Home / The Gate of the Xuan Dao / Wu Fan listened to the words, recalled that in the midst of the arcane space world laid by the Shadow, mastering the Di Jiang fragment, entered the multi-dimensional space of the Di Jiang fragment, Wu Fan was returned to the modern world, only because he remembered Luo Shi, Wu Fan did not stay in the modern era (see Chapter 728 for details), but chose to return to this cultivation world. Therefore, Wu Fan heard Di Hao say so, his face did not have the slightest look of surprise, Di Hao as the third generation of direct blood relatives of the emperor river, can know this information, is not sudden. But Wu Fan still wanted to confirm a question, could not help but ask: "You mean, you know to go to the world of this parallel space?"
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Wu Fan listened to the words, recalled that in the midst of the arcane space world laid by the Shadow, mastering the Di Jiang fragment, entered the multi-dimensional space of the Di Jiang fragment, Wu Fan was returned to the modern world, only because he remembered Luo Shi, Wu Fan did not stay in the modern era (see Chapter 728 for details), but chose to return to this cultivation world. Therefore, Wu Fan heard Di Hao say so, his face did not have the slightest look of surprise, Di Hao as the third generation of direct blood relatives of the emperor river, can know this information, is not sudden. But Wu Fan still wanted to confirm a question, could not help but ask: "You mean, you know to go to the world of this parallel space?"

"Hey, fat master I am not omnipotent, according to the information left by my ancestors, that parallel space world, has become an era of the end of the law, the aura is not at all it, what to go there oh? And without going through a special space-time tunnel, with my space-time transformation technique alone, simply can not reach that world." Di Hao said.

Wu Fan listened to it and did not say anything. As for whether God of Kill Bai Qi was a pure human cultivator, it remained to be examined. According to Di Hao said, Di Hao can not return to the modern world is good, otherwise that will really cause chaos, maybe Europe and the United States and Japan are destroyed by Di Hao instantly. You know, the people who have attained the Way will treat those people from the barbarians of the Fan States as ghosts and monsters who pollute the world, that's all.

When Wu Fan saw that Di Hao did not have the will to return to Yang Yuan Star, he could not help but say, "Wait for me in the starry sky outside of Yang Yuan Star."

"This is more or less the same, fat master I also can hide somewhere, cast divine power, in the subspace to peep at how you are beaten by that Luo Shen hard, do not worry to go, you hang, fat master I will find Hong Meng that kid to go, that kid is still very interesting." Di Hao said.

"Yes!" Wu Fan stepped on top of Di Hao's shoulders, Di Hao shouted, "What's your hurry, at least let me change back to my original body before stepping on it." Di Hao changed into a six-legged, four-winged original body shape, but the head he was never willing to retract, he laughed: "Stand still, oh."

Swish sound, Wu Fan unexpectedly stand unstable, it seems that in these ten years, Di Hao's speed has improved again much, much. Wu Fan is naturally happy inside, but his face is ugly.

But Wu Fan divine thought is very powerful, at this time, Wu Fan's purple thunder divine thought strikes, attacked the three corpse chimera brow, three corpse chimera body black smoke, the hands of the Zen staff flying haphazardly, the attack force is very terrifying, good in Wu Fan first, Wu Fan or the first time to cast purple thunder divine thought (see chapter 551), before not how to cast, because the purple thunder divine thought is not mature. And because less than the divine soul stage, the purple thunder divine thought, easy to affect their consciousness sea star soul. This time, Wu Fan is also for insurance purposes in the subspace, if the purple thunder divine idea to strike consume too much multi-power, there is still room for maneuver. In the starry sky outside, once the exhaustion of the body yuan power, it is into the predicament of being slaughtered.

811 The Way to Return to the Origin

Wu Fan this time cast purple thunder divine idea, is also consumed a lot of yuan power, and is regardless of the true yuan power or star yuan power, from the circumference of the body hundred body acupuncture space depleted most of. The purple thunder divine idea to kill the divine soul stage experts, but can, is to finish off the enemy, their own yuan power will inevitably consume a lot. If not for Wu Fan's own storage of various yuan power is the same level of cultivation of people more than 10,000 times, this time the purple thunder divine ideas for that will also be to get a whole body is difficult to move.

Wu Fan looked at the three corpse chimera body stink black smoke, and that like a broken void like the Zen staff scratching around, heart finally settled, double palm purple fire blast out, because they have been Wu Fan purple divine thought attack, at this moment simply can not avoid Wu Fan's Samadhi true fire, Samadhi true fire touch, so that they fly into smoke. Ying Changshan and the others immediately cut off their contact with the three corpse charmers.

Only then was Wu Fan able to know that these three heavily made-up perverted men were not human at all, but first-class corpse demons. Just to their so sticky speed, Wu Fan felt a little incredulous. Do such corpses also have the ability to travel through time and space?

Wu Fan sat down on the side, grabbed a large handful of star crystals and violently sucked them up. This time to replenish the circumstantial star energy. Wu Fan spent 10 million star crystals to replenish the energy used up by the Purple Thunder divine Mind. This makes the true yuan power in the acupuncture points of Wu Fan's body less and less, and the star yuan power more and more. For Wu Fan, this was also beneficial. However, there was still a lot of space left in the acupuncture points around Wu Fan's body, and Wu Fan absorbed a lot of star power this time and stored it as star energy within it.

After resting, Wu Fan stood up. This time, Wu Fan cleaved the void with one slash and returned to the star space of the Dou Shuxing star system without the three corpse charmers sticking to him. Therefore, after Wu Fan returned to the starry sky of the Dou Turn galaxy, Ying Changshan and the others did not notice. Only, that projection power of the Ying family was too powerful, as long as Wu Fan ran to the starry sky of the Dou Turn galaxy, Ying Yiqu would be able to project Wu Fan's exact location.

Ying Guihai was already furious, he didn't know how Wu Fan had exterminated the three corpse charmers. Because within the dimensional space that Wu Fan had cleaved, there was no way for Ying Guihai to establish a trace of induction with the three Corpse Phantoms. The reason for this is that there is no way to project, plus the projection of Wu Fan is a hundred times more difficult than the rest of the people.

The three corpse charmers did not exist before they found Yiqu again for the projection. After knowing Wu Fan's location, Ying Guihai ordered the four of them to follow Wu Fan secretly and wait for an opportunity to make an attack to kill him in one blow.

After getting Wu Fan's new location, Ying Changshan's four men immediately harnessed the Star Shine Light Shield and advanced towards Wu Fan's location. Ying Guihai naturally sent out another corpse phantom with a golden body, and as soon as this corpse phantom appeared, he said very nonchalantly, "Ying Guihai, you lost three of my cadres, and you still want this daddy to come out?"

"In the Dou Shuxing galaxy, you corpse charm clan, is not unable to be killed? I have learned this Returning Origin* from your Corpse Phantom clan, but of course, my Returning Origin* is a pure Dao first-class, completely different from your Corpse Phantom Death Qi. Therefore, immediately give up your thoughts of killing me, unless you have enough certainty to kill Ying Mou." Ying Guihai stared at this Golden Corpse Phantom.

The golden corpse phantom let out a hoarse laugh: "Ying Guihai, this daddy is out for nine pure yin women."

"No problem, give afterwards!" Ying Guihai said.

"Afterwards? Hey, hey, you hire someone else." The Golden Corpse Phantom went into the void. Ying Guihai frowned, had to take out the voice transmission conch, passed to the group of people who are sweeping the secret place of the Liu family, in the middle of the Liu family, caught nine pure yin women, this pure yin is born when the birth of the eight characters are all yin.

Nine pure yin woman sent to the hands of should be returned to the sea, is already more than a month later. Ying family should be prosperous star and the Liu family that the distance of the secret place that is also very far, should be family people even if there are star shine light shield flight, still take so long. Because of the nine pure yin women, making the Ying family and the Liu family beams deeper and deeper.

Nine pure yin women, the golden corpse chimera hey sneer, a little sucking, and then continuous transient and forward, in a day to catch up with Wu Fan. At that time, Ying Changshan and others were secretly following Wu Fan. As Wu Fan walked in the starry sky, he immediately sensed where the danger was, so he split the void with a slash and entered the subspace.

