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Chapter 157: The Importance of Spiritual Value

The black eyes, like sharp swords, pointed directly at Yang Hong in the distance, and the spiritual energy surging between heaven and earth seemed to be rippling at this time.

When Yang Hong heard Mu Chen's words, the smile at the corner of his mouth was slightly curtailed, his eyes were cold as he stared at the latter, between his palms, there was a majestic spiritual energy gushing out, he laughed: "I do want to try how you can defeat a strong person of the Realm of Melting Heaven with the strength of the middle stage of the Divine Spirit Realm."

Sparks flew as the two men's gazes faced each other, and there was a hint of killing intent flowing from the icy coldness.

"Well, now is not the time for you to fight."

The figure of the white old man appeared in mid-air, his sleeve robe waved, directly broke the two people that tit-for-tat atmosphere and said: "In January, is the new student conference, then there will be the opportunity for you to compete, in that new student conference, who can stand out on that, only then is the first person among the new students of the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy."

Hearing the white old man's words, many new students' eyes are brightened up, perhaps the name of the first person is a bit distant for many people, but they do not mind themselves in that new student conference to show their strength, so that they have some fame among the new students of the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy, after all, the number of new students alone, the number of more than 200,000 terrifying number, among which there are many geniuses. Want to emerge here, is not a simple matter.

Teenagers are young and vigorous, a little bit of fame can make their blood boil. And strive for it.

The Mu Kui's eyes also swept a trace of interest, his nature is warlike, in the spirit road is also a top-like figure, not inferior to Yang Hong's stream. The first name, he naturally will not easily give up to others, even if these opponents are not oil lamps.

Bing Qing is still cold and indifferent, eyes have not had much fluctuation.

The coldness in Mu Chen's eyes gradually converged and took a step back, now is indeed not the best opportunity to fight directly with Yang Hong, whose strength, now at the early stage of the Rongtian realm, is not the least bit weaker than An Ran. And Yang Hong should also have some special means. Absolutely not to be underestimated. If you do it now, you may not be able to tell whether you will win or lose.

"From now on, you are the real students of the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy. No matter what identity and background you had before, here you are. If you want to gain respect and status, then show your ability." Elder Bai looked at the countless teenage girls, smiled lightly, and said.

"Next, you will be arranged to live in the freshmen area, which is divided into four areas, southeast and northwest, and a mentor will lead you there later."

As the voice of the white old man fell, only to see that not far away there are dozens of light and shadow swept, finally suspended in mid-air, those figures about middle-aged, body swept with majestic fluctuations, each, surprisingly, have the strength of the realm of the fusion of heaven.

Mak Chan saw this scene, eyes can not help but swept a touch of amazement, this North Cang Spiritual Academy just a mentor, has the strength of the Rong Tian realm, and this is placed in the North Spirit realm, basically enough to become a realm of the Lord.

The North Cang Spiritual Academy is a true behemoth.

The dozens of instructors spread out and began to assign students, while Mu Chen they saw a shadow coming towards them, and then not far away turned into a beautiful woman wearing a red dress, with a full figure, she has a beautiful face, between the eyebrows with a flirtatious and mature style, smiling look, looks quite seductive.

The red-skirted woman looked at the area where Mu Chen and the others were located, and then with a wave of her jade hand, a light curtain was enveloped, covering about two thousand students.

"The little ones enveloped by the light screen, congratulations, I am your new student mentor, will lead you for a period of time, my name is Mu Ling, in the future, if there is anything you do not understand, just come to me Oh." The red-skirted woman's long, narrow eyes looked at the teenage girls below, smilingly said.

The new students in the other areas, seeing this charming and attractive new student mentor, could not help but cast their jealous eyes over, compared to the cold-faced male mentors in front of them, it was obviously still more attractive over here.

"Let's go, follow me, I'll take you to your area." Mu Ling waved her jade hand, then was swaying her body and swept towards the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy below.

"Let's go."

The first time I saw a woman, I was in the middle of a group of people.

The thousands of people who followed Mu Ling swept down the huge stone platform, and below that, lushness emerged, a cultivation hall leapt into view, and in that distant place, countless figures could be seen sweeping through the mid-air.

Under Mu Ling's leadership, Mu Chen they swept in the direction of the west for more than ten minutes before stopping to slow down, then the former slender jade finger pointed down, smiling: "This is where you live."

