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Chapter 395 - North Cang Gate

"Open the North Cang Gate"

When Shen Cansheng's words floated in the sky, as if the air was frozen for a moment, that Tai Cang Dean and many elders, the face is also a slight change, the eyes are a bit obscure, apparently they are not expected, Shen Cansheng would put forward this request.

North Cang Gate, is considered the last place of the North Cang Spiritual Institute of a grinding, but the probability of death, but because it is too high, the final North Cang Spiritual Institute after weighing, choose to close it, and it is because the lack of this one of the most important training, the North Cang Spiritual Institute over the years, showing a decline in performance, one of the five courtyards title, is also becoming precarious.

If other spiritual institutions to take special ways to snatch those top geniuses is the external cause, then the closure of the North Cang Gate, is the internal cause of the North Cang Spiritual Academy.

A lot of powerful spiritual academy, actually has the last place of cultivation, that is quite important, because this can make some of the top students' strength, once again soar, but compared with the other four courtyards, the North Cang spiritual academy is after all the shortest time of existence, so some of the underlying, or to have less than.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

"North Cang Gate, too dangerous," Dean Tai Cang silent half a long time, slowly said.

"Dean please ask a question."

Shen Cansheng smiled lightly, looking straight at Dean Tai Cang, his voice was low, and he said word for word: "The path of the strong, is there a straight path?"

The world is quiet, only the low voice of Shen Cang Sheng, slowly reverberated, so that countless students look at the sturdy gun-like figure, eyes have hidden the color of respect this is Shen Cang Sheng, their heavenly list of dominant, even now he may be gradually surpassed by Mu Chen, but in the hearts of many students he still has an unshakeable position.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

Dean Tai Cang was slightly silent and finally smiled helplessly and said, "I can't believe I've been educated by a brat who's not even a brat"

The Candle Sky Elder on the side and the others also smiled.

"North Cang Gate was not perfect in the past, after closing, we are also repairing the defects as much as possible, these years also considered a little fruit, but still extremely dangerous."

President Tai Cang looked at Shen Cansheng, then smiled and waved his hand: "But since you have said so, if I continue to make excuses, I'm afraid it will be said that the blame is self-inflicted, so, the North Cang Gate, also opened again, but there are restrictions, that is, only the top ten students of the Heavenly Ranking can be eligible to enter, and completely voluntary."

Shen Cansheng smiled with relief and said with a big smile, "I'll apply to enter the North Cang Gate."

"Then count me in as well." Li Xuan Tong smiled lightly and said.

That not far away the crane demon looked at the extraordinary aura of Shen Cang Sheng and Li Xuan Tong, and then once again cast his eyes in another direction Su Xuan, eyes swept a glimmer of gloom a gnashing of teeth, stood out, said: "And me!"

The voice of the crane demon, apparently many people are astonished, even Su Xuan is surprised to look at him, but the beautiful eyes are still light, not much fluctuation at first in the hunting ground in the crane demon's behavior, apparently provoked her antipathy although she has always been not too fond of the crane demon, but at least be able to communicate with ordinary friends, but after that incident, is no longer with the crane demon have any contact, like strangers.

The crane demon sight has been looking at Su Xuan, in seeing her that faint eye look, face more and more gloomy, the initial thing, he is indeed also a moment washed up, just want to defeat Mu Chen, a snow shame, of course, he can never think to really hurt Su Xuan after all, that is the girl he likes.

"What Dean said earlier was too touching, so I guess, let me also do my best to fight for the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy for once, but if we don't enter the Northern Cang Gate, I'm afraid we will be surpassed by the geniuses from other top academies in the past." The Crane Demon smiled somewhat bitterly, he actually also had quite handsome features, only a bit on the grim side, but in the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy, there were also many young girls fascinated by him.

"Good job boss!"

Those members of the demon clan were all looking at the Crane Demon at this time with a bit of surprise, apparently this was a bit different from his usual shade, which also made those members of the demon clan a bit excited, this choice of the Crane Demon made them feel their faces shine as well.

"This guy is really rare hot-blooded once." Su Ling'er is also a little surprised, close to Su Xuan, softly said.

Su Xuan beautiful eyes swept the crane demon a glance, and see her seem, the crane demon body are quietly straightened some, this time, he did see, Su Xuan's eyes and no longer the previous Xingˉran, slightly a little bit of normal gauging, which makes his heart are quiet! A little bit of excitement.

