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Chapter 160 - Third in the Divine Spirit Ranking


The bright beam of light, like a meteor that crossed the sky, brought up a gorgeous tail of light and swept over the immense Northern Cang Spiritual Academy, finally rushing onto the Prime Stone Monument inscribed with the Divine Spirit Ranking amidst the countless slightly stunned gazes.


The moment that beam of light rushed into the stone monument, everyone was able to clearly see a dazzling light erupting from the Divine Spirit List, a golden light that was climbing upward in the list at an alarming speed.

In just a few breaths of time, it was rushed into the top ten.


In the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy, there was an outcry, although the divine Spiritual List is only a primary list in the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy, but the top ten rankings are generally very difficult to shake, because those guys, hanging the name of the divine Spiritual List, but are the real strength of the Realm of Heavenly Fusion.

"I don't know who's doing this when they break through to the Realm of Heavenly Harmony."

"Oh, these guys, always like this, and do not know to give those new students a way to go."

"We did not also come so, freshmen, too proud, have to polish polish."

"Ch, if you really have the ability, go to the sky to play, a divine spirit list what to be proud of, the top ten guys, thick skin"


The change on the divine Spiritual Ranking also attracted the attention of countless students of the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy, and various voices were heard, but it was obvious that they all took the dark horse that appeared as the old student who had broken through to the Realm of Heavenly Fusion.

And under the gaze of countless eyes, the golden light continued all the way up. The ninth seventh fifth and when that golden light reached the fourth, finally a number of people began to feel amazed, although the divine spirit list in the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy is only the most junior a list. But to be able to be on this list for so long, if you say no real ability, I'm afraid no one will believe.

Especially the top three of the divine Vitality List, those three guys, even within the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy all Rongtian, are considered to be somewhat famous, for the past half a year. Their ranking on the divine Vitality Ranking, almost no one can shake.

And right now

A gaze condensed on the golden light, the golden light after reaching the fourth ranking. Finally it slowed down, swaying slightly, and then the golden light jumped violently, finally occupying the original third place.

And after that golden light occupied the third place. That previously ranked in the third name. Generally speaking, according to normal circumstances, if overtaken on the list, the name will not disappear, but will only slide down one, but the original third place, now the strength has advanced into the realm of fusion heaven. It is calculated to lose the qualification to compete for the divine spirit list again, so after being squeezed down. The past has disappeared directly

This change, however, only appeared on that third place, while those behind that were also overtaken, only slipped backwards by one.

"That was erased is the original third place, Strange wheel, right? Oh, this guy is unlucky, originally hanging on the divine spirit list, can still get a thousand spirit value every day."

In the North Cang Spiritual Academy, some people gloated and laughed, then looked towards the golden light that occupied the third place, where the light began to dissipate little by little, and finally turned into the name of golden light.

The third place on the divine spirit ranking, Mu Chen, the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy cultivation day.


The atmosphere of the North Cang Spiritual Academy seemed to be quiet in this instant, the countless eyes looking at the divine spirit list are at this time froze, the North Cang Spiritual Academy training for a day? That is not the new students who just came to the North Cang Spiritual Academy today?

A new student, but the old students on the divine spirit list to oust?

The quietness of the North Cang Spiritual Academy lasted only for a moment before it was buzzing with excitement, something that hadn't happened in years.

"What's the origin of that Mu Chen? This year's new students seem to be quite capable, huh?"

"Could it be that he also happened to break through to the Realm of Heavenly Fusion today and took that approach?"

"Oh, it's interesting, that guy Moran is not an oil lamp, that new student called Mu Chen dared to wipe him out, with his nature, I'm afraid he won't give up."

"Yes, and those guys who were pushed to the back by him, I'm afraid they will also be a little upset."

"This Mu Chen, he's got a lot of guts."


In the North Cang Spiritual Academy, countless lines of sight looked at the divine Spirit Ranking, and then talked to each other, but in their words, they obviously felt some sympathy for this behavior of Mu Chen.

The movement on the divine spirit list apparently also attracted the attention of many new students in the new student area, they were all astonished looking at the blinding name on the list, other people were unfamiliar with this name, but they were quite familiar with it.

No one expected that this guy would be so powerful, this just came to the North Cang Spiritual Academy, is caused such a big commotion.

In the north area of the new student area, on a pavilion, Yang Hong, who was sitting in cultivation, suddenly opened his eyes, he looked at the distant golden light emanating from the divine spirit list, his eyes coldly stared at the list of a name that made him uncomfortable, a trace of gloomy intent swept through his eyes.