Mak Chuan their eyes looked over, only to see the lush greenery, clear lakes dotted, and in that area, there are clusters of simple houses located.

"The spiritual energy here..."

A flash of surprise suddenly passed through Mu Chen's eyes, he found that the heaven and earth spiritual qi in this area was exceptionally dense, and this level of denseness was getting denser the deeper you went.

"There's actually a huge spirit gathering formation hidden here!"

The first time he saw the air, he noticed some special fluctuations hidden in the air, which were the fluctuations unique to spirit formations.

This new student living area, there is actually a spirit formation, and look at the level, definitely more than the North Spirit Academy that only a third grade spirit formation.

"Little guy, very good vision." Mu Ling looked at Mu Chen, whose eyes were somewhat astonished, but smiled. To the crowd said: "This area where you live is enveloped by a level four spirit gathering formation."

This statement immediately caused some alarming sounds, the spirit gathering formation has always been a measure of a power's capital. Perhaps many of them had seen a level four spirit gathering formation, but it was the first time they had seen a place to live set up in a spirit gathering formation.

"In addition, the new students living area, also divided into A, B and C three levels. The one you are assigned is the C class, which is the edge of this level 4 spirit formation, and although the aura here is good, it is still a bit different than the A and B classes." Mu Ling pointed to the depths of this area, where the air seemed to be a little sticky: "That's the center of this Spirit Gathering Formation, and the majestic degree of spiritual qi is naturally stronger than outside."

"We can't live there?" There were freshmen salivating and asking, obviously, living in that inside area. It was more beneficial to cultivate than this outside.

"Of course you can." Mu Ling smiled flirtatiously. Said: "Only inside is to charge a fee. For the first-class room, you need to pay two thousand spirit values a month, while the second-class. On the other hand, it is one thousand spirit values."

All the new students were dumbfounded, this is also possible? And with rent payment?

"Little ones. Spiritual value in the North Cang Spiritual Academy is very important, it is a kind of incentive to cultivate, our North Cang Spiritual Academy has a total of more than one hundred level four spirit gathering formations, more than sixty level five spirit gathering formations, twenty level six spirit gathering formations, ten level seven spirit gathering formations and the only one level eight spirit gathering formation."


This time, even some freshmen who had seen the world couldn't help but suck in a cold breath, obviously being truly shocked, so many spirit gathering formations, it was too scary.

"Of course... Everyone don't think that these spirit gathering formations can be enjoyed for nothing oh." Mu Ling said with a smile.

"What do you mean?" The crowd's hearts jumped and felt a little uneasy.

"In addition to the level four spirit gathering formation can enter for free to cultivate, the rest of the spirit gathering formation, want to enter, are required to pay the spirit value, it is said that the level seven spirit gathering formation, a day to consume five thousand spirit value oh."


Everyone was overwhelmed, they now finally understand what kind of existence spirit value in the North Cang Spiritual Academy, here, without spirit value, basically is difficult to walk ah.

The first time I saw this, I was able to get to the bottom of it. One day?

However, it's quite interesting.

"You don't have to be so sad, in fact, in the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy, there are many ways to obtain spirit values." Mu Ling smiled in an extraordinarily flirtatious manner, but there was something gloating about how it looked.

"The easiest way to get spirit value, is that every month you only need to pour the strongest spirit power into the spirit value card, if your strength has improved this month, will automatically be rewarded with varying spirit value... In addition, whenever you make a breakthrough, you will also be able to obtain..."

"If you want to go faster, you can go to the "Thunder Domain", which is a popular place in our Northern Cang Spiritual Academy." Mu Ling jade finger pointed to the distant sky above the North Cang Spiritual Academy, the crowd's eyes looked, and could see that the sky there seemed to be darker, vaguely visible space distortion, thunder flashes.

"The Thunder Domain is a cultivation place opened up by the North Cang Spiritual Academy, where there are endless heavenly thunder, this heavenly thunder has the effect of refining spiritual power, but also to strengthen **, all students who have reached the strength of the divine Pura realm can enter, while cultivating, condensing heavenly thunder, refining into "heavenly thunder beads", which in the North This is extremely popular in the North Cang Spiritual Academy, and it is said that the price has reached two hundred spirit value a piece in the Spiritual Value Hall."

