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Chapter 218 - Four Gods Star Sutra vs Tianxuan Divine Skill


Around the battle platform, the eyes of all those people were cohesive on Mu Chen's body, and then there was a burst of exclaiming sounds, and many people had astonishment in their eyes.

That Mu Chen, actually really will Li Xuan Tong this move to next.

Although it looks like he paid some price, but he is still standing in the battle stage, so this first move, he first successfully took.

Around the battle stage, Luo Li that tightly gripped the jade hand of the black-sèd longsword before quietly loosening some, she looked at the field that wiped the blood from the corners of the mouth, the smile is a bit harsh teenager, the heart can not help but slightly some heartache.

Beside her, Zhou Ling, Ye Qingling, they are also a heavy sigh of relief, no matter what, Mu Chen finally next move, so that even if you lose, it is considered that defeat is still honorable, after all, he relies on the identity of a new student, can take the second heavenly list Li Xuan Tong this did not spare a move, is already enough to make people feel praise.

The front seat, Su Ling'er is also surprised to look at this scene, aside Su Xuan, gazing at the young man in the field, the same is swept through the beautiful eyes of amazement, then gently nodded, said: "quite good strength."

This time, she was saying this from the bottom of her heart, perhaps Li Xuan Tong's previous attack, at her level, was not too strong to resist, but it was extremely rare for a new student who was only at the early stage of the Rongtian realm.

"Interesting." The Crane Demon smiled faintly and nodded slightly.

Xu Desolate stared at Mu Chen's eyes, is also slightly stared, aside of Xu Qingqing is gritted teeth silver teeth, full of annoyance, this guy, is a cockroach? This can still survive. Really hateful!

For the different moods of the people outside the field, at this time, Mu Chen did not have time to pay attention, he shook off the blood on his palm, and smiled lightly at Li Xuan Tong in front of him: "Continue?"

Li Xuan Tong also stared at Mu Chen, then slowly nodded and said, "Not bad, didn't let me down too much."

"Don't worry, how will also let you a little surprise." Mu Chen smiled, the teenager's handsome face. At this time appears extraordinarily aggressive xìng, which is very different from his usual rì gentle.

"I'm looking forward to it."

Li Xuan Tong nodded lightly and said, "Spiritual Xuan Jade Marrow Hand is my once famous move, however. Once, it also means it was replaced, so let's try the new means that has replaced it in the next words."

Mu Chen took a deep breath, the smile on his face, is also a little bit become severe and serious, the body's spiritual power, at this time to the extreme. One of the black spiritual power, burning black inflammation, like black smoke, rolled out.

The previous move. In fact, he has made some injuries, although not serious, but Li Xuan Tong's next two moves, the power will certainly be more terrifying.

This situation. Not too good, this Li Xuan Tong heavenly list second ranking. Indeed, the name is true, that strength, should be the strongest among the young generation seen by Mu Chen today.

Li Xuan Tong eyes, at this time slowly closed, and then a majestic spiritual energy light emerged, and his body, is slowly levitated.


The spiritual energy in the sky and earth, is also turbulent, like a hurricane whistling in Li Xuan Tong's surroundings, bringing muffled thunder-like sound.

Li Xuan Tong hands gently together, then seemed to form a peculiar seal, and with the formation of this seal, everyone was able to fiercely feel that the heavenly spiritual qi gathered around him, is actually at this time some signs of riot, and then overwhelmingly poured into Li Xuan Tong body.

Along with the amazing infusion of spiritual energy, Li Xuan Tong's hands seemed to become blurred as if in a dream-like manner.

"This is..."

Su Xuan, the Crane Demon, and Xu Desolate's eyes all stared at this moment, and then they slowly said, "The Heavenly Xuan Divine Skill."

"Heavenly Xuan Divine Skill?"

Hearing these four words, Su Ling'er's pretty face suddenly changed dramatically, she naturally knew that Li Xuan Tong's most powerful is the cultivation of the Heavenly Xuan divine Skill, which is no longer an ordinary spiritual skill, but has entered the realm of divine skill, terrifyingly powerful.

Although the other people do not have Su Xuan and their eyesight, but is also able to detect the amazing spiritual power riot, immediately the look s are becoming serious.

In the midst of the battle stage, Mu Chen also looked up at the hands became like a dream like illusion Li Xuan Tong, where the terrifying fluctuations faintly emanated, so that he felt a strong sense of danger.

The two of his palms, at this time, are also steeply transformed, the ancient and obscure seal method, in its fingertips, skillfully be cast open.

The sky behind him, in fact, faintly became dark, and then the light emerged, as if it had become a star.

This change, immediately attracted the attention of the whole field, countless people are amazed gaze cast shè, and when they see the star behind Mak Chan, the heart is a shock.