However, the golden corpse chimera is so powerful that Wu Fan enters and he follows, and Wu Fan exits and he also exits. Wu Fan went in and out hundreds of times in a row, and did not know where he was in the Dou Shuxing galaxy, but the golden corpse phantom still followed, and did not attack Wu Fan, but was full of contempt. This golden corpse chimera, is a normal human appearance, do not look carefully also think who is the formation of the Dharma golden body, but under a careful divine thought, can feel his body around the corpse Qi, and also quite bad smell.

Wu Fan knew very well that this was another corpse demon monster that could travel through time and space that the Ying family had made, and it was impossible to get rid of him, but only to exterminate him. When Wu Fan was about to split the dimensional space, the golden corpse demon pinched Wu Fan's Heavenly Martial Divine Sword, and with a jerk and a tug, he actually took away the Heavenly Martial Divine Sword. Wu Fan's inner surprise has reached the extreme, even if Ying Changshan and others, out of the wind and lightning palm will be knocked unconscious, that is also understandable, after all, Ying Changshan and others are Star Immortal stage cultivation. But this golden corpse phantom, whose cultivation can not be seen, but so easily took their own Heavenly Martial Divine Blade, from their own hands such as the divine soul stage cultivation? What is the concept of taking it away easily?

Wu Fan is without the Heavenly Martial Divine Sword in his hand, so he naturally can't split the dimensional space. The Golden Corpse Phantom was about to sneer a few times to show that he was very cool when he was suddenly slapped on the face. The slap was so loud that it resounded in all directions. If Wu Fan hadn't played music with Di Hao, it would have been difficult to distinguish whether this was a real slap sound, or an artificial one.

But the golden corpse chimera thought that it was someone from the shadows who had struck him in the face and made such a long and seemingly somewhat rhythmic snapping sound. This is really too abominable, this face slapped too poisonous, he Golden Corpses Phantom still have to haha a few laughs under Wu Fan it, this did not laugh into instead also somehow slapped by someone, this popping sound is also so long.

The golden corpse phantom was angered by the slap and waved the Heavenly Martial Divine Sword, chopping randomly. Wu Fan took advantage of this opportunity, a thought and communication with the soul of the Heavenly Martial Divine Sword, the Heavenly Martial Divine Sword returned to Wu Fan's hands at once. The Golden Corpse Phantom was about to rush over to take away Wu Fan's Heavenly Martial Divine Blade, but was suddenly slapped again, this time with a more prolonged slapping sound that resounded through the starry sky. There was also the sound of a group of people sneering in all directions.

812 Corpse Phantom King's counterattack

The sound of your cold laughter made the Golden Corpse Phantom feel a great loss of face and could not help but be furious: "Who is this? Why do you have to tease this king?"

Suddenly, another snap, hit the Golden Corpse Phantom's face, a snap that was even longer and more mocking sounds. Wu Fan could not help but to laugh at the side, Wu Fan divine diffusion void cast open, is able to clearly sense who is the protagonist who made this prank.

The golden corpse phantom saw Wu Fan, the defeated general to laugh at himself, fiercely a transient shift close to Wu Fan, but his back was obviously pulled down, and this is slapped his buttocks, snapped, the sound of exaggerated earthquakes have caused some microwaves in the starry sky.

The golden corpse charm is angry, the whole body into corpse particles, spread out everywhere. Wu Fan took the opportunity to burn his body with purple fire, those golden particles that spread around were burned up, and Di Hao's body form, was probed by these corpse qi particles. In this way, Di Hao is finally locked by the golden corpse charm, once locked, Di Hao wants to get rid of the golden corpse charm, there is only one way to exterminate him.

The golden corpse charm gathered corpse particles, those incinerated by Wu Fan with purple fire, is his chest of corpse particles, at the moment into a golden person-like, the gold vestments worn, the chest are hollowed out.

Di Hao sneered at one side: "Wu Fan, you are really nasty, even this kind of corpse chimera that has been formed for at least 100,000 years is not spared. However, the feminized corpse charm is really beautiful, fat master I have come across a lot of them. I've found a lot of secrets in this galaxy."

Wu Fan said, "Corpse charm? Be careful!" Wu Fan shouted, the golden corpse charm to take advantage of the opportunity to attack Di Hao, but Di Hao easily disappeared, and the golden corpse charm also followed the same disappearance, this, Wu Fan then secretly called bad, Wu Fan very clear, Di Hao simply can not get rid of the corpse charm. However, since Di Hao had contact with the female corpse phantom, he must have a way to get rid of it.

However, the truth is, after a few days, Di Hao appeared beside Wu Fan, and the golden corpse phantom also appeared immediately. Di Hao could not help but say: "Wu Fan, where the hell did you get out of the corpse charm king ah, fat master I used all my strength but did not get rid of him, you quickly think of a way. Otherwise, I will be consumed to death. Before this, every corner of the entire star system, almost all by this fat master walked all over it, consumed too much energy. In addition, a few days ago, he slapped him and made a long popping sound, also used up a lot of fat master my yuan power, ouch, you fucking sneak attack old me." Di Hao immediately disappeared and appeared on one side again, but the golden corpse charm also stuck to appear on one side.

Di Hao could not help but look at Wu Fan with a bitter face, asking Wu Fan to hurry up and think of a solution. Wu Fan divinely diffracted the void, the starry sky in a circle of ten million miles, no one was there, so he said to Di Hao: "Wander around in a circle of ten million miles, do not cast the space-time transformation technique again." Di Hao heard the words and immediately did as he was told. Only then did Wu Fan unfold the Purple Thunder divine Mind, locking onto the Golden Corpse Phantom, the Purple Thunder divine Mind, and strike. The golden corpse phantom coldly snorted: "Since my body has become a golden corpse, a mere purple lightning divine idea, don't hurt me."

Wu Fan has not even attacked the brow of the golden corpse phantom, then got the golden corpse phantom's reply, how can this still fight. But Wu Fan does not believe this evil, perhaps this golden corpse phantom deliberately said this to scare people, so that they give up using this purple lightning divine thought attack. Therefore, Wu Fan continued to cast open, when to touch the golden corpse phantom's brow, a powerful corpse Qi, immediately Wu Fan's purple lightning divine idea to corrosion. This caused Wu Fan's purple lightning divine thought to be nullified. Wu Fan's eyebrows a burst of pain, the sea of consciousness are suddenly tumbling.

After a while, Wu Fan calmed down. This time, in addition to the three true fires, I am afraid that the rest of the attacks are difficult to kill. When the golden corpse chimera cast corrosive divine thoughts, Wu Fan's Samadhi fire burned up violently, but a little Samadhi fire can only deal with a small piece of corpse gas, while the corpse gas on the golden corpse chimera is endless. Without burning the Samadhi fire on the golden skin of the Golden Corpse Phantom's golden magic treasure, it would be difficult to incinerate him. Wu Fan immediately cast more divine thoughts, driving more Samadhi fire elements, all of which attacked the Golden Corpse Phantom.

And Di Hao ran around Wu Fan to ensure that Wu Fan could burn this golden corpse chimera with Samadhi fire. But the golden corpse phantom can in Wu Fan's Samadhi fire yuan close to the body, send out corpse Qi and its consumption. In this way, Wu Fan can not burn to destroy the golden corpse chimera. And at this time, Ying Changshan four people have arrived.

Ying Changshan said to Wu Fan, "Right now, your fat brother will be exhausted alive unless he dares to fight the Golden Corpse Phantom head-on to decide whether he lives or dies."

Wu Fan now secretly said worse, since the purple lightning divine idea can not kill the golden corpse chimera, against you, will not work either? Wu Fan did not speak, immediately cast purple thunder divine idea, quickly attacked Ying Changshan and four others, Ying Changshan also cast a divine idea, and Wu Fan's purple thunder divine idea clash, Wu Fan then found, Ying Changshan this person's divine idea, also purple thunder divine idea, Wu Fan immediately held the Heavenly Martial Divine Blade, ready to split open the dimensional space to escape.

Purple thunder divine thought against purple thunder divine thought, Wu Fan simply can not take advantage, if not when he upgraded his cultivation level, need tens of thousands of times the cultivation resources of the same level cultivator, at this moment to his divine soul stage thought power against star immortal stage thought power, that will perish on the spot.

Ying Changshan saw Wu Fan and his own divine thought clash, did not fall not to say, but still looks fine, and took the lives of his three companions. His three companions, who were also young guards of Ying Tong Chun, had the same cultivation level, the difference being that he, Ying Changshan, had the Purple Lightning divine Mind and they did not. Now killed by Wu Fan's purple lightning divine thought, died too soon and suddenly, so that Ying Changshan anger to the extreme, a wind and lightning palm blast out, Wu Fan a knife split the subspace, into its hide.

