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Chapter 235 - Counter Killing

Swish! Swish!

In the middle of the forest, four ghost-like black shadows swept by at an extremely swift speed, their eyes, like vicious wolves, staring closely at the not-too-distant front, where a figure could vaguely be seen fleeing in distress.

"See where you run!"

The four hearts are cold laugh out loud, then steeply speed up, they are able to see the figure began to panic, the pace is also disorderly a lot, obviously because of fear.

And once in this pursuit can not keep calm, the result, already speaks for itself.

The four black shadows swept a cruel light in their eyes, these students of the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy, although the talent is indeed very good, but unfortunately, in the battle of life and death, talent does not play a role, the unrelenting killing and keen intuition, is the main factor that can determine a duel of life and death.


These disdainful thoughts swept through their minds before they saw the wretched figure ahead of them turn again and disappear from sight, and they immediately followed.

Their bodies, swept through the thicket of trees.

However, in their figures just out through the bushes, dense branches and leaves bring the yīn shadow from the pupils of the eyes to recede while the moment, a ghostly shadow, is actually from the front to lunge, head is into the arms of a black shadow.

The sudden change, so that the four black shadows eyes are a change, the black shadow into the arms of just a moment of time, is a fierce stern voice, the black spear is almost conditionally recoil is to rush into the arms of the figure stabbed and.


But in his spear just stabbed out in the blink of an eye, a sharp long sword containing majestic spiritual power, is already from his heart position ruthlessly pierced into. The tip of the sword pierced through his back and blood slid down.

The pupils of the black shadow's eyes dilated rapidly at this point, and he looked in disbelief at the young man with a cold face in his arms, whose eyes. Abnormally cold, as if suffused with cold ice.

He could not have imagined in any way that the teenager who was being chased by them as if he was a lost dog and could only bury his head and flee for his life, would be at such a moment. A fierce turn back, an unexpected shot back to the horse, breaking all their jǐng vigilance.

The young man's ruthlessness was even better than theirs, and this sword pierced through his vitals, cutting off his life in a moment.

"He did it on purpose!"

In the darkness of sight. The indifferent eyes of the young man became the last image. That kind of eyes. How could it be that a teenager who was being chased and panicked could have it?

It turns out that this teenager, has been setting up a false impression. Let them old are lost some jǐng vigilance, thus storming up to counterattack!

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are doing. There is no trace of dragging.


All this happened almost in a flash of lightning, just when the other three black shadows discovered this scene, the sword in Mu Chen had already pierced through the heart of that black shadow.

The three were furious, their eyes yīn, the spear almost immediately turned into a severe attack, and the surrounding vitals of Mu Chen shrouded, this kid, but dared to kill their companions in front of them, how can he leave again!

In the face of the three people's anger out, Mu Chen back to pull out the long sword, the spiritual energy operation, in the blue longsword is bursting out of the harsh sword light, will be the spear shadow, all of the defense and down.


But the three cooperate quite tacitly, a little cold mane, still break through the defense of Mu Chen, straight to his chest.

The black shadow that he had killed earlier was dragged into his arms to form a meat shield.


The sharp spear, wrapped in majestic spiritual energy, directly pierced through the black shadow's body, the spear tip pierced out, also cut a bloody scar in front of Mu Chen's chest.

The body of the body is along with the spear shè, heavy smashed into the black shadow man.

The black shadow man's eyes are hideous, a fist blast out, fiercely landed on the corpse, violent spiritual power eruption, but directly that corpse will be shaken to blood and flesh.


But when his fist shattered the corpse, the cold aura from the corpse chest flicker, a black sè spiritual power covered, and even a little strange black inflammation pulsating sword tip, steeply from the corpse chest pierced out, as fast as lightning stabbed at the black shadow throat.

The attack was so swift and fierce, so severe that even the black shadow man's heart was horrified, a fist blasted out, rolling spiritual energy rushing, there was a hideous dragon roar, the majestic spiritual energy turned into a furious dragon spiritual fist, blasting at the harsh sword light burning with black inflammation.


The two collided fiercely together, and the black inflammation swept out, directly burning the violent spiritual energy contained in the fist wind.


The sword light pierced through the fist wind, in the black shadow man's shocked gaze, unmercifully cleaved on his fist.

The sword light swept through, blood splashed shè, that guy's five fingers, are at this time was cut off, blood flowing.

The spiritual power cultivated by Mu Chen was overwhelming, coupled with the power of the black flame and the medium-grade spiritual weapon given by Su Ling'er, that kind of power, naturally, could not be resisted by ordinary attacks.


The black shadow screamed, and the spear that he was holding tightly in his left hand viciously stabbed at Mu Chen's throat, actually trying to fight for both sides.


But at this time has been because of this unexpected horse shot and a great harvest of Mak Chan, naturally is not willing to be his serious injuries, a wrist shake, the long sword swept back, two fingers clenched sword tip, the sword body pouring, just in the glow of the spear tip above.

Sparks splashed sh.

