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Chapter 210 - Cultivating the Divine Skill

The night was getting thicker, Mu Chen sat on top of his bed, the cold moonlight shone on his body through the window, bringing a bit of coolness.

The rich and pure spiritual energy fluctuation, constantly emitted from it, the kind of fragrance, filled the whole room.

The spirit seeds were transformed into spiritual energy as soon as they entered his mouth, and they poured into Mak Chan's body, which, although majestic, was extremely gentle and pure, and did not cause Mak Chan the slightest trouble. The actual "A" is a very good way to get the most out of your life.

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The kind of stability, so that the Makuchen have a kind of indescribable happy, as if the floating after the steep solidification, as if the shaky hall, suddenly more a solid incomparable pillar of the hall, will be all the instability, are excluded and.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing.

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Before, only can be regarded as the beginning of the realm of the fusion of heaven, not yet completely mastered this realm. But now, with the divine effect of the Spiritual Lotus Seed, Mu Chen has completed this grind in an instant, and that kind of foundation is far beyond the ordinary people of the Realm of the Rising Sky.

"It is worthy of being a strange treasure that can be sold in the Hall of Spiritual Values for 200,000 spiritual values and still have no market." The Spiritual Lotus Seed may not be as effective as other heavenly treasures in improving strength, but this ability to build a foundation is the most real. This is because only when you have a solid foundation is it really possible to impact higher realms.

After absorbing the spirit lotus seeds to completely stabilize the realm, Mu Chen pondered slightly. The black scroll appeared in his hand.

The black scroll is constantly permeated with black rays, these rays. In the scroll's surroundings. The four ancient beast shadows formed, they whistle to each other, the whistle, as if through time and space, from ancient times.

This scroll is naturally the "Four Gods Starry Night Scripture" that Mu Chen obtained from the Hall of Spiritual Techniques. Now, there is finally an opportunity.

This spiritual skill.

The actual spirit skill is not clear, but at least, it is stronger than the quasi-god level spirit skill.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're getting into.

And that kind of situation is obviously what Mu Chen absolutely does not want to see.

So, in order to not let that kind of situation appear, Mu Chen must also maximize their own hands of the bottom card up, this North Cang Spiritual Academy in the strong people gathered, above the sky list, but also each is a great role, can not be underestimated.

Thinking of this, Mu Chen also cast his eyes to the suspended black scroll in his hand, his eyes gradually gaze, after a moment palms a grip, the eyes are slowly closed.

A faint black aura, at this time from the black scroll, and then wrapped around the palm of Mu Chen, the same time, Mu Chen body trembled, immediately felt a large number of obscure information into his mind.


In that large amount of information into the Makuchen mind, his mind, immediately emitted juliè booming sound, in a flash, the mind lost, the surrounding scene, immediately changed.

Makuchen's vision stunned sweep, found that at this time he seems to be in a deep starry sky, no sky above, no earth below, and in front of him, only to see a huge black scroll, slowly be pulled open, black mane surge, the ancient font flashed into Makuchen's eyes.

The four spirits, called the Green Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, Xuanwu, four spirits gathered together, can suppress the Qiankun.

There are no complicated words of introduction, but that simple row of words, but there is a majestic surge, causing Mak Chan's breath to be stagnant.


Suddenly, this starry sky with a low roar sounded, Mu Chen gaze, only to see the four directions of the stars, suddenly there is a light emerged, vaguely, as if into a huge dragon, tiger, bird, turtle shape.

At this time, those stars, is constantly changing, Mu dust fascinated watching, those stars began to blur, and finally seems to be transformed into an extremely obscure, ancient seal method.

The black eyes of Muchen reflected the ancient seal spells, remembering them dead in his mind.

The star-formed seal, after a long time, finally gradually dissipated, Mu Chen is also awake, the starry sky faded, and he also opened his eyes, the eyes, full of awe and shock.

From those ancient seals, he could perceive a terrifying power that could be regrettable to heaven and earth.

