Home / The Gate of the Xuan Dao / A metamorphosis, is the process of combining the beast souls, spirits, all kinds of Yuan Shen and other spiritual bodies within the first to ninth layer of the demon building. Of course, one of the ten Heavenly Martial Beast Souls (see Chapter 529 for details), will not be scattered and reorganized, after all, the Heavenly Martial Beast Souls were not only able to subdue the Immortal Talisman Sword's sword spirit, Hong Luo, but also suppress the ninth demon building. Hong Luo has long since perished and was sent into the path of reincarnation by Wu Fan, reincarnated and reborn. So the heavenly martial beast soul alone to suppress the nine-fold demon building is a very easy thing.
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A metamorphosis, is the process of combining the beast souls, spirits, all kinds of Yuan Shen and other spiritual bodies within the first to ninth layer of the demon building. Of course, one of the ten Heavenly Martial Beast Souls (see Chapter 529 for details), will not be scattered and reorganized, after all, the Heavenly Martial Beast Souls were not only able to subdue the Immortal Talisman Sword's sword spirit, Hong Luo, but also suppress the ninth demon building. Hong Luo has long since perished and was sent into the path of reincarnation by Wu Fan, reincarnated and reborn. So the heavenly martial beast soul alone to suppress the nine-fold demon building is a very easy thing.

And that Gong Shangjiao, etc., still useful to Wu Fan, and will not be scattered reorganization. This person, Gong Shangjiao, when Wu Fan arrived in the Tian Yin galaxy, it is bound to be of great use. It's just that when the nine-fold demon building metamorphoses into a real soul weapon later on, everything except the Heavenly Martial Beast Soul is divided and reorganized.

The beast soul of the demon race, such as the spirit, is the most conducive to the nine demon building metamorphosis. The rest are suitable for suppression within the nine-fold demon building, over time, will slowly weaken it until it becomes a subsidiary of the nine-fold demon building, if you want to make it disappear, only Wu Fan himself can do it, the beast soul within the nine-fold demon building, that is completely subject to the Tianwu beast soul.

The nine demon buildings can be said to be under Wu Fan's control very securely. Once the nine-fold demon tower metamorphoses into a soul weapon sword, only Wu Fan himself can use this sword. Qin Zheng on Feng Lan Star, stroking his chest, he felt so painful, Wu Fan took the Nine Heavy Demon Tower from him, is he spent the most blood, to build the most perfect Nine Heavy Demon Tower, once turned into a soul weapon, the world soul weapon is not able to compete with it.

Qin Zheng knows very well that his ancestor handed down the book "soul weapon", once the nine demon building transformed into a soul weapon sword, is the first demon sword of the ancient flood, it is difficult to compete with it. That is the existence of the spiritual body and physical body will be cut into pieces with one knife.

At this moment, the nine-fold demon building underwent a metamorphosis, Qin Zheng can feel it, after all, this is his Qin Zheng combined with the wisdom of his ancestors, as well as the power of a sect of the Qilin Sect, took more than a hundred years to create the nine-fold demon building. The first metamorphosis made Qin Zheng's past illusion that he still had a residual consciousness left in the Ninth Demon Tower and could one day counterattack Wu Fan shattered. Even without the metamorphosis, the Ninth Demon Tower is also suppressed to death by the Heavenly Martial Beast Soul. And now the nine-fold demon building of the first metamorphosis, gradually Qin Zheng that residual within the first to nine floors of the intention of the first, all be destroyed.

Wu Fan's divine thoughts are too powerful, the first metamorphosis of the ninth demon building, Wu Fan did not cast his divine thoughts into its observation is impossible, a probe, found the residual thoughts of Qin Zheng, immediately destroyed it.

Qin Zheng vomited blood and fainted in the Kirin Sect of Feng Lan Star. The blow that Wu Fan had given him was too great. The blow that Hua Chao gave him, he never put in mind, such as Hua Chao, Qin Zheng basically is not put in the eyes, at that time by Hua Chao to unify the six clans of Feng Lan Star, Qin Zheng felt his opportunity to come.

But which knows, Hua Chao that person's perversion, caused Lin Xuan antipathy, but also to escape from Hua Chao, while Lin Xuan but also with Wu Fan has an indefinable relationship, is ambiguous is a favor, in Qin Zheng seems to be difficult to distinguish. Wu Fan intervened, Lin Xuan became the master of the Feng Lan Star monastic sect, so that Qin Zheng that hate, he originally thought there was still a hope, is the ninth demon building, as long as Wu Fan to lose, recapture the ninth demon building, and then after a thousand years, the ninth demon building metamorphosis into the world's first soul weapon, then the entire Feng Lan Star, the entire star sea, who still does not serve?

Qin Zheng's hatred for Wu Fan has penetrated to the marrow. The situation today is created by the previous cause, but he does not care what the previous cause is, whether he is wrong in the first, etc., he only knows that Wu Fan for a while he has no hope to bring down, can not resist, can only submit for the time being, is still to keep Wu Fan then left Feng Lan Star, he said to Wu Fan things. He believes that he is still very valuable to Wu Fan, Wu Fan's men can use the geometry of people? Therefore, there is still a chance. Qin Zheng has been thinking about this since he gradually woke up.

The first metamorphosis was basically completed after Wu Fan left all the remnants of Qin Zheng in the first to ninth floors of the Ninth Demon Tower. The bottom end of the nine demon buildings, the shape of the structure has changed to become the hilt of a large knife, the end of the hilt is a qilin beast head shape, the surface of the hilt is a qilin texture.

This hilt is now not solid enough in general, surrounded by a powerful soul idea power, such as a former demon beast in the roaring general. Wu Fan a thought, nine demon building become smaller, its first has become the hilt of the knife was held in Wu Fan's hand, soon Wu Fan can feel the powerful to the extreme power of the seven emotions invasion, more demon beast bloodthirsty power, the sound of demon beast roar. Wu Fan suddenly felt surrounded by thousands of ghosts, there is no life.

1060 Nine-fold demon building second metamorphosis

Wu Fan held the hilt of the Qilin texture, there are some demon spirit light along Wu Fan's hand spread its arm, these demon spirit light, trying to follow Wu Fan's hand and invade Wu Fan's brow purple, but Wu Fan divine thought, the demon spirit light immediately shrink back into the hilt, while Wu Fan's immediate oppressive confusion atmosphere immediately dissipated, Wu Fan held tightly to the hilt of the knife, the heart a little excited, but Hong Meng has been in front of the killing spree. The first time I saw a man, I was in the middle of a battle.

