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Chapter 396: Departure

The fever of the North Cang Spiritual Academy lasted for three days before it gradually subsided, but after that, everyone could feel that the atmosphere in the academy had changed a bit, if it was said that many factions would still have some infighting in the past, but with the approach of the Spiritual Academy Competition in six months, that infighting was quietly weakening, especially when President Tai Cang explained the current situation of the North Cang Spiritual Academy, but also made many students Since they are now a member of the North Cang Spiritual Academy, they naturally have to fight hard for its glory.

Therefore, all of them were cultivating hard, and some of the top students who were close to the top ten of the Heavenly Ranking were constantly sprinting for the top ten of the Heavenly Ranking, trying to be qualified to enter the "North Cang Gate", although they also knew the dangers involved, but at this moment, no one was retreating.

Three days later, it was time for Mu Chen to leave the North Cang Spiritual Academy and go to the top event of the young generation on the North Cang Continent.

The new student area, the small building pavilion, ready Mu Chen turned his head to Luo Li beside him with a smile, said: "Let's go."

Although there was only one spot for the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy this time, Luo Li was planning to follow Mu Chen, and Mu Chen did not object to this, after all, being able to be with Luo Li was something he wanted to do.

Luo Li smiled and gently nodded her head, and then the two of them swept out directly, turning into two streams of light that swept across the sky, heading straight for a lofty hall in the most central location of the North Cang Spiritual Academy, where Dean Tai Cang and many other elders had been waiting for a long time.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're getting into.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

And seems to be aware of Mu Chen's puzzled gaze, Lingxi is a shallow smile, the indifferent aura at this time faded clean, which is let aside some elders some shock - after all, they for Lingxi that rejects the nature of a thousand miles but know very well, the entire North Cang Spiritual Academy, have not seen her give a smile to anyone.

But right now, she was smiling so gently at Mu Chen, which made them a bit shocked.

"I will also accompany you to the Holy Spirit Mountain this time." Ling Xi smiled and said.

"Hehe, Elder Ling Xi's strength is extraordinary, having her follow- should be able to be much safer." The president of Tai Cang also smiled, in fact, for Ling Xi will take the initiative to ask to go together, he was also extremely surprised - but did not stop, after all, one more person, can also be more safe, although the northern Cang continent should not have any unopened eyes of the forces dare to hit their northern Cang Spiritual Academy ideas, but a little caution is always good.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

The company's main business is to protect the company.

This is a very incredible thing in the eyes of President Tai Cang, after all, he knows Lingxi's indifference quite well, in his opinion - I'm afraid that even if the North Cang Spiritual Academy is destroyed, Lingxi may not have too much emotional fluctuations, so - for her to be so considerate to protect Mu Chen, he will feel a bit of a fantasy.

But the amazement is weird, but President Tai Cang did not pry into the relationship between Mu Chen and Ling Xi, although from the current appearance, the two are afraid that it is not that simple

The first thing you need to do is to look at Luo Li's delicate porcelain-like face, which is still serene - even when you see Ling Xi's beautiful eyes, she even smiled slightly, but when she slightly tilted her head, the girl's red lips moved slightly, and then there was a small voice into the ears of Mu Chen.

"The attraction is quite big."

The first thing that happened was that the person who was in charge of the project was the one who was in charge of the project.

Luo Li did not deny it, the inexplicable flavor in those bright eyes made Mu Chen feel a hundred mouths to defend.

"Since everyone has arrived, then let's also move."

The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

"You guys come with me, otherwise you won't be able to keep up with the speed." The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing.

"Then I'll trouble Elder Lingxi." Luo Li nodded her head lightly.

"If you don't mind, like Mu Chen, call me Sister Ling Xi, if I meet Aunt Jing in the future, I can still talk to her about you." Lingxi beauty eyes gently surveyed Luo Li, however even with her discerning gaze, were unable to find the slightest flaw from the young girl in front of her, such a girl, no wonder Mu Chen will like.

A light blush appeared on Luo Li's pretty face, she had already heard some things about Lingxi from Mu Chen, and naturally she knew that the Aunt Jing she was talking about should be Mu Chen's mother.

"Sister Lingxi." Luo Li smiled lightly, although she didn't really like to get close to people, but she could feel Ling Xi's protective intentions towards Mu Chen, so she didn't begrudge herself the good feelings that were born as a result.

They appeared in mid-air, the surrounding distance, there are countless students watching them, obviously they are aware that today Mu Chen is to leave the North Cang Spiritual Academy, to the North Cang continent, on behalf of their Spiritual Academy, to participate in the North Cang continent on the top of the young generation of the event.

On that mountain peak, Shen Cang Sheng and Li Xuan Tong swept up into the mid-air, then smiled at Mu Chen and said, "Mu Chen, this time, the face of our Northern Cang Spiritual Academy depends on you."

Mu Chen nodded solemnly and said, "Don't worry, no matter who it is, I won't give up easily."

Shen Cang Sheng and Li Xuan Tong both smiled, they were originally the most outstanding students in the academy, this kind of thing should be their right to step in, but now the truth is a bit cruel, because of age and cultivation time, they are already a bit out of touch with the top young generation on the North Cang continent, so they have to transfer this responsibility to Mu Chen, although their hearts are a bit complicated, but they are still sincerely The first time I saw a woman in the world, I was able to get to the top of the world.

After all, as a member of the North Cang Spiritual Academy, they are all one in glory and one in loss.

The main reason for this is the fact that the company's products are not only in the market, but also in the marketplace.

The first thing you need to do is to do your best, or else you'll be in too much of a mess and it won't look good.

"Let's go."

The dean of Tai Cang's sleeve robe waved, no more words, only to see the vast spiritual energy between heaven and earth rushing, the space in front of them is at this time is raw distortion, is directly formed a huge spatial channel, and the dean of Tai Cang first step out, step into that spatial vortex.

In its wake, Mu Chen and his group is also followed by the space distortion, their figures will be swallowed up, then the spatial fluctuations dispersed, the sky once again restored calm, but that a human figure, but has all disappeared.

"I wonder what kind of results Mu Chen can achieve this time."

Shen Cang Sheng looked at the place where they disappeared, smiled, said: "It is said that the top young generation on the Northern Cang Continent, I'm afraid that some people have come into contact with the "small three difficulties""

Li Xuan Tong nodded and murmured, "Little three difficulties ah that is indeed very troublesome ah."

That kind of strength, is already climbing towards the path of the supreme, compared to the heavenly realm, is too strong.

"But I don't think this guy will fail." Li Xuan Tong suddenly smiled and said, "After all, this year, I'm a little numb to all the things he's gotten up to, when a guy who had to do his best to connect me to three moves, now, is not even up to me."

Shen Cang Sheng smiled, looked up and gazed at the empty sky, but in his heart he muttered.

She Chen, all of us at the North Cang Spiritual Academy are watching you this time, let's see just how far you can break through!

When you come back, this heavenly list domination, it will really be you. (To be continued)