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Chapter 36 Trouble [Please collect!

The next day, the camp once again became lively, many teenage girls excitedly clustered together, talking about their team's harvest yesterday, the clear and delicate laughter of young girls echoed in the camp, full of youthful vitality.

The people of Liu domain, in the early morning is led by Liu all night, temporarily left, should be to explore the blood slaughter traces, and the presence of less these guys, the atmosphere in the camp seems to be a lot more relaxed, these teenage girls for this full of strangers, or have a little resistance.

Mo and Xi did not stop practicing because of the blood slaughter, but they reminded the students not to go too far and not to spread out too much.

"Let's go, we're moving too."

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"Brother Mu, went out to cultivate ah? Haha, don't lose to us." That Jiang Li, Teng Yong saw Mu Chen duo, also greeted.

"Just you guys want to win too, dream on." Tang Qian'er hummed delicately.

"Haha, call us if Brother Mu needs anything, we're not afraid of anyone who wants trouble." Jiang Li duo laughed, and Mo Ling on the side as well as those Eastern Academy teenagers who accompanied Mu Chen to do the task yesterday also nodded their heads.

Mu Chen smiled at them and waved his hand, then without saying more, he took Tang Qian'er out of the camp and headed towards the Northern Spirit Plain.

In the camp, Liu Mu Bai looked at their distant figures, and an imperceptible coldness swept through his eyes.



In the middle of the forest, Mu Chen's body swept past, backhanded a palm slap, the dark spiritual power in his palm gushed out, a powerful force spurts, actually directly is a strength of the Spiritual Movement realm in the middle of the low-level spirit beast raw shocked flying a few meters, and then wailed and fell to the ground.

The back of Tang Qian'er saw this scene, but froze, yesterday's Mu Chen although also able to kill this strength of low-level spirit beasts, but does not seem to reach similar to today's direct to the most brutal way to kill ...

"Your strength?" Tang Qian'er couldn't help but ask.

"Last night, with the help of that jade spirit fruit, I just broke through to the late stage of the Spiritual Movement realm." Mu Chen bent down and took out the spirit beast's essence and explained with a smile.


When Tang Qian'er smiled, she muttered, and then raised her pretty face and proudly said, "I was also able to reach the late stage of the Spiritual Movement Realm within five days!"


Mu Chen smiled and gave a thumbs up, then continued to the depths of the forest: "Let's go, next you also have to make a move, no lazy following, this will not be good for your cultivation."

"I know!"

Tang Qian'er answered in a delicate voice, then followed with a smile and quick steps.


In the west of the Northern Spirit Plain, a dozen figures were searching vigilantly, and Liu Mu Bai was among them. With his status and strength, he was obviously enough to lead the team by himself.

From Liu Noon, he knew how important the thing that was snatched by the blood slaughter was to their Liu domain, and that it cost them a great deal to get it, so no matter what, they had to capture the blood slaughter and get the thing back.

"Young master, we detected the blood slaughter's trail earlier, but that guy is also extremely cunning, and got rid of another one of our teams." Behind that Liu Mu Bai, an expert from the Liu Domain reported.

"Continue searching."

Liu Mubai nodded and ordered.

"Yes!" That small team immediately answered, and then led people to expand the search area.

This search lasted for about half an hour, and just when Liu Mubai's brow was slightly frowning, a buzzing sound suddenly came from that front, which was a signal from their Liu domain people.

"Found it, go!"

Liu Mu Bai's eyes lit up, his palm waved, his body swept out first, and as his body swept through the jungle, a person covered in blood rushed ahead in a mess, looking at his appearance, it was one of their Liu domain's good hands.

"Where is the blood slaughter?" Liu Mubai looked at the man and hurriedly asked.

"Young master, that Blood Slaughter has fled towards the north, do we need to inform the Third Master immediately?" That expert from the Willow Domain hurriedly returned.

"To the north?"

Liu Mubai smiled, but his gaze flickered slightly, instead, he waved his hand and said, "Wait first."