Wu Fan immediately made all the miasma spirit marshals synchronize with Hong Meng's battle group and march on its two flanks, with all the blood gods' sons becoming their roving support force. Wu Fan himself was specifically looking for demon leaders as well as driving the Ninth Demon Tower to extract more souls of slain demons, striving for the second metamorphosis of the Ninth Demon Tower.

Wu Fan and the Hong Meng battle team's advancement has long attracted the attention of the demon world's top brass, the demon ancestor temple in the center of the demon world flashed red light on it, forming a red pillar of light that impacted the sky above the demon world, the red light emitted by this red pillar shone to every corner of the demon world, making the red mist everywhere in the demon world more and more intense, the more powerful the demon aura.

And the arch of the demon ancestor temple of the twelve great demon saint demon palace, around the same emitted red light, forming a twelve red pillars of light, rising to the sky, and the demon ancestor temple of the red pillars of light echo. This is the highest alert order of the demon world, is representative of the invasion of foreigners, the demon world at this moment all clans to give up their internal strife, to unite.

The distribution pattern of this demon world's top, and the demon world's top similar. Because now the father of the demon lord, and the first beauty of the demon race, is a pair of immortal couple, in the endless starry sky and free (this is not detailed table, later will have a detailed discussion). Many of the layout of the demon world's top, are referred to the layout of the demon world. And the demon world is the strength of the two worlds, who has the fist, who has the reason, but not as serious as the human Daoist, the official position of thought, not who is powerful is the senior figures, but who monastic experience and years longer, who will be more respected. Is it true that the more years of experience and years of monasticism means that this person has a higher daoist cultivation?

Now the twelve demon saint demon palace sent a few messengers to the demon saint demon palace outside, ordered the rest of the demons to lead the demon army to intercept, the twelve demon saint demon palace at this moment is that there is no need to mobilize their demon palace forces, after all, the number of demons tens of billions, and the demon world is large, once the turn of their demon palace forces, should be the two world war.

Twelve demon palace messengers, to reach their respective spheres of influence of some weak demon tribes, such as the roe deer tribe, elk tribe, goat tribe, white rabbit tribe, etc., these tribes were not warring groups, in the demon world for the demon is the most honest. The twelve demon palace emissary that is to understand the upper intention, after all, the demon border range, there are vicious vermilion loath descendants guard, and earth mole guards, they think will be within the sphere of influence of these weak tribes to draw off the past to intercept the enemy, that is more than enough. The twelve demon palace but no one wants to let their power within the sphere of influence is weakened, so the emissaries of the twelve demon palace made the same move.

Those roe deer tribe, etc., in the receipt of their respective demon palace messenger's order, not to lead the tribe to depart also have to lead, or fall a rebellious crime, they are these tribes that can not eat away.

Among them, the white rabbit tribe, there is a white waving fan of men, self-proclaimed white grandson, surprisingly excited, after all, that year from the southern end of the lotus mountain range after the return of the demon cave there demon world, they are to the temple of the demon ancestor training, cultivation that is soaring.

White male has all transformed into human form, not into the kind of fat man with a big belly, but a slender, handsome looking person. When waving the fan, with a graceful to describe it is not too much.

The White Duke heard the order of the emissary of the Demon Palace of the Hyper Dragon Demon Saint to which their clan belonged, and was very active in leading his clan to the border place between the Demon World and the Earth World. The White Duke thought he had dealt with the kind of human like Wu Fan back then, and could talk back the enemy with his three-inch tongue, and if it wasn't a human cultivator with amazing combat power like Wu Fan, the White Duke was not afraid.

The White Prince also did not lead many clansmen into the field, only a dozen capable and shrewd clansmen who have taken on human form. White Prince this action and the rest of the eleven demon palace under the power of the white rabbit clan led thousands of clansmen to march, forming a big contrast.

Hong Meng and hundreds of thousands of men, in Wu Fan divided into the left and right flanks of the miasma spirit marshal warriors with the cooperation, the speed of attack and kill can be said to be faster and faster, ahead of the blocking vermilion loath descendants, all were destroyed, once there is a thousand feet tall vermilion loath descendants, Hong Meng will not easily one to attack and kill, but led a thousand men with him to rush to kill.

Wu Fan also knows very well that once a thousand feet tall descendant of the vermilion loath appears, Hong Meng's men will have casualties, in order to reduce such casualties, after appearing, Wu Fan also made a thousand miasma spirit marshals to attack and kill the thousand feet tall descendant of the vermilion loath. In fact, if Wu Fan wanted to kill this kind of thousand-foot-tall descendant of the vermilion loath, he could easily exterminate it by mobilizing the blood divine son against its flesh with a single impact. However, this will make Hong Meng's expedition too smooth and let its overlord dao method has no improvement. This is not good.

In this way, with Hong Meng rushing forward to stab the thousand-foot tall vermilion loath descendant, and then a thousand subordinates who were proficient in the Overlord Dao method, plus Wu Fan's thousand miasma spirit marshals, the thousand-foot tall vermilion loath descendant would basically not be able to make a few moves before it was put to death.

In this way, Wu Fan and Hong Meng's battle group advanced faster and faster, advancing 10,000 miles forward in just one day, this marching speed was really terrifying, moreover, Hong Meng's men were more and more courageous, this was a thrill that had never been in the Peeping Void Sea, their Overlord Daoist Dao realm was fully enhanced, and their battle power was also fully enhanced, and there was no decline because of the long battle time.

After 10,000 miles, the more demon beast souls Wu Fan collected, the more the Ninth Demon Tower began to appear the second metamorphosis. The second ninth demon building contains the tenth to the eighteenth layer, its original beast soul can be much stronger than the first layer of the first to the ninth layer of the demon building. Therefore, this second metamorphosis, triggered by the great disturbance, and this demon world, it seems that there is no day and night, all the time is a space of blood-red mist.

When the second metamorphosis of Wu Fan's nine-fold demon building was triggered, Hong Meng continued to lead the battle group forward, this time, against the earth mole clan. Wu Fan did not let the miasmic spirit marshal stop, but marched along with Hong Meng's war party. Blood God Son Wu Fan left only 100,000 for arching himself, after all, the second metamorphosis of the Ninth Demon Tower, Wu Fan did not know how long it would take to finish metamorphosing.

1061 Second metamorphosis, become!

The second metamorphosis of the Ninth Demon Tower is to draw away the demon spirits of at least a million ordinary vermilion loath descendants, ten thousand feet tall vermilion loath descendants, and no less than ten thousand hundred feet tall ones. This is what sparked the second metamorphosis. Wu Fan also found that the metamorphosis of the ninth demon building is related to the fierceness of the demon spirit or not. Vermilion loaths are ancient ferocious beasts, and their descendants are all ferocious and murderous.

