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Chapter 290 - Dean Tai Cang

In the most central location of the North Cang Spiritual Academy, there is a majestic and vast square, this is the North Cang Spiritual Academy in the very famous Beiming Square, it is said that in the long ago, this was once the training place of the North Cang Long Kun, but later along with the establishment of the North Cang Spiritual Academy, this is also developed into a square, but generally speaking, only with a fairly grand event, will be held here.

The gathering point of the hunting war is here.

This square, which is large enough to hold hundreds of thousands of people, is today filled with a sea of people that cannot be seen to the end, and the sound of boiling that is so astounding that it rushes up to the clouds and can be clearly heard from a hundred miles away.

When Mu Chen and his group arrived here, looking at the ocean-like crowd, they could not help but smack their lips, really worthy of the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy ah.

The group hovered in mid-air, gazing towards the Beiming Square, at the front of the square, empty, very different from the sea of people at the back, but no matter how empty it was, no student dared to set foot in it.

In that empty area, there is a bronze-like statue, that is a huge creature, it has the body of a Kun, but grows dragon claws and dragon tail, the image is hideous and powerful, even if it is only a statue, but there is still a terrifying pressure pervades, and it is this pressure, so that the students do not dare to approach it.

"Is that our Northern Cang Spiritual Academy's divine beast, the Northern Ming Dragon Kun?" The first thing that happened was that the person who was in the room was a man.

"This North Ming Dragon Kun has an extremely high status in the North Cang Spiritual Academy, even the Heavenly Seat Elders in the Academy have to be respectful and polite when they see him." Luo Li said softly.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into. I'm afraid there are not many that can be stronger than him.

Mak Chan's eyes shifted away from the Beiming Dragon Kun statue, and then looked to the other side of the sky, where. There is a gloomy gaze to stare at him, it is the crane demon.

But for the crane demon that gloomy gaze, Mu Chen is a faint smile, if a month ago he was a little afraid of the crane demon, then now that scare is suppressed.

The actual clash, now the win or lose, can not turn the crane demon to absolute control.

The crane demon looked at Mak Chan's unafraid look, his eyes also became more and more gloomy, then he was coldly withdrawing his gaze. But Mu Chen is aware. This is the first time I've ever seen a woman with a heart of gold. I'm afraid this hunting war, he will never easily rest.

The first thing you need to do is to get back to your home. There was a familiar spiritual energy fluctuation emanating from it.

"It's Li Xuan Tong."

That kind of spiritual power fluctuation, Mu Chen is quite familiar. He did not turn around to know who was coming, he slightly sideways, he really saw Li Xuan Tong with a group of figures swept in.

Li Xuan Tong's figure stopped next to Mu Chen and Luo Li, his eyes first a little complex glance at Luo Li, and then turned to Mu Chen, a trace of surprise swept through his eyes, said: "You have become stronger."

"If I hadn't improved, how would I dare to come here." The first time I saw a person like Li Xuan Tong, I knew that if you put on some kind of groveling posture, it would make him look down on you.

"It seems that you are going to participate in the hunting war..." Li Xuan Tong smiled lightly and said, "If we meet in the hunting field, then I won't talk about any three-move contract."

"That's exactly what I mean." Mu Chen also stared at Li Xuan Tong and nodded his head.

The students behind Li Xuan Tong were a little upset when they saw Mu Chen's attitude towards Li Xuan Tong. In their opinion, although Mu Chen had taken three moves from Li Xuan Tong, it was not enough for him to think that he was really qualified to be on a par with Li Xuan Tong.

However, they didn't say anything after all, they just gave Muchen an unkind stare, as if in warning.

"I will also participate in the hunting battle with him, so if we meet then, it would be good to receive a lesson." Luo Li, who was on the side, said in a soft voice.

Li Xuan Tong's face stiffened slightly, and then shook his head helplessly as he looked at Mu Chen and said, "I heard that you tore down the Demon Sect's headquarters?"

Mu Chen nodded, this matter had spread to everyone in the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy, and it was obviously not surprising that Li Xuan Tong informed him.

"A little arrogant." Li Xuandao.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

The newest and most popular of these is the "The New York Times".

Luo Li's eyes were soft, she looked at the handsome side of the teenager's face, which was flooded with smiles, but was so firm that it was unquestionable.

Li Xuan Tong nodded slightly and said, "That Crane Demon guy, in the hunting ground, if I meet him, I will clean him up."

Mu Chen smiled and said, "I'm not qualified to say anything about who Senior Li Xuan Tong wants to deal with, but if I meet him first, then maybe I won't leave you this opportunity."

"Not a small mouth." Li Xuan Tong smiled and said, "Then let's see how you perform in the hunting ground, don't even fail to reach the end."

