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Chapter 337 - The Complete Version of the Thunder God Body


The bald old man looked at Mu Chen with a bit of surprise, earlier he gave many temptations, Mu Chen was hesitant, but he didn't expect the last sentence, but he made Mu Chen agree so dryly.

Mu Chen smiled faintly and didn't say much.

"That's an interesting little fellow." The bald old man also understood, looking at Mu Chen's eyes, there was more than a trace of appreciation, this kind of person who is clear in his grudges and grievances, is indeed pleasing to the eye.

It seems that this little fellow, for this thing of human kindness, looks quite highly.

"When will we start?" Since Mu Chen had opened his mouth to agree, he naturally wouldn't hesitate any longer, and immediately asked.

"Right now."

The bald old man said, "If you are able to withstand those Black God thunderbolts, I will pass on the complete version of the Thunder God Body to you."

He patted Mu Chen's shoulder and said, "Don't worry, I won't let you go as cannon fodder, once there is a problem, I will immediately step in, I have waited for hundreds of years, I don't care about this amount of time."

"I will do my best." Mu Chen nodded and said.

The bald old man also nodded his head, then he moved his body and directly swept towards the black sea of thunder that was coiled in this profound space, but he did not get too close, and had stopped ten thousand feet away from the sea of thunder.

"You go there."

The bald old man pointed to the void not far away, where there was a black stone platform suspended in the air.

The black god thunder's power has left some dark wounds in her body, which are gradually being dissolved.

"This stone platform is forged using the lightning stone. It has some dissolving effect on the power of thunder, later on here, it will help you reduce some pain." The bald old man said.

Mu Chen nodded his head and tilted his head to stare at the bald old man.

When the bald old man saw that Mu Chen had finished preparing, he also looked up at the black sea of thunder that could not be seen at the end, and then he stretched out his dry finger and pointed it in the air.


Along with the bald old man's finger fell in the air, only to see the piece of space suddenly violently distorted, a spatial ripple ripples out. As if it was transformed into several spatial chains, directly penetrated the space and shot into the sea of lightning.


The familiar booming sound that is so low that it makes the heart tremble came out, Mak Chan looked up, only to see a black thunder about tens of feet in size. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

The black divine thunder struggled violently, the destructive thunder power continuously swept away, but could not make the seemingly fragile spatial chains have the slightest shake.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services.

The bald old man pulled the black divine thunder away from the sea of thunder, and then with a grip of his palm, the spatial chains wrapped around the black divine thunder contracted fiercely, and then a snorting sound erupted. The size of the black divine thunder was rapidly shrinking, and the destructive power on it was also rapidly weakening.

In just a few breaths of time, the Black God Thunder was only about ten feet thick, obviously weakened by a lot.

"It should be almost done." The bald old man looked at Mu Chen: "Are you ready?"

Mu Chen took a look at the Black God Thunder. The destructive power contained on it seemed to be similar to the one that he had endured that day. I thought it should be able to withstand it for a bit.

"Hm." Mu Chen took a deep breath and nodded his head.


The bald old man was no longer polite, and with a wave of his palm, he saw the black divine lightning sweeping down, carrying a destructive power, viciously descending on Mu Chen.

The surface of Muchen's body, burning black inflammation spiritual energy swept out, body skin, showing a light silver color, apparently the thunder god body is also activated.


Just when he was ready to protect himself, the black god thunder had already arrived with a bang, and heavily bombarded his body.


The moment he was hit by the blast, Mak Chan's body was hit like a heavy blow, almost to be shaken out of the way, but he was deadly sucked into the stone platform, the surface of his body burning black inflammation of spiritual energy quickly melted.

In just two breaths of time, the spiritual energy was forced directly back into Mu Chen's body, and the black divine lightning, which was filled with destructive power, also frantically surged in with Mu Chen's body.


The black lightning arcs jumped on the surface of Mu Chen's body, and the pain, which was enough to cause fainting, once again spread out from Mu Chen's body.

The black lightning's power was being pushed back in waves.