Nine demon building second metamorphosis began, nine demon building around, there are demonic red light flashes, so that the surrounding vision, the many red mist, was introduced into the nine demon building, basically to the second layer of the tenth to the eighteenth layer and go.

And this second total of nine layers of the demon building of the internal demon spirits began to scatter and reorganization, scattered reorganization, nine demon building the whole building body can not help but tremble, shaking all around the space with strange ripples, its surrounding red light, more and more strange, and its turmoil range is getting bigger and bigger, from a mile square to ten miles square, until a hundred miles square, only no red light ripples continue to diffuse in all directions and open.

And in Feng Lan Star Qin Zheng was shocked, he did not believe that Wu Fan could trigger the second metamorphosis of the Ninth Demon Tower so quickly? Could it be? This guy went to the demon world? Lin Xuan? Hmph! Qin Zheng's eyes revealed a sinister look, and with his fists clenched, he headed towards the place where Lin Xuan was cultivating.

The second metamorphosis of the nine-fold demon building was carried out within a hundred-mile radius of red light that it diffused. The first metamorphosis of the hilt part of the knife, the second metamorphosis, absorbing a large amount of red light around, the hilt part of the knife is really solidified. The second metamorphosis, is constantly absorbing the red mist within a hundred miles, the demon power is absorbed and gone, so that the hundred miles above the formation of a huge red mist vortex flow, so that the red mist within a thousand miles around, all backed up and leaked to here.

This state lasted for twelve days, when the second demon building above the twelve earthly branches: Zi, ugly, Yin, Mao, Chen, Si, noon, un, Shen, You, Xu, Hai twelve big red characters, a thousand miles of red mist was also absorbed a clean, this thousand miles of the sky, are with the stars and the sea of the mortal world in general, rare blue sky and white clouds appeared in the sky above.

Immediately after the second of the nine demon building around the appearance of the twelve big red characters, began to rotate around the second total of nine floors around the building and move.

The big red son character transformed into a rat shape and was the first to enter the demon building.

The red big ugly character turned into a bull, the second entered the demon building.

red big Yin character into tiger-like, the third into the demon building.

In this way, the word Mao transformed into rabbit, the word Chen transformed into dragon, the word Si transformed into snake, the word Wu transformed into horse, the word Wei transformed into sheep, the word Shen transformed into monkey, the word You transformed into chicken, the word Xu transformed into dog, the word Hai transformed into pig, in turn, entered the second of the nine demon buildings within the nine floors.

After entering, the second metamorphosis really began, the shape of its staircase was broken up, within which emitted countless beast souls of anger, countless wails of demon spirits, the roar of many demon gods, this cry of grief and defiance, all formed a wave of sound waves, within a thousand-mile radius, the sky appeared full of tumbling blood clouds.

In all parts of the demon world, can feel the turmoil on this side. In the temple of the demon ancestor, a stunning beauty frowned, looking at the ancient zither in front of him, stretched out his slender hands, onion jade fingers gently touching the strings, wanting to move but not moving, she sighed gently, then hands left the ancient zither.

The second metamorphosis of the Ninth Demon Building triggered too much turmoil, the blood gods of those arching Wu Fan are stupid to move, Wu Fan suppressed, but mobilized the Heavenly Martial Beast Soul, which was suppressed in time, otherwise this sonic wave once impacted, I'm afraid it will destroy the original floor structure of the Ninth Demon Building.

Wu Fan's divine thoughts first entered the scattered building body, capturing the residual thoughts of Qin Zheng, destroying them one by one, causing Qin Zheng, who was heading to Lin Xuan's location, to spurt several mouthfuls of blood, Qin

From left to right, facing the first stone with a seal, Wu Fan moved with a thought, prompting Chi soul power to invade it, to one of the human-faced tiger claws, tiger body nine tails of the virtual body, will be a wrap, it will be completely suppressed, Wu Fan's thoughts into the essence of blood is also the first time to penetrate its virtual body, fully control this ancient true god Lu Wu's fragment, this Lu Wu fragment, there is no longer Xu Li and other people's blood body This Lu Wu fragment, there is no more Xu Li and other blood body, is extinguished by Lu Wu's virtual body.

And the second ancient true god fragment, looks like an ice crystal stone. Inside it is a human-faced ice spirit, holding a snow staff. This is the fragment of the ancient true god ice yi, Wu Fan a thought, drive Chi soul power into it, will be completely suppressed, the essence of blood into, control it. Xu Li people blood body, Wu Fan Samadhi fire to extinguish it.

The third ancient true God fragment, such as wutong wood, its cavity, Wu Fan a thought and control, but issued a qin and sass sound, this is the ancient true God Yan Long fragment, Wu Fan control, an instant thing. Xu Li Zhu blood body, Samadhi fire extinguished.

The fourth ancient true god fragment, is the purple scale stone, the whole fragment covered with purple snake scales in general. Within it there is a snake body, two human head thing, which is the ancient true God Yan Wei's virtual body. This Yanwei fragment, originally his divine power emitted, or a little vast and terrifying, but Wu Fan has the Chi soul power, a package under the roll, directly within its virtual body are wrapped with the power to wrap the roll down. Wu Fan essence blood into, control of. Xu Li and other blood body, early by the Yanwei virtual body devoured.

Wu Fan control Lu Wu, Bing Yi, Yan Long, Yan Wei four fragments, with a very short time. If Wu Fan had not fused with the Chi fragment, Wu Fan would not have been able to control these four ancient true god fragments with such speed. So fast to control the four fragments, the dark shadow frowned slightly. And Wu Fan this time is not as before that eight pieces of fragments, deliberately hidden. Dark Shadow was able to see. Wu Fan believed that what Dark Shadow was able to guess was only because he had already controlled thirty-two Ancient True God fragments and acquired a lot of divine energy when he controlled them.

The next four Ancient True God fragments, after they were released by Dark Shadow from that storage ring of Wu Fan, their spreading power had never dissipated, and the power they emitted was getting stronger and stronger. This time the Shadow did not care about this, it seemed that his mysterious space was able to exist the attacking force.

Wu Fan faced with the remaining four ancient true god fragments, even with Chi soul power, Interceptor red black battle armor, bronze giant shield, can feel a powerful pressure. One of the ancient true God fragment, its shape is like a sun fire ball, the surrounding heat boundless, forming a heat wave shock wave, this is the ancient true God Yan Di's fragment, although only a fragment, the power contained in it is very strong. The power of the fragment is actually the same compared to that of Fuxi and Nuwa. The only thing is that at the beginning, the fragments of Fuxi and Nuwa were searched out by the Shadow first, and that time was already a long time ago. The fragments of Fuxi and Nuwa were only a little bit awakened at that time, and Xu Li and other people in their blood bodies were still able to put them away freely.

