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Chapter 398 - Mixing of Dragons and Snakes

"Sister Ling Xi?"

Mu Chen looked at the sexy girl who came in front of them and was a little surprised, especially after he heard her address Ling Xi, his surprise was even greater, this girl, she even knew Ling Xi?

The latter smiled slightly before nodding her head at the girl in front of her and said, "She is the first lady of the Nine Summer Chamber of Commerce, Xia Youran."

The first thing that happened was that Mu Chen was shocked and stared at the sexy girl in front of him with an astonished expression, Xia You Ran? It is said that this is a big name among the young generation on the Northern Cang Continent, and her strength, I'm afraid, is only stronger than that of the Demon Dragon.

"Sister Lingxi, it's been a long time, I didn't expect you to come here, is the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy also going to participate in this Holy Spirit Mountain?" That Xia You Ran seemed to be extremely surprised by Spirit Xi's appearance here, the smile on her pretty face made her look extraordinarily bright and beautiful.

Ling Xi gently nodded, then pointed at Mu Chen and said, "He's the one who's coming to participate this time

"Oh?" Xia Youran was a little surprised to look at Mu Chen, then a glance is to detect the latter's strength of the early stage of the Heavenly Realm, immediately froze, this strength, how can also come to participate in the Holy Spirit

However, she didn't show the consternation in her heart, instead she smiled at Mu Chen and said, "Hello, I'm Xia Youran, I'm also your school sister."

"Sister?" She was stunned again, was this Xia Youran still a student of their Northern Cang Spiritual Academy?

"She once cultivated at the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy for a year several years ago, then she was called back because of the Chamber of Commerce, technically speaking, she can also be considered your school sister." Lingxi explained.

Only then did it dawn on Mu Chen and he smiled, "Hello, Senior Sister Xia, I am Mu Chen.

"Luo Li." Luo Li, who was on the side, also smiled lightly and said.

"Makuchen?" Xia Youran's big bright eyes suddenly blinked, looked Mu Chen up and down, and said with some surprise, "Could it be that Mu Chen who defeated the Demon Dragon Son in Western Desolate City?"

Mu Chen did not expect this matter to have spread - but still gently nodded

"No wonder." Xia Youran then suddenly understood, the Nine Summer Chamber of Commerce in the Northern Cang Continent is also a top power, intelligence ability is extraordinary, so that day in the Western Wasteland City happened - Xia Youran is also known clearly, at that time, Mu Chen, seems to be only the strength of the late stage of the Heaven Transformation Realm, but he finally is the strength of the late stage of the Heaven Realm to defeat the Devil Dragon son, this kind of thing, even their Nine Summer Chamber of Commerce many elders feel incredible, after all, the gap between the two is really unbelievable. After all, the gap between the two is too big - but suspicion is suspicion, the information is there, but can not be false.

The current Mu Chen - seems to be stronger than when he fought with the devil dragon son, and also really stepped into the realm of the heaven, if this together with his combat power that can not be measured by common sense, I'm afraid it really can not be underestimated.

But this Xia You Ran is also a little happy, she once in the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy training, so it also has a good feeling, now can see the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy once again participate in the Northern Cang continent this young generation's top event, she is also happy for it.

"I've heard a lot about you."

Xia Youran stretched out her long, snow-white hand to Mu Chen and said with a smile, "Don't worry - this time, if you have any problems with the Holy Spirit Mountain, you can find me, I will protect you."

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

"Sister Lingxi, I did not expect that even you would go out this time - you used to be not at all concerned about the affairs of the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy." The three women were introduced to each other and quickly became acquainted with each other, then sat aside and looked quite intimate with Lingxi, who was also more affectionate to her, and that kind of indifference to others was put away.

The three women together, but looks extremely bright - this is undoubtedly also made them become the most eye-catching in this mixed pavilion, but the people present or some eyesight - is soon to recognize the identity of Xia Youran, look are a little scornful, after all, in today's North Cang continent in the younger generation, Xia Youran's reputation, but quite high.

In addition, plus her identity as the first lady of the Nine Summer Chamber of Commerce, but not many people dare to offend her.

And also thanks to Xia Youran's blessing, some people are also noticed Mu Chen, this kind of place information spreads too fast, some people whispering, is gradually know their identity, and even his name is unearthed, after all, Mu Chen in the Western Desert City after a battle, in this North Cang continent, is also considered to have some fame, although perhaps not as good as Xia Youran, the top of the young generation, but also not It's not a nobody.

"They are from the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy, right?"

"Oh, I didn't expect the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy, which has been absent for some years, to dare to participate in the Holy Spirit Mountain this time, aren't they afraid that the geniuses in their ivory towers will be killed again?"

