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Chapter 293 - Gathering Point

"Mu Chen?"

The many students who were attacking An Ran heard this name, which was not unfamiliar in the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy, and their eyes changed, with a strong scorn rising in their eyes.

Although Mu Chen has only entered the North Cang Spiritual Academy for less than a few months, but now his reputation in the North Cang Spiritual Academy is even greater than some of the outstanding older students.

The man named Liu Chen, also with a slightly changed face, stared at the two of them and said: "Two, the matter here has nothing to do with you, why do you need to interfere? If you can, when I obtain the information, I can also share it with you, and then perhaps we can even join forces."

He was also scornful of Mu Chen, but he was also not willing to let An Ran go, in this hunting war, because of the time, the intelligence was the most important, if they could not find the gathering point of the spirit soldiers as soon as possible, then they would not be able to collect enough spirit light, in that case, the spirit light instillation, would also be less effective.

He is also a quasi-Heaven realm strength, plus there are many of them, if they really want to make a move, I think the two of them will not be so easy to clean them all up.

An Ran smiled, but clenched her silver teeth and said, "Muchen, help us out, I'll give you the information!"

She was also extremely disgusted with this Liu Chen, and would rather give the information to Mu Chen than give this guy a bargain.

Mu Chen smiled faintly, looked at Liu Chen, and said, "Senior An Ran is my friend, you'd better take someone away."

The relationship between him and An Ran is not that deep, just simply do not like the Liu Chen in front of him too much, and the strength of the latter and others, also did not reach the level that need to make Mu Chen scare, since so. He naturally acted according to preference.


That Liu Chen smiled, a fierce light flashed in his eyes, his face gloomy, and then he shot a wink at the dozens of companions. The latter and the others instantly withdrew from the battle circle surrounding Anran's three women and began to look at Mu Chen with an unfriendly expression.

"Let me take care of him, you clean up the others." Mu Chen rushed to Luo Li and said softly.

"Good." Luo Li nodded her head, the strongest of these people in front of her was only at the late stage of the Rongtian realm. For her, there wasn't the slightest pressure.

"The two of you, you want to deal with so many of us..." Liu Chen gritted his teeth and sneered out, but before his voice could fall, Mu Chen had already swept out.

"Stop him!" Liu Chen saw this, his body spiritual energy suddenly surged out, sternly shouted.

The dozens of companions also exploded with spiritual energy, but before they could make a move. Only to see Mu Chen's body suddenly turned into a shadow of light. It was as if a low dragon roar resounded.


The light and shadow directly passed through their blockage with an indescribable speed. Then, before Liu Chen could react, his long and slender palm was already lightly printed on the latter's chest.

Liu Chen looked at that appeared like a ghost in front of the Makuchen. Pupils instantly shrink, full of horror. The latter's speed, too terrifying.


The violent spiritual power spurted out from Mu Chen's palm, that Liu Chen's body was like being hit by a huge hammer, instantly flew backwards out of the ground, after painting a long trace on the ground, before hitting the huge rock, the rock popped and broke, this unlucky guy was directly stunned.

He thought that with his strength at the Heavenly Transformation Realm, he would be able to fight with Mu Chen, but how could he have expected that the difference between the two would be worlds apart from the same Heavenly Transformation Realm?

"Boom! Boom!"

In the middle of them, the young girl in Xuan clothes like ink smiled and patted her small hand, then blinked her big clear eyes at Mu Chen.

"Awesome." Mu Chen gave a thumbs up and a laugh, then looked at the three Anran girls on the side and smiled, "Senior Anran, is everything alright?"

An Ran shook her head, her eyes a bit complicated looking at Mu Chen as well as Luo Li, a few months ago, Mu Chen was only the strength of the God Pura realm, however, who would have thought that in just a few months, this new student, directly has far surpassed her.

The two young women beside An Ran, who were also somewhat beautiful, were also quietly gawking at Mu Chen, thinking that they were also curious about this new student who was now gaining fame in the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy.

"What is that so-called gathering point?" She said, "I don't want to be a part of the world.

"In the Spiritual Light Realm, although the heaven and earth spiritual energy is abundant, but the coalescence of spirit soldiers is not that easy, unusual places, it is difficult to find a large number as well as high-level spirit soldiers, spirit generals..."

An Ran was also dry, she knew that Mu Chen would help her, mostly because she had this information, so she also collected some sighs and said, "However, there are some places, because of the terrain, then a large number of spirit soldiers will be born, and we will call this the gathering point."

"Only when we find these gathering points can we get a large amount of spirit light, otherwise even if we search all over this spirit light realm, the harvest will not be much."