Now is not the same, the Yan Di fragment will be Xu Li and others within its blood body to the sun true fire to burn out, and, encounter Chi You soul power, the Yan Di fragment of the divine power was stimulated most of the. But Chi You soul power, plus the red and black battle armor of Interceptor, the bronze shield, plus Wu Fan's Heavenly Martial Divine Blade a fierce chopping out. Chi soul power immediately invaded the Yan Di fragment space, will be a god within the virtual body to completely suppress, Wu Fan essence into the blood, wear it, control it.

And the Yan Di fragment side is covered with phoenix emblem stone, which is the ancient true God Shao Hao's fragment. The dual attack of the Heavenly Martial Divine Sword and Chi soul power, this Shao Hao fragment is also fully controlled by Wu Fan.

With two fragments left, Dark Shadow's eyes glowed as he raised his hand, but it was too late. Wu Fan released all the soul power of the Chi fragment, the remaining Zhuan Xu and Huang Di fragments, all in one roll, the Heavenly Martial Divine Blade sent forward, the Shadow froze and stopped moving. Wu Fan sunken voice: "At the beginning to help me control these thirty-six ancient true god fragments, to the end also need. You, what are you afraid of?"

Between Wu Fan's words, he gave full control to the Zhuan Xu fragment like the Yao Guang Divine Stone, and the Huang Emperor fragment like the Violet Gold Haoran Stone.

Wu Fan with Chi fragment all soul power for full suppression, both the Zhuan Xu fragment and the Yellow Emperor fragment in the Zhuan Xu and Yellow Emperor's virtual body to suppress some shape, Wu Fan's essence blood through the, directly into a for emitting Yao Guang Wu Fan body, a full body purple gold light Wu Fan body.

The cost of this game of complete control is the Interceptor bronze shield was Zhuan Xu fragment and the Yellow Emperor fragment to scatter the power to blast into shape, and Interceptor's battle axe because the bronze shield was attacked, but not controlled by Wu Fan and cut out on its own, although blasted away the divine attack of the Yellow Emperor fragment and Zhuan Xu fragment, but it also became a piece of fragments, Wu Fan hurried to put it into the storage ring, to know, this is the Interceptor's giant axe, the That is not a mortal product.

And then Wu Fan retrieved the Heavenly Martial Divine Blade, and moved all 36 ancient true god fragments behind him, forming a row. Wu Fan himself held the Heavenly Martial Divine Sword in his hand and the bronze shield, facing Shadow head-on. Wu Fan said, "Fellow Daoist Shadow, the thirty-six Ancient True God fragments are already under my full control, you should tell me some truths that you said yourself."

Dark Shadow looked at Wu Fan for a long time and couldn't help but say, "Chi Fragment, you took control of it and utilized power other than his own power?"

Wu Fan said, "Fellow Daoist Dark Shadow's cultivation is unfathomable, so you should be able to tell. If I say no, you won't believe it; if I say yes, you won't believe it either. After all, in the ancient times, you know better than I do about the gods messing with the rain. I believe that Fellow Daoist Shadow thinks that I cannot give control to the four ancient true god fragments, Yan Di, Shao Hao, Huang Di and Zhuan Xu. Because you did not bind their divine power with your arcane space, you thought I would die because of it."

"As I said, the truth of the matter, you will not know." Shadow stared at the thirty-six Ancient True God fragments behind Wu Fan and said.

739 Sixty-four years condensed god body

Wu Fan only thought that the dark shadow is just another trick, thirty-six pieces of ancient true god fragments in a row behind him, Wu Fan a thought, all of its own divine power, but Wu Fan is not affected by anything, Wu Fan stared closely at the dark shadow, the dark shadow coldly spit out a sentence: "Xuan Dao beads condensed by me!"

Hearing these words, Wu Fan knew the true identity of Dark Shadow even if he was a fool, and it was really not out of his expectation. Just, Wu Fan still has that doubt, since he knows that Wu is against you, why do you need to become me?

"The truth of the matter, you will not know." The dark shadow this sentence in Wu Fan's mind can not stop reverberating. Gradually, the dark shadow turned into a black shadow, gradually dissipated, the surrounding mysterious space also quickly dispersed, Wu Fan then stood in the barren starry sky again. The deadly qi around remained the same, but because of the row of ancient true god fragments behind Wu Fan, all the surrounding deadly qi did not dare to approach, and those deadly qi were quickly away, like the rapidly ebbing sea, so that within a thousand miles around Wu Fan, there was no trace of deadly qi. Wu Fan's eyes emitted the light of the sun and the moon, penetrating the cloud of deadly qi a thousand miles away. Wu Fan wanted to continue to sweep forward, but Wu Fan's current cultivation, eyesight, the distance is only a little more than a thousand miles, and further, Wu Fan can only use divine thoughts to sweep.

But, no matter how Wu Fan swept, this barren starry sky seems to have no end. Then how to get out of this barren starry sky? Wu Fan had no solution for a while, and with all the thirty-six ancient true god fragments in his hands, Wu Fan had to immediately condense them into the body of an innate deity. Once he has the body of the innate deity, Wu Fan believes that he will be able to make the body of the innate deity become the body of an ancient god according to the divine martial path, making his true body of an ancient god. At that time, not to mention the Luo God, even if the people of the immortal world down to the lower world, Wu Fan will not be afraid. Wu Fan found that the higher his cultivation level, the more high people he met, the more he felt that his cultivation level was too low and too low.

The pinnacle of the Star Worlds, according to today's state, when will it be achieved? The coalescence of this innate divine body is imperative.

Wu Fan immediately moved with a thought, and thirty-six ancient true god fragments were arranged in a line behind him. Wu Fan, according to the method of condensing the mountain soul into his own original gold fire twin souls, will be thirty-six ancient true god fragments, forcibly melted into a mass of fragment particles with the three true fires, according to the distribution of the body's circumference, the introduction of thoughts, will be condensed into the human form.

The first piece, Wu Fan will target the Fuxi fragment to melt. This is a very difficult and slow process, the melting of a 36 ancient god fragment, Wu Fan spent a whole year, and Wu Fan had to use the Xuan Dao beads to melt. In the dark, the Xuan Dao pearl had a strange power that successfully made the particles of the ancient true god fragments not scatter around after being melted, providing Wu Fan with solid melting conditions.

Even so, Wu Fan also felt very painful, the whole process, consumed star crystals are millions and millions of depleted, because, these ancient god fragments are melted, there will be a great absorbing power, sucking the power of star yuan into its particles, gradually transformed into divine yuan, Wu Fan's own essence blood is also deliberately implanted in it a lot, even if previously fully controlled, Wu Fan is still not quite at ease, so there is this deliberate move.

