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Chapter 237 - Dragon Demon Palace

"Dragon Demon Palace?"

When Mu Chen heard Su Xuan's words, his brow was furrowed, he was obviously extremely unfamiliar with this name, and it seemed that they hadn't offended any Dragon Demon Palace all this way, right?

"Is it really someone from the Dragon Demon Palace?" Guo Hun and Li Turnip's face on the side but slightly changed, then their eyes slightly cold said: "No wonder they can have this kind of lineup, and all of them have ruthless methods, so it is these guys."

Su Xuan nodded gently and said, "The group of people who intercepted and killed me earlier, there were two early Heaven Transformation Realm and three quasi Heaven Transformation Realm powerhouses, this kind of lineup, within a thousand miles around the White Dragon Mound, there is no power that can just send out."

She said, she looked at the frowning Mu Chen, smiled and said: "You just came to the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy, naturally is not know this Dragon Demon Palace, hundreds of years ago, the Northern Cang continent, there was a powerful power almost dominated the entire Northern Cang continent, and this, is the Dragon Demon Palace."

"Stronger than the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy?" Mu Chen froze and said somewhat incredulously. ...

"Can't say that, although our North Cang Spiritual Academy is located in the North Cang continent, but never have the desire to dominate, and for the situation on the North Cang continent, also did not intervene too much, it is precisely this, the year will lead to the Dragon Demon Palace to take advantage of the rise, became the dominant on the North Cang continent."

Guo Xiong a smile, said: "But the Dragon Demon Palace in the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy after becoming the hegemon, but still not satisfied, located in the Northern Cang continent zhōng yāng Northern Cang Spiritual Academy, became their eyes, they know, only the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy is also uprooted. They can only really become the hegemon of this continent, and this as the base camp, and then attack and occupy other neighboring continents."

Mak Chan secretly smacked his lips. This Dragon Demon Palace is so ambitious, not only has it dominated the Northern Cang Continent, but it also dares to strike at the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy.

"So, hundreds of years ago, the Dragon Demon Palace began to attack the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy, that battle, but really shocking. Countless strong people fell, the entire Northern Cang Continent, is shrouded in that kind of war."

Mu Chen's complexion was somewhat shaken. Dragon Demon Palace can dominate the North Cang continent, the power must be extremely terrifying, and the North Cang Spiritual Academy is not warm sitting on the North Cang continent for thousands of years, the depths. The same is unfathomable.

These two amazing forces once the clash. That kind of war, absolutely is the destruction of heaven and earth.

"That war, which lasted several years, eventually ended with the victory of the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy, while the Dragon Demon Palace is routed away, the power is greatly reduced, those who used to be suppressed by their forces are also attacked, the Dragon Demon Palace dominant attitude. Completely dissipated."

Su Xuan stared at the corpses on the ground, said: "But the so-called hundred foot insects die but not stiff. Although the Dragon Demon Palace fell, but was not completely erased, they are still lurking in this North Cang continent, recuperating, waiting for the time."

"Over the years, the students of our Northern Cang Spiritual Academy who go out for training often encounter various attacks, and almost half of such attacks are from the Dragon Demon Palace."

"Every year, those trainees who died on the Northern Cang Continent, at least more than half of them, were killed by the Dragon Demon Palace."

Speaking of this, Su Xuan's gentle face, there is also a cold Qi coalesced, obviously to this Dragon Demon Palace deep hatred.

"That the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy did not take any measures?" Mu Chen frowned and asked.

"You should know that after leaving the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy, everything is not so gentle, this is also a training, only those who have experienced these killing experiences can eventually become truly strong." Su Xuan slowly said: "North Cang continent's danger, the academy has long known, but it is because of this, they are constantly sending students to the training, this world, want to become strong, how can there be no pay?"

"In addition, in the mission hall of our Northern Cang Spiritual Academy, there is a special list, called the reward list, the list of people, each and every fierce reputation, many students who went out for training, were killed by their hands, so our Northern Cang Spiritual Academy is also issued a wanted notice for them, as long as a student can kill them, will be able to get the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy heavy prize. "

"Bounty list?" The first thing that happened was that he hadn't heard of this hidden list in the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy, and apparently only those students whose strength had reached a certain level were able to qualify to go after the villains on the reward list.

"Those vicious people on the reward list are all vicious characters, even in the Northern Cang continent is not unknown, want to complete this reward task, too dangerous as well as difficult, so this reward task, is considered the most tricky in our Northern Cang Spiritual Academy."

Guo Hun on the side licked his mouth, said: "I remember most clearly, a year ago stirred up our entire Northern Cang Spiritual Academy of a major event, at that time, Shen Cang Sheng cultivation out of seclusion, from the mission hall received a bounty task, and the object of that bounty, is the third highest on the bounty list of super fierce people, from the Dragon Demon Palace's supreme genius, Blood Dragon Demon Yu Yuan. "

"Blood Dragon Demon, Yu Yuan" muttered Mu Chen.

