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Chapter 397 - Holy Spirit City

The Holy Spirit Mountain is located near the center of the Northern Cang Continent, a place called the Holy Spirit Domain, which has an amazing fame above the Northern Cang Continent.

It is said that this Holy Spirit Mountain is handed down from the ancient times, originally this mountain is not outstanding, but because of a heavenly supreme being sitting here, this originally ordinary mountain, but become some unusual up, that a piece of heaven and earth, as if it is a special and powerful power isolation, the terrifying heaven and earth spiritual power like a tidal wave shrouded around, no one dares to easily break into.

This isolation, only every few years will weaken, and at that time, it will be the top event of the young generation on the Northern Cang Continent.

In the Holy Spirit Mountain, there is a great opportunity called "Holy Spirit Baptism", which is a fatal attraction for all those who are still striving for the path of supremacy, and likewise for many major powers, it is enough to make them moved, after all, in this endless world, only the real supreme The existence of the only way to be able to be considered on the path of the strong, a force, as long as you can more than one supreme existence, that for the growth of strength and external deterrence, can reach a rather frightening degree.

Therefore, in order to obtain this "baptism of the Holy Spirit", many powerful forces on the North Cang Continent, is also eyeing red, for this reason to fight with all their might, trying to get their geniuses to obtain this opportunity, so as to set foot on the road to supremacy, to build a solid foundation.

Therefore, whenever this "Holy Spirit Mountain" is opened, the North Cang Continent will be in an uproar, and many young geniuses from all the major powers will do their best to cultivate, and will fight for the opportunity.

Therefore, it can be said that this event represents the highest standard of the young generation of the North Cang Continent.

When Mu Chen left the North Cang Spiritual Academy and arrived at the Holy Spirit domain - only consumed a little more than half a day, this speed, so that Mu Chen could not help but be a little amazed, really worthy of the Supreme Being - if it were him, even at full speed, I'm afraid it would take a day to arrive.

When they arrived at the Holy Spirit Domain, they were led directly by Dean Tai Cang to the main city of the Holy Spirit Domain, a city called Holy Spirit City.

This Holy Spirit City stood under the Holy Spirit Mountain, and the city was quite old - because of the special nature of the Holy Spirit Mountain, this city had always been a neutral zone, and no power dared to occupy it easily - after all, that would probably lead to the denunciation and discontent of other powers, and under the temptation of the "Holy Spirit Baptism", the slightest movement would lead to the destruction of the family. I'm afraid it will lead to the disaster of extinction.

And now the Holy Spirit City, apparently in the most lively period in several years, countless forces and strong people from the northern Cang Continent in all directions, and even some solo strong people are also rushing to, they know with those big forces to fight for the "Holy Spirit Baptism" is not a sensible thing - but that temptation, but enough to make the sensible subside.

Because the "Little Three Difficulties" is too terrifying, the physical body difficulty - the spiritual power difficulty, the spirit difficulty is more terrifying than one difficulty, the slightest mistake - is turned into ashes, even the spirit is unable to escape, is completely dissipated between heaven and earth.

Countless strong people, in the three difficulties fall, never get up again.

Therefore, in the eyes of many people, the "little trilemma" is obviously more terrible than offending those big powers!

The balance between the two - naturally the lighter.

When Mu Chen arrived at the Holy Spirit City, he saw a glance at the far back of the city - there is a vaguely lofty outline of the mountain hidden in the sky of the spiritual fog, where the spiritual energy, vast and terrifying, spiritual energy tumbling, as if there is a thunderclap, echoing in this heaven and earth.

Looking at the scene, the eyes can not help but stare, from that can not see the traces, as if never touch the mountain, he felt a sense of indescribable oppression.

"That's the Holy Spirit Mountain."

Dean Tai Cang smiled faintly and said, "In that area, as long as the strong people who have stepped into the Supreme level, can not approach, because there is a residual pressure, I think it should be the ancient that the Heavenly Supremacy left behind when sitting, but that pressure as long as you have not stepped into the Supreme realm can not detect, so you are able to instead, people like us can not approach, huh? This is perhaps the status that the Heavenly Supreme has among the supreme beings."

The dean of Tai Cang's tone is somewhat sighing, if the supreme is considered to have stepped on the path of the strong, then the heavenly supreme is afraid of the emperor among the supreme, facing that kind of existence, their kind of strength, simply do not even have the qualification to resist.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing. The pressure left behind alone can force a strong person of the level of Dean Tai Cang to not dare to approach easily.