In this way, after thirty-six years, the thirty-six ancient true god fragments were all melted into a stream of fragment particles. The divine thoughts that Wu Fan emitted were no less than ten thousand divine thoughts, all of which were used to set the fragment particles into human form. The Yuan power to support these divine thoughts caused Wu Fan to consume many star crystals, a total of eighteen billion star crystals were consumed in the past thirty-six years. Luckily, after the thirty-six ancient true god fragments were turned into fragment particles, they were all condensed into stable human forms by Wu Fan. Wu Fan was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief. These thirty-six clusters of Ancient True God particles, Wu Fan fused and condensed them by running the thirty-six circumferences.

However, the process of fusion and condensation was not as simple as using the Samadhi fire to melt each ancient true god fragment into fragment particles. The operation of this process, one carelessness will make the thirty-six ancient true God fragment particles human form scattered. This is a test of Wu Fan's ability to master these fragment particles, as long as which one of the divine thoughts weak, its human form will collapse, then the entire melting process is a failure.

Therefore, Wu Fan is very careful at first, the speed of fusion and condensation is very, very slow. This is an extremely painful process, and is also very consuming process of star crystal stones. Because this kind of condensation of ancient true god fragments for the innate deity body case, there is no reference, Wu Fan first condensation, can be said to be no one before and no one after. This process is an extremely dangerous and costly gamble.

Because the speed of the condensation operation is too slow, Wu Fan slowly condensed, while thinking of countless ways. In the end, Wu Fan used the sixty-four trigrams of the innate heavens that he had understood in the fragment of Fuxi to break it down and reorganize it. Finally, it took twenty-eight years to fuse the thirty-six fragments of the ancient true gods into a young man exactly like Wu Fan, a young man whose entire body emitted purple-gold light. Wu Fan then withdrew the ten thousand divine thoughts, this time making Wu Fan all star crystals left only one hundred million. For Wu Fan's Star Spirit stage cultivation, this one hundred million star crystal stones is not much, for the rest of the cultivators, naturally, is also a large amount.

After Wu Fan retracted his ten thousand divine thoughts, his divine spirit body caused the entire barren starry sky to roll over with cloudy clouds. However, Wu Fan's eyes put out the light of the sun and moon to the sky under a shine, so that those tumbling clouds, as forced to extinguish the general, constantly retreat, retreat, and retreat.

Within 100,000 miles of Wu Fan's surrounding square clouds, there is no trace of dead air, those dead air clouds are as far away as possible, the entire barren starry sky, as if by a divine force opened a huge hole.

And Wu Fan, as if he could control the supreme being of heaven and earth, standing on the edge of the innate divine body, holding the Heavenly Martial Divine Sword in his hand, storing his sword power! Although Wu Fan is quite tired at the moment, but spent sixty-four years of time to melt this innate deity body, Wu Fan will not tolerate because the innate deity body was condensed into the heavenly tribulation vision to break this innate deity body.

Therefore, Wu Fan stood, looked with his sword, absorbed the star crystals, gathered the battle spirit, and forgot about his fatigue. Wu Fan entered the peak of the ninth level of the Star Spirit stage under such circumstances, and the star soul light shone in his brow, which is an important excessive sign of entering the God Soul stage cultivation from the Star Spirit stage cultivation. Some people are unable to gather the star soul light shine on their eyebrows throughout their lives. This star soul light flare is like a blue star fire burning in the brow.

740 The body of the spirit opens itself

The appearance of the star soul light dazzle made Wu Fan's speed of absorbing the star crystal stone increase greatly. The Xuan Dao Pearl was forcibly retracted into Wu Fan's eyebrow, not allowing it to operate. The star crystal was absorbed at its own speed. When the four heavenly calamity visions dissipated, Wu Fan's slash did not cut out, this barren starry sky, like a cosmic monster, there are some spiritual sense, seems to think that at this moment Wu Fan has been invincible, and quietly retreat general.

Wu Fan did not let down his guard, in his innate divine body still can not absorb the surrounding star power, that is absolutely not careless. The body of the innate deity, to become the body of the ancient gods, in fact, is to return to the absorption of star power, and Luo Shen's divine martial path, that is focused on the understanding of the star mysteries, to put it bluntly is the control of the universe star star power.

Wu Fan is now the most important thing is to leave this barren star space, to the normal universe stars, watching the stars to participate in its mysteries. In this way, the innate divine body can quickly achieve the body of an ancient god. In this way, Wu Fan will have a split body of the Ancient God, and once fused with the original, Wu Fan will be the Ancient God.

For the cultivation method of the ancient gods, Wu Fan naturally does not know at this moment. Otherwise, there is no need to take so much trouble and spend so much time to control the fragments of the ancient gods, melt them and condense the body of the innate gods. With the original as the base, with the ancient god cultivation method as the path, you can naturally achieve the ancient god. Now Wu Fan took this path, can be said to be a different way. After all, the ancient god cultivation way, even in the entire immortal world, can not find the ancient god cultivation way. Not to mention this starry sea.

Because of the condensation of the innate divine body, making a wide range of deathless Qi gaps in the barren starry sky, and those heavenly tribulation visions were expelled by Wu Fan's own. After Wu Fan's divine thoughts swept millions of miles in all directions, he only locked the sky above. Wu Fan stomped on the ground and rushed to the star, with the peak cultivation of the ninth level of Star Spirit, the star soul light flared in the center of his brow, Wu Fan was able to travel freely in the entire universe and void without wearing any defensive battle armor.

Wu Fan's stirring of the Earth's rushing star, along with the Heavenly Martial Divine Sword's storing of a sword to open the way, Wu Fan quickly rushed out of the range of the barren star space, rushed to the edge of it, Wu Fan looked at the vortex not far away, that is, decades ago because of the burning of the Xu family's death qi law binding with the Samadhi fire, and mistakenly entered the barren star space location.

This matter, Wu Fan can be said to remember very clearly and distinctly.

And as soon as Wu Fan came out, he saw a pale old man, a young and beautiful woman, and a headless human corpse. The old man saw Wu Fan appear, fiercely stood up, the whole body aura released and open. This kind of aura, Wu Fan can

Therefore, Wu Fan does not follow the gradual progression of the method of sitting and forgetting, because the essence of the first second stage of sitting and forgetting has already been absorbed and is about to open a new chapter, for the cultivation notes introduced on it, Wu Fan does not bother to pay attention to it, and is brave enough to break the rules in order to really critically absorb its true essence.

Sitting forgetfulness method of its third, to collect the heart.

