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Chapter 159: Impact on the divine Spirit Ranking

The frenzied spiritual energy, a ** surge in the sea of Qi of Mu Chen, the nine ghostly sparrow that burns black inflammation in the eyes, there is a hard to hide the urgency and excitement, its kind of emotion, even Mu Chen can clearly feel. *. *.

"Don't be anxious..."

You can't let me go straight to the robbery, right?"

Hearing Mu Chen's voice, the excitement in the Nine Spectral Sparrow's eyes calmed down a bit, the burning black flames on its body slowly converged, it flapped its wings and said, "You must help me get it, I only need it now to awaken my bloodline, complete my evolution and break the shackles."

Mu Chen nodded and smiled, "Don't worry, we've both made the bloodline link, of course I'll do my best to help you."

He said, he once again looked at the price behind the Beiming Dragon Kun blood, could not help but shake his head with a bitter smile, seven million spirit value... How long would it take to gather all of this?

But thinking about it, the essence blood of the Beiming Dragon Kun is so valuable, if you can just get it, it's really too whimsical.

This is something that can only be done slowly.


The doorway, there is a slight knocking sound, Mu Chen looked up, then saw the black dress girl leaning lightly against the door, the girl's body is slender and soft, the Ying Ying a grip of the waist outlines a moving arc, long hair like a galaxy hanging down, fine sunlight from the window will come in, so that the girl's exquisite face, extraordinarily beautiful.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

"What are you looking at?" Luo Li came in front of him. Smiling, she said.

"I've always been thankful for the sudden weakness of my heart when I first saw you in the Spirit Road." Mu Chen smiled faintly, those black eyes gazing at the delicate and pretty face in front of him. Said: "Otherwise, after those days, how lonely it would have been."

"Feel like you didn't want to save me in the beginning?" Luo Li's glazed eyes were also flooded with a trace of smile and softness, said.

Mu Chen was helpless. The Spirit Road is a cruel place, too soft-hearted people really do not mix well, this can not really blame him.

"You later chased and killed me for most of the year, this anger should have long subsided, right?"

Her monotonous color of the world became vivid. Even if the shoulder to bear more things. She was also able to have a hint of anticipation, looking forward to seeing him again.

"Okay, no interruptions. Talking to you about the business." Luo Li curbed her smile and looked at Mu Chen with a straight face. Said: "At the Freshman Assembly in a month, you should be fighting Yang Hong, right?"


He didn't have a good feeling about Yang Hong, this guy was Ji Xuan's accomplice in the Spiritual Road, this guy was involved in what happened at the beginning, now that he met him in the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy, he naturally wouldn't let him go easily.

"Yang Hong is not that easy to deal with, the current him, also the early stage of the Rongtian realm, but he is carrying the earth level spirit vein, urged, the early stage of the Rongtian realm within, few people can fight with it." Luo Li said.

"In addition, as far as I know, Yang Hong once obtained the essence of the ancient tiger jiao, and his combat power will be increased again, so if he does his best, it's enough to fight with a strong person in the middle stage of the Realm of Melting Heaven."

"The Heaven-ranked mid-grade spirit beast ranked fiftieth in the Earth Ranking of the Record of Ten Thousand Beasts, the Ancient Tiger Jiao?" The eyes of Muchen are also slightly condensed, the look is also a lot more serious, this Yang Hong is indeed not an ordinary person ah, this kind of combat power, even he is also feeling some pressure.

The actual strength of Mak Chuan now, if you use the part of the power shared with the Nine Spectral Sparrows, it is able to resist the early stage of the Rongtian realm opponent, but if it is the middle of the Rongtian realm, it will become barely.

Although if you completely borrow the power of the Nine Spectral Sparrows, it is not difficult to defeat the opponent in the middle of the Melting Heaven realm, but that is the last resort, Mu Chen does not want to rely too much on external power, even now and the Nine Spectral Sparrows have a bloodline link, but too much with the help of external power, for their own cultivation, not very beneficial.

"Although you have a lot of means, but after all, the base is slightly thin, now only in the middle of the divine Pura realm, which is a huge gap with Yang Hong, so the encounter in January, you need to make more preparations, at least, all have to be within this month, the strength to improve to the late divine Pura realm." Luo Li said with a gruff face.

The fact that his combat power was comparable to the early stage of the Rongtian realm, but after all, his own strength was only at the middle stage of the Divine Phenomenon realm, this was indeed a pretty heavy hard wound, but it wasn't simple to make another upgrade within a month and advance to the late stage of the Divine Phenomenon realm.

