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Chapter 229 - Spiritual Formation [Third Shift!


The sound of bells and drums suddenly echoed in the huge auction hall at this moment, and at once the many figures in the auction hall all slightly straightened their bodies and looked at that auction stage with fiery eyes, knowing that this was a sign of the start of the auction.

In this White Dragon Mound, there are countless adventure squads, they are fighting with countless vicious spirit beasts in the White Dragon Mound every day, and at the same time exploring for treasures, and generally the kind of gains, as long as they are of good quality, most of them will flow to the auction house of this White Dragon City, so this is basically the place where the greatest chance of various good things can appear within the thousands of miles of the White Dragon Mound.

And many people, are rushing here, after all, sometimes, a high-level spiritual weapon, can let them in the kind of brutal fight to save xìng life, which for many adventure teams, are vital, after all, no matter how, small life is always the most important thing.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. .

In that countless gaze, that spacious auction stage, an obese middle-aged man full of smiles slowly walked up, he looked around a hand, said: "Oh, friends, I Bi Sheng, nine summer Chamber of Commerce in the White Dragon City auction house chief auctioneer, first here on behalf of my nine summer Chamber of Commerce to thank you all for your support."

"So this auction house is run by the Nine Summer Chamber of Commerce." Su Xuan heard that name, and only then did she whisper.

"Is the Nine Summer Chamber of Commerce very famous in the Northern Cang Continent?" Mu Chen asked quietly.

Su Xuan smiled faintly and said, "The Nine Summer Chamber of Commerce is considered one of the three largest chambers of commerce in the Northern Cang Continent. Do you think there is a name? They are extremely strong, similar to the White Dragon City, they are such a local snake, although in the White Dragon Hill is considered a landlord. But with the Nine Summer Chamber of Commerce up, is far from enough to see."

The first thing that happened to him was that he was not able to get a good look at the situation.

The auctioneer named Bi Sheng on the stage, but also not too much abetment, a change of voice, is beginning to turn to the main topic, a wave of the palm. A sword box appeared on the stone platform in front of him.

The sword box was opened in the shape of a three-foot blue blade was revealed, the sword body above. Swirling with a rich green light, green light gushed out, is actually on the sword body, into a green sè giant eagle light shadow. The giant eagle flapping wings. It is the formation of a harsh wind blade, sweeping away, the sound of breaking wind spread out, as if even the air is torn.

This is obviously a ranked spiritual weapon, and the sword body, but also sealed with the spirit beast jīng spirit, the power is quite weak.

"Oh, gentlemen. This sword is called the Green Eagles Sword, and it is a medium grade spirit weapon. It is sealed with the jīng spirit of a green light eagle whose strength is comparable to that of the Realm of Melting Heaven, and you should know that the green light eagle is extremely fast, and at full speed, it is difficult to capture even the strongest of the Realm of Transformation, and that speed is now added to this sword, which makes its power multiply, so if you are good at sword weapons, don't miss it easily." That Bi Sheng smilingly said.

"The auction price of this sword, one and a half million spirit coins."

The auction room was slightly silent for a moment hearing this not cheap price, but it was soon broken by various voices, a medium-grade spiritual weapon, and also sealed the jīng spirit of the Green Light Eagles, but it is worth this price.

In the auction hall, the shouting sound lasted for several minutes, and finally the "Green Eagle Sword" was successfully auctioned off by a thin middle-aged man for 1.9 million spirit coins.

After successfully auctioning off this "Green Eagle Sword", the atmosphere in this auction hall was gradually mobilized, that Bi Sheng is obviously very experienced in this kind of auction, and immediately took out one after another is considered to be good quality auction items, most of them are spirit secrets and so on, and the grade is in the top of the spirit grade, the price of each piece, are over The price of each item is over a million.

But this level of spiritual secrets, perhaps for many people present are good, but for the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy out of the Mu Chen, Su Xuan and others, but can only be considered ordinary, especially after seeing the rich collection of the Hall of Spiritual secrets Mu Chen, it is difficult to look at these things in the eyes.

"Nothing good." Su Ling'er muttered, obviously not very satisfied with the quality of this auction.

"Wait a little longer, the bottom of the barrel items will be placed at the back." Su Xuan was not impatient and smiled.

Mu Chen also nodded, he glanced at the three major powers in front of him, they were all sitting quietly and hadn't made many bids until now, obviously waiting for the really good stuff to appear.

"Oh, this next auction item is somewhat peculiar, it was obtained by an adventurous team from the White Dragon's Mound by a fluke, and according to our identification, it should be left by a senior spirit formation master."