No wonder they had only met a few sparse spirit soldiers along the way, it turned out that there was a pattern in this Spiritual Light Realm.

"This gathering point information, where did senior sister Anran get it from?" Mu Chen asked with a bit of surprise.

"In fact, this kind of information can be bought in the Hall of Spiritual Value, but the price is extremely high, and that kind of gathering point, every year there will be some changes, no one is sure that the information bought will be useful, and I bought the information of Spiritual Value, or the three of us together to come." An Ran laughed bitterly and said, "But how did I know that the news was known to Liu Chen and the others, and then this happened."

In the Spiritual Value Hall can buy? Mu Chen was stunned, and then sighed, they were really new students, they didn't even know this kind of important news, and they just crashed headlong into the Spiritual Light Realm.

"I'll tell you guys the address of that gathering point." Anran's cheeks were a bit bleak, but she didn't forget the promise she gave earlier, and this time, she could only admit her own bad luck.

The two girls beside Anran also sighed lightly, their strength, after all, is still a bit too weak, in this hunting war where there are numerous dark horses, it is difficult to achieve results.

The three beautiful girls in front of him who were downhearted, Muzhen couldn't help but smile helplessly, why did he feel a little guilty?

"Miss Anran, we are new students after all, we are not familiar with this aura realm at all, why don't we trouble you guys to lead the way, we don't have the heart to take it all for ourselves, when the time comes, the aura we get, we can distribute it equally."

An Ran and the three women were stunned, then they stared up at Mu Chen with surprise in their eyes, "We... Can we really?"

Generally speaking, no one would mind that there would be more spiritual light, because the more spiritual light, then when the time comes to perform spiritual light enlightenment to obtain the greater the benefits, and now, Mu Chen was actually willing to share those spiritual light with them equally, with his absolute strength now, obviously there is no need to give them such treatment.

The first thing that I did was to take the light from the body, but there is something that is also called taking, otherwise it would be no different from this Liu Chen and others.

"It is quite compassionate." Luo Li slightly inclined her head, smiling softly said.

Mu Chen could only give an embarrassed and helpless smile.

"Senior sister Anran, lead the way, we also need to hurry over." Mu Chen looked towards the three Anran girls who were still in a state of elation and smiled.

"Mm." Anran hastily nodded her head, identified the direction, and then swept out first, and Mu Chen and the others immediately followed.

"Mu Chen, the gathering point that we know about, since the information was purchased from the Hall of Spiritual Values, so while we are purchasing it, there should be other trainees purchasing it as well." On the way of speeding to that so-called gathering point, An Ran also seized the time to speak to Mu Chen about the trouble that he might meet.

"Do you mean that there are other trainees who have their eyes on this gathering point?" Mu Chen frowned slightly, it seemed that in this hunting ground, the spiritual light was indeed not that easy to obtain.

"Maybe there will be." An Ran is not particularly sure, if there is no that is naturally the best, they are able to exclusive, but if they really meet, I'm afraid it will not be too harmonious, the other party if the strength is enough, it is likely to expel them.

"Let's see when we get there first." Mu Chen thought about it and said, with his current strength, plus with Luo Li following, even if he met any trouble, he wasn't afraid, if anyone was going to show forceful threats to them, then he didn't mind returning the favor with his own.

The next road is quiet, along the way is also met a lot of students, but are wary of staring and then quickly away, apparently no idea of snake spear exchange.

And in this kind of sweeping, about half an hour later, Mu Chen could feel Anran's speed slowing down.

"We're getting there." Anran's voice made Mu Chen's spirit lift, his gaze looked far away, indeed, in that distant direction, detected some different heaven and earth spiritual Qi fluctuations.

A few minutes later, Mu Chen and his group landed on a mountain peak, the line of sight, is looking ahead, there are several mountain peaks between the formation of the depression, but there, swirling radiant light, a light, hovering in it, an amazing spiritual energy fluctuations, from their bodies, the number, at least has nearly a thousand.

"A lot of spirit soldiers..."

Mu Chen looked at the astonishing number of spirit soldiers, and his face was a little bit gloomy.

"In the depths, there are even stronger ones..." Luo Li's beautiful eyes gazed at the depths and whispered.

Mak Chuan heard, the line of sight immediately shot away, really is to see, in that deepest, there are several unusually tall light shadow, a wave of strong spiritual power pressure, from their bodies emitted.

That kind of fluctuation, far better than the other spirit soldiers.

Mu Chen's eyes stared.

That is the spirit general!