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Chapter 365


Among the spiritual fog, Mu Chen's figure swept out, he could feel some violent spiritual energy fluctuations coming from that distant rear, obviously, Luo Li was already in a real fight with that Wu Jia.

The first thing he did was to look at the spear general who was caught in his hand and sneered: "It seems that there is something you are not telling me?"

The spear general's face changed slightly and he shook his head repeatedly.

"Then how could Wu Jia know our direction?" Mu Chen said morosely, "Did you inform him?"

The spear general hurriedly said, "The spiritual fog deep in this Western Desolate Realm has a spiritual formation arranged by Wu Jia, so he was able to sense some fluctuations in it."

The first thing he did was to find out that there were some very subtle and unusual fluctuations coming from the spiritual fog, which was the sensing light of some spiritual formations.

This Wu Jia, but also some ability.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

The spirit formation is not powerful, but has the ability to isolate such senses, Mu Chen does not want his every move to be in the heart of that Wu Jia.

"Continue to lead the way."

After doing this, Mu Chen looked at the spear general with indifferent eyes and said indifferently.

The spear general's heart trembled because of that look in Mu Chen's eyes, and hurriedly pointed the way.

In the next path, Mu Chen was not blocked by any more, after shielding Wu A's perception, that guy could not detect his location.

After about ten minutes of this, Mu Chen's speed slowed down, and in front of him, a huge mountain stream appeared, and at the end of that mountain stream was a deep valley filled with spiritual fog.

"Shen Cang Sheng and Li Xuan Tong should be in that deep valley, but the spiritual fog is too thick, extremely difficult to detect." The spear general pointed to that deep valley and said.

The first thing that he did was to flick his finger, and then a spiritual energy was ruthlessly blown away the spear general, and then he grabbed one with one hand and swept out, rushing into the deep valley.

The view was blocked when he entered the deep valley, and Muchen pondered a little and swept up into the air, his body's spiritual energy erupted out, the spiritual energy burning with black inflammation like wolf smoke rose up to the sky, the surrounding spiritual fog was shaken away a lot.

This deep valley in the complex terrain, coupled with the spiritual fog cover, want to find the two people hiding in it is too difficult, so Mu Chen direct burst of spiritual power, think for his spiritual power fluctuations, Shen Cang Sheng two should be very familiar with, if they sense, will certainly give a response.

The effect of Muchen's move is not small, after his spiritual fluctuations spread, but just less than a minute, in that deep valley somewhere, there is a spiritual power outbreak.

The spiritual power fluctuation is quite familiar, it is Shen Cang Sheng.

The first time I saw him, I was able to see him, and he was able to see him.

"Shen Cang Sheng."

Mu Chen saw the familiar figure, immediately as relieved as a sigh of relief, he approached the past, and when he saw the appearance of Shen Cang Sheng at this time, but could not help but stunned down.

At this time, Shen Cang Sheng, body skin, there is a piece of black spots, those black spots as if still wriggling general, a yīn poisonous aura emitted, so that Shen Cang Sheng looks extraordinarily emaciated, but even if the state is extremely poor, but Shen Cang Sheng that face, still with some smile, the kind of outlook, but is not the slightest reduction.

"Hey, I didn't expect that you would be the first to come over, what a surprise." Shen Cang Sheng looked at Mu Chen, couldn't help but laugh and said.

Mu Chen landed towards the entrance of the cave and casually threw the Red Fish and Spear General in his hand on the ground.

"Is it the Red Fish and Spear General? You actually took care of them both." Shen Cang Sheng was a little surprised to see the two, although this Red Fish and Spear General were only ranked seventh and eighth, they were still at the early stage of the Tongtian realm after all, they were considered formidable, but he didn't expect to be planted in Mu Chen's hands.

"Senior Lin Zheng and the others have all arrived, but the situation doesn't seem to be particularly good right now."

Mu Chen looked at Shen Cang Sheng and said, "How are the two of you doing?"

"It seems that the situation is not too good." Shen Cang Sheng shrugged helplessly, then turned around and walked into the cave, and Mu Chen followed him in. In that cave, he saw Li Xuan Tong, who was in even worse condition, and the black spots on his body were even thicker than Shen Cang Sheng's, and his body was filled with that yīn poisonous fluctuation.

Li Xuan Tong lifted his eyes, his face also had a black spot, which made his originally handsome face become a bit weird, he saw Mu Chen, the corners of his mouth showed a bitter smile, apparently also did not expect the first to find them, it would be Mu Chen.

