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Chapter 253 - Black Dragon and White Dragon

When that black light shadow appeared, the spiritual energy in the world seemed to roar and stir, a kind of pressure that even the world trembled diffused.

Under that pressure, everyone here felt as if they had been stripped away from this heaven and earth, and could no longer draw the slightest bit of spiritual energy from the heaven and earth.

That kind of appearance, as if the spiritual energy in this heaven and earth, are at this time by that black light shadow all control.

"That's... The supreme doppelganger?"

Numerous people looked at the black-robed shadow of light, whose pressure was no weaker than that of the White Dragon Supreme, and their legs went weak for a while, and this sudden change made their brains seem to lose their composure.

Shock and amazement took over their senses.

They really couldn't imagine why Bai Xuan was able to summon a supreme doppelganger, wouldn't that mean that behind White Dragon City, there was still a supreme doppelganger standing?

Is that possible? How could White Dragon City, with that kind of strength, be cowering in a small White Dragon Mound?

The people of the Tiangang Sword Sect and the Earthbound Sect were even more shocked. They realized at this moment that White Dragon City, which was ranked with them among the three major powers of White Dragon Mound, seemed to be far from being as simple as they had thought.

"Just now, that remnant image of the White Dragon Supreme said something about the Dragon Demon Palace?"

"Could it be that super power that almost unified the Northern Cang Continent hundreds of years ago and became the hegemon of the Northern Cang Continent, the Dragon Demon Palace?"

"White Dragon City... Is it the pawn set up by the Dragon Demon Palace in ambush?"


Some horrified eyes were constantly intertwined, their hearts were undoubtedly turning up waves of shock, this matter spread out, I'm afraid that in this northern Cang continent, will cause a great shock.

And for the sky horrified gaze, Bai Xuan did not pay attention. Just look up at the black shadow of light eyes full of awe, as long as they complete the task here, is able to return to the Dragon Demon Palace, the storm does not expose their identity, it does not matter.

"That is a supreme doppelganger..."

Su Xuan's beautiful eyes stared at the sky, her gentle and beautiful cheeks had an unconcealed shocked look, saying, "I didn't expect this Bai Xuan to have such a bottom card in his hand, it seems they are really determined to get the White Dragon Supreme Spirit Collection."

Mu Chen. Li Qi and the others also nodded with astonished faces, this bottom card of Bai Xuan was too powerful, but fortunately this bottom card was to deal with the spiritual residual image left by that Supreme White Dragon.

"Black Dragon..."

The white pupils of the white dragon's eyes stared at the black shadow of light, the unperturbed face finally had a little fluctuation, said: "I did not expect you to really dare to appear. Are you not afraid to draw out those guys from the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy?"

"Oh, it's just a split body, I don't think they can sense it." The black-robed light figure known as Black Dragon smiled lightly as he looked at the White Dragon Supreme and smiled, "White Dragon, the most important treasure in my palace has been hidden by you for hundreds of years, now. It's time to return it."

"After so many years... You are still thinking about it." The White Dragon Supreme seemed to sigh gently and said.

The Black Dragon Supreme's eyes were slightly lowered and he slowly said, "White Dragon, we used to be close friends. But in the end you betrayed us, that once the pain of the extermination of the clan, could it be that you have forgotten?"

"You have been blinded by hatred." With a sigh, the White Dragon Supreme said.

"For revenge. Why care about the means." Supreme Black Dragon smiled, then sighed regretfully. He said, "I didn't expect that you still haven't woken up even after your death. Forget it, we will erase this remnant image of you today, and after we retrieve the supreme treasure, we will dominate the Northern Cang Continent again, and after our power is really strong, we will start our real revenge."

As soon as the words left his mouth, he obviously did not want to talk any more, and with one step, the heaven and earth trembled, only to see endless spiritual energy coalescing and boiling behind him, just like a huge ocean.


In that ocean of spiritual energy, a tyrannical dragon roar came out, a huge dragon covered with black cold scales rushed out, that huge body, long and strong, with the power to destroy the sky and the earth.

The Black Dragon Supreme's body trembled and turned into a black light that merged with the black dragon, and then abruptly impacted against the White Dragon Supreme on top of the super light curtain.


Under his impact, the heaven and earth, it was as if a terrifying tornado storm was whipped up, and the earth began to be torn apart.


The white dragon's body was no smaller than the black dragon's, white scales, shining with a dazzling light, the dragon's breath spouted, almost forming clouds floating.

A terrifying spiritual power fluctuations, sweeping heaven and earth.