"Is this the God-grade Spiritual Skill?"

Mu Chen murmured, then he took a deep breath, looked solemn, lightly closed his hands, and then somewhat rustily formed an extremely ancient and strange seal technique.

His seal method, one after another, although somewhat unfamiliar and stagnant, but the seal method changes, but still with a trace of ancient vastness, causing the surrounding heaven and earth spiritual energy is a little boiling.

When the last seal was made, his forehead was covered with cold sweat and his body's spiritual energy was also heavily depleted.


And just as those ninety-nine times of his variations fell. The spiritual energy of heaven and earth in this room violently stirred up, and between his two palms. There was a sun-like light rising up, in which, a low tiger's whistle seemed to be visible.

A terrifying fluctuation, rippling out.

Mak Chan looked at the palm condensed like a dazzling sun-like light, body a movement, swept out of the room, a few familiar is appeared in the newborn area that huge lake above. The four gods starry night scripture. White Tiger divine Seal!"


The earth-shaking tiger roar resounded, only to see the surrounding heaven and earth spiritual energy crazy condensation, Mu Chen palm shining sun light swells, and finally the blazing sun rushed out. It actually turned into a light white tiger about a hundred feet huge. The white tiger whistled and swept out, and finally ruthlessly shot into the lake below.


Thousands of feet in circumference huge lake, suddenly shook up, huge waves surging up, fiercely to the surrounding pounding, the rumbling sound, endless.

Mu Chen looked at the huge depression in the lake below that gradually subsided, and looked down at his hands. The brow is tightly wrinkled, although the power of this move is indeed not weak. However, Mu Chen felt that this simply did not bring out the true power of the Four Gods Starry Night Sutra.

He always felt as if something important was missing when he was performing it.

The actual, what is missing?

He recalled the white tiger that had coalesced earlier, the spiritual power was fierce, but it seemed to be missing the aura, it was simply an ordinary white tiger form, there was no real white tiger aura.

There is its form, but not its spirit.

Naturally, the power of the White Tiger divine Seal cannot be truly brought into play.

The eyes of Mu Chen, steeply brightened up, but soon, but helpless down, the blue dragon, white tiger, vermilion bird, xuanwu known as the four directions of the spirit, even in those transcendent divine beasts, are extremely top existence, only a few super divine beasts can be comparable to it, want to observe its god, according to the current Mu Chen, is simply an impossible thing.

The actual God-grade spirit skill is really extraordinary, even if someone gets it, it's not a simple matter to cultivate it successfully.

The first thing he did was to shake his head. He didn't expect that he had already suffered a dilemma just after cultivating it, so I'm afraid that he could only take his time to figure it out for now.


However, just when Mu Chen was about to give up for the time being, his heart suddenly moved, he had nothing to do with this Four Gods Starry Night Sutra now, I wonder if the mysterious black paper inside him could give him some help?

The mysterious black paper was able to attract the Four Gods Starry Night Scripture to him, so there should be some connection between the two.

The black paper was still unmoving, not even a little light emerged, it looked ordinary, like a mortal object.

She Chen stared at the mysterious black paper, pondered for a moment, a movement of the mind, only to see the spiritual spirit sitting on the spiritual light wheel is standing up, and then appeared in front of the mysterious black paper.

The god physique stood still, and suddenly his hands joined together, and an ancient and obscure seal method changed in a rudimentary manner.

The mysterious black paper still did not move as the divine spirit's sealings changed, which made Mu Chen's heart sink, and finally, after the 99th sealings changed and condensed, he could not help but sigh in disappointment.


However, just as Mu Chen's sigh fell, a strange buzzing vibration sound suddenly spread out in the sea of Qi.

The god spirits of Mu Chen haughtily looked up, that eyes, there is a thick ecstasy gushed out.

The mysterious black paper that had been unmoving in front of him finally, at this time, blossomed with a faint black light, the sound of buzzing, echoing in the sea of Qi.

This mysterious black paper, finally has a response!

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