"That teenager seems to be not simple, I think it's called Mu Chen, I've heard of him, when t defeated the Devil Dragon Son of the Dragon Demon Palace in the Western Desolate City." !

"No, right? His strength doesn't look much stronger ah, the Devil Dragon Son should have reached the late stage of the Tongtian realm, right?"

"That's why I said he's not simple, this time the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy to participate in the Holy Spirit Mountain should be him, you think, if there is no some ability, the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy will allow him to come?"

"Then we will have to see what he is capable of."

In the pavilion, some voices were heard in the dark, among which there were both good and bad intentions.

And in the pavilion whispering flow, in some of the dark places covered by the screen, is also a line of sight shot towards the area where Mak Chan they are.

The owners of these lines of sight are obviously not ordinary people, so even after seeing Xia Youran, their eyes did not show any fear, but rather some playfulness.

"Is that the kid who defeated the Demon Dragon Son?" Behind a screen, a man dressed in gray robes played with the teacup in his hand, smiling lightly, his five fingers were extremely long and slender, gently swinging as if there were shadows writhing on the table, looking extraordinarily strange.

"It is said that," in the gray-robed man next to a man sitting in yellow robes, the latter smiled and said: "What? Young Liu doesn't look at him well, huh? Oh, it seems that Xia Youran is your nominal fiancée, and now that kid dares to get so close to her, with young Liu's nature, it seems to be a little upset."

"Oh, upset is some." The gray-robed man just blandly smiled, the eyes are somewhat obscure, he is the young master of the Dark Shadow Chamber of Commerce, one of the three major chambers of commerce in the North Cang Continent, speaking of which, there is a verbal marriage contract with Xia Youran, but this marriage contract seems Xia Youran does not have the slightest intention to fulfill, and he himself is a very possessive man, now see Xia Youran smiling happily and brightly beside a teenager, the heart naturally some The coldness surged up.

"Then young Liu will teach a lesson, just a kid at the early stage of the Heavenly Realm." The yellow-robed man smiled and said.

"Dong Yuan, why set me up."

The gray-robed man laughed and said, "I'm not stupid, although this kid is nothing, but he's from the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy after all, although our Dark Shadow Chamber of Commerce is also considered a top power on the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy, but it's still no match for the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy."

Although they can use the North Cang Spiritual Academy these years absent from the Holy Spirit Mountain to ridicule a little, but in fact everyone understands in the heart, the North Cang Spiritual Academy is a huge thing, the entire North Cang continent's top forces, the only can match them a little, only the Dragon Demon Palace, on this occasion against the North Cang Spiritual Academy people, he Liu Ying is not amused, how to say, also have to wait until into the Holy Spirit Mountain, where, even if he put The North Cang Spiritual Academy can only suffer from the pain of killing that kid called Mak Chan.

"I still have to think about how to get the limited number of Holy Spirit baptism this time.

Liu Ying shrugged helplessly and said, "Dragon Demon Palace's Devil Torture Heaven, West Pole Palace's West Qinghai, Xuan Yin Mountain's Zhou Xuan, Heavenly Tripod Saint Sect's Su Immortal, plus Xia Youran and you, the young master of the Tian Yuan Chamber of Commerce, want to kill the crowd, or some difficulty."

"Holy Spirit baptism, I will not let."

That for is also one of the three major chambers of commerce, the young master of the Tian Yuan Chamber of Commerce, Dong Yuan, also a smile, the depths of the eyes but swept a touch of palpitations, murmured: "The flesh body difficulty is so terrifying, the spiritual difficulty if there is no point to protect, I really do not dare to touch, so this time, who blocked me can not it¨."

Liu Ying smiled, just about to speak, face suddenly changed slightly, because he felt, a palpitating fluctuations, suddenly came.

"Hmm?" That Dong Yuan's eyes also astonished, turned his head, looked towards that gate, and said softly, "That guy is coming."

An indescribable eerie feeling, like water waves rippled out, so that the noise in this area is also a little bit receded, many people's faces changed to look at the gate, where the light, as if at this time became darker, and then a human figure, is like a ghost-like standing there.

No one seemed to notice how he appeared.

That is a man dressed in ordinary linen clothes, his face is not outstanding, just the pair of eyes like a pool of stagnant water, without the slightest fluctuation, chilling.

However, this is such an ordinary figure, but it is so that the place is silent, many young strong people from all sides, are the eyes of scorn and even fear.

The man's dead pool-like eyes slowly swept over, then a beat, then the crowd was to see him step out, along the route immediately split, and finally extended to the area where Mak Chan they were.

(To be continued)