The heart is the master of the body, the handsome of all the gods. If you are still, you will become wise; if you move, you will become dull. In the midst of illusion, only the real is said to be true; in the midst of the feast, who understands the false is not? The mind is subverted and demented by the place where it is entrusted.

Wu Fan observed that this is another way to quickly enter the meditation cultivation. The heart is the master of the body, the sea of consciousness, the master of divine thoughts, people have a mind, there will be all kinds of *. Meditation is a great wisdom, quiet, only then will find their own direction, hocus-pocus will make themselves confused. The illusion of reality, how to discern, only the mind.

Wu Fan shook his head, I think that when Li Daojun sat in the Lotus Pond forgetting to ascend, he had the daoist mind daoist thoughts, still the Green Lotus Road, the most orthodox way of the three clear mysteries, and that's all. It is thought that this method of sitting and forgetting, cultivated to the stage of collecting the mind, Luo Shi's Green Lotus Dao, was able to approach the Taiqing realm of the three clear realms. Now that you have entered the divine soul stage, the next cultivation level is the Star Immortal stage, the Star Immortal stage with the power of immortal elements. Luo shi borrowed the method of sitting and forgetting to cultivate the Green Lotus Dao, which would allow her to speed up the advancement of the Green Lotus Dao. The most important purpose of Luo Shi's practice of the Dao of Sitting Forgetfulness, Wu Fan already had a good idea in his heart.

The heart is not attached to things, but also has not moved, this is the true determination of the right foundation. This is the true determination of the foundation. With this as the determination, the heart and qi reconciliation, long benefit light and refreshing, this is the test, then the evil and positive can be known. If the mind is extinguished, without simplifying right and wrong, the perception will be cut off forever and you will enter into blindness.

Wu Fan view this, is not the same as a way to make the cultivator can enter the state of meditation and cultivation faster? Sit and forget, sit and forget, the method of sitting and forgetting, sit and meditate, then enter the state of forgetfulness cultivation. And what kind of Tao to practice, what kind of Tao to pursue, it depends on which kind of Tao mind Tao idea is, is sentient, is sentient, is the reincarnation of heaven and earth, is a woodcutter chopping wood, or fisherman fishing, etc., is which kind of Tao mind Tao idea, is which kind of Tao.

For the sought after Tao, it is the only one, and to get the sought after Tao, the method is not the only one. Just like to see the sunrise, some people take the path to climb the mountain, some people directly do the sightseeing car to the top. Even without a car, the way we choose to climb will be different. Different methods, the same purpose. This is the truth.

Wu Fan continued to observe the third stage of sitting and forgetting to collect the mind

All hearing and seeing, such as not hearing and seeing, then right and wrong, beauty and evil, not into the heart, the heart is not outside, the name is called false heart, the heart is not chasing outside, the name is at ease, the heart is safe and false, then the Tao comes to a stop.

This word is still how to make the spirit within the guard, not distracted, not outside the mind, so that their hearts quiet and peaceful method, into this state, in the cultivation of a certain path, naturally will have achieved.

Wu Fan on the method of sitting and forgetting, digesting and absorbing in a critical way, what is absorbed, are also the essence.

789 On the Dao of Sitting and Forgetting, Brief Matters, True View, and Tai Ting

Wu Fan quickly finished digesting the third stage of the method of sitting and forgetting, and he knew that different people had different opinions about this method of sitting and forgetting. As the saying goes, my words are very easy to know and very easy to do, but no one in the world can know and no one can do it. Perhaps in other people's opinion, their understanding of the method of sitting and forgetting is completely wrong, which is also very normal. After all, the benevolent see what the wise see, and the Tao is only a trance. People with different perceptions, what they see, naturally understand differently.

The fourth stage of Wufan's method of sitting and forgetting, simple things.

If one's body is not at ease, how can one feel the Tao? Therefore, the monk, to break the simple things, know its leisure, weighing the light and heavy, know its go to take, not to be non-heavy, should be cut off.

"Tsk!" Wu Fan can't help but shake his head, again telling you how to quietly meditate, Wu Fan sentence by sentence to see this fourth stage of simple things, many are in accordance with the way of modern psychology to understand, so as to completely jump out of some staged pit, beneficial to absorb, useless to discard, when there is really no point of psychological pressure, after all, Wu Fan in the letter respect stage of understanding, then not be caught in this pit, but stand outside the pit, the absorbing the essence of the pit, like a heavenly dragon absorbing water from across the sky.

After reading the fourth stage of sitting and forgetting, Wu Fan jumped directly to the fifth stage, the true view.

Although there are things to seek, do not have the heart of gain and loss. Then there is no matter, the heart is always at peace. The same as things to seek, but not greedy; with things to gain, but not accumulate. No greed, no worry; no accumulation, no loss.

This fifth stage, the whole thing is basically telling you not to have too much greed, the same as greed in the three precepts often mentioned by Buddhists. This makes Wu Fan can not agree, after all, the cultivation of a path, the cultivation of truth and refining the Taoist do not covet longevity, and where is the motivation to cultivate. Greed for unrestrained freedom, which will go to monasticism. From the point of view of meditation, in accordance with the ideas of this chapter, and it is easy to enter a state of meditation and forgetfulness for cultivation. Just, this also spent too much ink to say this greed. The so-called true view, how can there be no greed, no greed how to view?

If greed loves all realms, one loves one disease. If one limb has a disease, the body is still unsettled, let alone one mind with ten thousand diseases. All love and evil are delusions. If you don't get rid of the delusion, how can you see the way?

Tsk, Wu Fan is shaking his head again, this is very reasonable. It's just that the desire for longevity is also a kind of greed, only that in order to be greedy for longevity, one has to give up many greedy thoughts, there are gains and losses, the same reasoning as mentioned in the fourth stage of the brief matter, "know the leisure of its wants, weigh the light and heavy, know its go and take, not the wants and not the heavy, all should be cut off".

In this way, Wu Fan continued to accept the method of sitting and forgetting critically. After reading and absorbing the essence of the four stages of the Sitting Forgetfulness Method, namely, breaking the edge, collecting the mind, simplifying things, and truly observing, Wu Fan entered the cultivation state. It must be said that after absorbing the essence of the Sitting and Forgetting Method, Wu Fan could enter the state of meditation and retreat anytime and anywhere.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the actual product. Now it just helps Wu Fan to absorb. Originally, Wu Fan's cultivation of this method of sitting and forgetting had rapidly increased the speed of absorbing and transforming star crystals, almost equal to the speed of the Xuan Dao pearl.

