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Chapter 421 - Wipe Out

The sky and the earth were silent, as if even the wind had frozen in this moment.

On the Nine Heavens Staircase, everyone was staring at that scene with wide eyes and a dull expression, an indescribable feeling filled their hearts, causing them to not know what kind of expression to show for a while.

This scene, the commission is really too incredible.

Xia Youran's red lips slightly open, she stared at the brow of a black hole in the devil Interceptor, and then the small hand could not help but cover the red lips.

Beside him, Xi Qinghai, Su immortal, they also have the same look, the shock in their eyes, showing the horror in their hearts.

As for the willow shadow, is also the eyes dull, and then felt a penetrating chill, he looked at the sky on that topless teenager, deep in the eyes, there is a dense fear gushed out, the strength of this looks like only the early stage of the realm of the Tongtian teenager, really let him feel a fear of emotions.

That is ยจ. Devil Torrent Heaven ah.

The top figure among the young generation of their Northern Cang Continent, however, now, actually lost in the hands of this teenager, this scene spread out, how big a shock will be in the Northern Cang Continent ah.

In the sky, the purple intent in Mu Chen's eyes is also at this time quickly faded, a feeling of extreme weakness, from his body diffused, but he is clenching his teeth, not allowing himself to fall, the eyes, but is still the cold incomparable look at the distant frozen figure.

In its fingers, the dark color is rapidly fading, the previous attack hidden in the purple flame light rainbow, it is the black thunder poison finger.

The unexpected attack finally ended this treacherous battle.

The black blood flowed out from the blood hole in his brow, and the black color spread rapidly from his brow to his whole body.

The black thunder poison has invaded the body of Devil Sentinel - this injury, no matter how strong Devil Sentinel is, is enough to kill.

The body of Mo Xingtian, suddenly there are cracks emerge, then a bang, his body is in the sky exploded, and in that blood mist rising - a spiritual light, quietly swept out.

The dragon shadow emerged under the feet of Mu Chen, a flash of his body - it appeared in the distant sky, and then a grasp, the spiritual power formed a curtain of light, is trying to escape the spiritual light caught in the hands.

Within the spiritual light, is like a substantial baby, this is the devil torture the sky's god spirit, and at this time, the god spirit face, is finally covered with horror.

"Now here - is there anyone who can save you?" Mu Chen's eyes did not carry the slightest emotion as he looked at the divine spirit that was caught in his hands and indifferently said.

"Mu Chen, you've already won - what else do you want? The godly spirit of Devil Torrent Heaven emitted a somewhat shrill voice, the voice could not hide the fear, at this time he - obviously no longer able to maintain the previous calm, the godly spirit fell into the hands of Mu Chen, the latter is already able to truly erase him.

"Over the years, I don't know how many students of the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy have died in your hands, what do you think I want?" Mu Chen smiled, only that smile didn't have the slightest bit of warmth.

"If you kill me, our Dragon Demon Palace will not spare you!" Devil Torrent Heaven said in a stern voice.

"Is that so?" The latter, he is also quite scornful, this time if not prepared the immortal fire this card, I am afraid that he really will lose in the hands of the Devil Sentinel, and then, Mu Chen absolutely do not believe that with the nature of the Devil Sentinel, will really let him go.

Now that this guy is easily caught, Muchen is not willing to let the tiger return to the mountain and cause a big disaster later.

"Kid, you dare!"

However, just when Mu Chen was about to viciously shatter the Devil Tortured Heaven's divine spirit, suddenly a thunderous voice of anger resounded between the heaven and earth, and immediately the space was distorted, as if a huge hand of spiritual power came out from it and grabbed Mu Chen.

The face of Mu Chen suddenly changed.

"Black Dragon Supreme, do you really think my North Cang Spiritual Academy is not easy to bully? The huge hand of spiritual power penetrated the space and was about to grasp Mu Chen directly when the space on the other side was also distorted and the angry voice of Dean Tai Cang rang out, the same huge hand of spiritual power came out, the two hard together, the sky spiritual power storm roared out, two palm prints, both were annihilated and gone.

"The old dogs of the Dragon Demon Palace, do you really think I am afraid of you? Today, I will kill this person!" The spirit power burst out, and directly blasted heavily and without mercy on the Demon Execution Heavenly Spirit.


The first time I saw the world's most powerful and powerful man in the world, I was able to get to the top of the world.

All people in the sky and earth are at this time feel a chill, from the heart of the feet straight to the sky, that look to the sky boy's eyes, full of shock.

They all did not expect that Mu Chen was so decisive that he did not hesitate to shatter the divine spirit of Devil Torrent Heaven with one palm, killing him completely.

They looked at the point of light that floated out from Mu Chen's palm, their eyes were lost in thought, the devil Yutian, just like that was completely wiped out? The top figure of the young generation on the Northern Cang Continent just disappeared?

Liu Ying, Dong Yuan and other people's faces are pale, there is a strong fear in their eyes, this Makuchen, really ruthless, that is the devil Tingtian ah, but just like that, just killed!

This is really the North Cang Spiritual Academy in the ivory tower can cultivate students? This kind of decisiveness and ruthlessness, simply more than some people who have been licking blood at the mouth of the sword for years.

The side of the West Qinghai and Su immortal is also sucking in cold air, but can not say a word, apparently are shocked to.

Xia Youran is also stunned to look at that at this time reveal a trace of cold, ruthless teenager, this time he, and in front of her when the kind of handsome soft completely different, but that temperament, but the Xia Youran pretty face is slightly red, beautiful eyes in a strange color flash.

This time the Makuchen, powerfully wipe out the Devil Interceptor, that temperament, is undoubtedly some eye-catching stabbing.

And the whole world, silent.

The black devil spear was not moving as the devil was wiped out, plus it was suppressed by the Great Sumeru Demon Pillar earlier, so it did not dare to resist in his hand.

After receiving this trophy, Mu Chen's indifferent gaze was directed towards Liu Ying, Dong Yuan and Zhou Xuan.

The three people who saw the gaze of Mu Chen, the heart of a chill, is actually a step back, although they are clear that the current Mu Chen is afraid of the end of the strong, but can not afford to have the slightest intention to make a move with them, even Liu Ying, are scare and fearful eyes, do not dare to take advantage of.

"Three, please wait for the next Holy Spirit baptism." Mu Chen said indifferently.

The three Liu Ying's face changed slightly, they looked across the tiger gaze Xia Youran three, finally can only reluctantly gritted his teeth, did not speak out against, at this time Mu Chen carrying the power to kill the demon torture days, is too shocking.

The two were also a bit apprehensive when they saw this, after all, they didn't put in much effort this time, and if Muchen wasn't willing to share the baptismal power with them, they weighed their options and felt as if they didn't quite dare to make a move and could only admit their own bad luck.

"Senior Sister Xia, Brother Xi, Brother Su, the baptismal power is about to descend, get ready." And in their apprehension, Mu Chen is a faint smile, the kind of cold stern in the eyes dissipated and away, the teenager's face, once again looks handsome and gentle.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

The three of them are also swept to a position a step lower than that of Mu Chen, where the position is a little higher and can receive more baptismal power, and the best position obviously belongs to Mu Chen, which they do not have any opinion.

The best place to sit down, then raised his head, looking at the huge light above the sky, where the light becomes more and more dense, and finally seems to be a clear bell chanting sound little by little.


The light reached its peak, countless people's eyes blazed up, only to see there, golden raindrops, overwhelmingly landed, the entire heaven and earth, are at this time become light, as if it was washed a general.

The baptism of the Holy Spirit has finally come down!