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Chapter 153 - The Freshman's Rebellion


The deafening sound of the dragon and elephant roar resounded in the vast and empty huge hall, as if shaking the huge hall was trembling at this moment, astonishing spiritual power fluctuations, a ** from the huge spiritual formation above Mu Chen emanated.

"Dragon elephant formation!"

The huge spiritual formation trembled violently, and then a hundred feet dark gold beam of light swept out, turning into a dragon and elephant rushing, shaking the void, with an extremely alarming sound, ruthlessly rushing towards An Ran.

An Ran stood in the air, her cold eyes looked at the golden light dragon elephant that came with astonishing sound, jade hand, is also a majestic spiritual energy fluctuations out, backhanded a palm shot, spiritual energy rolled out.

"Shattering Sky Spirit Palm!"

Along with An Ran's palm, she saw the air in front of her seem to be distorted, a light palm made of majestic spiritual energy coalesced, directly slapped heavily on the incoming golden dragon elephant.


The two collided, and a shocking spiritual energy impact spread out.

"Dragon Elephant Suppression!"

The golden light dragon elephant quickly turned into a dragon elephant golden plate, and pressed down with a boom, shattering the light palm, and then swept towards An Ran with amazing fluctuations.

"Ling Bo Chop!"

An Ran's beautiful eyes are still icy cold, majestic spiritual power in her jade hand, as if it turned into a wave-like spiritual power light chop, then she waved down her jade arm, the light chop tore through the long sky, split on the dragon elephant golden plate, the sound of gold and iron resounded, the light swept through. The sound of gold and iron resounded, and the light swept through. The dragon and elephant golden plate was split into two halves.

The huge hall with many new students, immediately burst out of the sound of shock, this An Ran strength is too powerful. The powerful attacking spirit techniques were endless, and even though the spirit formation set up by Mu Chen was very powerful, it was still broken by her.


When they were watching the battle between Mu Chen and An Ran, a beam of light suddenly lit up in the hall, and then two figures emerged, and when the crowd looked, they saw Luo Li and an old student with a red face had reappeared.

"I'm sorry, sir." Luo Li's clear eyes glanced at the red-faced youth in front of her. Softly said.

The young man smiled bitterly with embarrassment, who knew that the girl in front of him who made people's hearts flutter abnormally. Strength would actually be terrifying to this extent, the strength of the Rongtian realm, no wonder An Ran would say that she was the only one here who could fight against it.

"Luo Li actually won so quickly?"

Those new students also came back to their senses at this time, and immediately made a startled clamor. The eyes were somewhat stunned as they looked at the black-skirted girl with a slender physique in front of them. However, the latter's eyes, still a quiet, she did not pay attention to the crowd, only raised her delicate face, the line of sight sweeping the light screen, and then stopped at the piece of light screen where Mak Chan, eyes, finally swept a touch of worry.



An Ran's figure. The jade hand appeared in front of Muchen, above the jade hand. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

The muffled sound, the spiritual power fluctuations spread out, Mu Chen's figure was immediately shaken away, the palms of the feet on the ground shot backwards hundreds of meters, before stabilizing, arms, appearing some numbness.

The first time was naturally with Liu Jianshan, but at that time he was only at the Spirit Wheel realm, and the gap was indescribable, so he was only able to fight it with the power of the Nine Spectral Sparrows, and the cost was a coma of nearly half a month.

But now he, compared to that time is obviously too strong, even with their own power, is also able to fight with this level of power, although still all fallen.

To defeat Anran, he these means, is still not enough!

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

Today's Nine Spectral Sparrow, after absorbing the essence of two heavenly-ranked spirit beasts, the Ice Xuan Spirit Jiao, apparently recovered some strength, not only the color became more profound, even the body draped with black inflammation, is also much thicker.

"This kind of opponent shouldn't have to come to rely on my power, right?" The Nine Spectral Sparrow lazily said, "And I have absorbed a large amount of spiritual power, I have not yet completely digested it and do not want to do it."

"I came to get the power that I should get."

After the bloodline link, in a way, part of the Nine Spectral Sparrow's power also belongs to him, and he can easily use it, and likewise, some of his own power, the Nine Spectral Sparrow is also able to use, but the current Nine Spectral Sparrow obviously does not see his kind of power.

This is the advantage brought by the bloodline link.

Of course, this kind of power, which in a way belongs to him can use at will, is obviously not as good as when the Nine Spectral Sparrows poured out their strength, but for the current one, it is enough.

"Whatever you want."