This is equivalent to having two Xuan Dao pearls to absorb and transform star crystals, so Wu Fan's cultivation speed at this moment can be imagined. It is difficult for an ordinary person to cultivate to the divine soul stage without 10,000 years to reach it. But this world of the starry sea, Wu Fan and others have broken the law of not becoming a divine soul in ten thousand years. Leng Wutian and the Purple Forest Divine Nun and others, all took ten thousand years to reach the divine soul stage cultivation.

Wu Fan was now at the second level of divine soul stage cultivation, and through the acceleration of the Xuan Dao pearl, to raise one level, that would reduce the time of a cultivator of the same level by ten thousand times. This is quite terrifying.

Wu Fan also did not have any worries because the Xuan Dao bead is not under his control, you know, Wu Fan is now using the method of sitting forgetting the four stages of cultivation essence to meditate and cultivation, Wu Fan completely into the forgetfulness of the state of mind, as long as it can help the cultivation, take it, regardless of the future is rolling thunder, or raging fire, in my cultivation is beneficial, all of them also.

Wu Fan this time meditation cultivation, the brow of the soul out of the purple consciousness sea, and Wu Fan stand in one place, together with the absorption of star crystals, so that the speed will increase. Because the early foundation is solid, now the speed is faster, and will not affect the foundation. And Wu Fan this time a cultivation, is the passage of ten years of time. It can really be said that there is no Azi in the mountain, the cold ends without knowing the year.

This year, Wu Fan eight hundred years old, divine soul stage two peak cultivation. To reach this level, Wu Fan found that to break through to the third level, need a lot of star yuan, and want to break through is not a moment to do.

Only then did Wu Fan stop cultivating, and his comprehension of the Sitting Forgetfulness method of breaking the edge, collecting the mind, simplifying things, and true view became more and more profound. The so-called break the edge, how do you need to break the love for Luo Shi? It is only necessary to step into the realm of forgetfulness when cultivating. Wu Fan believed that Luo Shi's comprehension of the method of sitting and forgetting was also like his own, or at least it would not deviate much. The corner of Wu Fan's mouth smiled even more, the second level of the divine soul stage, at this moment he looked, his gaze was really kui scarlet people will look at Wu Fan, will unconsciously sigh this son is really a god.

Wu Fan continued to watch the sixth stage of sitting forgetfulness, Tai Ding. Wu Fan a look at it, it will give birth to the Xiao Ran respect.

The person who is determined, the extreme of the mundane, to the first base of the Tao, the success of the practice of quiet, hold the peace of the final event. The form is like haggard wood, the heart is like dead ashes, no feeling and no demand, the most silent. There is no mind in the fixed but no uncertainty, so it is called Tai Ding.

What is Tai Ding? There is no mind in the fixed, but no uncertainty. Even if there is no form, the spirit and thought will not dissipate, there is no boarding body, but can exist in various forms, where the thought is, fixed in the place. Therefore, this taiding, is the initial foundation of the Tao, so the monastic people, need to have their own Tao mind Tao ideas, but also the unique spiritual thoughts of the core body. Just like a cell has a nucleus, a material element has atoms and molecules, different nuclei will achieve different cells, different atoms and molecules achieve different substances.

Just think, you a monastic people, do not have their own Taoist mind Taoist ideas, repair to repair, cultivation will improve, but also only the surface of the climb, that is repeatedly superimposed on their own do not know the true nature of the power, do not know the true nature of the spiritual body, to finally ask the Tao, but no way to know, all their lives, it is difficult to achieve the Tao.

The thunderbolt breaks the mountain without being frightened, and the white blade crosses the front without fear. To see fame and fortune as a gap, to know life and death as a canker. Therefore, I know that the use of the will is not divided, is also the concentration of the mind. The heart of the virtual subtlety, can not be thought of.

"This is a very subtle words. As the saying goes, he is as strong as he can be, the wind is on the hill, he is horizontal as he can be, the moon shines on the river! Fame and fortune are like a gap, life and death are just a disease of scabies. Firmly their own dao heart dao ideas, you can achieve a strong dao ideas divine ideas, the achievement of their own dao! However this dao heart dao idea is extremely subtle, it is difficult to say its meaning." Wu Fan nodded his head.

790 On sitting and forgetting the Dao, its seventh attainment of the Dao

Wu Fan observed this sixth stage of the Sitting Forgetfulness Method, Tai Ding, which, in his understanding, seemed to be a stage of firming up the Daoist Daoist thoughts. Therefore, Wu Fan will have a xiao reverence for the sixth stage of the sitting and forgetting method. It must be that when Luo shi cultivates to this stage, the heart of lotus is more solid, no matter what lotus opens up on her brow, Luo shi will not be lost in the sea of dao.

The heart is a thing, that is, the body is not there, with the use of non-nothing; not speedy, not called to; anger is Xuan Shi drink feathers, resentment is Zhu Xia perish frost; indulge in evil is the nine ghosts of the bandit far, accumulate good is three clear how far?

Watching this speech, Wu Fan's eyes flashed with the light of the sun and the moon. The mind and thoughts, come without shadow and go without a trace. An angry Xuan Shi drink feathers, a complaint Zhu Xia perish frost. A mind, a state of mind. People who cultivate the Dao, if the heart of the Dao, there is no Dao ideas, let alone the Dao realm of Xuanfa. For one's own selfishness or other factors, with the evil dance, ruthless and cruel, from falling into the nine ghosts is not far from. If you have good thoughts, even if the sky does not like, but also from you once, after all, the dao of heaven is needed from the whole person's good thoughts, the vast majority of people's esteem, the dao of heaven to have a stronger faith in the power, so the accumulation of good is not far from the orthodox three clear. This is the same as what Wu Fan understood in the past, there is a similarity of subtlety. But Wu Fan's path is the path of all dao, the mysterious path of sentience.

Wu Fan's eyes were so radiant that he felt like he had met his soulmate. It is really "the person who performs the special direction, understand the righteousness without a day, by the person who is on this path, view the wonderful can be expected. Power less work more, to carry on! Wonderful!"

At this moment, Wu Fan saw Luo Shi, who was sitting on the big leaf green lotus in the lotus pond of the Lotus Mountain Range, and Luo Shi opened her beautiful eyes and smiled. It has been hundreds of years since I saw Luo Shi's face, at this moment, Wu Fan is like facing his favorite person for the first time, his heart is stirred, the knot in his throat twitches, and opens his mouth to softly call: "Luo Shi!"

And Luo Shi smiled and said back: "Wu Fan, in the Dou Shuxing galaxy, our secret promise is unknown to heaven and earth, only you and I know each other. This Dao of sitting and forgetting is very mysterious, so we must understand it well."

Wu Fan nodded: "As it is!" Luo Shi smiled and sent out autumn waves, Wu Fan smiled and said, "There will be more time in the future, focus, don't let your father find out."