"Big brother? Why should we still wait?" Liu Yang asked suspiciously at the side, if we wait any longer, what if we let that blood slaughter run away?

"Can't run away, that blood slaughter has been forced into a dead end by us." Liu Mubai smiled lightly and said, "Now he is a trapped beast, sooner or later is dead, but before dying, also he caught some unlucky guys venting venting is good."

"Big brother's meaning?" Liu Yang froze.

"Mu Chen is in that direction." Liu Mubai laughed softly.

"Oh?" Liu Yang smiled, a flash of excitement swept through his eyes, and then his brow furrowed again, "We can't guarantee that Blood Tu will make a move on Mu Chen."

"Blood Tu is good at women, that Mu Chen beside a little beauty like Tang Qian'er, he will not be able to resist, and with Mu Chen's nature, I'm afraid he will not leave Tang Qian'er alone to escape, so..." Liu Mubai said with a light smile, but that smile is full of cold intent.

"Haha, or big brother thoughtful, if that Mu Chen died in the hands of the blood slaughter, no one can say anything, only blame his own bad luck!" Liu Yang said excitedly, he knew how cruel that Blood Slaughter was, if Mu Chen fell into his hands, it would be worse than death.

Liu Mubai only smiled as he looked to the north and murmured, "Originally, I wanted to do it myself, but it seems that you are indeed not lucky..."


"Hey, Mu Chen, make a move, this big guy is at the late stage of the Spiritual Movement Realm, I can't beat it!"

In the middle of the forest, Tang Qian'er dodged a fierce spirit beast that pounced on her, her black ponytail bounced delicately, and the girl's cry of alarm rang out from time to time.

"Beast don't be wild!"

The black light seal is carrying astonishing fluctuations, ruthlessly blasted at the spirit beast.


The spirit beast also roared in anger, huge hooves and claws carrying a roll of spiritual energy, and Mu Chen's violent fist regretted together.

The spirit power impact swept away, the surrounding dead leaves were swept clean, and then the spirit beast roared out, and was actually shaken back by Mu Chen.


As he retreated and became unstable, Muchen's body turned and once again sprinted forward, his palm flipped and his dagger emerged, his spiritual energy twisted and brought up sharp arcs of light, viciously and trickily stabbing into the spirit beast's throat.


Hot blood splashed out, the spirit beast suddenly fell to the ground with a loud bang, the earth trembled.

The young man's long and happy body looked very good under the mild sunlight that penetrated the forest.

"Nasty guy, do not know the slightest bit of mercy, causing me to be chased for so long." Tang Qian'er said hatefully, then walked towards the spirit beast, took out the short sword and stabbed into its head, taking the spirit beast's essence while still counting Mak Chan's crimes.

The two of them pounced on it at this time.

And in Mu Chen hold Tang Qian'er rush out, a blood shadow steeply from the forest swept out, that originally to Tang Qian'er grasp the palm, but fell an empty, immediately mouth issued a startled voice.

The first thing you need to do is to get up and look at the shadow that suddenly appeared, and then your pupils shrank slightly.

The first thing that happened was that the body of the spirit beast in the clearing, a figure stood, dressed in a blood-red robe, his face was shadowy and fierce, and the pair of long, narrow eyes were flickering with cunning.

"Hey, kid is a good fighter."

The blood shadow stared at Mu Chen, laughing strangely, then that gaze fell on the young girl behind Mu Chen, the young girl has a soft slender body, upturned breasts, a small waist, especially that green and vibrant taste, so that he could not help but lick his mouth.

"I didn't expect to meet such a superb product here..."

That blood shadow smirked, the gaze that stared at Tang Qian'er as if it wanted to swallow her inside, causing the young girl to shiver and hide her body behind Mu Chen.

"Kid, give her to me, I'll let you go, otherwise, I'll let you taste my methods." The blood shadow laughed, but that gaze was like a poisonous snake staring at Mu Chen.

If he was right, this guy in front of him should be the Blood Slaughter leader who was being chased by Liu Noon.

What a surprise... I never thought I would run into this kind of villain here, this is really some trouble...

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