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Chapter 156 Yang Hong

On the entire huge platform, tens of thousands of new students were looking at the name at the top of the "Heavenly Ranking", and that kind of oppression caused the platform to fall into a silence.

Even those top freshmen who had obtained the "King" rating in the Spiritual Road still felt a sense of fear and admiration because of that name.

That was the person who stood at the top level of countless students of the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy.

"Shen Cansheng"

Mu Chen slowly exhaled a cloud of white air and gently recited this domineering and unparalleled name.

"He is the strongest cadet in our Northern Cang Spiritual Academy today even I have only met him once a year ago." An Ran's eyes were a bit complicated, she met Shen Cansheng that time, the latter just finished a task of hunting heavenly-ranked spirit beasts back to the hospital.

At that time the sunset slanting, the evening sun like blood, dressed in black robes of youth, a lance through a thousands of feet huge heaven-ranked spirit beast, across the air, blood like rain splashed in the North Cang Spiritual Academy, he shouldered the lance, walking down the pace seems to be with blood.

That scene, shocked the entire North Cang Spiritual Academy, also caused that fashion is a new student, she felt a trembling as if from the soul.

"Freshmen, the current him is not something that you can touch."

An Ran gradually came back to her senses, she looked at the silent many new students, smiled lightly and said, "The Heavenly Ranking is still too far away for you, wait for you to cultivate here for at least two years before you perhaps have the qualifications to climb the Heavenly Ranking, for now, you should consider how you can get on the Divine Spirit Ranking, that is the ground that belongs to the new students."

Many new students piggybacked on the Divine Spirit Ranking, it's not easy to enter the top 50, at least half a step into the strength of the Realm of Heavenly Fusion, as for the top 10, those who occupy the old students who refuse to go. And is not what good stubble, they are freshmen, even if they have some strength, and how dare to take away their position.

Thinking of this, they are also a secret sigh, really worthy of them as a holy land of the North Cang Spiritual Academy, ah, this competition, is really some terrible.

The light flashed in the mid-air of the huge platform. White old man's figure emerged, he looked at the tens of thousands of new students on the platform, nodded slightly and smiled: "Since you have all arrived at the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy, then it's time to summon all the new students from the remaining three Northern Cang Realms. They arrived a few days ago."

When Mu Chen smiled, his eyes narrowed slightly.

With a wave of Elder Bai's sleeve and robe, a clear bell chant resounded in the sky, and then turned into sound waves, spreading out.

And with the sound of the bell chant, soon. She Chen they saw, suddenly there is the sound of breaking wind, and then the sky of figures, like locusts swept in. Finally landed on the other three 10,000 feet stone platform.

The sky seemed to be filled with human figures, and a noise spread out.

The tens of thousands of new students on the stone platform where Muchen and the others were located were all looking at the other three stone platforms with a bit of curiosity. Those people, too, had passed through the other three Northern Cang Realms. To say the least, like them, they were considered to be the new students of this session of the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy.

The new students on top of these four ten thousand feet stone platforms combined, I'm afraid, exceeded the number of two hundred thousand, such a huge number, it really looked somewhat spectacular.


In that south stone platform, a light shadow swept in and finally appeared in the forefront of that platform, and seeing the appearance of this light shadow, the new students on that stone platform, immediately cast some respectful gaze to shè.

The light disperses, but reveals a slender and tall silhouette, that is a beautiful-looking young girl, she has long ice blue s hair, a pair of large beautiful eyes, is also presented ice blue s color, far from looking, as if a million years of ice mountain, emitting a palpitating cold air.

If An Ran is cold, then the young girl with long ice blue hair, is born cold, her beautiful eyes look, as if they are able to attract the cold air between heaven and earth.

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"She is Bing Qing, the newcomer who defeated the strongest old student in her Northern Cang Realm." An Ran said indifferently, "It is said that she comes from the Ice Spirit Clan and was born with the ability to control ice and cold."

"Ice Spirit Clan?" Mu Chen was slightly stunned, and then he said with some surprise: "That Ice Spirit Clan that was rumored to have been challenged by a Martial Ancestor from the lower realms with the power of one person?"

This rumor, but he has long heard, the ice spirit clan is an extremely long heritage clan, strong heritage, in the great world is also considered a super power, but in front of that from the lower realm of the martial ancestor, the ice spirit clan all the strength of the clan, is unable to stop the man holding the thunder staff like a thunder god persistent footsteps, that battle, but shook the entire great world, and even Mu Chen's northern spirit realm is some The first time I heard about it, I heard about it.