"Two hundred spirit value a piece?" The corners of the crowd's eyes jumped, it's so expensive? It seems to be a good way to go.


Mu Ling's jade hand covered her red lips and smiled charmingly, "To enter the Thunder Domain, you also need to pay the spirit value, but it's not much, five hundred spirit values to enter at will."

This time, everyone's face is black, gnashing their teeth, this Northern Cang Spiritual Academy, also too black!

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One hundred and fifty-eight chapter spirit value hall

"Well, next everyone will start to choose a place to live, well, if there are people who want to transfer to area A and B, they can talk to me oh. (Baidu search)" Mu Ling smilingly looked at these new students with bitter faces, could not help but cover their mouths and smiled delicately.

The new students looked at each other, then smiled bitterly, with the spirit value they have in their hands now, they can only temporarily live in the C area, wait for the back gradually know how to get the spirit value, then come to enjoy the high level treatment.

He had more than 6,000 spiritual values in his hand, which was enough to choose the place with the most abundant spiritual energy, which would be extremely beneficial to his cultivation, so he didn't need to be frugal on this.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do.

Luo Li was stunned by his sudden words, then her pretty face slightly red, a little annoyed glared at him, this guy, since we met, more and more excessive.

However, Mu Chen ignored it and looked at Mu Ling, saying, "Instructor Mu Ling, how many people can stay in one room?"

"Two people." Mu Ling said with a smile, her eyes flicked over Mu Chen and Luo Li, her eyes had a deep meaning.

"Then I'll take a Grade A room." Mu Chen laughed.

But now you can't be so uncouth.

After Muchen, Zhou Ling and others also chose the room in the A-class area, they have the spirit value on hand, apparently enough to pay for this. The other thing is that Ye Qingling took Shooter and chose the B class area.

The newest students were also swept down to choose their place of residence, and then Mu Ling led Mu Chen and others into the Class A area.

And when Mu Chen entered the grade A area, they could feel the thick spiritual energy between heaven and earth. The spirit was immediately lifted, living in this place, for the cultivation has a lot of benefits ah.

"The ones below are Grade A rooms, so pick them yourselves, and when you enter the room, the corresponding spirit value will be automatically deducted from the spirit value token." Mu Ling pointed to the bottom and smiled.

"After you have chosen your rooms, you guys will rest for a day today."

"In addition, the spirit value token in your hands is also linked to the Spirit Value Hall. In the Spirit Value Hall, you are able to trade all kinds of things. And you are also able to view it through the Spiritual Value Tag. Of course, if you fancy something, you still have to go to the Spirit Value Hall in order to trade it."

Mu Chen and the others nodded their heads. His eyes looked down, and after sweeping his eyes around. Then he stopped at a small pavilion near a clear lake and smiled: "I'll choose this one."

The words fell, he looked at Luo Li with a smile, then did not wait for the girl to resist, is a pull her slender and slender hand, to the small pavilion down.

The side of the Zhou Ling and other people looking at this scene, the face immediately became wonderful, this kid, also too exciting, right?

The girl's pretty face blushed as she broke away from his palm, and her glazed eyes were filled with shame.


The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

Luo Li gave him a white look, this excuse is too unconvincing, she still has about 10,000 spirit values on hand, enough to live here for half a year without any problem.

"No more inches!" Luo Li gave a warning, and then pushed the door in, this small attic has two floors, looks exceptionally neat, Luo Li looked around, but is quite satisfied, and the pattern of the two floors, let her quietly sigh of relief.

"In the future, I'll live upstairs, you live downstairs." Luo Li said.

The two of them know in their hearts the kind of feelings they have for each other, but the reserve of a young girl, still needs to be maintained.

The first thing you need to do is to check your room, and after wandering around for a while, she returned to her room, where the bed and couch had been prepared.

The first thing that happened was that he was a real student of the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy.

He will spend several years of cultivation here.

"Old dad, I will cultivate well in the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy, and when I return again, I will definitely bring Mother back!" The palms of Mu Chen's hands were slightly clenched, in that small Northern Spiritual Realm, with his departure, old dad, who was already unaccompanied beside him, must be very lonely.


The crystal-like spirit value card appeared in his hand. Earlier, tutor Mu Ling said that the spirit value card was connected to the spirit value hall, which was the place where all kinds of transactions of the North Cang Spiritual Academy converged.