Di Hao saw the situation and cursed "I grass you grandson is not righteous" the whole person also disappeared, but the golden corpse charm is like a fly shit on Di Hao, no matter how far Di Hao cast space-time transformation to the place, the golden corpse charm is always behind it.

Di Hao has no choice, this golden corpse phantom is not he can solve, or would not have traveled countless time and space for several days, but also to bring this golden corpse phantom to Wu Fan, let Wu Fan to destroy. Because this golden corpse phantom, Di Hao how to fight can not be extinguished, and the golden corpse phantom a strike, he can beat the fat master to vomit blood. This Golden Corpse Phantom is too bizarre. Di Hao still has to find Wu Fan to come and solve this guy together.

After Wu Fan entered the subspace, the whole person felt tired to the extreme, four purple thunder divine thoughts emanated, more than twice the amount of star energy used to exterminate three corpse phantoms at that time to release three purple thunder divine thoughts, which was not visible on the surface. The performance of Ying Changshan made Wu Fan feel horrible, which also made Wu Fan more eager to cultivate to the Star Immortal stage cultivation, so that when casting Purple Thunder divine thoughts to attack and kill the enemy, will not be like this now, have to hide in the subspace to recover.

813 Corpse Devil Fist

After recovering in the subspace, Wu Fan once again went out of the starry sky of the Dou Turn galaxy. He naturally knew Di Hao's predicament, and if he did not go out earlier, Di Hao would not be able to find him. When Wu Fan returned to the starry sky of the Dou Turn galaxy, Di Hao appeared from the side, and the Golden Corpse Phantom also appeared, with blood flowing from the corner of Di Hao's mouth.

Wu Fan immediately said, "Tower of Heaven!"

Di Hao immediately put his hand on Wu Fan's and performed the Space-Time Transformation Technique, taking Wu Fan back to the unknown miasma star field in the lower world galaxy, which was in the same class as Yang Yuan Star and other planets. As soon as Wu Fan arrived here, he quickly separated from Di Hao. The Golden Corpse Phantom sneered, "The two people who will die will also become part of my Corpse Phantom King."

Wu Fan and Di Hao did not say anything, this Golden Corpse Phantom was a tricky character, to get rid of it, without using the power of the Miasma Spirit, it was hard to do. Wu Fan first found Jiminy and told him about the Golden Corpse Phantom.

Jimbo said to Wu Fan: "Master, how many men and horses do you need?"

Wu Fan said, "Until we get him dead!" Wu Fan

Seeing Xiao Yiwei's Heavenly Demon Dance and listening to Xiao Yiwei's story. Wu Fan remembered that back then, Lan Siyan, as the Fire Luo Sect's Royal Demon Hall Master, had dealings with the demon world. And there in that chaotic area of the Immortal Sword Sect of Feng Lan Star, Wu Fan first comprehended the Magic Illusion Fist, when that first-rate demon warrior wanted to establish some kind of contract with Lan Si Yan (see chapter 448), Wu Fan really wanted to know whether there was Lan Si Yan first and then the Heavenly Demon Dance, or whether there was the Heavenly Demon Dance first and then Lan Si Yan. This question of chicken producing eggs and eggs producing chickens, Wu Fan had to find Lan Siyan to get the right answer.

Wu Fan sacrificed the Star Staff and wanted to ask Lan Siyan to come out and say something, but, for a long time, there was no movement. Wu Fan couldn't help but say, "It seems like you're not willing to help me with this favor."

"Oh, at the Immortal Sword Sect Chaos Region there, didn't you tell me that you didn't want to owe people favors? I'm afraid that if I help you, you feel that you owe me a favor, and you have to go and pay it back again ah, this is not difficult for you." Star Staff issued Lan Siyan's voice, Wu Fan was still very happy inside, but his face was as if nothing had happened, still looked decent, said to Lan Siyan: "I just want to know, back then you as the Royal Devil Hall Hall master, and the Devil World had dealings, all with what kind of people, and your Heavenly Devil Dance, at that time I remember you said that without you, the Devil World will never see the Heavenly Demon Dance again, but there are dozens of people here who know the Heavenly Demon Dance."

"Humph, the Heavenly Demon Dance is originally from the Devil World, but the true tradition is here in my mother. Why the devil world to the star sea cultivation world to catch women in the past, is because the devil world has women basically spoiled, the devil world people hey, acting regardless of good and evil, how like how to come, the devil world's women are the most pathetic, the devil world born and raised a few years old is not a virgin. Look at these bitchy maids, do they know the Heavenly Demon Dance? Only know a little skin dregs. Wu Fan, you are really shameless, it's not enough to have Luo Shi, you want these lowly people, they all have to be sent to the demon hall, right?"

Wu Fan said, "You know all that?"

"Wu Fan, you obviously like me, but why don't you get to know me better? Back then you should have asked me what I had with the demon world when I became the head of the Royal Demon Hall, but you never asked me, as if you never wanted to enter my world, yet you wanted to possess me and did not allow other men to have me. Do you think so? Isn't it?" Lan Siyan asked several times, Wu Fan had no words to say.

"Not saying anything is the default. I told you, with my Lan Siyan's beauty, which man in the world does not like." The first thing you need to do is to ask for the information you want to know.

Wu Fan had to ask again, Lan Si Yan said: "Answer a question, you owe me a favor."

"Yes, go ahead." Wu Fan returned without hesitation.

"No, there is another very important and you must accept condition, after I reincarnate, you must find me. Before you will only send me into the path of reincarnation reincarnation, but did not promise to find me. I don't care how Luo Shi is, and I don't care how you are with other women. You have to find me, you have to!" Lan Siyan's tone was serious.

Wu Fan nodded heavily, his attitude was also serious. Only then did Lan Siyan smile, "That's good. Well, how old are you?" "Eight hundred and five!" Wu Fan said back.

"You are more than eight hundred years old and you still haven't thought of sending me to reincarnation, when the hell are you going to wait for me to be reborn? Is this how you want it to be forever?" Lan Siyan said in a very angry manner. Without her physical body, her Void Peeping Body were still within the Star Staff to maintain a meditative sleep, if not, the Void Peeping Body without a physical body and without the Sea of Consciousness to protect it, was easy to pass away with the passing of the years. So what Wu Fan has done over these many years, Lan Siyan would not know.

Wu Fan only had to say how busy he had been over the years, but some of the things that Luo Shi had done with himself, Wu Fan could not go into detail, not to mention the fact that Luo Shi was pregnant. Wu Fan really did not dare to let Lan Siyan, who was interested in him, know about this. The woman's jealousy, once ruthless up, that will be very scary, Wu Fan is not a child chicken who does not know the world, this can still be carried clearly.

The first thing you can do is to take a look at Wu Fan and tell her what happened over the years, and you can't help but say, "If you can fight for me like this after I'm reborn, I will definitely serve you well and will make you unexpected." Lan Siyan's charm emitted, that is really very soul-crushing, so that Wu Fan almost took the star staff as a beautiful woman are. However, Wu Fan's mind quickly calmed down.

Lan Siyan said again: "I did see these maids a few hundred years ago. At that time, you seem to have no name in the Green Lotus Sect, or have not yet been born, right? I naturally knew about them being captured in the Demon Realm. But at that time, as the Fire Luo Sect's Royal Demon Hall master, it is not good to casually reveal the demon world to the Green Lotus Sect and the Hao Ran Sect. Originally, the devil world wanted to search for beautiful girls in my Fire Luo clan sphere of influence, but this was prevented by the old mother. I don't know why, but I deliberately introduced him to the Green Lotus Sect to find a woman, but Yu Guxiong never did. It seems that there are still existences within the Green Lotus Sect that the demon world needs to be afraid of."

"There are indeed existences that the devil world needs to be scrupulous about." Wu Fan thought about the lotus pond and the twenty-four protecting mountain green lotuses at that time, and thought that the devil world must have something to worry about.

Lan Siyan said, "Oh, tell us what makes the devil world scare."

"Qinglian Sect Daoist Li ascended to the immortal world, this may be what the devil world is afraid of." Wu Fan returned.

