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Chapter 211 - Enlightenment [Second Shift!

The mysterious black sè light, little by little from the black paper bloom out, faintly, as if can see some extremely obscure ancient light pattern, little by little in the black paper spread out.

Mak Chan looked at this scene with some excitement, since he got this mysterious black paper for so many years, he still saw it for the first time to have this kind of movement.


The black mane is constantly coalescing above the black paper, the light seems to have transformed into a side of the starry sky, countless stars suspended, a snow-white tiger, tiger hooves on the stars, fiercely up to the sky, the whistle shakes the starry sky, an endless killing aura, sweeping over the sky, for a time, Mu Chen body flow of spiritual energy, is actually shocked to stop the operation, the body cold.

Mu Chen looked at the white tiger stepping on the stars in horror, his heart was like a shocking wave, this white tiger in front of him, but is definitely no longer any ordinary tiger, but has the real aura of that super divine beast!

Although not in kind, but that kind of aura, enough to shake heaven and earth!

The "Four Gods Starry Night Scripture" that he cultivates is missing the aura of the four spirits!

In the sea of qi, the nine ghostly sparrows are also flapping their wings, gaze deadly stare at the black paper above, stepping on the stars of the white tiger, eyes full of scorn and serious, the same spirit beast, it is naturally able to perceive the white tiger emanating from the body of the real pressure, the pressure, even ordinary divine beasts, can not be compared.

The white tiger, one of the four spirits, really lives up to its name!

Mak Chan also took a deep breath and gradually calmed down. The white tiger in front of you is obviously just a virtual shadow, but this virtual shadow is different. This is because the shadow does have a real white tiger will have the kind of killing aura.

The white tiger is the one that has its feet on the stars, and then slowly closes its eyes and quietly senses the killing aura that emanates from the white tiger's body.

He needed to incorporate this aura into his seal technique before he could truly display the power of the "Four Gods Starry Night Sutra".

However, to easily complete this step is obviously not an easy task, even if Mu Chen was able to perceive the white tiger's murderous aura. But a sense, but still is not much effect.

The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a couple of days to get a lot more than just a couple of days.

When he thought of this, Muchen also collected some urgency and put his mind at ease. Then he withdrew from the Sea of Qi. The only thing that remained was the Nine Spectral Sparrow, which was still staring at it warily.

On the lake, Mu Chen opened his eyes, at this time the sky s already slightly bright, he stretched a lazy back. Then it was swept back to the small building pavilion.

In the next few days, Mu Chen was immersed in the sense of understanding. Whenever he had time, he entered the sea of qi and gazed at the shadow of the white tiger that stepped on the stars and roared to the sky. The endless killing qi that came to him was like a cold stream that made the blood freeze.

In the past few days, the "white tiger divine seal" that Mu Chen had used was not yet truly powerful, but it was much stronger than the first time he had used it.

According to this progress, perhaps it will not be too long before Mak Chuan will be able to display the power of this "White Tiger divine Seal".

And for that day, he is also looking forward to it very much!

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're getting into.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the actual person you are looking at, and you can't help but grin, this scene is really beautiful, but also very quiet, that before because of the sense of the white tiger killing Qi and fluctuations in the state of mind, a little bit of complete peace.


But this kind of tranquility did not last long, the sky suddenly has a sharp sound of breaking wind came, then a delicate figure some rush to this direction, and finally landed on the small building pavilion, is actually Ye Qingling.

"What's wrong?"

Mak Chan raised his head, he looked at Ye Qingling, the latter at this time, her pretty face is some anxious s.

"Something happened, today we took some people to a level 5 spirit gathering formation to cultivate, but ended up meeting a group of old students that we don't know, they are unusually brutal, forcing our Luo Shen Association people out of the spirit gathering formation, Zhou Ling did not want to, but was injured by the other side, and even Shooter was slapped." Ye Qingling said in an urgent voice.


Mu Chen's eyes instantly went cold, what kind of person is so excessive that even a little girl like Shooter was beaten?