"To raise to the late divine Pura realm within a month, it's not impossible, but only with a little other help." Luo Li smiled faintly, then her jade hand with the spirit value card emerged, the light turned into a light screen, the dazzling things once again flashed out, Luo Li slender jade finger crossed, then stopped at a certain place, there, there are some light words.

The pastor's eyes also looked over at this time.

The God Phenomenal Pill, a kind of pill that is beneficial to people with God Phenomenal realm strength, can help them break through, but this pill is wildly powerful, if it cannot be completely refined, it will damage the spiritual power in the body, priced at 20,000 spiritual value.

"If you can get a divine Pill, you should be able to break through to the late divine Pill realm in January, as for the power of the pill is simple, before Mu Ling mentor said, the Thunder Domain has endless heavenly thunder, where the heavenly thunder has the effect of quenching spiritual power, you swallowed the divine Pill in it, should be able to use the power of the heavenly thunder, will be perfectly absorbed. "

"Just now there is still the only problem." Luo Li's slender jade finger nodded at the end of that light screen and said, "This God Pill Pill needs 20,000 spirit values, I only have 11,000 right now, and you still have about 4,000 spirit values left, we don't even have enough combined."

Luo Li's eyebrows knitted helplessly, looking a bit distressed, they only came to the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy, many means of obtaining spirit value are not available, so this instead looks like a headache.

"Spiritual value?..."

Mu Chen frowned, then smiled and said, "It's not like there's no solution."

"Hmm?" Luo Li looked at Mu Chen in surprise, not understanding what solution he had.

Mu Chen smiled, then reached out and grabbed Luo Li's slim little hand: "Follow me."

Luo Li saw this guy move his hand again, can't help but the pretty face slightly red, gently struggled a little, but see his grip tight also let him, anyway, there is no one else here.

The first thing you need to do is to get to the top of the pavilion, where you can see the azure sky, and then look into the distance, and the corner of the North Cang Spiritual Academy is also revealed.

The most striking thing about the North Cang Spiritual Academy was the giant divine bird mountain, but of course, to be precise, it should be the giant stone tablet inscribed with the divine spirit list on the left wing of the giant divine bird mountain.

"Previously, Instructor Mu Ling said that as long as one enters the top ranking of the Divine Spirit Ranking, one is able to obtain the reward of spirit value." The monument was a symbol of glory, and countless students of the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy were probably paying attention to any changes on it every moment.

"You are trying to shock the divine Spirit Ranking?" Luo Li said in surprise.

Mu Chen faintly nodded his head.

"This is indeed a way, with your current strength, you should be able to impact the top ten of the divine Vitality Ranking, but then, it would be a bit offensive to those old students who are cooped up there." Luo Li said, now that she has advanced to the Heavenly Fusion realm, she has already lost the qualification to impact the Divine Vitality Ranking, and with her current strength, she is not capable of impacting that highest level of the Heavenly Ranking for the time being, so it is not pleasing to both ends.

"There is originally the territory of the new students, they occupy like this is not justified, and, fearful, is not my style."

She Chen smiled, the North Cang Spiritual Academy competition is strong, whether now or in the future, there will be endless competition, if it is a retreat, then what is the point?

He came to this Northern Cang Spiritual Academy, not to learn how to cower.

"You're not at peace, you've only been at the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy for less than a day and you want to do this kind of thing." Luo Li pursed her lips and said somewhat helplessly, she could foresee some of the commotion that this matter would cause next, this was not simply a ranking issue, but a kind of challenge from the new students to the majesty of the old students, because over the years, there had not been anything that had happened where the new students had just arrived on their first day and directly ousted the old students at the front of the divine Phenomenon Ranking.

"I was forced to do so, we both had to spend all our money to buy a divine Spirit Pill, so who cares about their majesty."

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

Within the sea of Qi, the spiritual power light wheel flashed, and the divine spirit sitting on top of the light wheel also burst out with light, pushing the spiritual power in his body to the extreme.


Above Muchen's fist, the black spiritual energy rushed out like a black flood, then with a loud rumbling sound, it whistled through, turning into a black light train and ruthlessly blasted at the flickering spirit value plate.


A low sound spread through the new students' area, and a beam of light shot up into the sky, causing all the new students in the area to look up in astonishment, and then they saw the beam of light, as if it had swept through the sky, rushing towards the huge stone monument that symbolized the glory of the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy!

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