"Only this point can also explain clearly the behavior of Yu Kuo Xiong at that time. However, the demon world does not know such a Yu Guxiong, and the rest of the similar, but to go to the place, not Yang Yuan Star, but another planet, as to where, I am not quite clear. These bitchy maids were caught in the demon world back then, through the cultivation of my Heavenly Demon Dance, in order to carry out demonic cultivation." Lan Siyan said.

Wu Fan didn't have any doubts about Xiao Yiwei at this moment. Wu Fan then said, "So, what kind of deal did you make with the Devil Realm on behalf of the Fire Luo Clan at that time?"

"The Fire Luo Sect cultivates fire techniques, and is not satisfied with Earth Fire and Heavenly Fire, and wants to obtain Devil's Fire and wants to obtain the Three True Flame Technique, which is why there was an encounter with the Devil Realm. Only, the harvest aspect has been very tiny, almost nothing. I really didn't expect Wu Fan that you would dare to break into the Demon Realm now." Lan Siyan said.

Wu Fan said, "I have to come here sooner or later, and I will give it a try first."

"Although I have come to the Demon World, but then, I stopped here, and at that time it was one step to here, the rest of the places have not been, the other can not help you yet. You counted yourself how many favors you owe me?" Lan Siyan said.

Wu Fan said, "I know this. You'd better continue to meditate and sleep."

"Son of a bitch, after asking what you need to know, you kicked me out, right? I will not spare you when I am reborn." Although Lan Siyan said so, but still continue to integrate into the star staff meditation sleep, she can not maintain the immediate state for too long, the loss of the root of the soul, the peeping void body will disappear, Lan Siyan is still very cherished, if not Wu Fan encountered this matter, how she would not want to wake up.

843 Change

Wu Fan actually wanted to ask Lan Siyan a lot of things, such as how Lan Siyan got the true transmission of the Devil World's Heavenly Devil Dance, and since when did he practice the Heavenly Devil Dance? And Yu Kuo Xiong can go to the Yang Yuan Star, the rest of the demon world can not also? Those devil spirits, the devil master has long had the ability to send people to capture, but why not? There are too many questions, what Wu Fan wants to know. Only, some questions, Lan Siyan may not know. Lan Siyan is now, after all, very weak, plus it has dragged on for hundreds of years and has not been sent to reincarnation. Wu Fan will not ask her more. Wu Fan is determined to find the way of reincarnation as soon as this demon world is over, not only Lan Siyan, but also Mulan and so on.

Di Hao suddenly asked, "Wu Fan, does your heart hurt?"

"It hurt, a long time ago." Wu Fan returned.

"Oh, my heart hurts a little bit now, so strange." Di Hao said.

Wu Fan said, "You, struck by evil?"

"No, it seems like a demonic energy has attacked me. There's something east down there that's on top of me." Di Hao said. Wu Fan's divine mind checked downward, and there was really a huge black rod that poked into Di Hao's body. Wu Fan immediately took up Xiao Yiwei, who was uncomfortable but did not dare to show it because she had been called a cheap maid by Lan Siyan, and flew away to the side, while saying to her, "You can fly into the air with your own sword." Saying that Wu Fan swooped down, Xiao Yiwei's flying sword flew out and stepped on hovering in the air, she just wanted to leave the demon world and go back to Yang Yuan Star.

Wu Fan reached under Di Hao's body and made Di Hao change back to human form. Di Hao back to human form, the chest is inserted a black rod. The other end of the black rod is not held by anyone. This black rod, as if it appeared out of thin air. Wu Fan looked at the dozens of magicians escorted by two hundred guards at the side, there was nothing unusual, and asked, "Did you see how this black rod appeared?"

All the people shook their heads.

Di Hao said, "Wu Fan, my heart hurts, I really don't know which son of a bitch flew the stick indiscriminately."

Wu Fan's divine thoughts extended ten thousand miles around, no abnormality, one hundred thousand miles, no abnormality. Wu Fan stopped his divine thought probing. Right palm purple fire appeared, touching the end of the black rod. But the black rod is not afraid of Wu Fan's Samadhi fire. Wu Fan's Samadhi fire is already equivalent to the seventh grade, but it can't burn against the black rod by a hair.

Wu Fan and Di Hao did not have any warning signs rising, Wu Fan looked at Di Hao, Di Hao looked at Wu Fan, both were puzzled to the extreme. Di Hao said quietly: "Otherwise, we withdraw from the demon world first?"

Wu Fan shook his head and said, "I'm afraid it's too late."

"Wu Fan!" A rough and hoarse voice rang out. In the air, a man wearing a red robe draped with long hair appeared, with a very demonic red light in the vertical eye of his eyebrow. Wu Fan could feel that this man was able to kill with a flash of red light in his eyes. But Wu Fan's divine thoughts swept through, but nothing blocked. Wu Fan could be sure that this was just a false body. Xiao Yiwei panicked and went to Wu Fan's side, who said, "What?"

"Illusory Devil Old Lord!" When Xiao Yiwei said this, the red-robed man in the air, his eyes flashed red. Both Wu Fan and Di Hao felt the deadly danger, and it immediately became clear to Wu Fan that the flash of red light in the man's eyes was a bloodthirsty divine thought attack. Wu Fan immediately returned with purple thunder divine thoughts. Wu Fan's purple lightning divine thoughts, not as substantial as his bloodthirsty divine thoughts, but the attacking power, but not weaker than the bloodthirsty divine thoughts. The bloodthirsty divine thought strikes, there are blood ripples in the air, and the purple thunder divine thought strikes, at first silent, once the clash, it emits a shocking thunder, two divine thought a clash, the blood ripples immediately exploded into red stars. But Wu Fan's purple thunder divine thoughts have not dissipated, its purple thunder divine thoughts along with it, directly into the man's eyes, exploded, the red-robed man was blown apart, turned into red pieces of powder.

Wu Fan immediately sucked up a large amount of star crystals to replenish his Yuan Power. In this demon world, there is no star power to absorb and cultivate, so you can only rely on star crystals. The actual fact is that it is a very good idea to use the purple thunder divine idea, Wu Fan does not dare to be careless.

Di Hao saw the black rod in his chest did not move a little, his heart still hurts. He is now too lazy to care about that much, immediately cast space-time transformation, but found that there is no escape. This time, Di Hao some panic, able to enter and leave any space-time at will, this is Di Hao does not put any demons and monsters human Buddha immortal gods in the eyes of the bottom, at this moment can not instantly move and go, this is a million times more terrifying than meeting the people of the Ying family of the Dou Shu galaxy.

Wu Fan saw Di Hao so, there are fluctuations in the heart. After all, Di Hao can take himself out of the demon world at any time, and this is the most important bottom line for Wu Fan to escape. Now Di Hao can not leave the demon world at any time, then the next action, will be very dangerous, the more so, the more to kill first off Leng Nangong. As long as the first kill Leng Nangong, the demon world side will not know their whereabouts exactly, borrowing the rest of the surveillance such as magic eyes hanging in the air, can not be compared with Leng Nangong's heart mirror secret art. Leng Nangong's Heart Mirror Secret Technique is like an all-round, deathless surveillance installed on his body, Wu Fan. To dispel these surveillance, one can only kill Leng Nangong.

Di Hao said to Wu Fan, "Try to see if you can help me pull it out." Wu Fan grabbed his hand, nimbed the power, Wu Fan's body at this moment emitted blood red light, a grasp of that black rod, a fierce pull, Di Hao let out a scream, Wu Fan again hard, still can not pull out a minute and a half, while Di Hao screamed even more.

Di Hao had to shout at Wu Fan to stop quickly. Wu Fan stopped, force into the mind, the spiritual body and other recovery. The two of them looked at each other again, too bizarre.

Di Hao now want to fly fast can not do, instantaneous movement that also can not. Even as Wu Fan ride, are already a burden. Wu Fan suddenly felt that the other side is so ruthless. Xiao Yiwei saw Wu Fan obviously killed the illusionary demon old ruler, how to look at him and Di Hao's look, as if there is still very bottomless look. At this time, both Evil Chong and Black Widow appeared on the side, only they were covered in blood.

Evil Chong said, "Wu Fan, it seems that your safety is difficult for us to take care of."

"You don't know, within a million miles radius, there are ten million devil soldiers, one million devil soldiers, one hundred thousand devil generals, ten thousand devil marshals, a supervising devil king leading this devil army advancing, and Doktor Jiuyang is also coming to us, this time, we really can't fly." Black Widow said in anger.