"Who moved the hand? Our Luo Shen Association should not have offended anyone either, could it be that Green and Red Association where the Strange Wheel is?" Luo Li is also and on the scroll, willow brows slightly frowned said.

"It's not someone from the Green and Red Society." Ye Qingling shook her head and laughed bitterly, "They are much more troublesome than the Green-Hong Society, they are from the Great Desolate Society."

"The Great Desolate Society?" Mu Chen was stunned.

"But that Great Desolation Society, which is led by Xu Desolation, the fifth on the Heavenly Ranking?" Luo Li knew something about it and asked.


"Xu Desolation?" The name was slightly frosty, and then the eyes were completely cold, saying, "Is there a woman called Xu Qingqing in that group?"

"Shooter was beaten by that stinky girl!"

Ye Qingling hastily nodded, her beautiful eyes full of anger, if it wasn't for Zhou Ling and the others who told her to come back for the two of them, I'm afraid she would have directly made a move with that Xu Qingqing.

"It really is her!"

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're getting into.

The first thing that happened was that I was the source of the incident, that Xu Qingqing should be looking for my trouble, everyone was dragged into it by me."

Ye Qingling was stunned, although she didn't understand how Mu Chen could have a problem with that Xu Qingqing, but still shook her head and said, "It's not like you're to blame for this, it's just that Xu Qingqing is too much."

"Take me there." The first time I saw her, I saw her, I saw her, I saw her, I saw her, I saw her.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

"That Xu Qingqing brought quite a few people, four of them have reached the late stage of the Rongtian realm, and they are considered somewhat famous in the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy." Ye Qingling said.

"I'll go too."

Luo Li saw Mu Chen's yīn eyes, she naturally knew the latter extremely well she knew that Mu Chen wanted to be angry at this time, and quickly got up, Mu Chen's strength has increased greatly now, but after all, the other side has a lot of people, she was afraid that Mu Chen would suffer a loss.

The three of them quickly swept out of the new student area, and then swept towards a corner of the vast North Cang Spiritual Academy, and after about ten minutes, they finally slowed down, and on the huge stone platform in front of them, the aura twisted, and it was a level five spirit gathering formation.


The three people swept straight into that level five spirit formation, and not long after they entered it, they saw a vast stone platform in front of them, there are two groups of people facing each other, and one of them, apparently the momentum is very strong, the opposite aura suppressed.

In that stone platform around, there are also a lot of people watching, they can also see, the stone platform left those people, seems to be some freshmen, while the right, is the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy in the great fame of the Great Desolate Association of people, the two sides is not a level.

This behavior is undoubtedly some bullying, but no one dares to say anything, the Great Desolate Society in the North Cang Spiritual Academy is not an ordinary force, because their boss, but the day ranked fifth Xu Desolate, extremely strong, the entire North Cang Spiritual Academy are not many people dare to provoke.

And at this time, in the front of the group of the Great Desolation Society, Xu Qingqing pretty face is with some cold smile and smug look at the new students in front of those eyes a little frightened.

In the Luo Shen Association side, Zhou Ling's face is a bit bruised, earlier when the fight, he was only a few rounds, was defeated by the other side of a late stage of the Rong Tian realm guys.

Beside Zhou Ling, those members of the Luo Shen Association were also gnashing their teeth and looking at Xu Qingqing, their eyes filled with anger.

"Brother Mu is here!"

Suddenly, someone made a surprise sound, and Zhou Ling and the others hurriedly looked up and saw three figures swept in quickly and finally landed in front of them, none other than Mu Chen, Luo Li, and Ye Qingling.

"Muchen!" Zhou Ling was also overjoyed.

Muchen nodded at Zhou Ling, and then looked at Zhou Ling's side, where the little girl with the double ponytail's big black eyes was looking at him with tears, and on that fair little face, there was a red slap mark.

"Brother Mu Chen."

The little hand of the shooter, when she saw Muchen, immediately applied her little face, sucking her nose to keep the bean-sized tears from rolling down, that aggrieved look, it was heartbreaking to see.

The eyes of Muchen, is also at this time slowly cold down. (Unfinished Business ......)