An Ran nodded, this rumor she had obviously heard of.

The young girl named Bing Qing in the distance, after revealing her face, her eyes also looked at the platform where Mu Chen and the others were, but the line of sight only lingered on Luo Li, and then withdrew, she did not participate in the Spirit Road, but her strength is not weaker than the top people in the Spirit Road, in this area of Mu Chen and the others, she just felt that Luo Li had a great threat to her xìng.


After Bing Qing, there are two rainbow light swept in, appeared in the east and west of the huge stone platform at the forefront, the east stone platform, is a sturdy figure, his body presents a yellowish s color, looks like dead wood, but hidden, but also gives a rather dangerous feeling.

"That is Mu Kui, also the most s outstanding freshman in the other Northern Cang Realm."

An Ran's eyes looked towards the western stone platform, there, a slender green-shirted young man, standing with his hands, a different aura emanated, high and proud, but also extraordinarily powerful.


"Yang Hong, I know him, no need to introduce him." Mu Chen black sè eyes, at this time a little cohesion in the distance that the slender figure above, a faint smile, laughter, with an inexplicable flavor.

The side of Luo Li, is also at this time to look at that figure, glazed eyes, swept a trace of ice cold intention.

The west of the stone platform, the green-shirted boy is also aware of this gaze, immediately inclined head, he has a handsome face, with a slender body, that unique temperament, but indeed has a strong charm, which from the surrounding many girls secretly cast shè and shy gaze can be seen.

He looked towards the huge platform in the distance, then his gaze was resting on the Mak Chan in front of him, the look paused slightly, then the corners of his lips were lifted a peculiar smile.

"Mu Chen, we meet again."

He laughed at Muchen, his laughter rumbling through the mid-air under the majestic spiritual energy, causing countless new students to glance over.

"But you have surprised me a bit, the famous Blood Scourge among the Spiritual Path, but now you are only at the middle stage of the Divine Phenomenon realm, huh, this is unexpected, I didn't expect you to be so much worse after losing the Spiritual Path enrichment."

The green-shirted boy laughed gently, his eyes playfully stared at Mu Chen and said, "If Ji Xuan knew that you were this strong today, I'm afraid he would be very disappointed, he regarded you as a real opponent, but you turned out to be so decrepit and weak, it seems that being expelled from the Spiritual Path was a big blow to you."

Yang Hong's voice, spread out, immediately caused the surrounding three huge platform set off some sāo, here after all, there are quite a few people participated in the Spirit Road, among them to obtain the king level rating, there are also a certain number of people, for the blood scourge of this name, they do have a fairly deep memory.

After all, the person who can make Xuan King Ji Xuan scare in the spiritual road, how can not let people keep an eye on?

The countless gazes shifted and finally rested on the body of Mu Chen, eyes were swept through some consternation, the latter's strength in the middle of the God Pura realm, compared to those top freshmen here, the gap is not small.

The former did not participate in the Spiritual Road, but in the North Cang Realm, the eyes and ears of the situation, in fact, also have some understanding of the top figures of the Spiritual Road, the so-called Blood Scourge Makuchen, she naturally also heard of, but did not expect that this handsome young man in front of you, is that many people of the Spiritual Road talk about the Blood Scourge sè.

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"Yang Hong, if you want an opponent, I can always accompany." Luo Li clear beautiful eyes flooded with ice cold stared at the green-shirted boy, slowly said.

Yang Hong smiled and raised his eyebrows.

"If you are going to mock him, I'm afraid it's a little early, he is the best in the Northern Cang Realm, just like the three of you, even I lost to him, so who are you to mock him?" An Ran, who was on the side, frowned and sneered.

She had lost to Mu Chen, so if Mu Chen was still being mocked by these guys, wouldn't they also be mocking her incompetence?

When An Ran said this, it immediately triggered some shrieks, and those new students on the other three platforms looked at the handsome young man with calm eyes in some disbelief, he had defeated an old student of the Rongtian realm with his strength at the middle stage of the Divine Phenomenon realm? How was this possible?

That Bing Qing as well as Mu Kui were also stunned for a moment, and the eyes that looked at Mu Chen again were finally somewhat peculiar.


Yang Hong pupils are also slightly shrunk, he stared at Mu Chen, the corners of the mouth playfulness becomes more intense: "worthy of the blood scourge Mu Chen, seems to be hidden quite deep, this is interesting up"

The black s eyes of Mu Chen stared at Yang Hong, the corners of his lips also slowly lifted up, he took a step out, his voice became cold.

"Interesting words, do you want to come and try?"

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