Evil Chong added: "Wu Fan, if you don't come here, they will all come to you. Doktor Jiuyang sent us a message saying that the Heavenly Martial Divine Sword in your hand is the Blood Transforming Devil Sword that has disappeared from the Devil World for a long time. The devil army coming from a million miles of siege wants the great sword in your hand."

Wu Fan listened to the words, at that time killed the heavenly sound star system Gong family those people, escaped a person named Yin XiuMo, must be this person reported the letter. And he was to come to the Devil World to take the soul-devouring devil taro thing, is Leng Nangong revealed. Wu Fan is not afraid of a million mile radius encirclement. Because, the cultivation of the devil soldier is equivalent to the refinement stage cultivation, the devil soldier is equivalent to the Void Peeping stage, the devil general is equivalent to the God Transformation stage, the devil marshal is equivalent to the Star Yuan stage, the devil king is only equivalent to the Star Spirit stage cultivation. Even if the actual combat power of the demon cultivators in the demon world are higher than the outside world, the demon general can fight with the star stage cultivators or even kill. The devil king this level of devil cultivator can only fight with the divine soul stage cultivator to level or kill the divine soul stage cultivation of people.

844 The Blood Shadow of the Phantom Demon Old Lord

Wu Fan believes that his own divine soul stage cultivation battle power, with a devil king, can not do anything to himself. Only ten million devil soldiers, one million devil soldiers, one hundred thousand devil generals, ten thousand devil marshals, this number is too much, once really besieged, even consumption will consume. And Di Hao at this time and can not cast space-time transformation to escape with, said the wings can not fly is really not wrong. If you can pull a hundred million barrier spirits over to the unknown miasma star field, then there is no need to worry.

Wu Fan felt a pair of mocking eyes looking at him in the high altitude, he looked high into the sky, his eyesight passed through the blood clouds, and all the time a huge devil's eye was above the blood clouds. Wu Fan said to Di Hao: "You, see what happens, since they control you in this way with the black rod and don't kill you, it means you still have value to use, even if I were to kill you now, I think they will definitely stop me." The black widow and the evil punch will not care about the life and death of others. Xiao Yiwei looked at Wu Fan flying away, thinking that Wu Fan was going to escape alone and wanted to

Leng Nan Gong and Bei Han Bei Gong, as well as the Phantom Devil Old Lord, and the Devil Flame Flower, were all solved by Wu Fan. In the Devil Realm, the only channel to search for some information about Wu Fan was through the child and mother demon spirits that Wu Fan had released to the Devil Realm. The devil lord firstly asked people to find the mother devil spirit and one hundred child devil spirits, because the illusionary devil old ruler was destroyed by Wu Fan, the child and mother devil spirits would not be easy to be found, you wood and other child devil spirits even feel that this return to the devil realm should be a mistake, after all, they devoured the dream mountain soul (see chapter 520), they do not need to be in the devil realm, they can also absorb the spirit stone aura for cultivation by themselves.

Now it is even the mother demon spirit, think that in Wu Fan storage ring cultivation, are more clean. As for the devil master's mission, the mother devil spirit has faded a lot. This is Wu Fan storage ring in the purple spirit stone storage casually they suck can not be finished, they all seem to be raised in the greenhouse flowers. Such as the devil world this kind of devilish blood filled space, they have been very unaccustomed to. In fact, this is not the main reason, mainly because, the current devil master let them feel a sense of crisis.

When the devil lord sent for them, they were able to sense it first, while the devil lord was unable to sense them. The ability of the devil spirits to sense in the devil realm is beyond everything else in the devil realm. The devil spirits in the devil world are bigger, or the devil master is bigger, this is still a debatable issue, except that the child and mother devil spirits are now afraid of the devil master, they hide, cover their breath, a short time, the devil master sent people, can not find them

Wu Fan stood on a flat surface in the Sea of Void, and together with Evil Chong and Doku Jiu Yang, they woke up the Black Widow. After that, Wu Fan and Dokgo Jiu Yang both turned their backs to Evil Chong and the Black Widow. The Black Widow woke up, looked around and suddenly screamed, "Ah ...... I'm going to kill you all."

"Roland, I'm Evil Charge." After the evil punch pulled the black widow, the black widow stabbed a sword, but was cut off by the evil punch empty-handed, shouted: "You fucking, black widow? I evil punch, do not recognize?" Evil Chong threw out a palm and knocked the black widow unconscious.

Dokgo Jiuyang turned around and said, "Evil Chong, you look too rude."

Evil Chong ruthlessly said: "I see her pity, want her to live well, to keep a useful body, later revenge use. You don't think I want her?"

Dokujiuyang looked at the ugly face of the evil punch, and the face of the sour resentment is too obvious, can not help but laugh: "Evil punch, before I really could not see, you are still a person of temperament."

"Old me has always been so talented, otherwise how can I always follow the goddess Luo Shi in my heart?" Evil Chong sneered.

"In your heart?" Dokgo Jiuyang pointed to the black widow who was knocked unconscious on the ground by Evil Chong's palm and laughed: "Actually, Hua Luolan is also a rare woman with excellent looks who has been infatuated with you, Evil Chong, too."

"You're laughing at me?" Evil Chong slapped his bald head and was about to rush up to fight with Doktor Jiuyang. Wu Fan spoke out, "When you were in the Demon World, it would have been nice if you were as cross as you are now. You are all considered Star Immortal stage cultivation, right? The Devil Realm Demon Emperor level, its cultivation is equivalent to the Divine Soul stage, even if the Demon Emperor level Demons, its battle power is equivalent to the Star Immortal stage, but the one chasing you guys, is the Demon King, right, the Demon King's real battle power is equivalent to the Divine Soul stage, why were all three of you caught so easily?"

Wu Fan had been puzzled by this after seeing the three of them in a sorry state after being captured in the Demon World.

Lone Jiuyang said to Wu Fan: "The three of us actually found a another exit, but there were three devil emperors wearing black dragon armor that beat us into serious injuries, and then let some devil marshals and devil generals give abusive beatings all the way here, and eventually were brought to that many devil crowds surrounding the encirclement." Lone Jiuyang finished a sentence, this is not honorable, for him there is nothing to say. When the initial entry into the demon world, all because of Luo Shi entrusted, at first also do not know the depth of the demon world. Even if you don't know the depth, as long as Luo Shi's intention, he and evil punch and black widow three will go to the magic world.

Wu Fan also did not ask more questions, there is a devil emperor out of the way, this is a good explanation. Only, the devil emperor of the devil world believed that there would not be many. The three of them just happened to find the exit, and then three devil emperors appeared, I'm afraid this thing is too much of a coincidence. At that time, Leng Nangong had no way to report the whereabouts of the three of them to the Demon Lord of the Demon Hall through the Heart Mirror Secret Technique.

Perhaps, after the three entered the Devil World, they were in the Devil World's attention. If this is the case, even without Leng Nangong in the demon world, the demon world is not an easy thing to go to. Wu Fan had a sense of urgency when he thought of Luo Shi and the life in her belly. Because of this sense of urgency, Wu Fan stepped into the demon world, but the soul-devouring devil taro not to say get, not even a glance at what it looks like, where do not know, was beaten to escape back. The good thing is that the solution to the Leng Nangong this extremely potential afterthought, the illusionary devil old ruler was also put to death, the illusionary devil Avatar also further, this is considered psychological balance some. Now, if it is against Qing Xuanzi, who has also realized the Illusory Devil Avatar, Wu Fan will not have any worries and fears.

Wu Fan looked at Evil Chong and the other three, and said to them: "The next time I go to the Devil World, I may inform you. I hope you guys will have enough battle power by then!"

Wu Fan looked at the side touching his chest from time to time Di Hao said, "Yang Yuan Star, Mountain Zen Sect!" Di Hao said, "What's the hurry, fat master I have not yet recuperated. I think you have to use the red blood silk in my place a few more times."

Wu Fan said, "It has been completely extinguished, there is no need to doubt the power of this Illusionary Devil Red Silk of mine."

"It's better to have a few hits, so I can be sure in my heart." Di Hao was obviously shaded by the black rod. Wu Fan couldn't do anything about it, so he had to use his Illusory Devil Avatar, and the Illusory Devil Red Silk flew out and searched in front of his chest.