The entire atmosphere of the North Cang Spiritual Academy, as if they were Shen Cang Sheng, Li Xuan Tong, Crane Demon three to mobilize, many students fist pumping, can not wait to be among the top ten, really for the North Cang Spiritual Academy fight a battle.

Xu Desolate felt that atmosphere, is also a smile, the blood in the body seems to be a little boiling, as a member of the North Cang Spiritual Academy, it seems that should not retreat.

So, he is beside Xu Qingqing that full of admiration and pride in the eyes of the beautiful gaze, is also a step out.

On the other side, Zhao Qingshui and Mu Fengyang glance at each other, are helpless smile, this time retreat, I'm afraid will really be looked down upon, their pride, not weaker than others, so, in Xu Desolate step out at the same time, they are also walked out.

Then, the countless students were excited to see that the top ten of the heavenly list, except for Mu Chen, Luo Li and Su Xuan, actually all stood out, that scene made the crowd's blood boil, no matter how usually the factions in this courtyard fight, but at this critical time, this kind of unity, so that they really feel a sense of pride.

President Tai Cang and many elders looking at this scene, also a froze, then look at each other bitter smile, but that bitter smile at the same time, but also feel relieved, when the students can really fight for the glory of a Spiritual Academy, who dares to say, this is not their Spiritual Academy success?

Dean Tai Cang waved his hand to suppress the boiling in the sky and smiled gently: "In three days, we will take Mu Chen to the Holy Spirit Mountain, and after this incident, our North Cang Spiritual Academy will open the North Cang Gate again!"

Countless students cheered, this time, in order to maintain their title of one of the five great academies of the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy, but everyone is doing their best.

The first time I saw this, I was able to get to the top of the list, and I was able to get to the bottom of the list.

The atmosphere in the dark black hall was cold and oppressive.

At the top of the huge hall, the Black Dragon Supreme suddenly opened his eyes, a cold light appeared in his eyes, he raised his head, looked into the dark corner of the huge hall, and faintly said: "The news is confirmed, the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy will participate in the Holy Spirit Mountain this time, and the participant is the one who obtained the Great Sumeru Demon Pillar, Mu Chen."

"Oh, the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy really has the guts, this kind of event, their Northern Cang Spiritual Academy those stinky brats, how dare they come to participate" in the darkness, there is a cold glow emerged, a person's shadow appeared, shadowy laughter, echoed in the hall.

"It's good to come or how can our plan be implemented? These years, we have held back for too long." The Black Dragon Supreme said with a faint smile.

"Everything is ready, right? That old bastard bird of the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy is a big trouble." There was a gloomy voice that came from the other corner.

"Mm, don't worry, that old mongrel bird, someone will naturally deal with it." The Black Dragon Supreme nodded, his eyes were sinister as he slowly said, "This time, we will let the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy know that in this Northern Cang Continent, the most powerful will always be our Dragon Demon Palace!"

"Also, the Great Sumeru Demon Pillar must be retrieved that is the supreme treasure of our Dragon Demon Palace."

The Black Dragon Supreme smiled faintly and said, "Since that kid dares to come to the Holy Spirit Mountain, that would be perfect"

As soon as the words fell, he waved his sleeve robe, only to see that the space in the hall was violently distorted, and then formed a spatial channel, inside, sharp and ear-piercing howling sounds were constantly emitted, as if it was the roar of ten thousand devils, and then, a thin black figure, was slowly stepped out from the pitch-black channel.

The figure, dressed in ordinary linen clothes, his face is quite ordinary, a pair of eyes, seems to be a gray-black color, which is like a pool of stagnant water, without any emotional fluctuations, in his back, carrying a black lance, the lance above, as if it is entwined with a whistling black shadow, emitting ear-splitting ghostly howls.

There he was, without any movement, as if a cold rock.

"Interceptor, in three days, prepare to attend the Holy Spirit Mountain, your mission this time is to kill Mu Chen of the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy and retrieve the Great Sumeru Demonic Pillar that fell into his hands!" The Black Dragon Supreme looked at the rocky figure that seemed to be without much life, and slowly said.

The cold figure, slightly raised the lifeless eyes, nodded gently, turned around and went away, and never said a word.

But that kind of weirdness, but it is chilling. (To be continued)