The nine ghostly sparrows lazily lying on the mandala flower, slowly closed his eyes, then black spiritual energy, as if burning fire from its body, and finally surged towards the little man of the divine spirit sitting on top of the spiritual light wheel.


"Knowing the gap, so become quiet?"

An Ran sneered, but her attack became more and more fierce, forcing Mu Chen to retreat, and with her strength at the early stage of the Rongtian realm, she almost completely suppressed Mu Chen.

"Enough of playing, let's end it then!"

When An Ran saw that Mu Chen no longer spoke out, she also felt bored, and in her jade hand, her spiritual power steeply strengthened, and a palm was slapped heavily at Mu Chen, ready to end this fight.

Bang! However, in the moment when her jade palm shot out, that has not said a word Mu Chen, black eyes, but there is a sharp mango swept, the corner of the lips, there is a curve lifted up.

"Sister An, too early to be happy is not a good habit."

The black spiritual energy swept out like a tidal wave, and among the spiritual energy, black inflammation rose, releasing an amazingly domineering heat.


Mu Chen's fist wind, directly with An Ran head-on hard together, a shock wave swept out, the two feet of the earth, actually at this time is popped open.

The shock wave swept through, the debris shot in all directions, the figures of Mu Chen and An Ran both trembled, and then both of their bodies were shaken and shot backwards.

In the hall where there were countless new students, there were shouts of surprise, Mak Chan had actually knocked An Ran back head-on? Wasn't he previously in a completely suppressed disadvantage?

"This kid, interesting." In the main hall now, almost the vast majority of the challenges had ended, and those old students had also reappeared, and they looked into the light curtain and were surprised, obviously they had not expected that Mu Chen would be able to tangle with An Ran to this extent.

In the hall where the battle took place, An Ran also stabilized her body, her icy cold pretty face, at this time is also swept a touch of amazement, Mu Chen unexpectedly in the clash with her to get rid of the wind?

"How could this happen?"

An Ran looked ahead, where the Makuchen, all wrapped in the dark spiritual power, in that spiritual power surface, can also see a wisp of strange black inflammation floating through, giving a rather dangerous fluctuations.

"His spiritual power, how did it suddenly skyrocket so much?" An Ran's heart shook slightly, if the previous Mu Chen was able to compare to the late divine Pura realm, then the current him, he really reached the threshold of the Realm of Melting Heaven, although there was still a bit of a gap with her, but that kind of gap, is no longer unbridgeable.

"Schoolmate An, now let's try again."

Mu Chen looked at An Ran and smiled slightly, black flames rose in his black eyes, and the surging power in his body caused his blood to boil a little.

"Fear you not?!"

Although An Ran's heart was surprised, but his mouth was coldly snorted out.


And just as she coldly snorted, the sound of a sharp wind instantly recalled, a streak of shadow swept ahead, the figure of Mu Chen, as if a ghostly figure appeared in front, the dark wrapped in the roll of black smoke fist, quickly in the eyes of An Ran magnified.

"Broken Sky Spirit Palm!"

An Ran jade hand fiercely slapped out, the spiritual energy drumming, bringing up a shocking sound, fiercely and Mu Chen fist wind hard together.


The two spiritual forces intertwined and eroded, but An Ran's face changed slightly at this time, she could feel that when the two spiritual forces impacted together, Mu Chen's black spiritual force was directly overbearing, black flames rose, and even her spiritual force was burned away.

"What is this thing? Even the spiritual energy can burn!"

An Ran's heart was shocked, feeling the rapidly weakening spiritual energy, the delicate body moved, is swept up into the air, the pretty face gradually gaze, then she lightly inhaled a breath, the beautiful eyes also became icy cold down.

The spiritual energy around her body, is also at this time furious up, a huge ice blue eagle, steeply from its rear flash out, an amazing spiritual energy fluctuations, swept away.

The ice blue eagle, as if covered with ice armor, a cold emitted, as if even the air is frozen down.

Mak Chan looked at the ice blue giant eagle behind An Ran, his eyes were also slightly condensed.


In the hall where the new students are, countless people looked in amazement at the light screen where the battle began to escalate, and the expressions of the old students, also a little bit of gloom, this guy, actually forced An Ran to activate the "Northern Noon Golden Tattoo Eagle".

That is in the record of ten thousand beasts ranked sixty-five on the list of heavenly class spirit beast ah.

This new student, who looks like he is only in the middle of the Divine Phenomenon realm, is so powerful?