In that star, they also felt an extremely amazing spiritual energy fluctuations.

This Mu Chen, really also has left means!

"The seal technique that this Mu Chen performed" Su Xuan's beautiful eyes looked at the ancient seal technique that changed in Mu Chen's hands in surprise and said softly: "It's actually a divine-level spirit technique."

"Mu Chen also has God-grade spirit techniques?" Su Ling'er was surprised, this guy, just how many means did he hide?

"Well, the top five freshmen are all qualified to enter the Spiritual Skill Hall to select a Spiritual Skill, there, if there is enough chance, there is a chance to be able to obtain a Divine Skill, but most of the Divine Skills obtained by the freshmen are quasi-Divine level Divine Skills, I think, Mu Chen should have obtained it there." Su Xuan nodded her head lightly and said.

"But even if he also cultivated divine secrets, but Li Xuan Tong's Tianxuan divine secrets is of the lower divine grade, and it's still so much stronger than him, with divine secrets against divine secrets, he still doesn't have the slightest advantage."

Su Ling'er sighed, indeed, even if Mu Chen also has a quasi-God skill, it is difficult to change this gap, ah, moreover, Li Xuan Tong cultivated, or the real lower grade God skill, the grade, on a grade higher than the quasi-God grade.

These guys, they are all genius level characters ah.

The sky, Li Xuan Tong that emits a halo, looks somewhat blurred hands seal method changes rapidly, the sky spirit qi surges, finally all the influx into its hands, and as the spirit power condensed to the extreme, only to see his hands, but gradually become calm, the light receded, back to the ordinary color s, looks, as if an ordinary hands.

But only people like Su Xuan and their strength can feel that the ordinary hands, at this time contains what amazing killing power.

Li Xuan Tong's eyes indifferently looked down, he looked behind Mu Chen condensed a piece of the star image, a little fluctuation in his eyes, but quickly is dissipated in the form of.

After that, in the countless gazes, he slowly stretched out his slender fingers, stretched out a finger, lightly pointing in the air.

"Heavenly Xuan Divine Skill, One Xuan Finger."

With the pointing of Li Xuan Tong's finger, the void of space seemed to be rippling at this moment, and those ripples were fluctuating so fast that the entire sky seemed to be transformed into a huge mirror with ripples.


The mirror surface suddenly distorted wildly, ten thousand feet of light swept, then countless people were shocked to see, a hundreds of feet huge crystal finger, actually from the mirror surface out, like a pillar of the sky, with a huge yīn shadow, to the bottom of the Makuchen viciously pressed.


The crystal finger has not yet landed, the battle platform below, has collapsed a huge deep pit, cracks spread rapidly.

Numerous people sucked in cold air, this finger, it is so terrifying!

The earth trembled, but Mu Chen's body did not move, he looked up at the descending crystal finger, that constantly changing the seal, but also abruptly frozen.


His black-smile eyes, as if at this time, the endless murderous aura, he looked up to the sky long whistle, whistle like a tiger, shaking the heaven and earth.

The sky was rendered into a killing battlefield at this time.

The black pupils of Mu Chen's eyes turned scarlet at this time, the black spiritual energy frantically gushed into the starry sky behind him, only to see the spiritual energy boiling, a hundreds of feet huge white tiger, is rapidly condensed out.

The white tiger stepped on the stars, looking up to the sky, whistling long, the whistling sound shaking the stars, a huge murderous aura, so that the heaven and earth, are becoming gray.

"Four Gods Star Sutra, White Tiger Divine Seal!"

A low, tiger-like cry resounded in Mu Chen's heart, and then he changed his seal technique, and the white tiger with its feet on the stars fiercely leapt out, and the white tiger galloped as if it had crossed the limits of space and time and appeared in the sky.


The white tiger roared to the sky, the sky's aura stirred wildly, and then it directly faced up to the countless shocked gazes, carrying a huge killing attack, without flinching, and the descending giant finger, collided heavily!


The moment of impact, heaven and earth seemed to be silent, everyone was horrified at that scene, before they could come back to their senses, the terrifying impact of spiritual power, is like a hurricane rushing in.

Bang Bang!

But when the hurricane was about to reach the stands, a light shield suddenly emerged around the battle arena, enveloping the battle arena in it, which was the protective measure of the spiritual fighting arena.


The terrifying impact, ruthlessly rushed on that spiritual light shield, shaking out sharp ripples fluctuations, for a long time, before gradually dissipated and away.

The shocking shock in the field, is also gradually recede.

All the eyes, are at this time hurriedly cast into that battle stage, then is unable to help but lightly suck a breath of cold air, eyes full of shock.

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