858 The Evil Charge and Flower Roland

Di Hao was searched by Wu Fan's illusionary magic red silk chest once, the heart really more solid, transformed into the original body of the emperor river, piggybacking on Wu Fan immediately flew rushing to disappear.

Doktor Jiuyang looked at Evil Charge: "Baldy, I'm leaving too, I know it will be awkward to stay here."

"Get lost, old man doesn't want to see you at all." Evil Chong cursed.

"The more you do, the more it looks like you are weak-minded. It's love is love, it's hate is hate, evil punch you've never been like this. Now Flower Roland is like this, do you ......" Doklam Jiu Yang did not finish, Evil Chong blasted out a fist: "Put your fucking fart, nothing has happened to the black widow."

"Yes, no!" Dokgo Jiu Yang did not avoid the evil punch, the whole person staggered back a few steps, and said: "I really have to go first."

"Where to?" Evil Chong asked.

"To where I should go, to practice the Dao I should practice!" Doktor Jiu Yang flew away into the air.

Evil Chong, on the other hand, looked around and at the black widow lying on the ground, slowly squatted down, touched his bald head, and suddenly howled and cried, as if he was a child who had encountered something extremely sad. He kept saying under his breath, "It's me, Evil Chong, who is useless, that made you suffer that insult, it's me who is useless, I am useless."

After crying for a long time, the black widow had woken up, only that Evil Chong was still crying, and she pretended to be unconscious. Evil Chong cried and said a lot, the black widow listened to all of them in her heart and rose up with a slight warmth. Evil Chong finally stopped crying, picked up the black widow and said warmly: "Hua Luo Luo, I did not cherish the good you did to me before, but you are still by my side and I will remedy it. I followed Luo Shi, indeed, because she was beautiful and heavenly, but my purpose was not to get her, I never had any illusions about her at all.

I don't want you to give your life to her because you want to repay her kindness. I am an evil man from childhood, a rotten life, just use my life to repay Luo Shi."

When he was very young, he disappeared into the Empty Gate, but he never chanted sutras and killed many people just for food and drink. Because he killed too many people, he was chased by the Empty Gate, and then he managed to escape and met the flower Roland as a child in the middle of the downtown. He was hungry and had a black face. When he saw something to eat, he grabbed it and ate it without saying a word. When her maid saw her, she called out to the guards, who immediately tried to beat her. The guards immediately wanted to beat up the vicious punch, but Hua Luolan stopped them.

However, among the guards of the House of Flowers, there are practitioners, and there are those who have killed many people. When they saw the hostility on the face of Evil Chong, don't look at this kid is not very young, this hostility is rendered by killing too many people. The child was sent by a political opponent of the King of Flowers to kill him, and he wanted to kill him with his sword. The girl, who had been robbed of her food, came to her rescue, and since then, she has been grateful to her.

Sometimes, life is absurd. The root of the evil rush was checked out, and it was a small evil man, without a father or mother, who had disappeared into the void. So, the flower house let the evil punch to do up the teenage guards, sometimes, the guards are a little more ferocious, is very good to protect the people of the flower family.

The family was framed by political opponents and fell to a full house, regardless of the guards, maids and so on, all on the chopping block. The flower Roland because the root bone talent is excellent, was a cultivation sect to take away, and evil Chong, has become an adult, because do guard, a martial arts superb, physical level has long reached the refinement of the body nine.

For the evil rush, this world, the only one he can go to thank, only flower Roland. If he had to thank his parents who brought him to earth, Evil Chong would spitefully curse: "How the hell do I know who my parents are? I thank a hammer!" Therefore, Evil Chong did not fight for the sake of those people in the Hua family. After Hua Luolan was taken away by the cultivation sect, he secretly left the Hua family and was not caught and dragged to be beheaded.

The fact that she had a talent for cultivation made her a straightforward path in cultivation, but Evil Chong did not have the roots for it and could only blend in with some miscellaneous sects. The cultivation sect that she was in clashed with another sect and the sect was destroyed. After Roland joined another sect, the sect was destroyed again. As her cultivation level got higher and higher, she entered more and more sects, and more and more sects were destroyed. She was called the Black Widow by the only remaining cultivators of those cultivation sects, and later even organized a black-killing alliance to chase after the Black Widow.

In fact, the real reason for the undefeated is because the evil rush has been doing things behind the scenes, the evil rush is not a good thing, killing people after leaving the flower house, there is no stopping. Evil Chong is also as a casual cultivator, learned a lot of messy techniques, and eventually he got a Buddha battle technique, himself shaved into a bald head, but after learning that Buddha battle technique, but found that it has nothing to do with Buddhism at all, is a broken "Star Luo Battle Dao". The evil rush is also thus better able to guard the black widow, Flower Roland, who is always being chased.

In the course of such a long guarding process, in the course of one dangerous fierce fight, Evil Chong has always been on her side, gradually, Hua Luolan and Evil Chong's that one seed gradually planted ......

At this moment, the evil punch holds the flower Roland, slowly fly up in the air, flower Roland slowly opened his eyes, looking at the evil punch, but the evil punch is afraid to look at her again. Flower Roland said: "Because I was defiled, and disgusted not to look at me?"

"No, there are people ahead." Evil Chong hugged Hua Luolan around the walk, if the change in the previous, evil Chong that is not going to let, with his star Luo war dao dao heart dao idea, there is no backward. Hua Luolan thus closed her eyes at ease and tried to recover her surrounding Yuan power, the trauma of her mind was gradually being repaired, and her own Yuan power was going to recover very quickly.

Wu Fan and Di Hao returned to the Yang Yuan Star in front of the Mountain Zen Sect's mountain gate. Near that area where he could enter the Demon World, Wu Fan laid a simple five element formation and punched into the entrance spell of this Demon World and the Star Ocean World, fusing with it so that once people in the Demon World came out from here, Wu Fan could sense it.

859 Closed moon and shy flower add assistant

Wu Fan was not sure where the entrances and exits of the Devil World were in other places besides the Yang Yuan Star. But Wu Fan believed that if people in the Devil Realm could get out of the Devil Realm to the cultivation world of the Star Ocean, they should have come out long ago. Thinking back to the previous experience in the devil world, look at their devil army troops, if they really want to enter the cultivation world of the Star Ocean, I think the cultivators of the Star Ocean, will definitely be conquered by the devil world.

In that case, it seems that the martial ancestor did not enter the devil world back then. Or perhaps the Martial Ancestor's Heavenly Martial Divine Sword was taken from the Demon World? Wu Fan held the Heavenly Martial Divine Sword in his hand and scratched it back and forth, sensing it with his inner soul. At present, the Heavenly Martial Divine Sword's soul is not active, perhaps it is in the self-semi-dormant stage. But if the Heavenly Martial Divine Blade is really a blood-forming demon blade belonging to the demon world, why didn't Luo Shen grab it? Wu Fan still believes Luo Shen a little more, this knife is not any blood transformation devil knife, is the Heavenly Martial Divine Blade.

This question, Wu Fan actually tangled quite a few times. If you really want to figure out where this came from, you still have to be the most clear Wu Zu himself. Only, in the Heavenly Martial Demon Palace there, did not reveal that the Heavenly Martial Divine Blade is what blood magic knife.

Right now, after Wu Fan laid some hands and feet at the entrance and exit of the demon world at the site of the original Mountain Zen Sect on the Yang Yuan Star, he and Di Hao went to the area of influence of the Hao Ran Sect where the Yang Yuan Star was originally located, and Di Hao first released Xiao Yiwei and dozens of other demon girls from their bodies. Once he saw Xiao Yiwei, Di Hao couldn't help but smile very lewdly, "Little sister is safe then, well my shoulder is a little uncomfortable, come help me hug."

Wu Fan glared at Di Hao, Di Hao said: "You women, there is a saying, right, red face bane ah. Look at all of you are beautiful, but you will be captured to the demon world, and forced to demon cultivation, each become a demon girl, really a pity."

Wu Fan stood on the side, many illusionary devil red silk threads flew out around him, and said to Xiao Yiwei and other women, "Return to Yang Yuan Star, you can cultivate something else, this Green Lotus Dao Method you should all be able to cultivate." Wu Fan's red silk threads immediately passed into each of the devil women's bodies, Di Hao looked on and couldn't help but scream, "Wu Fan, you can't mess around, they are all still virgins."