The black thunder pulp rampaged through his body, his meridians were distorted by the impact, and his flesh and bones erupted with a seeping snorting sound.

The pain was spreading, Mak Chan's mouth was biting out blood, waves of dizziness hit his mind, trying to make him dizzy, but he understood that once he was dizzy and lost his control, the rampant black divine thunder power would destroy his body to a mess.

The black lightning wrapped around Mak Chan's body, the lightning flashed and jumped in hideous arcs.

The bald old man looked at this scene, his expression was also a bit nervous, if Mu Chen could no longer withstand the Black God Thunder, then things would almost be a bust at this point.

"Hold on." The bald old man whispered.

The dizziness continued to hit, but just when it was difficult for Mu Chen to endure the severe pain, suddenly there was a cold breath into his body, under that cold breath, the severe pain in Mu Chen's body was immediately relieved, and the raging Black God Thunder was also a little less violent.

That's the lightning transforming platform starting to work.

The black divine lightning around his body had already dissipated, and most of the black divine lightning was dispersed in his body.

The pale face of Mu Chen, the slightest movement of his body was as if his muscles were torn apart, and the pain was immense.

"You did it!" The bald old man fell down and said with relief.

Mu Chen smiled bitterly, unable to even speak, and could only close his eyes to adjust the injuries in his body.

The bald old man waved his hand, only to see the majestic and vast spiritual energy gushing into Mu Chen's body, speeding up his healing process, restoring all the injuries left behind by the Black God Thunder.

With the help of the bald old man, after ten minutes, Mu Chen's injuries were restored.

"Again?" When the bald old man saw Mu Chen recovering again, he said with a smile.

Mu Chen winced and nodded his head with a desire to cry.

Boom! Boom!

A thunderous sound resounded once again.

The time passed slowly in the pain, in the next half of the day, Mu dust again and again was split open flesh, dead and alive, he can even taste his body emitted the smell of burning, the whole body, as if they are numb general.

Lightning stage.

When the eighteenth black divine thunder slowly dissipated, Mu Chen finally could not stand it, fell head first on the stone platform, face pale, constantly gasping for air, the whole body, as if it had been broken general.

The bald old man landed on the lightning stage, his palm pressed against Mu Chen's heavenly spirit cover, his spiritual energy surged in, regulating the latter's body injuries, and after a moment, his palm was released.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

The bald old man's withered palm brought up a black aura swept over Mu Chen's body, and then Mu Chen saw that a black spot had appeared on the surface of his body, and that black spot was flowing like a liquid, emitting disturbing fluctuations.

That is the Black God Thunder Poison, but now the Thunder Poison in Mu Chen's body, compared to before, is obviously too thick.

"The thunder poison is enough, it should be able to cover up your breath." The bald old man nodded, and the words that came out were a relief to Mak Chan, fortunately, he didn't have to continue to be struck by lightning.

"Next I will pass the complete version of the Thunder God to you, and then I will tell you the way to control these Black God Thunder Poison."

When Mu Chen heard this, his spirit was lifted, after so much suffering, he was finally able to get some reward ah.

The bald old man smiled, and his thin finger tapped at the center of Mu Chen's eyebrow, only to see his fingertip lightning flash, a lightning liquid, along the fingertip, into the center of Mu Chen's eyebrow.


When the lightning liquid was integrated into Mu Chen's eyebrow, he felt a thunderous sound explode in his mind, and his body trembled slightly as a majestic and complex information surfaced like a tidal wave.

Thunder God Body, the middle grade body forging divine skill, can take the power of the thunder of heaven and earth hammer forging the flesh, the strong point, the flesh alone, can break the space, with the power of moving mountains.

Once this divine skill is cultivated to a profound level, the power is comparable to that of the top-grade divine skill.

"Can be comparable to the top grade divine skill..."

This time the lightning strikes, although the suffering suffered, but this benefit, but also really not small.

A few moments later, Mu Chen collected the excitement in his heart and began to concentrate his mind, observing the complete cultivation method.