"This Yu Yuan is extremely powerful, when the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy a team of more than 20 people went out to practice, the team, but there are two early stage of the Heaven Transformation Realm elders, the rest of the people, the worst, is also in the late stage of the Rong Heaven Realm, this kind of lineup, has been very weak, but they met Yu Yuan, in the end, only one sister in the rest of the people desperately to protect to escape xìng life. "

"After that, the North Cang Spiritual Academy also several times there are powerful students to try to hunt him down, but in the end all failed, two of them, is also killed by Yu Yuan, which adds Yu Yuan's fierce reputation, after a period of time, there are few students dare to take his bounty mission again."

Guo Hun eyes, some reverence: "until later, Shen Cang Sheng shot."

"At that time, Shen Cang Sheng, is not yet the first heavenly list, before he has been supine, ranked only in the heavenly list outside the ten, however, that day, when he came out of the gate, is a sudden outbreak, the power of a gun, is straight to the first heavenly list."

"After the entire North Cang Spiritual Academy countless students for the shock, he once again took that Yu Yuan reward task, returned ten days later, the hand spear, picking Yu Yuan head, stepping back in the air."

Guo Hun's eyes, at this time, looked a little excited and boiling, thought it was the shock caused by that scene in the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy.

At that moment, everyone is dumbfounded to raise their heads, looking at that shoulder lance, as if an undefeated god of war like a great figure stepping back in the air, that shock, there is no limit.

The first thing you need to do is to look at the person you are looking at, and then look at the other side, even the cold beauty is slightly lost in a trance, it can be seen that the unseen Shen Cang Sheng senior, in the hearts of these students of the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy is extremely high status.

This makes him also can't help but have some curiosity, this legendary figure, I wonder how powerful, compared to Li Xuan Tong, how much stronger?

"Shen Cang Sheng, is indeed a very powerful person." Su Xuan also said softly, today's North Cang Spiritual Academy is also considered a collection of geniuses, that Crane Demon, Xu Desolate and others are considered quite outstanding people, there are even many secretly supine, waiting for a day r day astonishing, rising to the sky powerful people, but no matter how outstanding they are, but always unable to shake the top of the heavenly list standing at the top of that a magnificent as a god of war-like figure.

"On the bounty list, most of them are people from the Dragon Demon Palace, and only they would go out of their way to kill the students of our Northern Cang Spiritual Academy."

Su Xuan looked at Mu Chen and said, "Now, you should know how much blood feud and enmity there is between this Dragon Demon Palace and our Northern Cang Spiritual Academy, right?"

The reason why the North Cang Spiritual Academy would let this situation go, I'm afraid that in addition to wanting the students to be trained as a result, perhaps it also has the same reason of not being able to really uproot the Dragon Demon Palace.

"This time, we seem to have been noticed by the Dragon Demon Palace as well." Su Xuan's pretty face was slightly gruff as she said, "As far as I know, the Supreme White Dragon who fell here was once a great figure in the Dragon Demon Palace, only that he suddenly rebelled from the Dragon Demon Palace, and this time when the Supreme Spirit Collection comes out, it is likely that the Dragon Demon Palace will also send strong people to come, so we will have to be more careful then."

Mu Chen, Guo Hun, Li Qi, Su Ling'er four people are all nodding, also feel some trouble, this time the mission, it seems not so easy to complete.

"Let's move first, let's rush in while it's night, the Dragon Demon Palace has just suffered a setback, it's best to get rid of them." Su Xuan said.

The four of them had no problem with this, and after cleaning up the place, they deepened their vigilance and went deeper into the White Dragon's Mound.

The four of them went to the depths of the White Dragon's Mound, but on the slope of a hill in the jungle far away, the face of Bai Dong became extremely blue.

"Rubbish, rubbish! These four trash, with the strength of the late stage of the Realm of Melting Heaven, could not even solve a girl of the late stage of the Realm of Melting Heaven and a teenager of the early stage of the Realm of Melting Heaven!"

Bai Dong looked at the four black sè jade pieces in his hand, the jade pieces had dragon patterns on them, and at this moment, the jade pieces were all broken, obviously, these four people, too, had been killed.

Beside Bai Dong, the gray-clothed old man's face is also astonished, said: "How is it possible? How could the two of them have killed the four Dragon Demon Guards?"

For the strength of the Dragon Demon Guard, he knew very well, facing these four people together, even he had to take a little time to solve it, but right now, how could they be killed by two teenage girls who were not yet dry?

Bai Dong crushed the jade piece in his hand in annoyance, and then looked deep into the forest with yīn eyes.

"The message to my father, it seems that we do not have to worry about exposure, as long as we get the things in the spirit collection, we will be able to evacuate this place, but before evacuating, these eyesores, but all must be removed!" (To be continued ......)