"This Holy Spirit Mountain may not seem far away, but it is actually blocked in an isolated space, and only by waiting for a specific time can one take this opportunity to tear the rift to enter it."

Dean Tai Cang said, "And counting the time, three days later, it should be the Holy Spirit Mountain opening waiting, we just need to wait." !

Mu Chen nodded his head in response.

"Let's go, go to the Holy Spirit Pavilion, it is the place where the top powers of the Northern Cang Continent converge, perhaps you can also meet some of the real top people of the young generation in the continent." Dean Tai Cang waved his hand and went directly to one of the most lofty pavilions in the city, and Mu Chen and his group also quickly followed.

The entire Holy Spirit City is now in a state of firestorm, the sky above, countless light shadows like locusts swept past, looks extremely spectacular, and most of them have not weak strength, which makes Mu Chen secretly heart amazed, this North Cang continent, really is also hidden dragon crouching tiger, whether he met in the White Dragon City or Western Desolate City, compared to here, are not worth mentioning.

Dean Tai Cang finally stopped before the pavilion, he looked up at the top floor, his eyes slightly narrowed, apparently sensed some familiar fluctuations, it seems that those old guys on the Northern Cang Continent have also come out this time.

"Mu Chen, you three take a rest here, I'll go meet some acquaintances." Dean Tai Cang led Mu Chen and them into the Holy Spirit Pavilion, then smiled, above that top floor, were all the lords of the party on the Northern Cang Continent, that kind of atmosphere, obviously not suitable for young people like Mu Chen and them.

The two of them went to the top floor, where there were guards with shining eyes, but the guards, who were not weak, did not dare to stop them when they saw the three of them, and bowed slightly, allowing them to go upstairs.

"Let's have a seat too."

The first thing you can do is to take a look at the situation and see how many people have come to the Holy Spirit Mountain this time.

And in the pastoral dust surveyed around the same time, the same has a lot of a variety of eyes coalesced in their bodies, after all, excluding the pastoral dust words, Luo Li and Ling Xi are rare and beautiful face, Luo Li quiet, like the flower of the valley, blooming alone, and Ling rhinoceros in front of the next person, is aloof unusual, rejecting the temperament of a thousand miles, so that people do not dare to easily approach.

Beautiful girls such creatures, no matter where you go, are the most striking.

So the two women's faces, is also let a lot of hearts itch, but can come here to the people, after all, is not what stupid, although also did not have the courage to come up to pick flirt, just that gaze turned, seems to be guessing the identity of the three Mak Chan.

For the surrounding shot all kinds of gaze, Luo Li and Ling Xi is as if not heard, just with Mu Chen whispering talking, occasionally smile lightly, charm moving, which is let a lot of people on the latter some envy jealousy.

The same is true of Muchen, who is also aware of the surrounding gaze, but helplessly bristles, just about to speak, but the look is a movement, because this pavilion, seems to be a sudden sound of some commotion, a gaze, are looking towards the door.

Mak Chan saw this, is also curious gaze cast, and then saw, a clitoral figure, slowly step into.

It is a tall and voluptuous young girl, the woman wearing a body-hugging red soft armor, soft armor is exceptionally delicate as well as fit, her figure is extremely attractive, full breasts in the soft armor wrapped, there is a curved line, and then below, is a surplus of a willow waist, a pair of slender and straight pair of slender and straight willow waist.

A pair of long and straight slender legs, exposed under the short red leather skirt, looks extremely sexy.

This is a fire-like beauty.

Not only was the atmosphere in the pavilion quiet for a while, even Mu Chen could not help but look twice at this extraordinarily sexy figure, while dressing up as a hot beautiful girl, and then he saw Luo Li beside him gently glance at him, and immediately hurried to look away, while Luo Li is a little helpless and funny shake his head.

The side of the Lingxi see this woman, but is slightly stunned.

The pavilion, is also at this time to recover, some people seem to recognize the fire-like beauty, immediately are smacking their lips, but did not dare to look more, because they are very clear how powerful and tricky this girl in front of them, the same, her background, also quite strong.

The young girl entered here, is carelessly looking around, just about to leave, eyes suddenly stopped, the pretty face immediately with a touch of surprise surged out.

The young girl's gaze at them, and then look at her surprise gaze, a time was frozen.

In his doubts, that fire-like sexy girl is already fast steps, and then there is a surprise clear voice, from the tempting red lips ran out.

"Sister Lingxi, why are you here?!" (Unfinished business)