"How could this happen?" Mu Chen was a bit puzzled, with the strength of Shen Cang Sheng and Li Xuan Tong, the other side should not be so miserable even though there were many people.

"The devil dragon son has been prepared, his strength has reached the late stage of the Tongtian realm, before fighting with us, has been hiding his clumsiness, when finally caught in their encirclement, this guy really exposed his strength, and he also brought out the dragon devil poison from the dragon devil palace, that is a kind of poison refined by the supreme power, extremely powerful, we inadvertently poisoned, strength never recovered. " Li Xuan Tong said indifferently.

"Late stage of the Tongtian realm..."

Mu Chen's eyes stared, this Demon Dragon Son had really reached this level, in that case, even Senior Lin Zheng could not be its opponent.

"The cultivation within the Dragon Demon Palace is extremely yīn poisonous, although the late stage is limited, but the early stage progresses quite fast, this time I was negligent, I did not expect the Devil Dragon Son to break through so quickly." Shen Cansheng frowned, this step, in fact, he has also touched, this time to go back, if the retreat once, will certainly also be able to reach the late stage of the Tongtian realm, but unfortunately, because of this dragon devil poison, they have been unable to get rid of the devil dragon child their pursuit.

"The most important thing now is to get rid of this Dragon Demon Poison first, if the Demon Dragon Son has really advanced to the late stage of the Heavenly Realm, then I'm afraid that Senior Lin Zheng and the others won't be able to hold on for too long, we have to go help them as soon as possible." Mu Chen mused.

Shen Cang Sheng sat on the ground and helplessly said, "This Dragon Demon Poison is only capable of being solved by a supreme power, there is nothing we can do..."

Muchen frowned, the supreme power? They can now find the supreme power, the devil dragon son where still dare to jump? He was sure that the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy would not send a supreme power to deal with him, so he dared to be so arrogant.

"I'll try it, my spiritual power is a bit special, try to see if it can have an effect." The first time I saw him, he said, "I'll try it.

Shen Cang Sheng and Li Xuan Tong heard, also both nodded, now can only dead horse as a living horse.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

He palm over Shen Cang Sheng sky spirit cover, spiritual energy directly into the latter's body, and Shen Cang Sheng also did not have the slightest resistance, let his spiritual energy into the body.

The spirit power of Mu Chen entered Shen Cang Sheng's body, only to feel the bad of his body, those dragon devil poison like a poisonous dragon general, in its body shuttle, toxin over, even the spirit power is eroded to dissipate, so that Shen Cang Sheng their body's spirit power, can never recover.

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The black flames rose, ready to refine and expel it.

And with the envelope of black inflammation, the dragon devil poison as if also perceived the danger, actually issued a piercing sound, the black sè poison gas emitted, the black inflammation to resist.

The two are intertwined, but what makes Mak Chan's heart sink is that the dragon devil poison is unusually tenacious, even in the face of the refinement of the Nine Mysterious Fire, it is also deadly coiled, although it is indeed dissipating little by little, but that speed, too slow too slow.

And now they, obviously do not have that kind of time.

Shen Cang Sheng and Li Xuan Tong saw Mu Chen's face, is also a light sigh, although also did not hold too much hope, but ultimately a little disappointed.

But that stronger fire than the nine ghosts fire, now he goes **?

Mu Chen fell into deep thought, a quiet and oppressive atmosphere enveloped the cave, causing people to gasp for breath.

"Stronger fire..."

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do.

After the successful evolution of the Nine Spectral Sparrow, is not the flame also evolved, from the nine spectral fire, into the immortal fire?

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are looking for.

In that Qiankun bracelet, Mu Chen quickly found the black and mysterious egg, above the egg, flickering with light purple patterns, a sense of power, emitted.

"Nine Ghosts... Hurry up..."

As his mind urged, Mu Chen was also muttering in his heart.


While Mu Chen was trying to obtain the Immortal Fire to refine and expel the poison for Shen Cang Sheng and the two of them, somewhere in the depths of the Western Desolate Realm.

The earth here took the shape of a collapse, a huge crack spread, and the mountain peaks popped up.


A figure swept down from a shattered mountain peak, his fist burst the huge rocks all over the ground, and then his palm went deep into the huge pit, picking up one of the blood-covered figures.

The devil dragon son's eyes looked indifferently at Lin Zheng, who was seriously injured and unconscious, then picked him up and turned to walk in another direction.

"Time to go take care of the second one..."

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