This guy, he really has a combat power comparable to the early stage of the Realm of Melting Heaven, no wonder he was able to become the most outstanding person in the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy where he was.

"There is some ability, but you know too much about restraint, right? Do you really think those old students in the top ten of the Divine Spirit Ranking are vegetarians?" Yang Hong laughed coldly, the top ten old students of the divine Spirit Ranking all had the strength of the Realm of Heavenly Fusion, and this kind of action of Mu Chen was, in his opinion, simply finding trouble for himself.

"Let's let you be complacent for now, when the new student meeting is in January, I will let you clearly understand how much distance there is between you and me today." Yang Hong's palms slowly clenched, cold intent in his eyes.

"In this North Cang Spiritual Academy, with me Yang Hong, you Mu Chen will never be able to get ahead!"

At this moment, in the other two directions of the freshmen area, Bing Qing and Mu Kui also noticed the changes on the divine Spirit Ranking, and they gazed at that familiar name, and their eye mascara flickered slightly.

It seems that this year's freshmen, there are really a lot of powerful people ah, January after the freshmen conference, but there will be a lively look, just do not know that the freshmen first name, the final will fall to whose head?

"Third place"

The first time I saw the last place on the divine spirit list, I smiled lightly, this ranking is a bit unexpected, originally he thought to enter the top five can be.

"This time, the spiritual power is within my control, if I really explode all means without reservation, to rush to the first should be somewhat possible."

The first one is the first one, and the second one is the first one.

"How many spirit values are there now?" Luo Li on the side asked.

The crystal-like spirit value card fell back into his hand with a wave of Mak Chuan's palm, only to see a light coalescing in the crystal-like spirit value card, finally turning into a light number.

Twenty-four thousand and one hundred spiritual value points.

The number on the spirit value plate was a slight sigh of relief as Muchen looked at it, and he was rewarded with 20,000 spirit values for reaching third place on the divine spirit ranking, which was enough to purchase the divine spirit pills.

"Let's go to the Spirit Value Hall tomorrow to buy the Divine Pill, then next I'll make a trip to that Thunder Domain and break through to the late Divine Pill realm in the next few hours." Mu Chen looked at Luo Li and smiled.

Luo Li's head nodded lightly.

The next thing you need to do is to look at the God Pura list, his current strength, but indeed need to improve as soon as possible, this North Cang Ling Academy powerful people too much, today and made such a file, if you do not improve the strength, the future will indeed be a bit of trouble.

In this by the Cang Ling sister, is also the strength of ah, not enough strength, occupy such a high position, the result can only be self-defeating

Here is a cloudy land, that cloud, with countless stone platform suspended, suspended about a few feet, although not spacious, but enough for one person range of activities.

And at this time, in these floating stone platform, most of them are sitting full of figures, they close their eyes tightly, the surrounding spiritual power roll, that hovering around the faint fog is fluctuating, and finally along with their breathing into the body.

Those fogs are actually made of extremely dense heaven and earth spiritual energy!

The heaven and earth spiritual qi here is so majestic to this extent.

At this time, on a platform deep in the clouds, a seated figure suddenly opened his eyes, this figure in loose cultivation clothes, long hair scattered, a cold and stern breath, in its body, rippling with majestic spiritual energy fluctuations.

He opened his eyes, his palm, like a crystal-like spirit value card is shining out, a light flashes up, and then his face is abruptly become gloomy.

"Mu Chen? A new student who just came to the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy, how dare he erase me from the Divine Spirit Ranking!" The young man's eyes were gloomy, his face was full of annoyance, now he actually did not particularly care about the 1,000 spirit value reward per day on the divine Spirit Ranking, if it was an old student, he could still endure it, but now, he was kicked out by a new student who had just arrived at the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy for a day, and had not even stood on the ground yet, this was simply an insult to him.

There was no telling how many guys would come to mock him for this in the future.

This was provoking his majesty!

"Damn it!"

The youth gritted his teeth, it seems he has to stop his cultivation for a while, this kind of face can never be lost, although even if he finds trouble with that new student he can't continue to return to the divine Spirit Ranking again, but at least the face can be taken back.

"I'd like to see what you new students are capable of, just come to the North Cang Spiritual Academy and dare to be so arrogant!"

The youth coldly snorted and muttered to himself, "If others don't come to teach you a lesson, I, Strange Wheel, will come to show what respect for seniors means!"

After his voice fell, the youth slowly closed his eyes again, his heart had already made up his mind, tomorrow he would first suspend his cultivation and take out that arrogant new student to teach him a good lesson!

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