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One hundred and fifty-fourth chapter spirit sparrow town ice eagle

Powerful spiritual energy gushed out from An Ran's body like a flood, and behind him, the huge ice blue eagle spread its wings, and suddenly even the air was frozen, and the cold air filled the hall.

This cold air was even more powerful than the cold air of that Ice Xuan Spirit Jiao.

"To be able to force me to the point of activating the Beiming Golden Tattoo Eagle, even if you lose, it's still enough to be proud of yourself."

An Ran has always said that strength is paramount, so after she learned of Mu Chen's power, she finally curbed her initial disdain for him and truly treated him as an opponent of the same level.

"Then I'll ask you to teach me, but I don't want to admit defeat yet."

The power in his body gave him the urge to roar to the sky, he needed a good hard fight!

The ice blue eagle behind her was flapping its wings, and in that blue light, An Ran's body, slowly merged into the ice blue eagle.


In her integration into the ice blue giant eagle body, only to see its eagle eyes abruptly erupted out of astonishing sharpness, at this time the ice blue giant eagle seems to have a life force, as if the sky pointed, tidal wave of spiritual energy. A ** ripple out.


A layer of ice chips, formed around it, the moisture in the air. All are frozen up.

Ice cold drink, steeply from that ice blue eagle body sounded, then saw the ice blue eagle wings, swept up into the sky, a layer of frost, a source of growing out of its body, far from looking. As if a lifelike ice sculpture.

Only this ice sculpture, but is full of deadly danger.

"Frozen Wings!"

When the ice blue giant eagle's body was enveloped in cold ice, its wings trembled abruptly. It actually turned into a radiant ice-cold pillar of light, madly swooping down towards Mu Chen below.

Bang Bang!

The air burst open under this terrifying dive, the cold air filled the air, layers of frost. From its swooping route emerged. As if a cold ice path.

Everyone is able to feel the terrifying An Ran this swoop attack.

As if the fierce creature of the North, carrying the endless coldness that freezes the earth, descending into the world.

The black eyes reflected the giant ice blue eagle swooping down, but there was no fear in his eyes, the blazing fire, but burned stronger and stronger.

"Then let's have a good fight!"

The smile on the corner of Mak Chan's lips became somewhat unruly. He stomped his feet on the earth, and his body actually rushed up. The black spiritual energy swept out like a flame, enveloping his whole body.


The black spiritual power is expanding wildly, from afar, as if black smoke is going straight to the clouds, behind him, forming a long black tail of light, spiritual power drumming between, is also extremely amazing.

In this huge hall, two light shadows, one on top of the other, whistling and then ruthlessly blasting away.

The new students in the hall, countless new students looked at this scene, the eyes are gushing some shock, they did not expect, in the face of An Ran such a fierce attack, Mu Chen is not the slightest sign to dodge, but rather is the choice of the strongest hard contact.

The power displayed by Mu Chen also shook them. This guy, although his strength appears to be only in the middle of the Divine Phenomenon realm, has time and again exploded with power that rivals or even surpasses theirs.

The two Shi Jingtian brothers' eyes were also somewhat gloomy, as Mu Chen's power at this time was clearly more powerful than when he had fought Shi Jingtian before.

"No matter what means you have, but to go head to head with a true Heaven-Realization realm powerhouse, you will never be able to win!" The two men secretly gritted their teeth, and their eyes were tightly fixed on the light screen.

"Brother Mu, come on!" Mo Ling and the others were also staring nervously at the black inflammation that rose up from the light screen with an amazing sound, their fists clenched.


In that countless nervous eyes watching, that huge hall, black and blue light, finally is like two huge meteorites, ruthlessly impacted together.

Black inflammation and ice blue light, crazy rampage open, the whole huge hall in the aura, as if at this time is completely riotous.

The astonishing cold impact came, the cold, and even caused the formation of a thin layer of frost on top of Mu Chen's body, the thick black inflammation, as if it was also suppressed general.

Mak Chan eyes, black inflammation surge, that throat as if there is a low roar resounded and, black spiritual power mixed with black inflammation, fierce from its body overwhelming outbreak.

The frost on the body, instantly turned into nothingness.


A clear, clear sound, is also at this time from the body of Mak Chan resounded, the clear song, filled with arrogance and majesty, as if the king of all birds general.

The ice blue giant eagle, under that clear cry are trembling a little, although it has been refined, but is still able to feel a kind of oppression from the body of Mak Chan.

The black spiritual energy on the surface of his body is frantically condensed, as if also at this time formed a giant bird with black wings, the giant bird unfolded black wings, black inflammation swept.