The light turned into a light screen in front of him, and on top of the light screen, there was a wide variety of images and data.

"Angry Python Gun, refined from the sole horn of the Golden Horn Spiritual Python, fighting with people, spiritual power, gun awning like an angry python, extraordinary power, medium-grade spiritual weapon, priced at 8,000 spiritual value."

"Nine Inflammation Skill, gong method spirit skill, medium grade spirit, priced at nine thousand spirit value."

"Demonic Illusion Shadow Step, body technique spirit skill, medium grade of spirit, priced at seven thousand eight hundred spirit value."

"Meteorite Spirit Formation, third grade formation diagram, using spiritual energy to condense the shape of a meteorite, that kind of power, even a strong person of the Rongtian realm would not dare to face its front, priced at thirteen thousand spirit values."

"Heavenly thunder bead, contains the qi of heavenly thunder, possesses the effect of quenching aura and strengthening **, one sells for two hundred spirit value."


A variety of dazzling images crossed Mu Chen's eyes, also made his eyes more and more amazed, most of the things sold in the Hall of Spiritual Values are extraordinary, even high-level formation diagrams can occasionally see, but that price is quite expensive, with Mu Chen's current wealth, can not afford to buy one.

The first thing you need to do is to look through the list.

"Ten thousand thunder imperial sword skill, divine grade lower grade, attacking spirit skill, created by a supreme power, selling price three million spirit value, owned by the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy."


The pastoral dust directly at this point is a deep breath of cold air, eyes can not help but jump up sharply, God-grade spiritual skill? In this Spiritual Value Hall, there is actually a God-grade Spiritual Skill for sale?

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're getting into.

This kind of treasure, even Mu Chen is heartily excited, but the price behind that, and is his mouth corner a twitch, three million spirit value... The first time I saw a woman, I was a little bit of a jerk.

The first time I saw this, I had to go to the next level.

The more you go back, the more terrifying things appear, but the prices are a little green to Mak Chan's eyes.

"Nine dragons through the sky formation, level six formation diagram, priced at three and a half million spirit value."

"Ancient Golden Crow Essence, Heavenly Grade Medium Grade Spiritual Beast, ranked thirty-four on the Earth Ranking of the Ten Thousand Beasts Record, priced at four million spirit values."

"The Nine Cauldrons Divine Armor, a top-grade spiritual weapon, can defend against the full force of a Heaven Transformation Realm powerhouse, priced at three million three hundred thousand spirit values."


The items that were considered to be exotic treasures crossed Mak Chan's eyes, each one of them made Mak Chan's heart hard to calm down, and the price made his heart jump.

The first thing you should do is to get a good idea of what you're looking for.

These things, each and every one of them on the North Cang continent, will certainly cause a crazy fight, but now, it has become the best means to motivate the students to work hard to obtain the spirit value.

His eyes, looking at the top of the light screen, there, there is a short text, although the text is short, but it makes Mak Chan's heart beating rapidly, and he can even feel the sudden surge of riots within the sea of Qi.

"Beiming Dragon Kun's essence blood, the North Cang Spiritual Academy Zhen Yuan divine beast thing, with the quenching of the body, the divine effect of cleansing the marrow and cutting bone, if the human body will absorb it, enough to completely improve the physique, with a powerful ** comparable to the spirit beast, priced at seven million spirit value."

"The essence blood of Beiming Dragon Kun..."

Mu Chen muttered, isn't this something that the Nine Spectral Sparrows can only dream of? As long as it is obtained, the Nine Spectral Sparrow will be able to break through the shackles, shed its spirit and transform into a god, awaken its ancient bloodline, leap over the dragon gate, and become a super existence no weaker than the Beiming Dragon Kun...

The Nine Spectral Sparrow, which had been lazily lying on the Mandala flower, stood up fiercely, and the eyes, which were burning with black flames, were covered with uncontrollable excitement and ecstasy.

"Muchen! Makuchen! Found it! Got it! Get it!"

The Nine Spectral Sparrow's thoughts came, containing the kind of excitement and ecstasy that Mu Chen had seen for the first time since he met it.

The first time I've seen it since I met it. You also have to look at the price of this thing ah.

That is a whole seven million spirit value ah!

The north Cang Spiritual Academy, can anyone afford to buy?

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