The dragon's roar resounded in the sky, the two black and white dragons swept out and finally collided fiercely in the distant sky, at once, thunder raged in heaven and earth, the wind raged.

Mak Chuan they looked with some shock at the terrifying clash above the nine heavens, even from such a distance, but the kind of spiritual energy impact that passed down, still made them feel some trembling.

Moreover, this is only a wisp of the two supreme beings, if it was the original body fighting against each other, I am afraid that this space would be shattered.

"That light curtain is loosening." Su Xuan suddenly spoke out.

The few people who heard the words of Mu Chen gaze hurriedly looked at, really is to see, along with the battle on the nine heavens intensified, that originally enveloped the black basin of super light screen, is actually rippled, and the original bright luster, is also gradually dull.

"The White Dragon Supreme has fallen after all, the power he can use is ultimately limited, and fighting with the Black Dragon Supreme's doppelganger will definitely consume a lot of power, which is why this light curtain is rapidly weakening." She Chen mused.

Su Xuan also nodded her head and said, "Maybe it won't be long before this light curtain can no longer stop us from breaking in."

"This time to seize the treasure, everyone should be more careful, White Dragon City is well prepared this time, the tiger is watching, they are the most powerful contender."

Mu Chen smiled, his eyes swept around, said: "But they are too strong is not good, at least the other forces will be wary of them, then I am afraid that they will also join forces against them, and we may be able to take advantage of this opportunity to seize the treasure."

"Everything depends on the situation, if it is really impossible to seize the treasure, then first retreat, everything to save lives as a prerequisite." Su Xuan said in a soft voice.

The few people also nodded their heads, although the treasure is good, but after all, life is most important.

The change in the light curtain, apparently also by other forces as well as strong, immediately their eyes are a little hot up, that the most terrifying white dragon supreme has been blocked, then whether the next can get the treasure, it depends on their own ability.

The White Dragon City hidden background makes them feel appalled, but after all, Bai Xuan and others are not enough to make them fearful and retreat, as for the Dragon Demon Palace, although powerful, but now the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy and they are like water and fire, I think the Dragon Demon Palace also do not dare to do anything easily.

"Prepare to make a move."

Bai Xuan's eyes were also tightly fixed on the super light curtain that caused ripples, and his voice said in a low voice: "Whoever dares to stop, then kill all of them."


The gray-clothed old man heard the words, and a fierce and hostile look swept through his eyes.

The white Dong's eyes glanced eerily at the direction where Mu Chen was located, after entering the black basin, if there is an opportunity, absolutely can not let that kid go!

Around the black basin, countless people held down the excitement in their hearts, quietly waiting, in the nine skies above their heads, the clouds surging, can vaguely see a black and white dragon roaring and biting, the terrifying spiritual energy, rippling in the world.

This wait, continued for about ten minutes, and the super light screen, is also a little bit become illusory, shaky appearance, no longer the beginning of the kind of solid.

Everyone's eyes are at this time steeply become rolled up, the time is almost.


Bai Xuan took the lead with a wave of his hand, leading those of White Dragon City, swept out as fast as lightning, and finally, when he was still some distance away from the light curtain, he clenched his palm and blasted out with a fist.


Behind them, the White Dragon City's men and horses also shouted in unison, and the black spears in their hands shot out a strong wind, and then all of them blasted at the faltering light curtain.


The light curtain there, rippled and fluctuated, and then became more and more illusory, after a few breaths, it was directly torn out of a few feet of cracks.


Bai Xuan and others at the appearance of the crack, a movement of the body, is all rushed in.

The many forces and strong people saw that White Dragon City entered first, also hurriedly moved, and then the sound of breaking wind between the heaven and earth, the light curtain was constantly torn, and then one after another rushed into the black basin.

"We also go!"

Su Xuan saw this, jade hand a wave, the first swept out, Mu Chen and others are also quickly followed.

Before reaching the light curtain, Su Xuan and the others joined hands to blast through the light curtain, tearing out the cracks, and they looked at the dark basin behind the light curtain, where the darkness was like a hideous mouth that swallowed up all those who entered it.

"Be careful."

Su Xuan reminded again, then took the lead and rushed into the crevice, Li Qi, Guo Hun, Su Ling'er also quietly operate the spiritual power, protect the surrounding body, followed.

The two supreme beings said that the treasure should be here, but I don't know...

The two supreme beings said that the treasure should be here, but I wonder... what kind of divine object will that treasure be?

The interest in Muchen's heart rose, and with a smile, he stepped into the dark rift. (To be continued)