Bang Bang!

The dominant black spiritual power, transformed into a mysterious black bird to meet the rush, black inflammation rolled, the cold cold air from the ice blue giant eagle, is actually instantly evaporated and gone.

The ice blue giant eagle's eyes, finally is swept a flash of horror, An Ran can detect, an extreme amazing incandescent heat, is sweeping.

That kind of incandescence caused the spiritual energy in her body to boil up, as if it was going to burn.

"Give me a break!"

Mu Chen's black eyes were filled with coldness, and he shouted icily and violently. A fierce explosion sounded.


The illusory black bird burning with black inflammation, the wings vibrated, black inflammation surged. A loud bang, it was born to break through the ice blue bird that layer of ice armor, and finally turned into a black light, penetrated.

Black inflammation such as thick smoke rolled up, that the back of the ice blue giant eagle, but at this time covered with cracks, and finally exploded. Blue light flashes, An Ran's figure emerged, the pretty face. There is also a thick residue of disbelief.

The rich black spiritual energy around Mak Chan's body is also slowly dispersed, his face although a trace of pallor remains, but the look in the eyes, is extraordinarily bright.

Inside the huge hall. The two rays of light once again appeared abruptly. The two of them are also disappeared in the huge hall.

The newborn hall, the entire hall, looking at the slowly dissipating light curtain, is also a silence, everyone is wide open eyes. The eyes were covered with disbelief.

They couldn't believe that Mu Chen had broken through that extremely amazing attack of An Ran's!


Zhou Ling and the others also let out a sigh of relief. There was some admiration in their tone, they had fought with Mu Chen in the Spirit Road, but they hadn't formed any grudges, they were considered to have passed by in a hurry, so they hadn't really experienced how terrifying Mu Chen really was, they were only able to perceive his extraordinary from some of his deeds later.

The two brothers are the only ones who can really perceive the pressure brought by the young man with a long and slender body and handsome appearance.

Shi Jingtian two brothers face is a little ugly, but did not say anything else, apparently the heart is also in some shock, the previous Anran strike, I'm afraid that even if they join forces, are a little difficult to take, but Mu Chen is done, and also just to the middle of the God Pura realm strength to do ... ...

The latter finally made them truly understand that even though he was expelled from the Spiritual Path midway, even though he did not receive the Spiritual Path initiation, he was still the same Blood Scourge that countless geniuses in the Spiritual Path gnashed their teeth in fear.

"Haha, Brother Mu has won!"

Mo Ling and the others erupted in cheers, and Shooter was also clapping her small white hands, her childish little face, with a joy that could not be concealed.

Luo Li smiled gently, willow-like eyebrows like a curved moon, with a little smile, glazed eyes, flashing with joy and a little pride, the boy who often reminds her in her heart, is indeed extraordinary.

In the hall, two lights appeared, Mu Chen and An Ran flashed out, the latter's pretty face ice cold at this time has dissipated, replaced by a complex color, she looked at Mu Chen, and then turned to the white old man, said: "I lost."

Beside her, those old students also grinned quietly when they heard the words, and their eyes looked at Mu Chen, this kid, is really not simple, to be able to make Enron admit defeat.

"This time's new students, there are some powerful characters." They looked at each other, all of them saw the same meaning from each other's eyes.

Old man Bai nodded with a smile, his eyes also swept over Mu Chen's body and laughed: "There's something interesting inside the little fellow."

Mu Chen smiled, did not explain anything, although he does not hide the existence of the Nine Spectral Sparrow, but there is no need to deliberately reveal, after all, the name of the Nine Spectral Sparrow, or a little too big, moreover, this Nine Spectral Sparrow in his body, still has the qualifications to impact the Heavenly Ranking, as long as the evolution is completed, you can fish leap dragon gate, become a real ancient divine beast.

"This is your reward."

With a flick of Bai Lao's finger, the crystal token in Mu Chen's hand flickered up, and the original 1,001 spirit value instantly became 6,001...

"Well, all the challenges have been completed, next..."

Old man Bai smiled faintly and waved his sleeve robe, only to see the air behind him distorted, the light surged, a huge bronze door of hundreds of feet appeared out of thin air, and then the huge door slowly opened.

"North Cang Spiritual Academy, welcome everyone."

All the students, are at this time eyes blazing look at the opening of the bronze door, even Mu Chen heart is slightly beating rapidly up, the North Cang Spiritual Academy, countless young people's hearts cultivation holy land ...

Finally opened the door to them!

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