The body of Muchen flew out backwards with the help of the thrust, like a bat in the dark night, into the dark forest, and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

"Damn kid!"

Those three people looked at the cold corpse that landed in front of them, their eyes were filled with fury, the four of them were all at the late stage of the Realm of Melting Heaven strength, and each of them were stunningly rich, if they were to join, even a strong person at the early stage of the Realm of Transformation would be able to resist, never thought that right now. I did not expect to be killed by a kid at the early stage of the Realm of the Melting Sky with a shot back to such a mess.

Not only did they lose one person, but one of them also had one of their arms ruined and their combat power was sharply reduced!

"We can't let him go!"

The three snapped, especially the black shadow man who had one of his palms ruined by Mu Chen. The eyes all became livid.

The three looked at each other and swept out almost at the same time, only this time, they tensed their bodies. The spirit power will operate to the extreme, at any time jǐng alert to the counterattack ahead.

After the previous lightning-like cross, they have come to understand that this look on the age of the teenager, absolutely not good, not only the vision, and out is also extremely fierce, under the dry and sharp, without delay. This kind of paragraph. Absolutely not like those life and death combat experience is very little of the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy of ordinary students.

If the heart again underestimated. I'm afraid that tonight, they all have to fold here.

Mak Chan swept through the forest with great speed, he just faintly glanced at the blood marks on his chest. It was only a superficial injury, nothing serious. The previous shot back was quite successful, and it seems that his previous feint was quite effective.

He glanced at the back, those three guys, at this time, should be much more cautious, but then, their speed would also slow down, which gave more time to Mu Chen.

"Let's see who's really hunting next."

Mu Chen whispered, he glanced at the forest ahead, there, there were some scarlet pupils of beasts vaguely, those were the spirit beasts in the White Dragon's Mound.

He looked at the scarlet beast pupils in the depths of the forest, the corners of his lips also lifted a smile, not only not to avoid, but to that direction rushed over.

In the night-shrouded forest, three black shadows swept by quickly, the three of them, one in front and two behind, had formed some formations, the surface of their taut bodies flowing with spiritual energy, their eyes staring around with jealousy.


Three people swept by, eyes suddenly moved, one person in front of a palm wave, and then the three is at the same time landed on a clearing, only to see there, there are two beast corpses, hot blood flowing open, obviously just killed.

"That kid did it."

The black shadow man who had one of his palms cut off by Mu Chen, gritted his teeth and said, "It seems he met a siege of spirit beasts, so that his speed will also be pulled down, we have to seize the opportunity."


The other two also nodded their heads, and then the three of them moved their bodies and chased out again.

In the next few minutes, they again saw some beast corpses that had just been killed one after another, and among them, they could vaguely see some bitten clothes, which were owned by Mu Chen.

From these signs, the spirit beasts that Mu Chen met seemed to be more and more, and he was also aware of the three people coming after him, and the trail seemed to be forced to speed up a lot, and even the battle traces were no longer erased.

After about ten minutes of such a chase, the three dark figures once again stopped, and they looked ahead into the clearing, where there was the corpse of a giant lion with a golden body, but now the spirit beast was dead, and in its hideous mouth, it was biting a green sè long sword to death.

"It's that kid's."

The three men landed next to the giant lion's corpse and looked at the familiar-looking longsword and said.

"This guy was unlucky to meet the Golden Flame Lion, the strength of this spirit beast is comparable to the middle stage of the Rongtian realm, even we have to take some feet to deal with it, no wonder he doesn't even want this spirit weapon." One of them sneered.


And at this time, that distant forest, there is actually once again a low roar sounded, vaguely as if there are spiritual power fluctuations coming from.

"He met again, quick, this time we can catch up with him!" Hearing that beast roar, all three of them were happy and said.


All three nodded, two of them flashed and swept out, while the remaining one took two steps forward and grabbed that green light longsword, which was a medium-grade spiritual weapon, not weak in power, and it was a pity to lose it here.


However, just when he grabbed the blue light long sword, intended to pull it out, the golden lion's corpse, but abruptly exploded, blood spattered sh, a body full of blood-stained figure like a ghost-like rushed out from under the corpse, an instant is close to the black shadow man, then two fingers and curved, golden light surging, with a harsh and unparalleled fluctuations, in the black shadow man's horrified eyes, penetrated his throat.

The black shadow, staggering, finally fell to the ground, the eyes wide open, full of disbelief.

The blood-stained figure, is low will be the green light long sword pulled up, slowly raised his head, looking at that has stopped body, turned around horrified at this scene of two black shadow people.

The two black shadows in front of him smiled faintly, and the smile fell in the eyes of the two, as if demon-like terrifying.

They have been so cautious and careful, but still fell for this kid's trick!

This kind of paragraph, is also really too defensible!

"Next, it's your turn."

Mu Chen fingertip flick sword tip, clear crisp sword chant sounded, four people have been he killed two people, leaving a semi-crippled, a complete pair, and this crippled formation, and is no longer enough for him to continue to hide.

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