu Chen, both will definitely die."

"Although Mu Chen has already obtained the quota, but the fight between our Liu Domain and Mu Domain is a power strife within the Northern Spirit Realm, this kind of thing, even the Five Great Houses have no way to say anything, and in this kind of fight, miss killing a little beast, who can say anything?"

The corners of Liu Mu Bai's eyes jumped, and a sinister look sprang up in his eyes, "Then when do we make our move?"

"No hurry, there are still two months to go," Liu Qingtian's eyes narrowed, sneered: "Your grandfather will soon be out of the gate, as long as his old man advanced to the three days of the realm, Mu domain is to let us knead the mud, now, I have to find something for the Mu domain to do. I don't want them to get this kind of news. When the time comes, if they arrange for Mu Chen to escape, it will be a big problem for us."

Liu Mubai nodded his head heavily.

"These things, if you don't do it, you don't do it, once you do it, you must cut the grass and eliminate the roots! Never leave the slightest aftermath!" Liu Qingtian smiled morosely, looked back at the huge Northern Spirit Field, waved his sleeves and left.

"Mu Feng. You two, father and son, just wait for me to die!"

When they returned to the Muk Domain, the entire Muk City was decorated with lights and colors. The atmosphere was cheerful, Mu Chen is the young master of the Mu domain, he won the seed spot of the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy, for the Mu domain, is also a great good news.

"Haha, little Mu is amazing, now our Mu domain can be considered to have a long face, this kind of sub quota. But the North Spiritual Realm so many years the first ah!" Zhou Ye also led the crowd to come. His face, which was always somewhat cold and stern, was now covered with joy.

Hearing Zhou Ye's praise. Mu Chen also piggybacked on his head.

"Well, I'm tired of hearing this kind of words for the past two days." Mu Feng smiled and waved his hand, then he looked slightly serious: "During this period of time, raise some vigilance, Liu domain lost the seed quota this time, with Liu Qingtian's nature, I'm afraid it will not be so easy to give up."

Zhou Ye also nodded at his words and quickly spread the orders down.

After returning to the Mu Mansion, Mu Chen attended a celebratory dinner, and then went back to his room, sitting on the bed, lazily stretching his back, this period of time was quite tiring for him.

"Two months from now, we should be able to see her, right? I wonder if there are any changes after such a long absence"

The reason for this is not known to others, but he is very clear.

"She completed the Spiritual Road training, now I'm afraid her strength is far stronger than mine."

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing.

In the spirit road he was able to protect her, but now, it is a little different, so he can not be complacent because of this achievement!

Mu Chen took a deep breath, suppressing the exhaustion in his body, and began to concentrate his mind, pushing the Great Fudo Technique, absorbing the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, and entering a state of cultivation.

After a long time, he seemed to have suddenly remembered something and quietly entered his qi sea, then looked at a certain place in the qi sea.

There, a mysterious page of black paper hovering quietly, on that black paper, dark purple mysterious mandala flowers stretching and open, forming a beautiful prison, and in the center of that prison, it is that convergence of the burning black flame wings of the nine ghostly sparrows.

The Muzhen mind stared at the Nine Spectral Sparrows, hesitated for a moment, and his mind quietly transmitted an extremely kind and gentle thought into the prison.


When the kindness of Mak Chuan's intention was transmitted, the Nine Spectral Sparrow, which had its eyes closed, opened its pupils, and the fierce aura in its eyes rose up, and with a spread of its wings, it ruthlessly charged at Mak Chuan.


It hit the light curtain formed by the prison, shaking out ripples, that fierce eyes, as if to devour Mu Chen.

The nine spectral finch's fierce aura startled Mak Chan, but he could not be trapped in it all the time, it is an unstable bomb, but also hidden in his body, once one day erupted, may be Mak Chan will be blown to the bone, so, this problem, he must find a way to solve it.

As for the solution, Mu Chen thought about it and felt that he could only use the method of negotiation, but as to whether it would be effective or not, only God knows.

But no matter what, always have to try. (To be continued)