Wu Fan said, "I killed the Phantom Demon Old Lord and killed Leng Nangong, two people who are proficient in the Phantom Demon Avatar, making my Phantom Demon Avatar elevated to a supreme realm, the mystery of which is hard to say. Di Hao, go farther."

Di Hao saw Wu Fan's devilish aura around him, but this devilish aura seemed to be completely manipulated by Wu Fan's other power, yes, it was the kind of power of Hao's righteousness, Di Hao could have a shadow of this devilish aura, fearing that there would be some black rod inserted into his chest again, hurriedly flew away and looked out from afar to see what Wu Fan was going to do to these women, it wouldn't be all of them, right?

But see Wu Fan's illusionary magic red silk through into Xiao Yiwei and other women, their faces are a kind of magic blood red light emitted out, the top of the head is also bubbling blood fog.

Di Hao at this moment will not have touched the emperor river ancient qin fly out, because Wu Fan rely on Di Hao some close, the emperor river ancient qin that implies the aura of killing by Wu Fan sensed, immediately back away. You know, when the second generation of the emperor river will be this ancient qin to Di Hao, Wu Fan that is completely feel this killing (see chapter 673-675).

After Di Hao flew out of the emperor river ancient zither, Linglong Pagoda also floated behind him, Linglong Pagoda's magic light spread in all directions. Di Hao plucked the string, a melodious and pleasant sound came out, people feel that everything is so beautiful, the sky is blue, the mountains are clear and beautiful, so that the wailing scene shown in front of you suddenly changed.

Di Hao two strings, a roar such as being suppressed for too long, quickly spread in all directions, the sound waves gradually covered the entire planet. The people who were wailing stood up and stared at the red undershirt and leather-armored magician and at the ugly woman at the head of the group.

Di Hao plucked the strings of his zither three times, a sound like the attacking trumpet of the battlefield, hit the drums of those who were wailing, their ears immediately echoed with a burst of shouts of killing, killing killing killing!

So, after Di Hao plucked the strings three times, the many wailing mortals stood up in defiance, one hundred to one, pouncing on those devils, without weapons, using their mouths, hands and feet to tear each one of them apart.

The demon warriors were all destroyed, leaving only the ugly woman alone. The ugly woman could not help but smile and look at Di Hao. What Di Hao saw in his eyes was no longer the ugly woman, but the beautiful Liu Yaqi. Di Hao hands touching the strings, but no longer plucked.

The other side of Wu Fan's surroundings, his body is filled with blood power astral, which is used to protect himself against the sound waves emitted by Di Hao's plucking of the Emperor River ancient qin.

The ugly girl of the devil world kept approaching Di Hao, but Wu Fan did not remind. When the ugly girl reached her hands towards Di Hao's face, Di Hao also made an excited sound: "Yaqi, is that you?"

The ugly girl said to Di Hao, "Yes, dead fatty, still remember the time we were in Qingwu Star? That was the best memory in my life."

Di Hao hurriedly nodded his head and said, "I remember, I remember." Di Hao excitedly grabbed the ugly girl's hand. However, once he grabbed it, it was immediately wrapped into his Xuanqi's flesh. Di Hao couldn't help but sneer: "Bitch still dare to use the old routine, when fat master I am not an idiot, I pooh!"

When Wu Fan saw this, he was finally relieved and could not help but praise, "Di Hao, not bad, almost fooled me."

Di Hao quickly plucked the strings of the zither, five times in total. The five tones of the divine power of the Gong, Shang, Horn, and Feather were performed, and the scene changed, the depression was a little more depressed, but it was full of the aura of blood and fury, and there were no mortals, there were only those demon warriors hidden in the blood mist, and a few demon generals wearing red blood battle armor.

Di Hao retrieved the emperor river ancient zither, Linglong Pagoda immediately smashed down in front of the blood fury, boom, Linglong Pagoda as if smashed open a blood pond, splashing countless waves of blood.

Wu Fan also retracted the sun and moon law light, six law ~ lun shadow latent, but the eyes of the Zhu Rong divine fire has not dissipated. Di Hao smashed forward and forward, while Wu Fan slowly step to follow.

Di Hao can not stop drinking: "Demon world demon girl, do not come out to suffer your fat master a smash." Di Hao manipulated the Linglong Pagoda to smash around, can be said to be very arrogant. Wu Fan couldn't help but say, "Hasn't it already been wrapped into your flesh?"

"I thought so at first, but as soon as it was wrapped into my Xuanqi's flesh world soon after, it was just a blood mass." Once Di Hao bulged his body, a large blood ball rolled out, looking very disgusting. Wu Fan burned it away with a palm of heavenly fire.

Only then did Di Hao say, "It seems that the devil is still one step higher, Fat Master I thought I had fooled this bitch."

Wu Fan couldn't help but think back, when Di Hao wrapped the ugly girl into his flesh, there was a tiny thread of blood that seemed to be attached to Di Hao's body, Di Hao's flesh can also be Dan fire skin, not pay attention to it really can't see. Wu Fan then said: "You wrapped into the true devil woman, but she is seized the blood group, behind you wrapped into the flesh before, the devil's spirit into the blood filament and vanish."

"My grass, why didn't you say so?" Di Hao was very angry. Wu Fan said, "The devil woman is cunning, I was also deceived."

"Oh, say what about me again?" A female devil marshal wearing red-blooded dragon scale armor emitted a seductive voice, which was very pleasant to listen to. When she waved her halberd in her hand, a tall mountain gate appeared behind her, and four big words appeared above the beam of the gate, "Bao Dai Villa".

959 Bao Dai Villa

Di Hao looked at the female devil handsome, see how her appearance is not the previous ugly girl look, can not help but anger: "That ugly monster is your maid?"

"This fat brother, why do you have to be so narrow-minded? As the saying goes, a good man does not fight with a woman, so why bother with a small woman whose flesh was knocked off by you? Could it be that you really like me?" The female demon marshal wearing red-blooded dragon scale armor, not only was her appearance not ugly, but she was gorgeous with a hint of pitifulness, if you don't look at her gorgeousness, her charm was still quite similar to Liu Yaqi.

However, Di Hao knows that this female demon marshal charm technique is powerful, hearing her say ugly girl is a small woman, can not help but sneer: "Oh, so you are the ugly girl, ugly girl is you, tsk, look at your huge breasts, thick arms, mountainous huge waist, still dare to say they are small women. The devil world also likes to give birth to you freaks. Don't say that those lechers in the devil world have enmity with the fat master, even if there is no enmity, the fat master I have to clean up the garbage of this star sea." Di Hao's Linglong Pagoda smashed, and the magic light flashed.

The female demon marshal had previously experienced the Di Hao Linglong Pagoda, ugly female flesh was destroyed, she really wanted to take revenge, before being smashed, she has figured out the law of Di Hao using the Linglong Pagoda smashing. Now Di Hao is this smashing again, can not help but sneer: "seems, you will also be this smashing around, look at this Linglong Pagoda grade are above the immortal weapon level, but by you play like this, is simply a waste of heaven."

The tower was smashed fiercely, but the female demon marshal's whole body turned into blood mist and wrapped up the tower. Di Hao couldn't help but cry out, the blood mist that the female demon marshal turned into was so filthy that the Linglong Pagoda might be contaminated. Di Hao was about to pull out the emperor river ancient qin trying to sound waves to shake the female demon marshal blood fog when a change occurred, a purple lightning actually smashed in the blood fog, and Linglong Pagoda flew to mid-air, Di Hao could not help but a sense, but found that the Linglong Pagoda exquisite pavilion portal, bombarded with purple lightning divine light.

The purple thunder divine light of the explosion, so that the blood fog all burst in all directions, and then quickly condensed into the appearance of the female demon marshal. Di Hao a move Ling Long Bao Tower, in the air rotating and moving, purple thunder divine light flashes. Di Hao can't help but shout: "Demon lady of the demon world, know fat master me this divine tower of the powerful, haha."

Di Hao is very excited to smash the female demon marshal, but the female demon marshal is to find the end, look at the eyes flashing out the Zhu Rong divine fire of Wu Fan, feel some panic, immediately led secretly lurking and some of the surviving demon warriors in the distance quickly disappear into the tall mountain gate, its beam on the four words Bao Dai Villa a flash, seems to be in the notice of the owner of Bao Dai Villa general.

