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Chapter 155 - North Cang Spiritual Academy

Although there are countless continents in this vast world, the North Cang continent is a dazzling one among the continents that are like stars.

The source of this dazzling is from the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy located in the Northern Cang continent.

This is one of the famous "Five Great Houses" in the Great Thousand World, where countless young geniuses converge to unleash their amazing talents and finally become the dazzling powerhouse in the Great Thousand World.

The great world is too vast, there are many races and powerful forces that have been inherited for countless years, but even from these places out of the genius, some people will choose to come to the "Five Great Courts" training, and this is enough to see the "Five Great Courts" unique. Otherwise, those born noble pride of heaven, how will give up the clan's training, miles and miles across many continents, to come to the "Five Great Courtyards" to cultivate "".

Because the North Cang continent is dazzling, this place is naturally not ordinary, the North Spirit Realm is located in the Hundred Spirits continent compared to here, really a bit even poor countryside can not be counted as the feeling.

In the North Cang continent, the North Cang Spiritual Academy maintains a supreme independent status, and in addition to the North Cang continent, this continent, also has countless large and small forces, here, is the real hidden dragon crouching tiger.

Someone once said that even the supreme level of the strong, to the North Cang continent, also have to slightly restrain a little supreme arrogance and majesty, so it can be seen, this continent has how complex and deep water.

But although the North Cang continent is deep, but any turmoil there, are unable to reach the North Cang Spiritual Academy, because the North Cang continent on any powerful forces and strong people know. That quietly stands in the center of the continent of the North Cang Spiritual Institute, is a real prostrate sleeping dragon, although usually it does not show the mountain and not show water. But when it begins to show its momentousness, I'm afraid it will make people tremble.

And anyone knows that a spiritual courtyard, the power it reveals on the surface, can only become a manifest power, but their true terrifying power is not this. Rather, it is a hidden power.

For thousands of years, it is not known how many strong people have come out of the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy, and these strong people include some existences that once stood at the top. Although they are separated from the North Cang Spiritual Academy, or become a giant, but after all, with the North Cang Spiritual Academy will have an inseparable link, usually perhaps nothing. But once the North Cang Spiritual Academy is really subjected to some kind of life-and-death like danger. Then the world will see with their own eyes, the kind of hidden under its terrifying hidden power.

This is the bottom of the North Cang Spiritual Academy, perhaps it is not the most powerful in the great world, but its connections, but countless races with distant heritage and super powers, are afraid of the heart

When Muchen entered the huge bronze gate, they could feel some dizziness coming out, which was caused by the spatial teleportation. But fortunately this dizziness did not last long, they felt their bodies sink. The light in front of their eyes, suddenly bright.

Slightly squinted eyes, a little open, all are looking at the strange world that appeared in front of them, and then some shock, is climbing up the face of many people.

Mak Chan they appeared in a nearly ten thousand feet huge stone platform, the original empty stone platform, at this time instantly by the human figure filled, the line of sight to look ahead, is a lofty and magnificent scene.

That is a vast land that can not see the end, in that earth, countless huge cultivation hall dotted, mountains, occasionally a galaxy-like waterfall down, lush between, with waves of magnificent.

The scene in front of them is too lofty, so even if the 10,000 feet stone platform where Mak Chuan and his team are located is quite vast, but compared to it, it still seems extraordinarily small.

In the inner half of the spiritual courtyard, the figures swept by, some of the practice fields, human figures flying, majestic spiritual power clashing, resulting in a low sound.

The most striking thing in the lofty and invisible spiritual courtyard is a huge mountain in the center of it. The mountain is peculiarly shaped and looks like a winged divine bird, an inexplicable sense of oppression emanates from the bird-shaped mountain and envelops the world.

And in this giant bird mountain above the wings, each carrying a nearly ten thousand feet huge stone monument, stone monument above, flickering dazzling light, the light, as if the entire Spirit Academy is clearly visible.

Mak Chan's eyes looked at the huge stone monument on the left wing, only to see that at the top of the stone monument, there is a golden light shining, converging into three magnificent light words.

Divine Spirit List!

"Godly Spirit List" muttered Mu Chen, could this be the Godly Spirit List that An Ran talked about earlier?

"This is the divine Spiritual List of the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy." A faint voice came from the side, and when Mu Chen turned his head, he saw An Ran come to his side, staring at the huge stone monument, her red lips slightly curled.

"What is the Divine Spirit List?" Mu Chen asked with some confusion.

"As the name implies, this is a list created by the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy for students in the Divine Spirit realm, and is considered the most elementary list of the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy, as long as the strength has advanced into the Divine Spirit realm, it has the initial qualification to be on the list, but this Divine Spirit list only makes the ranking of the top one thousand in the Divine Spirit realm of the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy." The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're getting into.