On the auction stage, Bi Sheng's hands carefully held up a jade box, only to see that the jade box, there is a rusty metal iron ball, the surface of the iron ball, faintly can see an obscure and complex pattern, but let the crowd is puzzled, from this, they did not detect how strong spiritual power fluctuations.

"Oh, do not underestimate this thing, if our identification is correct, this should only be quite powerful spirit formation master party has the ability to create the "spirit formation child."

Bi Sheng smilingly said: "those extraordinary ability of the spiritual formation masters, they can be complex and terrifying spiritual formation, with a special means, inscribed in this metal ball, once the enemy, just need to throw this "spiritual formation child", immediately can be transformed into a spiritual formation, for the enemy, the end It's a miracle."

"Hey, Fatty Bi, it's true that you need to be a high level spiritual formation master to make a "spiritual formation", but this "spiritual formation" also depends on the level of the inscribed spiritual formation, if it's just a random inscription of a level one or two If it's just a random inscription of the first or second level spiritual formation, what can it do?" In the front seat, the dry and thin old man of the Earthbound Sect glanced at the rusty metal ball and sneered.

"If one is not familiar with this "Spiritual Formation", even if one gets it, there is no way to activate it."

In the auction hall, the crowd also nodded at the words, this Bi Sheng deliberately ambiguous, is obviously intended to dig a pit for people to jump ah.

"Oh, it's still Elder Tu who has a good eye, worthy of being an elder of the Earthbound Sect." The Bi Sheng was exposed, also not annoyed, smiling and nodding, said: "This "spiritual array" is relatively old, the spiritual array on it, we once asked a third-level spiritual array master to observe, but no clue, he just said that the spiritual array on it, must be beyond his level, this thing is actually is also to bring a pleasure, of course, for some really discerning people, will also be an extremely powerful treasure."

"Without further ado, this "Spiritual Array", the price of three hundred thousand."


As soon as he said that, some boos immediately came up in the auction room, this guy could not even say the level of the spirit formation inscribed on this "spirit formation seed", and he dared to ask for 300,000 for one.

However, there are many people in this auction house, including some spiritual array master, they are a bit interested in this kind of things, so there are also one after another people bid, but when that kind of price in mentioning 500,000 a piece, basically quiet down.

"Oh, this friend bid half a million, can there be a higher price?" Bi Sheng laughed.

The eyes of Mu Chen staring at that "spiritual array" is also retracted at this time, eyes swept a flash of strange s, he previously directly into the state of mind array to observe that "spiritual array", that the complex array pattern, indeed beyond the category of third-level spiritual array, and even. The "Spiritual Formation Sub" is a very complex formation that is beyond the realm of the third grade, and even, according to Muchen's speculation, perhaps the spiritual formation inscribed on this "Spiritual Formation Sub" is enough to compare with his part of the "Demon Lotus Spirit Slaughter Formation".

This is a good thing.

This thought swept through Mu Chen's mind before he smiled lightly and said, "Six hundred thousand."

The sudden appearance of this voice in the quiet auction room for a moment drew the attention of many eyes, and even the people of the three major powers in front of them turned their heads to look this way.

The white-clothed young man with two beautiful women in his arms also lazily glanced at Mu Chen, and then, his complexion was slightly condensed, a kind of incandescence, suddenly slowly surged up to the eyes.

"Excellent ah." His eyes blazed at the Su Xuan, Su Ling'er, and Li Qi, sitting beside Mu Chen, his heart was beating, the three women's style, compared to the two women in his arms, is simply beyond too much.

"When did our White Dragon City have this kind of superb goods," the white-clothed youth pushed the two women in his arms away, licked his lips, staring at Su Xuan three women's eyes, full of undisguised y desire.

"What are you looking at blindly? Eyes do not want?!" Su Ling'er is the first to notice that the white youth full of desire gaze, immediately the pretty face is a cold, cold drink, she xìng is already delicate, in the North Cang Spiritual Academy is also difficult, now look at this white youth such gaze, more heart annoyed, straightforward mouth, naturally will not give him any face.

The other side of Su Xuan is also indifferent eyes looked at the white-clothed youth, but did not speak, Li Qi is not the slightest disguise in the eyes of disgust, staring at the white-clothed youth's eyes, and even have a fury diffuse.

"Oh, or a small pepper, strong enough, I like."

The white-clothed youth was scolded by Su Ling'er, but was not angry, but licked his lips, palm waving, lazily said: "One million spirit coins, this spirit formation, young master I want it."

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