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Chapter 162 - The Strange Wheel

"Who is Mu Chen? Tell him to get out!"

The ice-cold drink, wrapped in rolling spiritual energy, resounded like thunder in this freshman area, causing countless freshmen to raise their heads in consternation and look at the figure that appeared in mid-air. (dot e.c om)

In this newborn area of an open ground, here is a lot of new students gathered, Ye Qingling, Mo Ling and others are also here, they see the situation in front of them, the brow is a frown.

The figure stood proudly in mid-air, his eyes coldly gazing at the many new students below, and coldly shouted: "Can't you hear my words? Where is that new student called Mu Chen? You dared to erase me from the Divine Spirit Ranking, and now you don't dare to show up?"

Only then did the many new students below understand that they were looking for trouble because Mak Chan had taken the third place on the Divine Spirit Ranking...

They looked at each other, but it seemed that Mu Chen wasn't here.

"This senior, Brother Mu went out earlier and isn't here, if you're looking for him, please come back tomorrow." Mo Ling hesitated for a moment and spoke out loud, the guy in front of him made some displeasure with the contempt of Mak Chan in his words, but he did not dare to show it.

In mid-air, the figure's body moved, it appeared in the open field covered with newborn half-air, he sneered, said: "out? Gutless fellow, you are deliberately trying to hide, right? I thought the new students in your class were somewhat capable, but I didn't expect that they were all so useless and cowardly."

Hearing this guy's words, many freshmen's faces were a bit ugly, and in this area, there were several other freshmen who were also at the top in the Northern Cang Realm. For example, Zhou Ling and others, their faces were slightly gloomy, but because they were afraid of the strength of this guy in front of them, they held back.

"A bunch of useless things."

The figure saw so many freshmen holding back. At once, his sneer intensified and he said disdainfully.

"You are not allowed to curse Brother Mu Chen!"

But in the middle of his mean words, a clear and tender voice with some anger rang out, and the crowd swept their eyes away. Only to see beside Ye Qingling, Shooter's small face with anger stared at the figure, behind which, a huge light formation flew out.

"Spirit formation?"

The figure saw the light formation behind the shooter, but was stunned, obviously did not expect the cute looking little girl in front of him to have such a means.


The light formation coalesced, the spiritual power rushed, it was directly turned into a violent wind python swept out, open teeth and claws against the long-haired youth in mid-air impact.


The long-haired youth saw this. The eyes were suddenly cold. A stomp of the feet. An amazing spiritual power from its body burst out, a palm shot, directly is a palm will be the wind python shake into the sky light points.

The long-haired youth shattered the wind python with one palm. The coldness in his eyes was even greater, and he flexed his fingers a little. A violent beam of spiritual energy was swept out from his fingertips, heading straight for Shooter.


When Ye Qingling saw that the perennial youth was going to strike at Shooter, a flash of anger swept through her beautiful eyes and she hurriedly blocked in front of Shooter, turning her majestic spiritual energy into a spiritual light shield in front of her body.


The beam of light bombarded on the light shield, instantly broke it, Ye Qingling mouth is also a muffled grunt, was shaken back a few steps, pretty face slightly white.

"You've gone too far!" Mo Ling and the others were furious when they saw this, and they did not care about their fear of the long-haired youth, and they rebuked angrily.

"You're so noisy! No wonder that Mu Chen dared to do such a thing. Today I will make you understand that in this Northern Cang Spiritual Academy, respecting seniors is a compulsory lesson!" The long-haired young man frowned, sneered, and with a wave of his sleeve and robe, the rolling spiritual energy turned into a huge spiritual palm, and blasted at the many new students on the open ground.

These new students in the field saw this long-haired youth so domineering, face is also extra ugly, they can become the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy er students, who is not a high-minded and arrogant generation, now by its aggressive, repeated insults, even the clay man must have some fire.


Zhou Ling and the tall and sturdy young man named Yan Xiao beside him also snorted angrily, his body swept out, majestic spiritual power surged, both of them struck out in unison, exercising their spiritual power attack, and clashed with the huge spiritual power palm that came.


Although the two of them had half stepped into the Realm of Heavenly Fusion, they were too different from the long-haired youth in front of them.