The first thing that happened to him was that he was in the middle of the Divine Spirit realm, so I wonder how many rankings he could have on the Divine Spirit list?

"You're a bit naive if you really think that all on this divine Vitality Ranking are only at the divine Vitality Realm." An Ran coldly snorted and said, "I'm afraid that those bastards in the top ten of the divine Vitality Ranking are not weaker than me in the slightest."

He was able to defeat An Ran only with the power he shared with the Nine Spectral Sparrow. Could it be that the top ten people on the Divine Spirit List also possessed spirit beasts comparable to the Nine Spectral Sparrow? But it's impossible that they also possess a bloodline link, right?

"Those guys are just exploiting the loopholes, generally if you have the qualifications to impact the divine Vitality Ranking, you only need to infuse your most powerful spiritual energy into the spirit value card given to you by Old Man Bai, the spirit value card will transmit the information to the divine Vitality Ranking, and then it will be able to rank you."

"And now those guys in the top ten of the divine Vitality Ranking, are grasping the loophole, in the moment they promoted to the Realm of Melting Heaven, activated the spiritual power, in this way, they can use the strength of the divine Vitality Realm, play out the spiritual power comparable to the Realm of Melting Heaven, that ranking, naturally very high, ordinary divine Vitality Realm, how to compare with them?"

Mu Chen smacked his lips, that is to say, this God Pura Ranking top ten guys, although occupying the ranking of the God Pura Ranking, but in fact the real strength, has long reached the Realm of Melting Heaven?

"What's the advantage of occupying like this?" Mu Chen asked, occupying the top ten in this way didn't seem too honorable, right?

"The top fifty of the divine Psionic Ranking, for every day they occupy it, they can automatically receive a varying amount of spirit value because of the difference in ranking, how can they not be impressed by such a thing of getting something for nothing? How many trainees with the strength of God Pura realm dare to provoke them? But these guys can only show off their authority here, if they were to go one step higher and enter the Heavenly Ranking, they wouldn't even make it to the top 1000, not to mention the top 10." An Ran disdainfully said.

The first thing that happened to her was that she had this benefit, no wonder with their strength in the Heavenly Fusion realm, they were still occupying the relatively junior Divine Spirit Ranking and refused to leave.

"What is the Heavenly Ranking again?" Mak Chan, like a curious baby, continued to ask.

"Heavenly list" said these two words, An Ran's icy face is finally some serious, even its eyes are wildly, she raised her head, looked towards the right wing of the bird-shaped mountain, where, carrying another huge stone monument, stone monument around, clouds and mist, occasionally golden light flashes, each name on that, are the North Cang Spiritual The best in the academy.

"The Heavenly Ranking is a list that only students who have entered the three-day realm are eligible to climb, there, represents the high standard of the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy, countless geniuses cultivate hard to get a seat on the Heavenly Ranking, and every time the top ten of the Heavenly Ranking changes, it will become the biggest event of the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy."

The black eyes of Mu Chen, who sensed the fervor in An Ran's tone, also coalesced towards the 10,000 feet huge stone monument, and he gazed at it, only to see the golden light flickering above the stone monument, a golden name, permeated with glory, was inscribed there, receiving the admiration and reverence of countless students of the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy.

Beside Mu Chen, Luo Li, Ye Qingling and others also looked their eyes towards the stone monument that represented the true standard of the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy.

"Tenth on the Heavenly List, Zhou Fan, three years of cultivation at the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy."

"Heavenly Ranking ninth, Luo Hua, three years of cultivation in the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy."

"Eighth on the Heavenly List, Wang Zhong."


"Third in the Heavenly Ranking, Su Xuan."

"Second on the Heavenly Ranking, Li Xuan Tong."

When the name of the second on the Heavenly List jumped into everyone's eyes, Mu Chen did not notice Luo Li's slightly knitted willow eyebrows at the side.

"Who is the first one?"

Numerous somewhat upward looking eyes moved up again, looking at the top position, where a name, permeated with a strong sense of oppression, descended overwhelmingly.

"The first of the heavenly list, Shen Cang Sheng."

"Shen Cang Sheng" countless people stared at the name of the golden light, although only a name, but is like a huge mountain, the shadow, shrouded down, let the heart tremble.

They are just freshmen who have just arrived at the North Cang Spiritual Academy, and in a place where geniuses and demons gather, they are just starting out, yet that person is already standing at the top, looking down on them.

The first thing that happened was that he felt the blood in his body gradually boiling over.

This is the Northern Cang Spiritual Academy that he is looking forward to, even the kind of competition in the Spiritual Road, compared to this place is also a chip, want to prove themselves, here, is the best training ground.

One day, he will surpass those proud children of the sky and stand at the top of that position!

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