Mu Chen smiled, no longer said anything, pulling Luo Li to stand in the air.

In the next few hours, more and more students converged here, and Mu Chen also met Su Xuan, Xu Desolate and other powerful figures who ranked extremely high on the heavenly list.

And in addition to these is the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy's popular figures, Mu Chen is also faintly feel, in that can not see the end of the sea of people, but also hidden a lot of hot and full of ambition of bright eyes, they look to the sky those popular figures in the eyes, full of challenge.

Those eyes, even in the face of the top ten of the heavenly list of figures, is not the slightest fear.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're looking for. The people who showed up on the top of the heavenly list are ultimately only a few, more people, are holding back their own. Waiting for the time of thick accumulation, a rush to the sky.

Obviously, this hunting war, is the best time to break through the sky!


Along with more and more students gathered. Suddenly, there was a clear and pleasant bell chant that resounded between the heaven and earth, that long bell chant, overriding all the noise, resounded between the heaven and earth.

All the students stopped their clamor, and their eyes looked with true awe at the depths of the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy, where a giant green bird came flying in. The giant bird was carrying a hurricane. Soon hovered over the only area of the square that was still empty.

Mak Chan's eyes were also looking at the giant bird. To be precise, the back of the giant bird, where there are several old figures. Each figure, as if an ordinary old man. But no one dares to underestimate that seemingly fragile old body, because underneath that, lies the power to destroy the heavens and earth.

And in the front of the several old figures, is a middle-aged man dressed in green robes, body upright, his face like a warm jade, a pair of eyes like the stars as vast, people look, to be engrossed in it, unable to extricate themselves.

Heaven and earth seem to be reflected in his eyes.

He smiled at those teenage girls with awe in their faces, his eyes vicissitudes, as if through countless years of wisdom and wise man.

"He is..." Mu Chen's eyes were also staring at the middle-aged figure in green robes.

"He is the dean of our Northern Cang Spiritual Academy, Dean Tai Cang." Li Xuan Tong said in a soft voice, even if he was as proud as he was, at this time, there was a difficult to hide the reverence in his tone.

The dean of the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy has shown up, such a big figure is not something they can easily see on a normal day.

"Fellow youngsters, I haven't seen you for a year, I'm glad that everyone's strength has made another improvement." On top of the green bird, Dean Tai Cang smiled as he looked at the countless youngsters and girls, his clear voice, resounding in everyone's ears, that voice, causing the spiritual energy in all the students' bodies to meek down, as if a divine voice, causing them to become refreshed, even their state was improved, the spiritual energy in their bodies, more and more vibrant.

"What a terrifying ability." Mak Chan felt the change in himself, and his heart was immediately shocked, what kind of strength is this? With just a single word, he was able to raise the state of so many people here.

That voice was as strong and inexplicable as if it had conditioned their bodies for them.

"It's the Tai Cang divine Voice." Luo Li's pretty face is also covered with seriousness, said: "It is said that this is a kind of divine method that is born from a "divine code", with this sound, President Tai Cang one drink, directly shake a supreme."

"Drinking sound shaking death supreme?" He knew that this must be because President Tai Cang had used his real strength, but this was a little too scary, right?

"About the hunting war, I think we should not be unfamiliar with the rules, I will not say more, just need to be important to mention is that this year's hunting war, the most difficult, because that the final town guardian, there are three..."

Dean Tai Cang smiled faintly, his sleeve robe waved, only to see the space in front is rippled, as if a huge incomparable mirror, that mirror, seems to be a lofty incomparable mountain, at the top of that mountain, there are three flat-topped mountain peaks, the mountain peaks, clouds and fog, seems to conceal some powerful existence.

Many students looked at each other, they naturally know that only after defeating the town guardian, they can carry out the final "spiritual light instillation", otherwise, all of them, the spiritual light obtained in their hands will be useless, completely null and void.

In the past, most of the guardians were only one, but I didn't expect it to become so difficult this time, three, and I don't know, which three will be from the Hall of Punishment?

Numerous lines of sight coalesced in that realm of light, where the clouds dissipated little by little, and finally vaguely revealed three quietly sitting, but that aura, is like a fierce dragon coiled, want to shake heaven and earth.

Seeing that aura, even Li Xuan Tong's expression is slightly changed, some other perceptive students, the expression is also changed dramatically.

"These three are the three generals of the Hall of Punishment, and they are also the top three of the Heavenly Ranking of your last class."

The long voice of Dean Tai Cang echoed out, but caused countless students to take a breath of cold air, this time, it was the three generals of the Hall of Punishment personally? This is too difficult, right?

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