"Mmm!" Luo Shi replied softly, then closed her eyebrows and continued to cultivate the Qinglian Sitting Forgetting Dao.

Wu Fan, on the other hand, was relieved inwardly, and the injury of the broken edge was long gone.

Wu Fan's daoist heart was sure and his daoist thoughts were stronger, which was the wonderful fruit of his understanding of the Dao of sitting and forgetting. At this moment, Wu Fan agreed that this method of sitting and forgetting was not only a method, but also a kind of dao, which was further sublimated from the previous view of his faith and respect, breaking the edge, collecting the mind, simplifying things, and true view. After all, Wu Fan is practicing the sentient Xuan Dao, the way of assimilating all dao, this sit and forget dao, Wu Fan unintentionally assimilated it, to consolidate his dao mind dao ideas, to enhance his own cultivation. The purpose of Luo Shi's practice of the Dao of Sitting Forgetfulness and Li Daojun's practice of the Dao of Sitting Forgetfulness are the same: the integration of the Dao of Sitting Forgetfulness into the Dao of Green Lotus, in order to sit and forget about eternal life! Before and after the Green Lotus Sect, only Li Daojun and Luo Shi could enlighten themselves at the Lotus Pond in the Lotus Mountain Range.

Although Wu Fan recognized the Dao of Sitting Forgetfulness, he still ignored its requirement of gradual progress, and after reading and understanding the sixth stage, he did not stop to start cultivating, consolidating, and experiencing it, but directly began to read the last stage of the Dao of Sitting Forgetfulness, the attainment of the Dao!

The Tao is a divine thing, spirit and nature, emptiness and no image, although the welcome unpredictable, the impact of Mo seek. I don't know why it is so yet. Through the birth of no want is called the Tao. The most saintly obtained in the ancient times, the wonderful method of transmission in the present. Follow the name and investigate the reason, all have the reality. The top scholar pure faith, self-restraint and diligent behavior. Empty heart and valley of God, only the Tao to set. Tao has deep power, Xu Yi form and God. The form follows the Tao, and God is one, called the God-man. The divine nature of nothingness, no change in the body. Form and the Tao are the same, so there is no life and death. The hidden form is the same as God, the manifest is the same as God in the air.

This method of speech, Wu Fan with it. Tao is a thing, in a trance, mysterious and subtle. First refining the body, then condensing gas, gas, and then is the cultivation of the spiritual body, forging the soul and refining the body, ultimately "the divine nature of nothingness, the body does not change extinction. The form and the Tao are the same, so there is no life and death."

Unity of form and spirit, the spirit of one.

The mountain has jade, the grass and trees to the inevitable. People carry the Tao, the form and body to the eternal solid. When the capital is long, it becomes the same as God. Refining the form into the subtle, and the Tao is one. Dispersing one body into ten thousand laws, mixing ten thousand laws into one body.

Wu Fan suddenly felt that this is similar to his own sentient Xuan Dao, but its tolerance of ten thousand laws in one, that ten thousand dao is not available.

Just this sitting forgetting the seventh stage of the road, but the more to the back, Wu Fan frowned more and more, and began to critically absorb the essence. And Wu Fan finally saw that this sitting forgetting the way, is running towards the heavenly way to go. The talk is within the creation, the celestial being one. After all, it is impossible to transcend the creation, then it is impossible to transcend the bondage of the laws of the heavenly dao.

Total color and emptiness for use, containing the creation to success. There is no way of true response, it is only morality. Therefore, the "West ascension sutra" cloud: and the sky with one heart and ignorance, and the Tao with the same body and no body, then the heavenly way Sheng! It means that the one who has proved its extreme is also.

"Tsk, it's really full of slavery!" Wu Fan blasted out with a fist. This is like the common people in the mortal world, when they see the emperor of the court, the so-called Son of Heaven, they kneel with reverence, and those so-called loyalty can see the emperor once, they are grateful. Slave **** sex, are the results of the serious influence of the official position thinking. Dong Zhongshu the old thief to please the ruler, the three rules and five, really poisonous far-reaching, even if Wu from modern travel to this, its poison is not limited by time and space, the strength of its poison, is the Pan Gu open heaven and earth since the rare powerful strange poison.

It can be seen that this old thief is the reincarnation of the god of plague, really everywhere. The Confucian sage's ruler and subject, father and son, husband and wife, to completely distort, from the time of the Western Han Dynasty, these rulers like to engage in this set, so that in modern times, the words of the leader is the holy decree, completely not from the right reason, completely imprisoned the creative power of young people. The vast majority of the people in this fertile land of China's divine state have been poisoned by it for generations, a great sin!

Wu Fan let out a roar, the Heavenly Martial Divine Fist smashed out continuously, and his heart was at peace. Become the peak of the world's strongest, and Luo Shi together with walking mountains to see the mountains, see the world's scenery. The world's many talented young cultivators, the governmental thinking if completely removed, this cultivation world will be how? Wu Fan thought of the seeds without official thinking that he had planted in that dimensional space, and believed that the world of that dimensional space could become the real world of true self.

A star's fire can start a prairie!

Wu Fan's eyes once again emitted the light of the sun and moon, when he was in control of the 36 ancient true god fragments in the mysterious space laid by the dark shadows, he mastered some candle yin's divine energy, which was mainly used for these eyes, not with Chi soul power, the main attack and kill. Wu Fan eyes put out this kind of light, is when there is resonance, is extremely confident and other conditions will only naturally emit.

791 God of killing Bai Qi, pure human cultivator?

Wu Fan cultivated to the peak of the second level of the divine soul stage, the ability to forget more, the jade slip with the Dao of Sitting Forgetfulness attached, Wu Fan shattered it with one punch. And then shouted lowly: "Sword, return!" The Canglong Sword, which had persisted for ten years in the seed wood posture, transformed into the Canglong Sword itself and returned to Wu Fan's brow. And then, Wu Fan walked out beyond that mountain.

Once out of the mountain, Di Hao actually sat there motionlessly, looking as if he was also practicing the Dao of Sitting Forgetfulness. Wu Fan blasted his palm, and Di Hao suddenly flew up into the air, cursing: "You think you can easily hit me, Fat Master? Wu Fan, you underestimate me too much."

Wu Fan said, "Go back to Yang Yuan Star."

Di Hao said, "If you want to go back, you go back, I'm not going."

Wu Fan sneered, "You are the offspring of a god, and you are afraid of a human cultivator?"

"The offspring of a god shouldn't be afraid of human cultivators? I know that in some world in parallel space, there is a god of killing named Bai Qi, a cultivator who grew up in the mortal world, is a pure human cultivator, full of gods and Buddhas can't help him." Di Hao said.