"A little bit of skill, but this also dares to strike in front of me, Strange Wheel? You don't know your own strength!" The young man named Strange Wheel glanced at the two Zhou Ling and sneered.

"If you have the ability, go fight with those people in the Heavenly Ranking, what kind of ability is it to come here and bully the new students? Humph, today is because Mu Chen and Luo Li are not here, otherwise there would be no time for you to show off your might!" Zhou Ling gritted his teeth and said.

"That kid called Mu Chen is afraid that he knew I was coming to look for trouble, so he hid out early." Strange wheel sneered: "But you freshmen do make me look bad, today I have to teach a lesson."

"Do you really think we are afraid of you?

The aggressive attitude of Strangler finally angered these thousands of freshmen, and they all shouted angrily, and the sound was extremely amazing.

"Hmph, although we are new students, we have only cultivated for less time than you, what do you have to be proud of? If you really want to do it, so many of us will accompany you!" Another three figures swept in from a short distance away and landed in front of Zhou Ling, Ye Qingling and others, these three people were familiar to the crowd, also obtained the king level rating in the Spirit Road, and were considered top students in the Northern Cang Realm.

These top new students usually have their own pride, so the communication is not deep, can only be regarded as a general friendship, but now because of the aggressiveness of the stranger, they are the same enemy up, as much as the stand together.

The five people are half-step into the Realm of Heaven, plus the thousands of new students, if they really want to join forces, he is also enough.

"Nowadays, the new students are really getting more and more arrogant!"

Strange Wheel's eyes were icy cold as he said, "Making a union, right? You new students, it's time to polish your pride, that Mu Chen, let him hide if he wants to."

The voice fell, Moran let out a cold laugh, his body moved, turned into a light shadow swept towards the North Cang Spiritual Academy, quickly disappeared.

Zhou Ling and the others looked at the disappearing figure of Strange Wheel, and their faces were not too good.

"Brother Yan Ling, thanks a lot." Zhou Ling looked at the three people who had come to their aid and said somewhat thankfully.

"It's okay, we're all freshmen after all, these old students all look down on us, we can't let them look down on us either." That red-haired Yan Ling shook his head, and then said, "Look at this appearance, he is afraid that he will not yet give up, this time we will hug a little, he does not dare to do anything."

"Mu Chen seems to have gone to the thunder domain to cultivate, Luo Li also went out with him..." Ye Qingling gave a bitter smile, they did have contact with Mu Chen, so they also knew where he went.

"It's good to go out to avoid the wind." Zhou Ling sighed, this Strange Wheel is even stronger than An Ran, so Mu Chen is afraid that staying here will not help, but will instead end up being humiliated.

Apparently, he is also some think Mu Chen suddenly go to the thunder domain cultivation, is to have the intention of avoiding the wind.

"Brother Mu Chen is not afraid of him." Shooter muttered.

Zhou Ling they laughed bitterly, then all shook their heads: "These days, everyone can go out to cultivate, go out to cultivate, that guy to toss a few days no harvest should also be their own boring away."

Many new students laughed bitterly, the heart is quite some suffocating, these old students, really have enough bullying ah.


The new students area happened, Mu Chen naturally do not know, at this time, he has arrived at the entrance to enter the thunder domain, that is suspended in the air like a super stone platform, stone platform, the sky is covered with human figures, in the four directions, there is a constant stream of human figures swept in.

In front of the platform, there is a dark sky, where the space is distorted, as if a portal to the world of thunder, from time to time there are thunder flashes, rumbling low thunder sound, from the distorted space out.

"Is this the thunder domain?"

The first thing that happened was that he felt the terrifying fluctuations emanating from there and secretly smacked his lips, this kind of ability to open up a separate space with great power, this kind of means is not something that ordinary people can imagine.

This kind of light film, can only block the entry of students below the God Pura realm, and the current Mu Chen, obviously not in this line.

The distorted space became clearer when he entered the light film, and the feeling of the space writhing, like a super beast coiled in the void, was frightening.

And at this time, there are locust-like figures swept across the sky, rushing towards the distorted space.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're getting into.

The spirit value card in her hand flashed with a faint light when she touched the distorted space, and hundreds of spirit values were deducted, and in the moment when her spirit intelligence was deducted, her figure disappeared into the writhing thunder space.

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