The reason why Di Hao's exquisite pagoda can emit purple lightning divine light, or thanks to Wu Fan. Before that, Wu Fan has seen Di Hao perform Linglong Pagoda many times, Di Hao did not develop the rest of the Pagoda's functions except for using it to smash around. Wu Fan has already seen some clues, the tower is not just used to smash around. Many of its seals failed to unlock. Although assimilated by Di Hao Xuan Qi flesh warming, but the pagoda of those exquisite pavilion portals, will not emit any magic, all rely on the outer layer of the tower. It can be seen that Di Hao did not penetrate this tower inside and outside, at best, the outer layer to control the dead.

Therefore, Di Hao this time smashed to the female demon marshal, Wu Fan tried to help Di Hao open some seals of the Linglong Pagoda. When the female demon marshal's blood mist wrapped around the Linglong Pagoda, Wu Fan emitted a purple thunder divine idea, impact into the Linglong Pagoda that forbidden pavilion within the portal, once inside, its powerful prohibitions are touched, forcing Wu Fan that purple thunder divine idea detonation. Originally Wu Fan also thought that the purple thunder divine thought detonated, will be the whole Linglong treasure tower to blow up, but which know, so brutal hit under the brutal fight, will be unsealed inside, Linglong treasure tower inside and outside is really mysterious one, inside the purple thunder divine light also immediately emitted, encountered the devil's blood fog such as filth, Linglong treasure tower of purple thunder divine light launched an attack on its own.

This is the scene of the sudden change of the Linglong Pagoda. Of course, even if Di Hao knew that Wu Fan secretly helped, he would not say that Wu Fan helped him, it was all based on his fat master's divine courage, the female demon marshal to fight away. The female demon marshal disappeared into the mountain gate of the Bao Dai Villa, Di Hao with the Pagoda yelled and rushed into it, still looking very excited.

Di Hao looked at the door, the door is the main material is blood tree refining, but I do not know whether it is the collection of Yang Yuan Star red demon mountain there blood tree refining. Wu Fan double palm purple fire out, directly burn its mountain door. And then an instantaneous movement, caught up with the female demon marshal. The female demon marshal thought Wu Fan would perform some trick, panic between the vanish out of the genesis, a blood light quickly dissipated. And a youthful-looking evil man, standing under a big blood tree in front of him, that Yuan Shen only stopped and shouted, "Li Changsheng, still not coming to save me?"

That youth opened his mouth and swallowed, directly devouring the female demon marshal demon's Yuan Shen, before saying to Wu Fan: "The fat man behind you dragging the pagoda after you, who is it?"

"Hey, hey, you don't even know about me, Fat Master. Take a life!" Di Hao actually had a sense of despondency, he actually did not want that female devil marshal to be destroyed. After all, this female devil marshal was so slightly similar to Liu Yaqi. He also wanted to restrain the demon woman to ask some questions, see the evil youth, combing strange hairstyles, wearing a woman-like red robe, Di Hao is very disgusted, Linglong Pagoda sacrificed, a burst of purple lightning divine light emanated and open, Linglong Pagoda flew to the high altitude, a rotation, it makes the surrounding flying sand and rocks, the entire tower bottom part locked the evil youth, and then the tower bottom emitted a burst of ripples, forming a ripple Light shield, directly to the evil youth to cover.

Once Di Hao understood something, his wise side showed up and he let out a soft cry: "Zhen!" The entire body of the Linglong Pagoda transformed and grew larger, rotating and pressing downward. The evil young man thought he could easily break through the rippling light shield, but did not expect to be unable to break through for a while, and the Linglong Pagoda tower body illusion grew larger and pressed down, the evil young man into the pagoda.

Wu Fan is also surprised to see, this Linglong Pagoda is really the Pagoda King Li Jing's Pagoda? Just left behind in the world of the starry sea?

Di Hao is also the first time to use this way to trap people, rather than using its mighty power to smash to death, more and more feel themselves a sect of the style of the patriarchs, happy to shout several times, so that the Linglong Pagoda in the Bao Dai Villa around emitting strong purple lightning divine light, around many devil blood things, all turned into blood mist, all destroyed, many buildings into dust, the same was destroyed. The demon warriors within the Bao Dai Villa were all affected, and blood mist erupted everywhere, with numerous deaths and injuries.

960 Di Hao's work

The evil young man was trapped inside the Linglong Pagoda, blasting out his demonic fists one after another, and bursts of blood light flashed inside the portals of those exquisite pavilions of the Linglong Pagoda, trying to break free from its bindings. Di Hao sneered: "This tower is also considered part of the fat master my flesh, if wrapped in my flesh, if I do not agree, the immortal Buddha can not come out. You, what is this demon world's le color considered?"

"Le color?" The evil youth roared in anger at the words, the entire Linglong Pagoda within the emanation of the Devil's Blood Qi Gang, this evil youth is can be said to be angry to the extreme. It is also, at first this evil youth stood aside calmly, devouring the female demon marshal's spirit, magic power can also be said to be greatly improved, originally wanted to find Wu Fan or Di Hao practice, to see the progress of magic power in the end geometry. Which knew that Di Hao came out, Linglong Pagoda smashed out like that, carelessly unexpectedly by Linglong Pagoda to trap. It can be said to be pretending to be a success instead of Di Hao this dead fat man pretending to be a success, the evil young man inside that hate ah, he is in the demon world is the existence of the demon king level, by this dead fat man so whisked away to fight? This is simply outrageous.

Di Hao saw that the evil young man's magic power is so strong, lest the Linglong Pagoda is shattered by his devil's blood Qi Gang will be bad, have to knock off his arrogance to do. However, those devil blood astral is too brave, Di Hao felt that the evil youth is not removed, will be a major threat. Therefore, Di Hao has a killing heart for this evil youth, wanting to get rid of the evil youth in one move. But the Linglong Pagoda those seals is Wu Fan opened, Wu Fan is also very surprised to find that some of Di Hao's inner thoughts, can be sensed through this Linglong Pagoda. Therefore, Di Hao's trip was immediately stopped by Wu Fan: "Don't kill him first, let him say something about this Bao Dai Villa."

Di Hao then came back to his senses, with Wu Fan in, to get this guy dead, it will not be difficult. So nodded, if this guy was really so easily killed, Di Hao would feel too cheap him. In this way, Di Hao a thought and move, urged the Linglong Pagoda internal spell formation, the evil youth around the body like a thunder and lightning roaming, is trying to break free of the Linglong Pagoda binding him, suddenly the whole body shaking, those devil blood and fury by the purple lightning divine light, all into pieces. And the evil youth magic power yuan power for this consumption is huge, the whole person are looking a little pale up.

Di Hao saw this, but found a way to restrain the evil youth, Wu Fan even if not in, the evil youth can not pose a threat to him. Di Hao is in a good mood, can't help but hey laugh: "Say you are the trash of the demon world, you are still not happy, not convinced, you motherfucker, fat master I ask you a few things, you honestly answered, I can let you out and give you the opportunity to fight with me."

"You fat bastard is despicable and shameless, have the guts to let me out now and fight me squarely." The evil youth roared. He also just learned the power of this Linglong Pagoda, with the existing magic power, it will be difficult to get out, right now have to provoke this dead fatty to release himself.

Di Hao look at the evil youth, his face is full of contempt. Let the evil youth excite, but from time to time to the evil youth to give an electric shock, making his hair more peculiar.

Wu Fan on the sidelines, watching coldly to see if Di Hao can ask some useful things from the mouth of the evil youth. After all, Di Hao's speed of shuttling back and forth in the starry sky is not something he, Wu Fan, can compare to. If Di Hao can handle many things, it will be much easier. And Di Hao's cultivation, by constantly shuttling in the starry sky to cultivate, improve also a little faster. He can get things done for him Wu Fan, Di Hao's cultivation can also be improved, this is a two-in-one thing. Wu Fan felt that was promising.

The evil young man spent a lot of effort to provoke Di Hao, but what he got was Di Hao's lightning punishment, he was already because of the magic blood astral release just now, making the magic yuan greatly depleted, now by Di Hao several times lightning touched the body, the hair became more peculiar not to mention, even his native blood dragon battle robe are exposed, and are a bit burnt, really look extremely wretched, like the cultivation world's sharp brother. That eyes in the eyes always seems to be looking forward to something.

Di Hao saw the evil youth became this way, cold could not help but laugh loudly: "fat master I began to ask you questions, but have to give the master listen well. You and the ugly monster is not a husband and wife relationship?